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ZADECO welcomes VJ’s dismissal


The Zambia Democratic Congress, ZDC, is happy with President Levy Mwanawasa’s decision to dismiss Vernon Mwaanga as information and broadcasting minister.

ZDC National Chairman Langton Sichone said the dismissal of Mr. Mwaanga from government should serve as a warning to serving ministers, who are in a habit of making irresponsible statements on matters that border on national security and sovereignty.

Mr. Sichone told ZANIS in Kafue today that the nation would not tolerate irresponsible statements, from people holding public office, that could jeorpardise national peace and security.

Mr. Sichone also commended the Post Newspapers for exposing Mr. Mwaanga adding that this is how the media should operate if it is to act as a media watch dog.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sichone challenged government and President Mwanawasa to explain the alleged US$7 million owed to Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, Katanga province Governor Moses Katumbi.

He said government to treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves to avoid straining relations with the neighbouring countries.

Mr. Sichone said it is important that the damage caused by the former minister be rectified so that Zambia and Congo can continue enjoying cordial relationships. 

He said the earlier government settles the issue of Katumbi with the government of Congo the better.



  1. What goes round always comes round, VJ has finally be caught up in the crooked web he helped create.VJ was a saint in the eyes of Levy during the FTJ saga and won kudos for this extraordinary work of exposing FJT matrix.Despite using him to devulge the required corrupt practices in the last regime nothing has yielded anything and am sure Levy was just waiting for an opportune time to start shedding off some of his dead wood in the likes of VJ.The next one to go must be Teta,who has become so big headed for nothing.If Levy has to leave any legacy, this is the right time to do so,honest and integrity are key elements for democratisation. Levy start cleaning up your house otherwise ,Sata is waiting to sort you out.I very much doubt if this man will ever live to invite you to his 21st wedding cos the $7m deal has been exposed ,hence no cash my friend unless he goes the chombela nganda way.For Levy your time will come and they are many of you in Government who abusing our funds .Norman

  2. Mr Mwaanga we us zambian are alos giving you a last chance. Tell the nation what happened during the last elections.atleast you won,t go down alone.the truth Mr it true that Levy is suppose to be at Plot One?Anyone you still remain the greatest man in History your power reference which will go down in History;go and rest in peace not to the grave but settle down and have time with your grand children and family.we still love you.
    if you don mind come back to your land,Southern Province we never forsake you, My Dear

  3. Norman you are practicing pragialism on the blog, Shame man , use your own words man, I wrote this earlier on , all you have done is drop Sam somehwhere and nothing is news from you. You are a bore , think ,use your head, if you cant think dont write ,Chap.

  4. Norman, surely you can’t use your head. What are you suffering from that has made you to use the wordings of Chilumba? If you were in Zambia,we would have asked the govt to take you to Chainama Hospital and fixed the loose nuts. Wherever you are please refrain from that habit it will see you in deep water like your pal VJ.

  5. be careful vj is a drug balon mwanawasa must be carefull vj is a very big treat ask gen miyanda and c tembo respect the big boys in the like v mwanga

  6. Norman, I have equally been away from Zambia for sometime but it seems you have been gone too long man!
    VJ has nothing to talk about, what I am getting is that the whole country is very happy to see him go and they would have been happier if it was worse!!!!
    The likes of VJ are a disgrace lot!!! …. we have to weed them off our political activities!!!

  7. 4 get about that chap he had is days now its time for new brains that think rite and according to the time the live inn.
    VJ has seen his days and now its time for him to be governed and submit to new ideas even technology advances so should be politics.

  8. its great VJ is out, though Mr president must still do alot. Some people say VJ was the chief vote-rigger or chief engineer in vote rigging, both in the last and the current government. I don’t evidence. Well, if it is true, then we hope to have free and fair elections next time. We hope more weeds will be taken out soon. Sata and HH get ready. The chief engineer of your losing is out.

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