Government says it recognizes Social Cash transfers as a key intervention to address hunger and poverty in the social protection strategy and in the Fifth National Development Plan.

Kazungula District Commissioner, Fred Siasuntwe, said since the introduction of the social cash transfer pilots, the scheme has rapidly gained support and proven to be a highly effective response to the chronic poverty, food insecurity, vulnerability and risks.

Mr. Siasuntwe said this when he officiated at Kazungula District Social Cash Transfer stakeholders’ meeting held at Fair Mount Hotel in Livingstone today.

He disclosed that Kazungula district now has a total of 735 households benefiting from the scheme.

Mr. Siasuntwe said there are 361 households benefiting from the scheme in Chief Nyawa’s area, 141 from Chief Musokotwane’s area, 83 from Chief Mukuni’s area 63 from Chief Moomba and 87 from Chief Sekute’s area.

He said funding has been provided by government and a group of cooperating partners that include DFID, GTZ, IRISH AID, UNICEF and CARE International.

The Social Cash Transfer Schemes were initiated by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services in 2003 as part of the Ministry’s programming to protect and promote the livelihoods and welfare of people suffering from extreme levels of poverty and deprivation.

Social Cash Transfer Schemes are currently operational in five districts in two provinces namely Monze, Kalomo and Kazungula in Southern Province and Chipata and Katete in Eastern Province.

Earlier, Provincial Social Welfare Officer Morris Moono, said the workshop would provide an opportunity for other stakeholders to understand and support the implementation and scaling up of the social cash transfers to national programming.

Mr. Moono thanked Care International for the support it rendered towards the workshop.


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  1. Aren’t these just tiny drops into the ocean? How much do these households of at least seven or more dependants get to bring them through these tough times?



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