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Combined team of Police, Council officers remove vendors from streets.

Headlines Combined team of Police, Council officers remove vendors from streets.

The Lusaka City Council, LCC, in conjunction with State Police this morning swung into action to remove makeshift stalls from streets in the city centre in a bid to curb street vending.

The officers destroyed the make shift structures erected by the vendors on freedom way, Cha cha cha, Lumumba and all the subsidiary streets in town.   

By press time, police sealed off all the major roads and vehicles were forced to use
alternative routes.
And scores of vendors, who were caught unawares, watched helpless as the uncompromising law enforcement officers took full control of the streets.

Recently LCC warned the street vendors to vacate the streets and relocate to designated trade centres.
The council advised vendors to start trading from the new Soweto Market and other
markets in compounds.
The decision to chase the vendors from streets comes in the wake of the street vendors’  defiance of the 48 hour-ultimatum in which to leave the streets, issued by
the council.

Meanwhile, efforts by ZANIS to get comments from LCC Public Relations Officer Chanda Makanta on the latest development proved futile as her mobile was constantly not reachable.

 And Police spokesperson, Bonny Kapeso refused to comment on the matter.



  1. The streets of Lusaka have been a sore to eye for a while. As much as we understand the poverty situation in the country and that people have to find survival strategies, more convenient places should be located to such people who sell merchandise for a living. A good example is what China has done, big centrally located shops for different items have been built by the government so that such selling of goods is organized and that it can be easy for government to collect tax. There are such separate shops for clothing and textiles, electronics,hardware and so forth. With this in mind government should not just rush at the decision to remove street vendors but provide a conducive place where these people can do business in an orderly manner. The problem with our government is that construction is not one of their priorities. They do come to China but never learn how their colleagues are handling the problem. Learn,learn….

  2. Good point Mr. Moyo….the problem is with our Govt is that it just removes street vendors and does nothing about providing a condusive environment for them to sell their merchandise. If only you only you knew what one has to go through to get a stand at soweto market. Point is Govt needs to think before it acts !!!! It’s about time we had a govt for the people to benefit the people not a govt by the people(electorates) for bakabwalala(politicians)!!!

  3. Oh dear Zambia;;;where are we going now?We are on our way to poverty empowerment.We are now improving the poverty standards such that even they that had a little to feed on,should not have any at all.
    As written by Mr.Moyo, i think Zambia has alot to learn from China.Looking at how investments and social well being of the people are handled by the Chinese Government,i think China is more advanced and people centered than Zambia.
    Look here People .How do you chase some vendors without allocating them some land?Is that what we call democracy?Is that what we call a Christian Nation?
    Then what what do our leaders come to do in China?Shopping and signing papers so the news people can have something to write?
    Development begins with the way we handle our people.Its just like we are on the right way to fighting corruption but abolutely wrong way to fight poverty.
    Why why why,you educate our brothers in the universities,you don’t give them jobs but when they find initiatives then………

  4. It is always easy to condenm everything the Government does when we are not on the ground. The last time I was in Zambia, I could not beleive how the city centre had degenerated into these makeshift stands. Roads closed by people who are trading with no regard to passerby and cars. Yes we can call this initiative but to what extent. Parking slots are being taken by traders, there is no where to park in Lusaka Town. companies are moving out of the city centre to find alternative places to conduct their busniess, so please something needed to be done. And yes I agree alternatives should be found, but I strongly beleive the taking down of those structures was done with every good intention. We need to be orderly in the manner we condcut buisness.

  5. Good move. Its about time we restored some sanity into the CBD. Vendors will have to be taken to one or two designated areas on the outskirts. They cant anywhere and everywhere they lke.

  6. Progress bane. Indeed an alternative place needs to be found for these affected traders. However, they also need to realise that the CBD needs to be decongested. We need to bring back the beauty of our beloved Capital. Who would be proud walking the stinking streets of Lusaka. Aka busaka bane.

  7. Mr Moyo you are very inteligent. If people at home can be thinkin like you, the face of Zambia can change within a shoot time. I think our gov do not have developmental plans. They ask for donation which they share among themselve. Shame help those need.

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