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No need for panic over fuel, government assures

Headlines No need for panic over fuel, government assures

Government has assured motorists and members of the public that the country will continue having sufficient fuel stocks on the market during the time Indeni Refinery will be closed.

Energy permanent secretary Peter Mumba said in a statement that at the time of the
closure of Indeni this weekend, Indeni will have about 11.9 million litres of
diesel to last for 11 days and 4.8 million litres of petrol to last 10 days.

He said the said stocks are expected to last up to the end of this month.

Mr Mumba further explained that in addition, government through trhe Energy
Regulation Board, ERB, has requested Oil Marketing Companies, OMCs, to import
finished petroleum products.

He said so far the OMCs have committed a combined total of 52.0 million litres of
diesel and 20.0 million litres of petrol for the period November to December 2007.

Mr Mumba explained that the OMCs will ship in a total of 32.55 million litres of
diesel to last 32 days 12.5 million litres of petrol to last f31 days.

The energy permanent secretary noted that this fuel will be available during the
temporary closure of Indeni.

Mr Mumba said the next 60,000 metric tonnes of feedstock is expected in
Dar-es-Salaam on 24th November, 2007.

Indeni is expected to resume production by 1st December, 2007 saying the refined
products from the 60,000 metric tonnes cargo of feedstock will last the country
until the first week of January, 2008.

Other measures put in place is the shipment of 90,000 metric tonnes of feedstock
which is expected to arrive in Dar-es-Salaam between 15th and 18th December, 2008
whose refined products would last the country until the third week of February,

Mr. Mumba said with these measures in place, motorists and the travelling public
need not panic.

Indeni Refinery will on 18th November exhaust the 60,000 metric tonnes of petroleum
feedstock which was procured in September 2007 and the refinery will undergo a
temporary shutdown awaiting the arrival of the next consignment scheduled for 24th
November, 2007.

Meanwhile, United Party for National Development (UPND) has expressed concern at media reports that Indeni Oil Refinery in Ndola has run out of crude oil and is expected to shut down on Saturday this week.

UPND Vice President, Richard Kapita said the revelation is of great concern because
the country recently experienced fuel shortages which adversely affected many
sectors of the economy.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Kapita said a similar
occurrence would devastate the economy.

He observed that the disclosure by Indeni officials that government has removed
Total, a shareholder in Indeni, from procurement process of crude oil, is

Mr Kapita added that the decision taken by government has resulted in recurrent
shortages of feed stocks because government has single handily taken on the task
leaving out the partner, Total.

He charged that government needed to be serious in the manner it handles procurement
of oil, as it is the lifeline of the economy.

Mr Kapita urged government to look for long-term alternative supplies of crude oil
such as Angola which can be harnessed through the Southern Africa Development
Community (SADC) arrangement.

He added that there is also need for government to build more reservoirs at Indeni
in order to store more crude oil.



  1. With all this resources boom, why don’t they just build another refinery than just depend on one. 40 years after indepence and you can’t do that. And 6 years in power, you can’t even build a single public toilet? Don’t our leaders have brains? This is just crazy. God forbid, what if some lunatic bombs that place, wont that spell the end of our nation as we know it. We really have *****s running the country. I bet they are now even spending more with these short term measures. This is a wastage!!

  2. these *****s always tell us not to panic, what type of government which can’t plan further than their nose this is bullshit.Engineers pliz can you try to derive a formula from chuchus ilenda and convert that to fuel twalachula? they are running this great nation like tuntemba so that they get Nichekeleko from suppliers.Shame on our country and shame on the Mad Muwelewele Devils MMD, you have failed lamentably to run the affairs of our great country

  3. Imwe guys namufilwa ukubomba! Chuchu fire them before we fire you! 2011 is just around the corner. Hope takwakabe ifya ship ukuwayawaya up to next year.

  4. They have to give what they can. No more. Just ask yourself what many ministers have ever run successfully in the first place. We play too much politics and nepotism, and this is the result we have to live with. Indeni has always closed and opened, before this govt took office. People are tired of these stories.

  5. What else ni Nichekeleko from ministers brief case suppliers. We have this seriuos problem of fuel shotage then the whole presdo and cabinet ministers are busy talking about petty issues of Hon SATA’s passport.What a country!!!!!!!They can’t see further than their nose and plan well all they want is fighting in public and attacking one individual, defending their partner (Chinese)in plundering our resources and tell us that the economy is doing well.shame on you muwelewele and your government

  6. I’m protesting against KK’s attack on my Presido. He cannot be undermining our leader and my only savior. Over my dead body I will insult anyone writing off my Presido. I forgave him last year when he influenced our lost with his crazy campaign ordering voters not to vote my God. He said Presido Sata would divide, destroy and plunge the country in turmoil. This time he better tie his mouth.

  7. In a letter published in The Post of November 11th, 2007, Chi Kenneth Kaunda (KK) lamented the poor quality of leadership and the criticism levelled against the presence of Chinese in Zambia. This rebuke was specifically directed at the only future head of state Presido Sata (King Cobra) of Patriotic Front (PF) party.

  8. My Presido was singled out – partly for expressing his difference of opinion with The Post, and because of his outspokenness on the so-called Chinese investors. On the home front, it is argued that Presido Sata is trying to segment his opponents into tribal continuums which offend Chi KK.

  9. In defence of the Chinese, Chi KK also snipes at my God and future head of state PF leader – Sata, as a racist and ungodly. On the first score, KK uses Presido Sata’s statement of calling Silvia Masebo as: “muzezulu woman”, as proof that Presido Sata is a racist – or more accurately a ‘tribalist’. On the later, since Chinese people are also ‘Gods’s people’ – KK believes that we should treat them as neighbours, ‘Love thy neighbour as theyself’.

  10. Fellow bloggers,
    I warn you that never criticize Presido Sata. He is the only God’s representative and redeemer for Zambians straight from heaven. Irrespective of status, anyone doing so I will call him Mafi. Between me and Presido Sata only death will separate us. Look under Michael Sata’s passport seized” November 11, 2007 in my post # 89 where I just kicked chi Pragmatist and he is gone silent for life. I said “# 85 Pragmatist Zoona uli mafi”

  11. Chi KK KK treats readers with his and Julius Nyerere’s pro-China policy of early 70’s comparing it to Frederick Chiluba and Sata’s pro-Taiwan’s approach. Here Chi KK accuses the two of being isolationists, since the majority in the World – including USA have endorsed one-China policy. ‘How can a leader go out begging for money ($50,000)’, he wonders?then concludes his attack against my Presido Sata that – such unprincipled leaders and liars should not be given support.

  12. Roy Mudenda,
    Kindly ignore all tribal motivated posts and insults under impersonation of my Nationalist and moral dualist “FACT” ID. Those are the subnormal works of our deranged kids Joze and Chapi with a dark future thriving with costs in the MMD speech freedom rights. Some times they post as Ronald Penza, Anonymous, Dr Chuchu and FACT yet the server gives out their used IP and network exchange location. We could give you hard copy of personalized data on service provider files.

  13. The moral principle in my prolonged silence and write off of some of these kids is not to inhibit free discourse of citizens. The last time i post here was on Tuesday when i had more than enough time to burn out wastefully. All else between then and # 15 are kids games of addicted Chapi and Joze to the blogging. On sharing of the FACT or Patriot names on liberal on that though a stunt product of the “Supply side Political discourse”. More also tribal courses are my detests of Sata’s lumpen role.

  14. I acknowledge Joze wants to be on my listserve of those i debate.Sadly he falls far short of the matching character, intellectual rigor, coherence, vision and maturity. I have failed to understand what he is here for rather than signing for a Geriatric rascal when time and challenges demands pragmatism, dynamism and educated leadership for the 21st century.He is a sycophant careerist Welensky era rubble rousers.

  15. He is a sycophant of careerist Welensky era rubble rousers with little or no hope for himself.That is why education is cardinal in all life prospects. Enumerable 43 years after independence, no educated progressive would devote his insulting soul for a 76 years old Standard 3 Geriatric.When we go to the Diaspora, we seize the a self improvement opportunity for future roles except Joze its zero return.Little does he know, after LPM a professional attorney at law, education will be a factor.

  16. Chapi,
    I know you can’t rest without mentioning my name in your cyber waffling for whatever reason; this I have observed. I last visited and posted to this blog on Tuesday yet all your trolling is clouded with my name. Secondly, clear your expectation from Sata, the Presidency does pay patriots money as you seem to allude. President LPM is a salarised servant of Zambians. I’m a patriotic technocrat safe and happy in some multinational trillion Dollar entity beside some ingenuity under the sun

  17. KK might be the founder father but sometimes crued and careless in talking.Sata is better than KK in the sense that, He can defend and protect the less able to do so for themselves.Sata has vision and innovations to make a change in many pipos’ lives. 18# Fact can yap like a mad dog sent by crued , brainless and toothless Movement for Madarax Dealers gangs to contribute senseless but will never stop Sata going into plot 1. Come 2011, LPM can be a lawyer but brainless and toothless.He hasnot even

  18. Contd: built a toilet. Fuel shortage is always lack of contigent plans by toothless and brainless govt.During election time Chuchu was jumping telling lies that fuel has been found.He told the nation he has negotiated wth the local bank for fuel supply and pipo shouldnt panic. Can pipo trust dead brain cells govt with little or nothing to offer? Lies before 6am ,12pm and 24. More concerned with pity things that doesnt matter. Sata passport wth the crued gay post newspaper
    savagely reporting.

  19. I’M critical of the govt but ashamed of their perpetual lies.LPM yes he is educated but still lacks the will to push for innovations and creation of meanful and everlasting problem solving.Anyone who advise him on principle of truth is removed like PS Semukela.Mupo and Impala will run away frm Chuchu even b4 2011 as they did to Chiluba,

  20. Chapi
    Time and again I have readi your unwarranted flaunting on investment in google stocks. That has always thrown me in laughter. I will spare you some muckraking punches because that is too personal for me to start proving your ignorance and unfounded overzealousness. You are treading on some deep feet and practical hands too wide in the money market. Good luck with your google portfolio and market for those junk yard parts.

  21. kwandangala,

    Rant with coherence if you have to receive any moral or spiritual counseling here. I can hardly read what you are trying to communicate. Try to read through them yourself and translate in your mouth tongue. Surely a blog would not be short of some Bi or multi-lingual to do us the translations.

  22. The Biggest challenge we have as PF is finding credible people to articulately propagate PF causes. Our struggle online is from the Gluttonous behavior of Ba Sata. He secretly pays Ba Joze ZK 250,000/M despite his ineptitude and communication challenges.Close to 2 years
    Kuku and i have gone without anything hence calling it quits despite our contract through Joyce Nonde.If i may ask, what is Ba Joze adding to the party in the face of these ruthless MMD cadres? Insults or talking of ilenda?

  23. #25 FACT
    This is were you start embarassing yourself when you begin to impersonate and use my unique ID.
    Have you bothered to even check the topic at hand?FUEL SHORTAGES in case you`ve forgotten.
    Kindly stay on topic and defend your incompetent DR LPM HE SC.

  24. Now I agree we have crooks heading our Party
    THE TAIWANESE government has said that it gave opposition Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata money for his trip to the United States but not as much as US $50, 000. But PF spokesperson Given Lubinda on Monday told MUVI TV that the US $50,000 Sata had solicited from the Taiwanese was not given to him.

  25. According to information obtained from Hong Kong based Singtao newspapers website, Singtaonet, the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Sata asked for money to finance his trip to London and thereafter Boston in the United States where he had been invited by Harvard University to speak on human rights. he ministry stated that the Taiwanese government gave Sata some money but “not as much as the US $50, 000”, the amount he had solicited for.

  26. The ministry further stated that Sata asked for the money because he was going to present a speech at Harvard University and that the Taiwanese government had never instructed him to discredit China. But appearing on Eyeball to Eyeball MUVI TV programme on Monday night, Lubinda said that Sata used his hard earned money to finance his trip to London and Boston because the money he solicited from the government of Taiwan was not received.

  27. “President Sata didn’t use state money. He was using his hard earned money. And even the US $50,000 he asked from the Taiwanese wasn’t

  28. Why should Sata’s donation from Taiwan be a crisis? LPM should concentrate on solving the fuel crisis than trying to discredit Sata over a passport and a donation.If our good lord does not take him , Sata will form the next govt come 2011. SCARY BUT IT IS A FACT

  29. Peter Mumba is too junior to comment on a crisis so huge. Where is the Energy minister? or better still where is LPM.This is a serious problem and should never be taken lightly.We need real answers and reasons why fuel shortage has become an annual occurence.

  30. Fact you are a shamless political toothless and brainless who likes yaping.Do you think you know everything that is happening in Zambia? The ans is no you are too political narrow minded. learn to accept your un found arguements.Sata is always the sore in Movement for mad dogs.By trying to silence him you make more liked and lovable. Chuchu was soliting funds from chinese Govt during 2006 elections no wonder he cant even critise them for their inhumane work conditions.Fact never throw a spanner

  31. Peter Mumba dont confuse the people or yourself with figures. In your statement you said 11.9 million liters of diesel will last 11 days , simple calculation will tell you that if INDENI is shut over this weekend the 11 days will elapse by 27 th November thus leaving us with 3 days without fuel.Dont play jargon with all these figures.The bottom line is we should never be found in this situation in the first place.T BOZ has a point can we have a senior politician to comment on fuel than Peter

  32. people that support sata are beggars.and if you may look at the postings in support of sata on this blog,they seem to be that of psychotic generated.How on earth can any sober mind disrespect KK.Some of you if chiluba or sata had started running zambia your mothers would have aborted you due to hard economy.

    so stick out to hard work and work for yourselves and your family,NOT JUST BEGGING MONEY FROM SMALL COUNTRIES,mwaba ukununka ichena cha FODYA BALANI.

  33. Another accident has happened along chingola road after the minibus corrided with a truck.This chuchu u mean he cant think beyond his nose and construct chingola road into a dual carriage way before we lose our dear beloved ones. Chuchu needs deliverance coz is overloaded with demons his low thinking head.Am telling u this man want to school but learnt nothing.*****

  34. Guys am telling you let us support our good president HE Dr LPM SC.There is no opposition leader living today in zed that can much is standard.Keep it up with your marvelous works LPM

  35. #37 I hope you did not mean what you said about your collegues with diferent views from yours. I dont agree with some of the things Sata says, but I feel he has more credebility than the KK and Mwanawasa you seem to be supporting. They say ignorance is no defence. Just because you were not there or is eating with them does not in itself mean you are rite. KK is the last person who should comment on democracy and who a good leader is. He has no moral rite nor justfication to comment on leadership

  36. His wamutyaya syndrome, and pointless slogans such as mumulu lesa panshi Kaunda, UNIP mulilo waika tako wapya, are as unGodly as can be. His insults for pressmen and women at press conferences are as inhuman as Sadam Hussen was . He is no different from Mugabe. So he is the last person I wish to listen to on leardership and democracy. So GK wake up to reality. Sata or no Sata KK has no rite to comment on leardership in Zambia. He is tainted with bad things.Most likely more abortions occured then

  37. # 39 I DID NOT POST THAT OPINION,UNLESS THEIR IS ANOTHER gk .please do not hide behind my ass.

    #41 unless kk is not entitled to the “democracy of hunger”then can he not comment.so where is the democracy????

    #41 I would rather live under sadam regime than living under mariki regime. a 100 people are dying in iraq everyday like it or not.iraq people wish sadam was still their president so no comparison.

    kk so far was the best if we compare the last leadership that has prevailed.

  38. PF and its gang of thugs can’t be compared to the likes of KK and HE LPM SC. Look at how much damage your little thug did in 10 years. Isn’t the same little thug who left the govt toothless by auctioning the nation to foreigners and pocketed all the monies raised. Today you are pointing a finger at someone who has at least brought sanity to Plot 1.

  39. #43 Spinka tell these thugs on the blog,they think chiply like Chi sata ViVa Ba LPM.LPM has brought a lot of economic change in this country its a pit that these thugs cant c THAT.Folish.Go back to school and learn more on simple demand and supply.They will be no fuel shortage i can assure you, stay stay safe

  40. gk, spinka you seems to be allergic to change, so go on licking chuchu’s ilenda, you die licking without any benefits or profit for u and ur family.

  41. Keep your mouth shut all you (plot 1 – all) self-claimed opposers of Satas Chinese attacks. When Sata talks about the chinese mistreating zambian workers with long hours of 6 to 6 hard labour, no going for lunch, no resting, working under abusive language supervision, very low salaries and very poor conditions of safety, i know he does not lie. I worked under the so called chinese investment. It pathetic to work with them. King Cobra spit on them before zambias labour is exhausted.

  42. #42,43,45 you are one and the same person. Foolish person you are! How many times are we going to suffer shortages of crude oil in month at the expenses of Ci Chuchu’s nchekeleko system of governing the country. Chuchu waba ukubendama akanwa nge soka.

  43. #46 CITIZEN
    Do you know that I’ve never stepped a foot on State House grounds. I live about 400km away from Lusaka enjoying the poverty the little thug left behind after pocketing the national treasury.

  44. Too much stinking venacular on this site, please for the sake of all visitors, use Zambia’s official language.

    On KK’s comments, its true Sata is not only a stinking tribalist, he is also a fervent racist. I do wonder sometimes what’s in all this Sata fuss for a white man like Guy Scott. Sata took Katyoka to court for calling him Zondwe the Nwacusa from Mbeya, which is true. How dare he calls Masebo Muzezulu? He really does have a destructive mentality, he needs to be destroyed, immediately!

  45. #48 Forgive spinka he works in a chinese resturant and is also operating under the influence of alchol apart from that he is also demon possessed.

  46. Apparently Sata hates Chinese people so much because his mother while waitressing in a restaurant in Nakonde in the 1920 was bonked by a hood of twelve Chinese starlions and infected with srious VD. Its this incurable VD which infected Sata in the womb 10 years later that’s why he has “masalamusi in the headi”. Now,like Hitler with the jews, he wants to take the entire Zambia on a personal crusade against Chinaman, awe suwa, twakana! He should ask Tanganyika to fight his wars for him!

  47. #42. I dont exactly know what you mean when you say Democracy means forgetting our past. I should think that is not the case. Currently all those NAZI officers that were part of the hollocust of the 2nd world war are still being sought and locked up. The same should have happened to the likes of KK. I have not heard you say you would rather live under Mugabe than MCS. If that is the case I should think Mugabe will welcome you to Zim soon. Your hate for MCS should not cloud your good judgement.

  48. #49 I wont call you FACT.
    Stop impersonating real people with sound mind.
    #51 Roy
    Welcome back. I said it yesterday that these thugs here a tribalists.

  49. Ba buka fish or dukakis pls u are too old behaved like this. since u were born in 1920 to witness the birth of He M.sata you are surppose to be lookig after great grand childern

  50. #53 Dukakis Fred group up. What about your mother who was bonked by Kaunda left right and centre. You think we dont know your identity?

  51. Guys please let us not insult each other i rather we help one another to learn and understand better the economic and political oppression in this country.I belive the topic for today is fuel crises.I love everyone on this blog but JESUS loves you more.

  52. Lusaka times is a good concept but topics need to change after certain number of contributions.You can see the bloggers are bored so now they have started insulting each other. Please Lusaka Times challenges us with new topics. I am currently writing a book so contributions on this blog are valuable as they will give me an insight of how Zambians interact on the net.

  53. #51 Your mother had gonohria when she was pregnate with you, thats why it went to your brains and now u want to spread it at LT.

  54. #51 Chakubaba nichani if we use the language most bloggers understand. Go and hang yourself, becoz you sink like mabisi which you drink every day.

  55. whilst i think Cobra is a non-starter for Plot 1,we have to admire his strong stance on several national issues.When he speaks we all listen and it helps that some of the sensitive topics are nationally debated.In many ways he is good for our infantile democracy.The opposition is very weak inside Parliament and that is where the fight should be taken.Standing toe to toe with Cobra is a messy option…when the time is right MMD should start bobbing and weaving and an upper cut will silence him.

  56. Are you guys real bloggers or what? Vinabwela mwochedwa. stop the nonsense,and start contributing some sensible stuff,not insults. The govt should think of openning another refinery. COPPER prices are going up every now ,and then. Where is the profit? Use some to build more refineries,and the panic will be minimised for ever.

  57. contd. there is an expanse of ocean between Cobra and PF in Parliament. PF seem to have an impact in the public fora but not where it matters…Manda Hill!!for so long as PF are not seen to influence legislation, their leaders rantings are just good topics over a pint in a pub or for public blogs like LT.UPND are even worse…not even over a container of chibuku are they discussed!!Maybe UPND/FDD are waiting for the right time to avoid electioneering fatigue !!Any comments from UPND/FDD cadres?

  58. ba Mushota(67),we need a refinery in Solwezi or Chavuma to process Angolan oil.Indeni is not configured to processing the Angolan type of black gold.Now that Savimbi and Mushala have been re-united there is peace in the area and such an industry would act as a catalyst for economic development of the north west.I wonder why the govt. never talks about another refinery?Maybe EPK can “build” it alongside his fabled railway ??

  59. All you who have found pleasure in sharing my “FACT” ID, kindly do so with morals. Distinguish yourselves from some brainless primates aplenty in your camp.

    (1)- I don’t use or speak Bemba which regrettably predominantly Sata’s mobilized brutes here have turned into an insults language. Seeing this must be painful for my innocent and progressive Bemba brothers.

    (2)-I don’t take pleasure in insults to do so here.

  60. (3)-I’m a moral dualist with respect for intellectual and free discourse without cause for inhibition of logic.

    (4)-I’m politically pragmatic, and on the supply side of the social-political economy.

  61. I acknowledge that Joze is an Oxymoron whose insults and impersonation has created unacceptable political polarity on the blog where the sober have gone apathetic.Necessary to state that I would never insult KK, LPM, FJT, HH or any of fellow Zambians freely and democratically advocating their party values. If you have the brains, join me in debating the prospective 2008 Budget, policy matters bordering on economic sustainability,and safeguards and expansive opportunities on the market for our na

  62. Ba Fact(71), i’m not taking the mick…..but kindly explain political pragmatism and being on the supply side of social political economics ?? You needn’t worry about imposters….i faced the same problem not too long ago and i was wisely advised that those that matter will know what comes from you and what doesn’t.

  63. #70&71 Factless

    Let the pipo say what you are not yourself, quote from RUFQUA page 4792.Such pipo who use I, my are not different from Lulu the dogs of the late empire Salese.Iwe ka Factless, you’re now drain of lexis apart from your common usage of “nyooo nyoo zero value nyoo nyooo zero value”. C’mon man,replenish yourself with new lexis and grow up old man.

  64. # 8-14 is the work of Factless.
    KK is not in my domain but the ruling govt when it fails to deliver and its empty promises.Factless, you know well that you sent shushus to Kuku and made me fire my loyal worker Astrida, a ngoni girl for lessons I can’t disclose.Anyway, erosion has seriously affected your brain cells just like your boss.Surly, how wld you put ba Vera ati ba minister ba environment ifutu? Mpombo uwa major to say indee bwana and ukubika groveling ati ba boss? Shame! Shemuna!Shame!

  65. # 8-14 is the work of Factless.(ERRATUM)
    KK is not in my domain but the ruling govt when it fails to deliver and its empty promises.Factless, you know well that you sent shushus to Kuku and made me fire my loyal worker Astrida, a ngoni girl for REASONS I can’t disclose.Anyway, erosion has seriously affected your brain cells just like your boss.Surly, how wld you put ba Vera ati ba minister ba environment ifutu? Mpombo uwa major to say indee bwana and ukubika groveling ati ba boss? Shame!

  66. TOP,
    The two political philosophies are broad to go into here but I will hint on them respectively. Political pragmatism can be morally defeating but essential in national decision where found at the strategic inflection point where of the two challenging situations, one must be the option. Thus, in my context it is about the belief that in extenuating circumstances what matters is going by what works and not the opposite.

  67. It’s like H.E is under attack and that attack could plunge the country in turmoil. It’s prudent
    to save the head than spare five thugs in proximity. It works it cannot work philosophy.

  68. Ba Fact(77), i’m humbled by your speedy response.whilst i pride myself on understanding most things, your response is indeed an exception.I will not bother you further for greater amplification but will instead rely on “common sense” when trying to get the true meaning of any contribution you make in future.I’m a fast learner so i’ll be up to speed in no time.Aluta continua dear comrade !!

  69. TOP,
    The idea that the proper action is the one that is most likely to work

    “What works” is the hallmark of political pragmatism. From the machinist days to the era of affluence, political pragmatism has built and destroyed some leaders. Extenuating circumstances and approach matters. Pragmatic action (doing whatever alleviates the effects of a problem one has created).

    Politics and the world can be cruel and everyday man is on the learning curve.

  70. TOP,

    Supply-side Politics is based on macroeconomic policies that appreciate the idea that marginal tax rates matter. Advocate for economic mobility in the country, property ownership, and minimal Government intervention in commerce except in strategic sectors. Foster merit based remuneration rather than individual needs. Believe in individual responsibility than collective approach. Here are staunch free traders and investors.

  71. TOP,

    I advocate for a small central Government with local Governments’ capacity enhanced.
    Agues that economic growth can be most effectively created using incentives for people to produce (supply) goods and services, such as adjusting income tax and capital gains tax rates. This can be contrasted with the classic Keynesian economics

  72. TOP,

    Supply- siders’ economics has at its core a central insight that does have a ring of plausibility. The government can’t simply raise tax rates as high as it wants without some adverse consequences I believe and advocate.

    I’m done for the day.

    Be blessed

  73. Ba MMD has failed to Lead Zambia…come on People! It is time to get someone like MP Given Lubinda to lead Zambia into the next century.He the best alternative we have now in PF.
    Where was Mwanawasa when the fuel was running out? New Deal is not serious about Zambia. All they do is sit and wait for the next election to cheat Zambians again.
    They have run out ideas and plans to govern.
    come on people…Levy has done his best..its not working…CBU closed, Hone Close, NCC Flawed,fuel gone!

  74. ZOLA,
    Lubinda like Mwanawasa is a Chibombo Lenje. Do you really think Sata and his clique of PF Bembas would sacrifice their much wanted power to another Lenje? Don’t realise like KK put Sata is a filthy tribalist and PF a hub of the Kapwepwe remnants? Sincerely scan through the entire party membership.All that supported Kapwepwe are PF MCCs with exception of Scott,Lubinda and Henry Mtonga.If anything, Sata doesn’t trust Lubinda a nephew to Marvis Muyunda Levy’s auntie and Political adviser.

  75. And what has Given Lubinda done publicly to captivate your mind? What are the significant marks on his public file worth the highest office of over 11.5 million diverse People? Do think Sata would relegate from his dream by condoning such a risky move? don’t you know why the hopes of intra-party democracy and a convention in PF has been an elusive issue 8 years from its inception? Do you think Chiluba and Chungu’s funds could be used to bump up another Lenje at their own risk? Revisit that one.

  76. Ask FACT. But too many potential card carrying MMD members who are Presidential materials. I know alot of them in the Background at home and abroad. The problem most of us here only look at those in active roles. If i may ask you, do you know that people such as Willa Mung’omba are hard core MMD card carrying Members beyond 15 years would you know that? Most of them are in businesses, academia, consultancy like Dr. Mudenda. Don’t underrate a ruling party brother it is a magnet.

  77. 86.. of course on the list include; HH (yourself), Chilala, Sakwiba, or he can surprise you with Mulongoti or Mpondo. Personally I wouldn’t mind Enock battling it out with MCS in the political field.

  78. In my perspective Professor Chirwa cannot be considered for the top job atleast for 2011.Reasons being beyond this fora. Certainly, moderate and educated MMD members will embrace him in leadership but under a cap for mobility. I can assure these guys have a person already lined up.

  79. Nkandu Makungu (91),

    I don’t think that he has eyes on the Presidency himself. But his tolerance to personal attacks and consistency with evident adeptness on many issues stuns. That character goes beyond aimless punditry. Read through his #77, 78 and 80-83. That is a jackal of trades there with self conscientiousness. I would love to see you guys live on TV debating in 2011. FACT sounds more of policy analyst with a cross sectional educational insight.

  80. Just an advice to Lusakatimes adminitrator, relocate from Mufurila to Lusaka, maybe then you will be giving us better topics.

    Congratulations LPM led gov for building up such a stock pile.When that runs out then you can run arround and maybe use your contacts to source for some more crude oil to last for 16 HOURS.Lawyer wama lawyers and Ba HE Sc Dr LPM leader of MMD the party of intellectuals.


    THE University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) has awarded President Levy Mwanawasa with the African University Day leadership award for 2007 in student leadership.Presenting prizes and awarding of certificates during the African University Day at UNZA yesterday, UNZA lecturer in the School of Education Dr John Lwangala, who was also Master of Ceremonies, said President Mwanawasa had been awarded for setting precedence in the notion of UNZASU being a true breeding ground

  83. UNZASU being a true breeding ground for national leaders.He said the institution’s administration would organise a day when President Mwanawasa would be given his award. “African University Day Leadership Award 2007 in student leadership is awarded to H.E. Dr. Levy P Mwanawasa SC for setting precedence in the notion of UNZASU being a true breeding ground for national leaders,” read Dr Lwangala.

  84. UNZASU president Sage Samuwika said his union chose to award President Mwanawasa in order to remove the public perception that student leaders were associated with violence.He said people should be reminded that people who have been student leaders had the capacity to one day become responsible leaders.Samuwika said this had been done in the light of ‘image restoration’ which his administration has been pursuing.

  85. President Mwanawasa was UNZASU vice president from 1972 to 73 when he was a law student at UNZA.But UNZA lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences, Mbinji Mufalo, said President Mwanawasa did not deserve to receive the award.He said the mere fact that one served as UNZASU vice-president does not qualify them to receive awards.

  86. “They should rationalise it much more in terms of what actually his government has contributed towards tertiary education. It’s declining because of lack of resources,” Mufalo said. And University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) general secretary Dr Fenson Mwape said African universities, particularly UNZA, were still faced with huge problems.

  87. Dear Arm Chair Critics,

    I hope you ladies and gentlemen make money bcoz some of you are on this blog day and night and I often wonder whether you are just spectators watching our economy been taken by infestors or you are movers and shakers of our beautiful country. Anyway, what ever you do just remember the One Zambia One Nation Moto!!

  88. It will be hard for sure for sata to leave the mantle to lubinda.Lubinda is a lenje and a nephew to a Mr.Chibundi from chibombo, used to know his family in kafue.lenje again? hmmmmmm

  89. iwe kips
    What does it matter of lubinda is lenje? we are looking at a viable leader here and not on tribal lines or like you and observer are giving us family trees that dont matter what does the two people you mentioned as his relatives have to do with the man’ credibility? come on go past that.

  90. Mwaiche FACT
    These are the kind of things where we find common ground.I know that it would be a pipe dream expecting LuSE to penetrate the top five stock markets in the world but atleast these guys are trying to a implement a workable system that would attract serious investment.It could have been a major boost had the gov assisted LuSE with the $1 million they needed to be linked to JSE.In a short,LuSE could be a major source of capital for companies

  91. Ba Chapi(106), stock exchanges grow slowly and only when public confidence grows with it.Luse is quite far from being a MAJOR source of capital for 95% of the companies in Zambia.Our financial reporting legislation is weak and often unenforceable.there is alot of groundwork to be done well before the stock xchange becomes a financing alternative.Fact can probably highlight what i’ve said from a technical perspective but suffice to say our capital markets are still in an infantile stage.

  92. #107 TOP
    I agree with you 100% that LuSE is far from being a major source of capital with the current prevailing situation.There is basically no enforceable regulatory framework in place that could likely spur investor confidence but that doesn`t mean that it can never happen.I stated in #106 that what LuSE has intiated is something that needs to be encouraged particularly promotion of good corporate governance.They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

  93. That step Ba Chapi(108) starts with institutional investors playing the stock xchange.Stock xchange activity and frequently reported profits will inspire public confidence and result in mass participation.Stock broker and capital market investments training needs a look at.There are VERY few competent people out there with hands on xperience of the stock markets.We have all learnt them in school but not to an extent that we can make competent decisions on a day to day basis!!

  94. TOP
    Institutional investors or Treasury managers as they call them in Zambia can be willing to participate in the stock market when strict enforceable regulatory framework is in place.Transperancy and accountability are key factors for listed companies.If a company eg. falsely reports that they`ve made X amount of profit and yet they are in RED.What measures are there to deter such a practice?
    When such confidence is established then individuals can participate thru brokerage firm`s accounts.

  95. Ba Chapi(110),the treasury function in zambia seems to be limited to forex & t-bills market participation.this is becoz the market players are international banks and BOZ who adhere to international transparency and accountability standards hence the confidence in this tool of treasury mgt.the treasury mgrs in BBZ,SCB,ZNCB,Stanbic etc are all local boys and would lose money and get fired if they ventured onto LUSE with their banks money!!to be safe they play the forex and t-bills markets only!!

  96. cont’d (111),this is why it irritates me when we rant about having “local” expertise. Our local boys and girls are just big fish in a very small pond.The real complexities of money mgt. have yet to hit our economy.the govt. has to incentivise firms to encourage international placements for our “skilled” staff to bring us up to speed.A more exposed workforce may encourage us to return as our acquired skills would be complementary.Going back now is just inviting frustration upon ourselves.

Comments are closed.

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