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Government modifies anti corruption fight

General News Government modifies anti corruption fight

Information and broadcasting minister Ronnie Shikapwasha
Information and broadcasting minister Ronnie Shikapwasha
Government has adopted the first ever comprehensive

national anti corruption policy which will provide a frame work for developing ways of preventing and combating corruption in a sustainable manner in the country.

Chief government spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha said the policy will provide for the development and implementation of mechanisms that will enhance transparency and accountability in the execution of public activities.

Lieutenant General Shikapwasha said the policy is also aimed at realizing the vision of government and the people of Zambia to have a corruption free society, which will enhance accessibility to cost effective public services, thereby promoting “zero tolerance to corruption” vision.

Gen. Shikapwasha further stated that the policy will be implemented over a period of five years, which will require concerted efforts and commitment of every Zambian at every level.

He said that under the policy, corruption prevention will also be mainstreamed in the routine business of government agencies and the private sector.

The minister noted that government will ensure that the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are put in place and are committed to finding the implementation of the policy from both internal and external sources.

Gen. Shikapwasha stressed that every government agency is expected to institute an integrity committee, which will be responsible for the internal corruption prevention which will ensure that individual organizations are responsible for corruption prevention.

He noted that the guiding principles for the anti corruption policy, will be constitutionalism and rule of law, leadership to fight against corruption.

He said the policy has since put in place appropriate legal and institutional frame works, among which should be legislation and measures to protect whistle blowers from victimization for exposing corrupt practices.



  1. The fight against corruption starts from ones heart. If you tell lies through out the day no matter what technics you use you never be able to resist temptation and this leads to corruption. Employing relatives assisting oneself to allawances/loans is the start of corruption. No activity is too small not be called corruption. Accepting what ever the Head of State says even when you know its not true is a SIN of OMISSION which is also corruption. Dont make laws for others only.

  2. The more Ronnie talks about corruption the impression given to the public is that they have lost the battle. Certain moves should not be made public until you catch some culprits. In this way you can present the model with some good examples. Otherwise its just talk and no action.

  3. Almost every Zambian site is Shikapwasha (LT, Zamnet, Times of Zambia, dairy mail even Watchdog). Is it Guilt conscious? Give us results for the good things you have done for the Zambian citizen for the past five months.Don’t ukubwata bwata fye.

  4. That before trying a very senior person, GRZ will be making recommendations weather the case be tried by the courts or in the offices for GRZ [-x

  5. This is pure rhetoric. The man has no clue what constitutes corruption prevention. What will setting up committees prevent? Why can’t he stress transparent resource utilisation and accountability? Or Transparent ways of awarding tenders and vetting dubious contractors? This govt has no clue about any serious business.

  6. Every year without fail the Auditor General reports misappropriation (theft) of public funds and the government response is to budget more funds for “capacity building” seminars. No action is taken against the culprits so how are we going to curb corruption and misuse of public funds? Iam sure there will be endless seminars to discuss this “policy” on corruption !

    • I agree. This policy is another talk shop. Michael Mabenga abused CDF, yet he is still MMD chairman. The DEC, ACC and other investigative agencies have had clear policies to curb corruption, but on the contrary corruption is on the increase. The electoral code of conduct continues to be flouted during elections. Unless there is political will, the fight against corruption is an exercise in futility.

  7. Where are these guidelines? Why not publicize them so that all citizens are aware what is going on? Why keep these guidelines to themselves? Who is going to enforce these secret guidelines? What is the penalty for anyone violeting these guidelines? How can one follow secret guidelines?

    It is clear to me that these guidelines are aimed at shielding corrupt practices from the public! It is also clear to me that any government cannot claim to be democratic while busy working on important issues in secret!

  8. Schools with no desks hospitals without medicines prisons too full and no food the list is endless is this not corruption, Start from cleaning this mess then move to other pressing needs.

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