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Smoke Free Lusaka drive launched

Health Feature Health Smoke Free Lusaka drive launched

Dr. Fastone Goma of UNZA displays a placard on the effects of smoking during the launch of the smoke free Lusaka campaign while Dr. Lambert looks on.
Dr. Fastone Goma of UNZA displays a placard on the effects of smoking during the launch of the smoke free Lusaka campaign while Dr. Lambert looks on.
Vice President George Kunda has called for the effective

enforcement of the Law against smoking in public.

Mr. Kunda says the enforcement of the Law against smoking public will help to protect the public from the harm caused by exposure to tobacco smoking.

The Vice President said this in a statement read on his behalf by Health Deputy Minister Mwendoi Akakandelwa during the official launch of the Smoke Free Lusaka Campaign programme.

Mr. Kunda said government is concerned with the devastating effects of tobacco smoking adding that the recent studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that more than six million people were dying annually from the tobacco related diseases.

He further said that government was losing a lot of revenue in addressing the various effects of tobacco related diseases.

He said government would always endeavor to ensure that the Zambian people were protected from the dangers of tobacco by putting in place remedial measures aimed at mitigating the effects of tobacco.

Mr. Kunda has since called for a sensitization programme of communities on the dangers of tobacco smoking with a view to addressing the various effects associated with tobacco use and smoking in the country.

Tobacco Control Group Chairperson Faston Goma urged government to double-up efforts aimed at enforcing the Law against smoking.

Dr Goma said there is an urgent need for government to devise an effective mechanism that will help protect the present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke.

He said this can only be attained by providing an effective framework for tobacco control measure to be implemented by the concerned parties with a view to reducing the continuous and substantial use of tobacco and smoke in the country.


  1. Thanks for the initiative …Infact I just read some interesting consumer behaviour insight research report that said the anti smoking awareness actually make smokers have a repulsive reaction, this reaction initiates a craving such that even though you read SMOKING KILLS ..you just wanna smoke …more and more……

  2. Nkuka look at the picture again. Awe mwandi kwati ine apaso nimushita fwaka. Bloggers, I will see you later. Got to go and get a fag! lol!

  3. That is nosense, why not deal with Booz, its a major cause raod traffic accidents, broken homes. Tobacco is being banned when its supposed to a cash spinner like in Malwai and Zimbabwe. Fastone Ngoma must be a crazt chap. Smokers contribute a deal to our state coffers. By the way those Chines made hammers(Katenag Malilo) are they not part of the Mobile Hospitals Concept. Its nice to die in Zambia, your a given VIP transport but when you are sick there no medicines and other support facilities in our hospitals. 100 X US$29,000 =US$2,900,000 in total. What about the cost of fuel & maintenance. It would have amde sense if GRZ gave priority to procuring fire tenders. Or its another campaign gimmick by MMD. Teta how many Chinese Hammers will be allocated to Solwezi District Mobile Hospital.

  4. As a smoker( (not proud of it and smoke very far away from non smokers unless they are comfortable with it) when I got to Lusaka in November last year I was told not to smoke in Public, but, I can drink alcohol in Public. Wow, now that is something that is quit the opposite in South Africa.

  5. CONTINUED We are yet to see more drama, Turn those Chinese Hammers into ambulances and ditribute them to districts. For my friends at St. Annes etc their business has been dealt a big blow. We shall be delivered in hammers to our final resting places. The next thing we are going to hear will mobile morturies to accompany mobile hospitals. That money would have made sense if was channed to Zambia Flying Doctor Services. It reached many remote areas of Zambia to evacuate the sick. At the moment the flying Doctor has many of its planes grounded due to lack of spares. We never learn, the Chinese made vehicles and equipment are not very durable. A check around land clearing units countrywide, the equipment given to ZNS is grounded. Its a matter of time. You will prove me right one day Amen.

  6. # 12 muwelewele kwena tamumfwa ati next it will be mobile mortuaries ikaba shani iyo, naseka sana mwee

  7. Smoking cigarettes is the most useless, filthy and hazardous way of spending your money. At least when you drink a beer, you feel energized…especially Hefe Weizen.

  8. too much stress pa zed!! njala,ukawalala,politiking,name them just forces smokers to justify themselves.
    lekani bakhwebenge fwaka bantu. yu’re suppose advance such campains after yu put up public smoking rooms or chambers whatever yu call them.
    * pa zed what we need as a matter of urgency is enforce laws on drunken driving which has claimed thousands of innocent lives.
    moba pa zed ndipo pali masuzgo,fwaka is not even a big issue when copared with some counties i have been to.

  9. This is a good idea, thay are not stopping any body from smoking, but not to smoke in public places, this is good. 50% of cancers are a result of second hand smoking.

  10. Smoking in public has to be banned really. It affect non smokers and its harm to human life. I support the move of the launch of smoke free lusaka.

  11. Banning smoking in public places is not a bad idea but there are other important issues the govt could do to save lives of innocent Zambians such as police getting tough with car drivers who are driving whilst drinking heavy kachasu and mosi,these culprits has taken the lives of thousands of Zambians since independence,i grew up in Lusaka before our independence in 1964 &as a young boy riding a bycycle on the Lusaka roads and once i was caught by the than the muzungu police officer for riding with out my lights and was punished on the spot,the officer removed the valve from my tyres and took away my pump & i had to walk home with my these days you see police vehicles being driven with out lights,whilst people starve in rural areas recently govt officials stole K10billons from health

  12. Its not a bad idea to ban smoking in public places but there are many important issues the govt sholud address,1st thing they should do is to stop drivers who drives freely whilst drunk with kachasu &mosi,these drivers kills hundreds of innocent Zambians each month yet the police fails to bring them to courts,being brought up in Lusaka during fedral time i was once stopped by a musungu police officer for riding bike without lights,i had my valve removed from my tyres &pump taken away,i had to walk home with my bike but today you see police vehicle are driven without lights,what is the police dept doing about it? secondley we read in the post daily how the ministry officials are stealing money daily from their ministries such as K10billion stolen from health dept whilst many are starving

  13. Those chinese are just a misplacement of resources as usual. There are many priorities that deserve to be attended to other than those things. This govt doesn’t just know what important things to do. I wonder who initiated that idea. Drinking should also be banned in public place. Twakula pepela kwisa ngatwasa ku bond zoona? The councils should start building smoking shelters for us so that whoever does not smoke is not affected. Why should they segregate, we have the right to smoke. Yashani kanshi mambala imwe?

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