Govt’s increase on mine tax hailed


A Mopani Copper Mine Senior Engineer, Humphrey Kabwe, has joined in commending government for introducing a new fiscal and regulatory policy over mines.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka from Mufulira, Sunday, Mr. Kabwe said that he is in support of government’s decision to revise the tax on mines in Zambia.

Mr. Kabwe said there was no way he, as an individual, could continue paying slightly less tax than the mines which he said make a lot of profits daily.

He said he would be much happier if government considered increasing tax on mines further compared to its recent increase.

“There is no way I, as an individual miner, could be paying almost the same tax as my employer. I am glad that this would now change,” he said.

Most mines in Zambia are in private hands and have continued to enjoy less taxation, a concern that has attracted a number of concerns by the general public.

President Mwanawasa in his inaugural speech last Friday, disclosed thatgovernment has put in place new measures that would entail mining companies to pay more mineral royalties and company tax.

A number of technocrats, diplomats and unionists have all said that the decision was good as it would help speed up development in the country.


  1. the increase is long over due just like lubinda said that govt was asked in parliament to revise the same in 2005,but our govt chose to put up an investigation committee which has taken 2 yrs to report back to mwanawasa….the increase which is hopefully bringing in 400 million us dollars should make stingy magande reduce pay as you earn for workers…morever the govt should use the revenue to improve sanitation,health and is shameful for govt to boast of a positive variance of 900

  2. billion kwacha which it has since returned to treasury when we have disaster of the flood, bridges washed away people displaced,including the mazyopa tragedy.even refugees in zambia are taken good care of….we want to see monies allocated for drainage systems in is shameful to see flooded roads in town let alone our residences.

  3. Good report, but for our financial managers of the national treasury! More cash for more financial scandals? More cash for more pilfering?

    Lets wait and see who we put into power or how it goes?
    Viva Economic Manager Viva Financial controller!

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