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Police, UNZA students clash

Headlines Police, UNZA students clash

STUDENTS at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Road campus yesterday clashed with police in fresh violence on the second day of the demonstration that began on Monday evening.

Police and students were involved in violent confrontations which made police to fire teargas canisters to force students back into campus from the Great East Road which they briefly blocked and disrupted traffic.

But the teargas was unable, for some time, to stop the charging students who marched onto the road as they chanted anti-police slogans and retaliated with stones, planks and tree branches.

Heavy traffic mounted on both the northern and southern parts of the road as motorists were diverted into alternative routes to avoid the stone-throwing students.

The students blocked the entrance to the main campus with tree branches and stones to deny police vehicles entry.

Later five students escaped a police cordon by diving into the Goma Lakes.

But the desperate students in the semi-stagnant Goma Lakes waters were rescued by a violent mob of students that charged at the police with stones and sticks, forcing them to retreat.

The law enforcers had to fire shots in the air to disperse the riotous students who kept on going onto the road.

Overstretched police officers who appeared to have run out of teargas watched from a distance as the students jeered at them and charged towards the road.

Earlier, Lusaka division commanding officer, Wasakaza Ng’uni, who led the police operation told journalists that his men were prepared to face the students head-on if they dared go to the road.

“We are prepared to face the students head-on and we will discipline them in such a way that they will not attempt to misbehave again,” Mr Ng’uni warned.

Mr Ng’uni said a car belonging to a student had its windscreen shattered by fellow students.

“No public vehicle has been damaged, but since the vehicle whose windscreen was shattered belongs to a student, they will sort it out amongst themselves,” Mr Ng’uni said.

However, minutes after Mr Ng’uni talked to the journalists, a bus believed to belong to Green Buffaloes Football Club had its rear window shattered by the students.

Times of Zambia reporter, Sylvia Mweetwa, also had her skirt torn by the violent students.

UNZA Students’ Union, (UNZASU), president, Sage Samuwika, accused the police of trying to provoke the situation.

Mr Samuwika said he was sad that demonstrations were becoming part of the university calendar and that this was not helping with the image-building and restoration programme that UNZASU had embarked on.

“You can’t blame the students because they have run out of patience.

They don’t want this institution to be closed because they are the ones who will lose out,” Mr Samuwika said.

He, however, said it was disappointing that Government had remained mute on the way forward in the impasse at the university.

Munali member of Parliament, Mumbi Phiri, appealed to the students not to be used as scapegoats for Government’s failure to find a Vice-Chancellor for the institution.

She said students should not engage in riotous behaviour because Government would blame them if the institution was closed.

Ms Phiri said that eight students were currently in police custody and that as a parent, she would not want her children to be subjected to conditions that prevailed in police cells.

“I have so far visited three police posts, and there is one student at Bennie Mwiinga police station, three at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and five at Chelstone,” she said.

She appealed to Minister of Education, Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, to make a statement on the situation at UNZA because it was not in order for him to keep quiet when there was confusion at the country’s highest institution of learning.

Meanwhile, UNZA Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) secretary, Fenson Mwape, said the lecturers’ position had not changed.

“The go-slow is still on and the sad thing is that today we were not able to enter campus and meet because of the impasse between students and the police,” Dr Mwape said.

And the alumni Association of UNZA urged Government to quickly intervene in the disturbances at the institution.

Association secretary-general, Rose Tembo, said in a statement that the situation needed to be solved as quickly as possible to uphold the credibility and international standing of the university.

And UNZA acting chairperson, Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula, in a statement last evening appealed to UNZALARU members to resume work to allow the technical committee proposed to handle the matter complete its assignment.

She said this would enable the bargaining process to proceed in accordance with laid down procedures.

She also appealed to students to refrain from disturbances.

She said disturbances would only act as an impediment to the speedy resolution of the situation.

She said Government’s allocation for personal emoluments in the 2007 subvention to UNZA was 18 per cent below the required level of current staff remuneration.

“However, to cushion staff against the increase in the cost of living, the university council directed management to remove some activities planned for 2007,” Dr Kankasa-Mabula said.

“This resulted in cuts to various budget lines which will result in significant reductions to key services in the operations of the university this year,” she said.


  1. unza needs deliverance.we need a lasting solution to this impasse and its very embarassing. our leaders do not even care abt whats happening at unza kaile all their children are abroad eating,drinking and pushing drugs on tax payers money. why not privatise the institution OF COURSE TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that it shd be a partnership of joint venture where we also have the majority shareholders as zambians. where is the citizens economic empowerment commission? isnt education one of the pillars that will sustain empowerment.

    lets be serious where is the political will how do you achieve development when you cannot even invest into it.

    there is just money for trips and medicals and civil society where are you

  2. Well, it just goes to show the calibre of politician we have, who have no inkling ofr what it takes to build a country – education is one of the pillars of development, without it, we are going nowhere!!! Some of our leaders may have been to Univ, but looking at the background of sch of Law, the revelations of how the get churned out, no wonder, their degrees are simply aesthetic, lots of “gymnastics” & “ukusuba” had been at play! Ifi “kwakwa!” What do you expect???

    Indeed, private partnerships should be encouraged, as the institution has bags of potential; This is how it first came to being, Nationalists & friends donated to get it established. Am sure if the Alumni got to work on the modalities of such a system and lobbied all ex graduates 7 encouraged them to invest, it would go a long way to turn the institution around. A lot of the alumni are out in the diaspora, majority are doing well, it would give themimmense pride & pleasure to be associated with such a noble venture,…

  3. Something is terribly wrong in Zambia,First the law enforcers are still brutal with the attitude KK left them with,the force should change it’s attitude to the public,and as if it is a joke the Police runs out of teargas just like the fire brigade ran out of oxygen and water at the shoprite blaze.Ng’uni is even promising a more tougher war next time.What a Public Officer,instead of protecting the students.Shame
    Secondly,the Minister of Education is a PROFESSOR,does he know why people seek for education.
    Thirdly,the Govt should introduce “student loans” for students for their university and college education to sustain the operations of these institutions.In RSA,Namibia,Botswana etc and most other parts of the world,students are granted loans by the govt which is later repaid,this also avoids a “white elephant” and would bring sanity to the institutions of learning and lower the “exam leaks”.
    Lastly,It’s disrespectful to read the Times reporter skirt been torn.Are we still in “1951”?

  4. ..to restore the name of such a magnificient institution to what it was & regain its ranking in the order of performing african Univs’. It is pointless to try & wait for these politicians that have come from a hand to mouth existence, & then hoodwinked their way into positions of influence, & expect them to have a sense of compassion, or indeed a sense of duty towards the institution.

    UNZA Alumni, arise to the challenge, emerge from that mould of just existing by name, to make your mark for posterity to reckon your substance!!!

  5. although this person has a very wierd name, i agree with paprika. A partnership seems to be the only viable solution because its more like our government cant manage the university. One gets tired of hearing about strikes and spontaneous riots over the pettiest of things, but the government never seems to care. We need lasting and legible solutions of we are ever going to go anyway. You tend to wonder about the level of calibre our government has, just look at our economy, it has a vast potential but everything is so underdeveloped. We need change!

  6. I agree with Kayata especially on the point of Govt introducing student Loans.I say so because by so doing,govt will also be forced to create more employment opportunities for these students when they graduate if it (govt) expects them to pay back these loans.

  7. #6, What an interesting proposition, a govt that is currently broke – giving out loans to who, who did you say?? Students of all creatures? You gotta be out of your mind, the loans would do well for LandCruisers!
    Govt creating jobs?? Did I hear you say that? Have you just been revising your civcis text? Please, live in the real world. I beseech you to ask that of your current crop of politicians & see how far you get.

    I mean hats off to your posting, makes very good reading but not realistic with the way things are on the ground.

  8. #3 Kayata our education system is in a mess, firstly the UNZA council is not fit for purpose has they have failed to direct management in the most worthy way,School loans yes its the only option but again there is no system in place to regulate this.If ministers can take 6years to retire imprest what more with student loans.In 1987 I signed a loan form at UNZA and even when I started work I kept pushing for a repayment ,does the Ministry of Education even know that I finished school? Nothing just works in Zambia but we have to start from somewhere, the problem is all political leaders are job seekers and quickly go into comfort zone.That is why in the next echelon we need people who are successful in business to lead the affairs of the country not opportune seekers.Leadership must be a service .Lungwangwa was just a kawayawaya during my days but today he wants to behave like he came from UK to run the Ministry of Education.Its disgusting.Corruption is what has just killed gorvanance.

  9. #7 it is a well known fact that there has been mismanagement of huge amounts of funds by our governments.
    People have cried that government has misdirected funds by investing in not very essential ventures an example which could be Manda Hill, instead of pumping more funds in things like education and the health system. Definitely student loans could be one way of investing in our education system.We need an educated society if we are to progress or develop.
    And if you say that Govt is broke, then why cry when the same broke Govt fails to improve the UNZA lecturers’ conditions of service.
    And by the way I did not originate the idea of student loans.It was #3.I’m not saying that na kuyopa. Iyayi

  10. #7 bauze,why wouldn’t it be possible? In Botswana and Namibia,students get loans from the govt, so was it in Zimbabwe before things got worse?
    You’ve just said MP’s get loans of is it USD$50,000 and 150 of them ie USD$7.5million per year,not forgetting govt fleet vehicles which are procured yearly and then conclude with gratuity
    The govt is not broke, only that they have no love for their grand children and people.

  11. Students dont block business and the roads because you create worse hunger even in homes. Follow the normal channells to make a protest so that you have a backing of law in case if eventualities. Dont destroy property get eggs as your weapons so that embarrass anyone this will do no body harm. Your friends at G8 meeting walked on foot using the bush and the reached the wall which was prohibited. Those who throw stones one I know from spain was arrested and the next day express trial was conducted he is one of the sentenced. He will languish in prison at not less than 3 months. What doesnt it if you have a criminal record you cant get employment anyway- studying becomes useless. Register your grievalences wisely. Once it makes sense you see how politicians will follow your ways and do what is required. Dr. Kaunda made the Muzungu to come sensible by buying a bicycle which he asked to given throw window where other commodities went throw. The white reliased that what he was doing wrong

  12. No wonder we have half baked engineers, doctors, quacks lawyers and them all. We tired of being subjected to this silly riots and smashing our hard earned cars + reporting later for work. We are every time living on fear like criminals and be subjected slavery in our own country by our own adults children. Do they think the cizitens of this country owe them education or life for that matter. FOR GOD SAKE’ LEAVING MOTORIST ALONE, THEY ARE JUST PEASANTS LIKE U.

  13. This explains the reason UNZA is no where near the top 1000 universities in Africa. Even South African Universities do not recognise degrees from UNZA. UNZA graduates are subjected to unnecessary evaluation of their degrees and end up losing a full year at Postgraduate doing Honours degrees or Postgraduate diploma. Shame…

  14. The way forward for UNZA is a marshall plan by establishing a Developmental business unit which will design business solutions for this institution.Privatisation could be an option but again when you look at composition of students its 99% locals ,this institution has failed to place and market itsself regionally or world wide bacause to much dependancy syndrome on govt.If you went to UNAM or UNISA students come from various parts of the world , why?They have repositioned themselves as business units with great autonomy though regulated.ZCAS today is a world wide reknown institution and is well run as sound business entity , which came into existence a few years ago.So why cant UNZA/CBU be like ZCAS? TDAU is in a mess, the business and humanities faculties are asleep, how can you justify their existence.Elsewhere private sector uses these institutions for their research i.e Virgina Tech in USA,Bill gates uses Cambridge University for his research etc

  15. Judge Peter Smith has just passed judgment that former Head of State FTJ should return Regina Chiluba to Mr Mwanza with immediate effect because it is believed that he chuffed her using plundered resources

  16. nothing seems right in our country,Tertiary and accademic institution administration is nothing close to world standards,students are also compelled to riotious behaviour with non accademic reasons.UNZA is MATRIC OR form six standard,you need it for your under-graduate entry in world class Versities.As much as the government needs input,students have the role to set the standards correct,so as the lectures and administrators.

    as for now the government has a huge task to sort out and the students have to have their minds converted from those of stone throwing to reasoning and finding the way out.


  17. #8 kuku,The method of collection for everything in the country is in a mess.Hence companies like Smart Centre,Supreme etc which came with the hire purchase system in zambia failed to make it.Our culture too does not promote paying back what belongs to someone else,we still have the socialism and communism concepts in ourselves eg.KK failing to pay his legal fees.But i believe the retirement of imprest by govt officials has now changed and improved,because now after 6 months,you’ve not retired the imprest,the amount gets deducted from your wages and allowances.eg.Mumba Kapumpa had not retired his imprest whilst he was at MoF sometime back and it had to be deducted of his final retirement package later in around 2000/2001.To start somewhere as u’ve suggested,i think we need to reorganise the housing system such that every person has a traceable address and a tax id which can be a key to many databases and enable students for instance to repay back their loans etc…

  18. ChiMwanawasa taumfwa ai?

    As for Unza the way forward is change of the ruling party and bring a party with a clear policy on education and other sectors of the econmy not the prevailing mediocrity.

  19. #16 gk mwaice wandi ,good points,many acolades for such piece of data, not filya ucita pali FTJ,remove that hate feeling in you,I always knew you were a levelled headed fellow but your union with this half baked Dr HK is what messed you up.Keep it up , am waiting to read more of your contributions , Am on commercial break at Savoy.

  20. #17,Kayata everything boils down to having a good piece of legistlature that will govern everyone with due respect to law and individual respect no matter what position one has in society.Today if you were to go and do census you will find that those on govt bursaries marjority of them have links to senior govt officials because nowadays it has become dice to get a bursary.If we remove this cancer Corruption from head to toe and do everything on merit from employing people to enrolling students things will blossom.On the copperbelt letter are home delivered in the compounds so this could be the starting point to physical location of individuals but as for Lusaka with 2m shanties you need QC Smith to sort it out.All these problems we are seeing today have accumulated because of negligence on the part of leaders and selfish motives enshrined in their coats.

  21. #20 Kuku,apart from QC Smith,we also need Sata,because he has been the only politician who has come out in the open to condemn those illegal shanties.
    But if they are “illegal” why have the govt taken electricity and other utilities to such areas?
    I wonder whether a legitimate govt would supply an illegal settlement ?

  22. #21 time in memorial Zambia has not had a real leader, someone who can condemn legitimately.These John Leng, Misisi,kalingalinga ,Kapotwe, Nkandabwe,Zambia,Kaliki liki,Ngombe,Chainda,Linda,Kawama,mulenga, etc are KK’s architectural designs through the powers he entrusted in his vigilantes.They became so strong for anyone to say anything,Yes,King Cobra tried to demolish Misisi when he was governor and my friend he stepped on KK’s wrong toes,the best way is to resettle these characters and reclaim those pieces of land for other credible developmental ventures.Imagine having some nice buildings from Kafue roundabout on both sides to Kafue?Our mediocre leadership has cost us alot.Kayata come back and develop Zambia.Iam working on developing Ndola so you people who left Lusaka come back and sort it out using your diaspora exposure and experience not ma councillors ya ma plots chabe,its nonsense

  23. #13, get your facts right. every African degree is subjected to the same at SA universities. Not that unza is useless in academic excellence. Honours is just one of the ways for them SA to make sure!! After all Zzzzzzzzzz students pass those honours with ease.

  24. The lecturers and management need to work together in creating a strategy that will ensure that more funds are mobilised to support their welfare.

    If lecturers wereto publish books and engage in research, these ventures could raise funds and make lecturers millionaires. We will not go anywhere being arrogant by trying to hold the country to ransom, when the chaps are busy in court rooms doing PJs or writing consultancy reports for donor agencies.

    I urge UNZA to close thne damn university and summarily dismiss the quack lecturers and we start on a new slate. Reagon fired all air traffic chaps and the US is a developed. I hear Mbeki has fired all the nurses.

    By the way, once dismissed, you lose all your benefits. So ba ngoshe walachimona if you think you are clever.

  25. #24 you are not being realistic with the last 2 paragraphs.firing is not a better option, you see its time our leaders started engaging people in governance.They have taken too many assumptions when dealing with personel, KK fired medical personnel on somany times but did he win?FTJ followed suit, In modern world dialogue is the way to achieve a win win situation.A good example is the recent fiasco in the UK medical system where Junior doctors were to be recruited thru an MTA system in as much as they demonstrated they never withdrew their labour, the Minister concerned saw sense and has now withdrawn the MTA system .Mbeki is just joining the band wagon of KK , RG, FTJ.The problem in Africa we believe in intimidation even to our own children, we always threaten with whips as way to impact discipline.This is just retrogressive way of doing things.Some of the causes are very well known to our leaders but they tend to pretend.LPM was recently telling civil servants that he cant give them

  26. ctd from 25 a salary increment because they are stealing, this is nonsense and ultra vires.Leaders must respect workers diginity if they have to be respected as well.Its foolish to hold workers at ransom and always making them work in fear, that is not Democracy Mr Progress Mufana.

  27. 1.students from ngombe hotels(unza) are FOOLS te? ala buposamabwe bwapwakale. if you dont agree with conditions stipulated for you then go and hung or go somewhere te? stoning innocent pipo’s car is a sign of primitive and bu shetani.

    2.Iwe ka-Easy, am not ni mukobeko prison, am actually in UK seeing some of the Houses ba FTJ bakwata nokucinja fimofimo te? Abo balawyer baba FTJ mafwafwa, I we deal with them while smiling.”dont talk to me talk to my lawyers” is not the case nafi lawyer fyaba FTJ ifyashipula.iwe ci#16 gk kawelewele sana te? give alternative solutions NOT only condeming.

    3.Chuchu ala lifutu lyamwana, alaba ati nao yala densa patu and you same pipo who praising him with your mouths WIDE open kwati mulapuka ama RAT (mbeba)will start spiting on chuchu patu ba FTJ told me ati mwaice Joze nomba “kufila musenga” he gonna spill everything. Plz stay tunned..Ba Jone out on National Duties.

  28. #27 Bajoze mupoke na number 10/11 Downing Street, even Elizabeth’s buckingham palace pantu eulengele ba FTJ ukucula.Bamakaka aba abaice bapa UNZA bacita over we need to bring sanity to these *****s.If the University is closed they will just languishing with nothing today and moreover they are just prolonging their period of study.Its so shameful and disgraceful.Even once notorious Kanyata University they stopped making hopeless demostrations along time ago.BaJoze musende two passports one to show that you reside in portugal with Saviour chungu and another from Zambia so that ingamwacinjia ama properties they will be no trace

  29. Kayata,admittedly,I have missed your contributions.I am in total agreement with you.I have said it before and I will say it again.Government will need to implement the loan scheme system.To do this,they need to partner with the private sector in creating a Credit Bureau which would capture economic data of all citizens.This system can then be used to determine who qualifies for a loan or not based on their parents income.A bank or any credible private firm would maintain these records and share the info.with would-be lenders.Zambians have NRC nos. which these firms can use.I also think the NRC system should be revamped so that numbers are allocated to children at birth and the physical card can still be issued when one reaches the age of majority.This way,we as a naton can track biographic data of all citizens.People,such development takes a long time and I think implementing a pilot program would surely put us in a right frame.We need to think beyond one’s term of office.

  30. All these riots is because of Chuchu, no education policy. Bushe chuchu if ba KK did not have a good education policy, ngawalifikilepo napa UNZA? Prof. Lungwangwa nao asanguka puppet wakwa chuchu as though he has not been to the university. Why do you people become corrupted with power when they appoint you in such positions? Chuchu, drop Lungwangwa, he has failed you. Limbi ba Sata kuti babomba bwino ukucila Lungwangwa, what do you think Sage?


  32. Ba KC-#30 your ideas are positive,what Zambia needs at the moment,its a total overhaul governance programme.Your ideas as good as they might sound,will fail if their are no regulating bodies created to safe guard all these other instituitions AND business that might come out as a result of your ideas.


  33. #29 Kc for your own information a consortium of banks are trying to set up a credit bureau and until such a scheme is up and running we can think of such remedial measures.#gk32 is correct that regulation has to be put in place.Even where these CRB are operating they are not full proof so for a delicate place our country alot of work have to be done.This announcement was made 6 months ago and no one knows the progress.the loan system should not be based on the parents income it should be for the receipients to repay once the are in gainful employment.I guess that is how it works in your area or country.Kids graduate with debts and before they get mortgages they start their lives by paying back, all we need are good insurance companies to secure these loans.

  34. Well the problem started in the Kaunda era.If he did not use UNZA as a political breeding ground,maybe things would have been better.If the policies we are espousing today were implemented 25 years ago,UNZA would not be having such petty issues.I still think the loan system should have been piloted back then.KK created an ugly syndrome where people looked up to what gov. could do for them and not what they could do for themselves and the country.We have grown up with this attitude and quite frankly it will take an Elephant to move the mountain for people to change this.We need self-ingenuity to shake off this dependency mentality.Gov. can only do so much for us.It is what we can do four ourselves that is more critical.We need to make sacrifices individually without waiting for gov. to do it first.Of course,our gov. needs to create such an environment.One Thurgood Marshall said,and i quote, “THOSE THAT REFUSE TO PLACE LIMITATIONS UPON THEMSELVES WILL ALWAYS SUCCEED”.

  35. #33 Kuku,I am fully vested with the setting up of a CRB.My brother-in-law is actually one of the people exploring this initiative.Think about it,if we had started something like this when Liberalizaton and Privatization policies were being implemented,don’t you think results would have shown by now.We need to start from somewhere

  36. Kayata thank you for talking sense. Its unfortunate pip like Ba Joze are back and talk nonsense at issues that matters. How can pipo entrust you with leadership. Ba Joze Iam sorry I told that you were demonstrating alone at Kafue flyover bridge for the seizure of FTJ house. So if you in Uk well and good I want to meet you at Big Ben today 20 hrs GMT. Kayata Sata was write but he made mistake of destroying those shakos before resettling the pipo. Mugabe made the same mistake. Find another place for those people and then you build new structures either for business of acco. If govt want to know how to do it they should ask Kagami Paul of Rwanda he did just that. Even the University has modern equiments including computers. Its time we go back home and develop our villages.

  37. #35KC we are looking at a period close to 3 decades where people had no idea with what goes on outside Zambia interms of management.People believed in humanism anything outside that was treason.Even if a perosn suggested CRB to KK and his cohorts this would have been taken as treason.So its neither here nor there but despite 16 years after the fall of the dictatorial rule we are still struggling to have certain norms and idealogies sink into our spoiled 3 decades of socialism.It will take a while but one day it will rain and we shall smile like Levy is doing at seeing FTJ reduced to a begger worse than Lech Walesa.

  38. #37 Kuku,how come countries like Russia which were more Socialist than our pretenders implemented such a system.It was utter carelessness by KK and Co. to ignore such.You know why China or even Japan are now powerful economies,they deliberately sent their people to more developed countries then to learn the tricks of the trade and harnessed that info. for their benefit.The technological advancement that they enjoy today was actually learned from outside. The biggest problem we had when got independence was that the country was only ready for the liberation and not economic and political responsibility.Frankly,we should not have Zambianized our industries.We needed to work in partnership with the foreigners under well established legal frameworks where nobody is short-changed.KK’s actions or inactions really took us 30 years back in terms of development.FTJ too should have thought about this.

  39. Kayata, Kc, Kuku.. Last week i was talking about federalism. The subject was well articulated by KC and all of you guys. Police brutality will always be a part of our society for as long as the Police are answerable to the politicians. If we had an elected IG or provincial police chief, you wouldn’t have this nonsense going on. The problems we face today mainly due to too much power for the executive. The solution to UNZA closing and all the nonsense is just privatize the dumn thing and you will see students graduating in 4 years and not 10 yrs. The government sponsor students but the institution should be either in private of community based. We have to come to a realization that GRZ just like any other government is not designed to run an effective education system. That’s why where you go USA inclusive, the public school system is in a mess. Let GRZ make policies in corroboration with the people. Leave the running of public institutions to the communities. They know best what is good for their particular community.

  40. doesnt matter whether unza is no where near the top 1000 universities in africa,the fact remains that even if you do your postgraduate or graduate studies outside very few zambians excel.we do not even knoww hether they graduate or not.

    some just go to sun bathe by the sandy beaches.so its not the ranking of the institution that matters but the scholary work that an individual produces and most pipo just cme back with the masters and rot in their chairs and their brains and pens mould.u cannot apply your knowledge sad coz there are no systems in place and we always just want bucks.

    even if you do it at the riot torn unza the data applied is the same remember the internet is a world wide source of information so the change in attitudes should begin with ourselves and it shd infilterate into society. never mind grz i support the idea of the business unit like zicas or even the joint venture and why dont we ever consult kk on how he did it in the past.dont underestimate him.

  41. #41 i think you missed a point.you points are good but every weak and scattered like raindrops on the ocean. Ala ba lumpen bapa Ngombe hostels(unza) ngabavulala(broke) end result kuchivivula pantu teti basome nesala elo nokutina ukuwa. Solution…privitise ngombe hostels. but your govt increased number yama mature to be a solution, that’s nonsense. Solution…upgrade Nkruma to start producing BA and BSc in education te? Anyway am in UK for national duties.

    iwe ka easy, come and see me pa inters hotel rm 222. you will get lunch or dinner.

  42. #38 KC the difference between us and the Eastern block, in as much as they were practising socialism they were industrialised and a much more better formed system than ours.In our case only one man had the brains and knowledge these others if they ever had were fuzis.At the turn around of privatisation even though they had more huddles than anyone they managed to put the economy back on truck with the help of USA.The aid they got was for reconstruction and not for recurrent expenditure like Zambia does.
    #39 SAGE how mant times has the university been closed? What UNZA needs for a start is clear policy on management starting with the composition of the board, management and finally business development.The only investment UNZA has is Zamnet which has not grown despite being the pioneer in Internet business.Business minded men and women like you SAGE must embrace the running of UNZA/CBU not these chaps with croach infested jackets and a pile of degrees.

  43. #41 i think you missed a point.you points are good but every weak and scattered like raindrops on the ocean. Ala ba lumpen bapa Ngombe hostels(unza) ngabavulala(broke) end result kuchivivula pantu teti basome nesala elo nokutina ukuwa. Solution…privitise ngombe hostels. but your govt increased number yama mature to be a solution, that’s nonsense. Solution…upgrade Nkruma to start producing BA and BSc in education te? Anyway am in UK for national duties.

    iwe ka easy, come and see me pa inters hotel rm 222, you will get free lunch or dinner. i will be here for 5 days. am missing my lusaka

  44. #41 Paprika you sound like you suffer from serious dimentia.We are talking about progression and you want us to consult KK about UNZA.Didnt you read what KC wrote on #34.You are just fit for cooking espcially in ifibolokoto-ground paprika is good.
    BaJoze have you been to Downing street?Ask also where this Tony Blair had his heart repaired so that we can do the same for our beloved FTJ.BaJoze Nkruma gives university Diplomas so upgrading wont be a big issue.Are you with Jude?Please let her chart with Cherrie Blair so that she can also discuss problems at our Ministry of Lands which was being run by women( Prophet Gladys Nyirongo and Judith Kapijimpanga) and the giga corruption scandals these women were involved in plus Muteteka the brother in law for Levy.Let Cherrie donate some software for cleansing this dept since their in the UK the Ministry of Lands is advanced, there are no loopholes like Sichone capitalised on.Please do alot of work if you run out of cash,Zamtroop is there.

  45. Well Put Paprika.. Ulekula namano. But on KK , his policies where not sustainable. His economic policies where ticking time bomb. Remember one thing with KK the whole government system(Taxes Intelligence , Military , Police , Education) you name it where designed to save KK. UK messed us up big time. You have a republic behaving like a Kingdom. KK thought he was a king. Thats why he never took challenges or criticism from other people well. The same tendencies are being displayed in LPM. But for him its too late. We used to line up for this man. You know what George W comes into town some times i dont even know that he is in town. This the most powerful man in the world. KK , forget the old man.

  46. Ba Joze 44# Sometimes is difficult to understand you. You are kamuceka so I wont come to see at inters hotel maybe you already planted prenium radio active.

  47. sorry it wa sjust a suggestion just thinking in terms of just consultation not that it would be binding.point taken that the economic policies were weak and all.but remember the political philosophy there was in place was socialism and the winds of change only came in after the collapse of the iron curtain so whatever happened at that time was inevitable. no use crying over spilt milk.
    anyway it was just a contribution on kk but remember even when all this so liberalised free economy came into place the same socialist policies u are condenming put in place infrastructure. kk had partner like china, romania and yugoslavia wc were not demanding strindent conditionalities like imf and world bank in return for aid. a changanya is better.

    ok we settle for the joint venture /business unit and please no more commissions of inquiry.

    we shd learn to read btn the lines

  48. Kuku, ala ngombe hostels is like niteschool at the end of semesters kuma dip holders from secondary schools. we need to upgrade nkruma to start give BA nad BSc in Education. Kuku, other countries hey dont consider o’levels as an entry to tertiary schools. Where is the so called form 6? coz teachers are not enough and their education level is below par.
    2. computers at ngombe hostel are very expensive for browsing internet and they are not enough.
    3.if thet privitize ngombe hostel, each still kasukulu will know why he/she there for and who much is spending.

    Kuku I was to be with Mme Daka but she switched off are cell phone. Who’s Jude? my duty will commece tomorrow at 8:30 hrs. plz stay tune, Ba Joze off air.

  49. Zambia scouts for $550,000
    The Zambian government needs $550,000 to carry out a nation-wide measles campaign this year, targeting 200 million children.
    Health Minister, Brian Chituwo, says Zambia has contributed $182,255 towards the campaign.

    Dr. Chituwo said other major co-operating partners, such UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have also contributed to the campaign.

    The Minister was speaking in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, Tuesday at a Measles Partners Advocacy meeting.

    Dr. Chituwo said Zambia has taken the measles immunisation drive to ensure all children under five years are vaccinated against the disease.

    He has urged the business community and other well wishers to support the campaign against measles.

    And WHO country representative, Dr. Stella Anyangwe said the world should not let children die of measles when this can be prevented through vaccination.

    And UNICEF Deputy director Elspeth Erickson called for integration of the measles vaccination exercise into the education curriculum.

  50. ‘Zambia in the Sun’ should be renamed ‘Zambia the great beggar’
    Citizen have you seen where you are heading to as a country? See#50 even things that should be given priority are taken as ifyakwangasha.If this measles disables you children you start saying no its the work of corruption we wish Smith had even repossed the assets belonging to Thailand Premier.Shame on you LPM and Chituwo.

  51. kuku, where is SAGE? i was telling him about govt’s luck of foresight and diverting that disturbs national plans that are stiff. you know kuku, nganaukwata K10,000 elo wa budgeta yonse without change nishi ulimuwewele te? leave a certain amount in case of uncertainty te? Nomba abo ba chituwo tabamwene pa internatioanal calender pa campaign yakasakala te? what a doctor? i think vera can do better than chitus… patu vera nao tayapaka bunda mwama smile.

  52. kuku, where is SAGE? i was telling him about govt’s luck of foresight and diverting funds that disturbs national plans is like having a stiff necked mu “stigeni”. you know kuku, nganaukwata K10,000 elo wa budgeta yonse without change nishi ulimuwewele te? leave a certain amount in case of uncertainty te? Nomba abo ba chituwo tabamwene pa internatioanal calender pa campaign yakasakala te? what a doctor? i think vera can do better than chitus… patu vera nao tayapaka bunda mwama smile.

  53. SAGE,I’ve been trying to figure out how Chituwo can do that.Maybe Kuku can help us.I know we have PGs at UNZA but the numbers do not in anyway correlate

  54. You see guys i have been saying we need an era change we have to start all over with fresh ideas. joining these old gaurds aint gonna cut it. Our country has enough resources to help us move forward. Did you know that has not exported anything to the US since the enactment of AGOA? This is where we miss the boart. Instead of looking at ways to empower local manufacturing industries we are busy in china. China has made its money through trade with USA. We have an opportunity but cant take it. This is simply because we would rather beg than work hard and earn our own money. After humanism we changed to beggerism.

  55. #52 -57 you see when you are always being told what to do, everything becomes a mistry.Chituwo in his weak grey matter he is even including chickens from hybrid,pigs from Nkumba pigery.Its a mistry really how some one can even have the guts to post un edited script.SAGE,KC bane bweleni ko kufyalo fyampepo nimwe intungulushi shisheleko.Dimentia plus Amnesia elo na Dyslexia nomba yaba fye isonde lyonse.Worse mu Cabinet with Chuchu being the headmaster of lapses.
    At one point I explained how South Africa has taken full advantage of AGOA by importing our raw cotton and processing it for export to USA ifwe naba Levy tuletambafye ingo mupila ku Bancroft nangula pa Lubengele Primary apali baJoze .Cabulanda sana, You can have a nation without a strong manufacturing industry,now we are waiting for Chinese to build industries in Chambishi who will be getting our copper and dumping cheap finished goods in return.

  56. Chituwo 200million children? Bushe mulemona ati ababantu bayambila ukutali ukuchita rig ama elections.They already have ghost children who will grow thru the ranks to become ghost voters. Chuchu, whats up? ni fundraising yashani, shabulila isha winter farming ku Teka farm? Pliz twafweni!

  57. #59 chiwala boy Am sure Chituwo forgot that he is Minister of Health and thought may be he was talking about bird flu and was thinking about vacination of 200m birds, even if BaJoze,SAGE, KC, BAuze,gk,HK ,Ci Citizen went on rapid fire they cant still manage 200m children whether through IVF or otherwise they cant manage,the closest they can manage is atmost with hard work 600,000, yangu yee icintu ukukosa.Daka mune bushe ulikuti?Bwela pa blog ukambe chi chewa waona manje inkani yavuta mu telo, ati bwa?

  58. #32 GK,kindly define “total overhaul of governance programme”.Why should we create regulating structures when they are already in existence?People have pointed out the benefits of a new,untampered,unbiased,skewless,original and comprehensive constitution.This document is what will strengthen the already existing structures.We are trying to curb excesses in the Executive so that they do not use political muscle to hijack progressive and divergent ideas.The notion that my ideas would not work is true only to the point that we fail to enact a good law of the land.However,if we do manage to get a credible law in place,you will realise that these ideas are achievable.Maybe I don’t belong to the old and ragged era that gives up something before trying it.We need to change our perspective from being stagnant to being proactive.Gk,please read my direct quote of Thurgood Marshal in line #34.Thanks

  59. # 25 Ba Kuku I can see you saw sense in the paragraphs preceding the last two. Zambia has great potential to do better than for us to play hide and seek with the taxpayer,

  60. Please apply the rule of law on the damn lecturers – Fire then. Why do they think they are the best amongst everyone. Let them go farming maybe they can see sense then.

    It about time management become bold and stopped pleading with these overgrown *****s. We can actually do without UNZA – since ba kapala do notadd value thru theirgraduates who pass on leaked papers.

  61. #63 Excel,you are being emotional.Such problems can never be resolved using emotions.We need to be level headed and try to understand how this problem keeps emanating.Having had the opportunity to sit in Senate,i think I understand this situation.You see,management is quite powerless in this situation.The lecturers know this.UNZA is wholly funded by GRZ and this funding is always a short-fall.If UNZA budgets for $2m for instance,they only receive about $500k.This makes it more difficult for management to divide the funds between competing interests.What UNZA/CBU need is to attract private sector support by initiating meaningful programs that are abreast with current issues.They also need to commercialise certain operations.These institutions also need to refinance their debts so that they create savings which can be put to more immediate use.UNZA/CBU can also invest surplus monies in gov.bonds.This can be achieved by laddering their investments to ensure a continuous flow of income.

  62. Our government is to blame, they are very slow to act but very quick to speak out loudly. The lecturers’ demand is just in order; the cost of living in our country is high, fuel prices are uped almost every three month, yet employees’ remunerations are static for years now, HOW CAN WE SURVIVE. Do you remember that our MPs when they just served for less than four months, started requesting to increase their gratuity, now what about these Lecturers’, civil servants and other workers. We have a lot of selfish leaders in place. Citizen economic empowerment is just on papers and mouths NOT IN PLACTISE TWAPAPATA.



  63. Ba KC #61 We could be speaking the same tone,look at our home office-NRC-Some guys have 2 or more Nrcs and passports,Congelese easily obtain our NRCs.So the credit Act how does it succeed with these porous institutions,their is no treacebility of individuals.

    Communication or is it the postoffice,mail delivery especially utility bills should be delivered at residencial homes,this will help treacebility.But currently how many Zambians have that facility or is our Delivery system reliable and affordable,am not talking about the courreir(spelling).

    Immigration,tell me if its not possible to cross into Tanzania or congo free,without any Document-who would invest huge sums into an individual without any collateralls when flight risks are higher.
    These are only a few of many in governance that need overhaul.
    I hope this will help you understand my contribution.

  64. AIDS drug contaminated
    An HIV drug has been found with a contaminant that might cause cancer.
    Patients who have been using Viracept, are being advised to use different medication.

    The Ministry of Health said patients should contact their health care providers.

    Health Minister, Brian Chituwo confirmed in a statement that some batches of Viracept are contaminated with a compound that might cause cancer.

    Dr. Chituwo explained that the European Medicines Agency has been made aware by Roche Registration Limited, a pharmaceutical Company of the contaminant.

    He said the exact extent of the contaminant is not known and the company has decided to globally recall viracept currently on the market.

    Over 100,000 Zambians are presently on free-life saving anti-retroviral medicines from public health institutions.

    About 100 of them are on viracept, which is used to treat HIV-1 in aldults, adolescents and children aged three years and above.

    An additional 15,000 Zambians are taking antiretroviral medicines through the private sector.

  65. #67 gk mwaice wandi I like your current perception of things keep it up.Your points are valid.CRB in Zambia will take a long time to cement.
    Iwe Ci Citizen look at comment 68 are you sure your govt means well?Is the aid they went to get from London recently meant to eliminate the innocent citizens?Ci Citizen you,Chituwo and your LPM jump in the lake with your ineptitude.Yesterday your weres couting for $500,000, today you have contaminated the drug and yet you told Dr Ngoma with his Tetrasil that he faces a jail term.Can all of you assemble at Chimbokaila for a prison sentence we must quarantine you chaps , you are not fit for purpose.
    BaJoze when you go to Downing Street ask also for some more ARVs as the ones we got some one peed on them and we cant wait for 2010 even the expired ones can do we are used.We are not ashamed to beg.

  66. #71 AM bushe ici Citizen catikama indupi cilikwi?Iminwe shalinkukuma kwati untu walwile inkondo yaku Falklands.Indefwaya amashiwi citupandeko amano pantu fwebacibula utu utubulungwe marjority nifwe ba kaponya nomba twalalola kwi?

  67. #72 Kuku Ici cimuntu Ci Citizen chaliya AWOL pantu inkondo Falklands yali chambukile yachififya ni kafumo kwati mulwele walusuku. What are we to do with Chuchu’s and his milions SCANDAL OF THE YEAR!!? Bringing us contaminated HIV drugs while he is rushed to UK on mere headache. ITS CRIMINAL, CHUCHU & MILLIONS SHOULD CHAIN FOR MORE PIPO THAN WAR IRAQ.

  68. #73 The problem we have in Zambia our people’s birth rights have been trumpled on so much that because of desperation they think what ever govt gives them is a favour.The opposition is fragmented to offer counter checks,even with this serious lapse in the medical delivery MMD will get away with it.The civil society is as passive as anything just eating the millions other tax payer give us.Its so sad that the poor has no room to manouvre they are the worst hit and are always on the receiving end.This is a serious case which should see Chituwo to go.It just shows that our laws regarding safety of our citizens through drug and sycotropic substances is non existent.NO tests are done to ascertain the safety measure but if it Sondashi who brings these medicines people raise their ears like Alsatian dogs.This is a scandal AM

  69. UNZA needs a courageous and proactive management team. Having studied and taught at UNZA for many years, I only came to one conclusion – UNZA council is toothless and people who sit on UNZA Council as it is currently constituted know it. But they are interested in the sitting allowances that come with it. Successive Vice Chancellors, with the exception of possibly Prof Mwauluka and Lameck Goma, have all one weakness – fear for telling government the truths about what it takes to run a University. UNZA funding has been reduced frastically but no single Vice Chancellor ever resigned in protest. What does that tell you? What UNZA needs is a Vice Chancellor who can tell government a year or two in advance what the projections for the University are and that the Institution may not deliver without the resources demanded. That has to be the norm.

    Reacting to student demands only serves to entrench one thing – UNZA management will NOT do anything unless there is a riot – the UNZA culture.

  70. My suggestion is to give the running of the UNZA to the Lusaka province and private sector then you see things moving. GOVt offload this heavy load on you. Sharing the a burden makes it lighter.

  71. The problems are UNZA are enormous and will not be solved by perrennial crisis management. We all know Govt has reneged on its commitments to improved funding and implementing the recommendations of the Bobby Bwalya commission. I dont think raising private funding will make a big enough impact at UNZA in the short term(because of strikes and low tuition).

    But UNZA management is also to blame for failing to do enough to prevent strikes by staff(poor magt skills you’d say). The real cause of strikes at UNZA is a lack of transparency/trust between mgt and staff. Many people at UNZA believe mgt is stingy and that some senior accountants get 5 times more than academic staff (maybe they deserve it). Mgt would make its life a lot easier if they laid on the table a full activity program, budget and show how much they are spending on personal emoluments on all cadres of staff, and other items. Those who feel they deserve better can be politely asked to take their skills elsewhere

  72. Remove politics from UNZA, then you will all see development at UNZA. Give the management of this powerful institution to progressive and well minded people, then you will UNZA tick. GRZ should pump in more money into the running of UNZA. If chuchu can use GRZ resources to run MMD activities, why not give management the much needed financial assistance UNZA needs. NO politics in running UNZA, otherwise Zed will lag behind as far as education is concerned. Please education first!!!!!

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