Friday, May 24, 2024

End political difference – Mpombo advises Mazabuka councillors


Defence minister, George Mpombo has called for an end to political differences among politicians in Mazabuka in Southern Province to foster development.

The minister said political differences have  frustrated development because
politicians spent their energies on attacking each other instead of initiating
programmes meant to uplift the living standrds of the poor people.

Mr Mpombo said councillors, Members of Parliament, Town Clerk and District
commissioner  should  work as a team to open up development.

He observed that Mazabuka district has great potential for an economic boom but
regretted that its potential has not been exploited.

The minister was speaking in Mazabuka during the installation ceremony of Mayor
Edmund Cheelo and his deputy, Alfred Kawale.

He said the electorates are not interested in squabbles but development.

Mr Mpombo also advised the councillors to offer constructive criticism and avoid
undermining the mayor if he has to perform his civic duties well.

He said destructive criticism will only retard development.

And speaking earlier, Mayor Cheelo assured the minister that his council will
continue providing required services to the residents.

Mr Cheelo also informed the minister that his council has a vision to attain city
status by 2015.


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