The Weekend in Pictures



A young girl carries a local fruit in Milanzi


Victims of teenage pregnaqncies for a photograph at Chinzili village


Headman Nyanga in Senior Chief Mweemba area in Sinazongwe district lost all his crops through floods that affected Sinazongwe district.


Community health workers demonstrating how a mosquito net is supposed to be spread when sleeping during the World Malaria day at Sinazeze Township in Sinazongwe district.


Nkanddabwe Men preparing a meal after working on their small scale coal mining in Sinazongwe district.


Nkanddabwe ward Councilor Patson Mangunje explaining how the weir dam and the canal for Nkanddabwe irrigation Scheme were destroyed during the floods that affected Sinazongwe district.


One of the damaged culverts along the Bottom road in Siampondo area in Sinazongwe district.


Sinankumbi villagers happy and dancing during the Video show mounted by the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) which brought the old memory of Cinema in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s reign.


Sinankumbi villagers dancing during the Video show mounted by the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) which brought the old memory of Cinema in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s reign.


Sinankumbi villagers happy and dancing during the Video show mounted by the Zambia News and Information Service (ZANIS) which brought the old memory of Cinema in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s reign.


The gathering that attended the World malaria day at Sinazeze Township on Sunday.


Women and children waiting to be attended to by only one Nurse at Siameja Clinic in Sinazongwe district.


The Temporal bridge that Collapsed at Mweezhya along Maamba-Batoka road in Sinazongwe district when a truck carrying coal passed on it barely before a month when it was worked on by the Road Development Agency


Supporters raise the MMD symbol during a rally in Milanzi


St John parish priest Lazarous Nyirenda preaching


Some village boys pose for a photograph in Milanzi
Some village boys pose for a photograph in Milanzi


Some village boys about to buy opaque beer from a delivery van


Some residents of Katete wait for medical services at a clinic in Katete


some girls cover their faces before perforning a dance called Visuzyo


Sata Campaigning for the PF Candidate
Sata Campaigning for the PF Candidate

Sata Campaigning for the PF Candidate


Rural catholic women dance at St John parish in Milanzi
Rural catholic women dance at St John parish in Milanzi


PF leader Michael Sata campaigning during mass at St John catholic church

Mr Sata and former Kapoche MP Charles Banda campaigning during mass at St John catholic church parish in Milanzi


Cyclists wait for customers in Katete


Congregants leave church at St John after celebrating mass in Milanzi


An unidentified man surveys the audience through his sum glasses during a political meeting in Milanzi


A young girl walks about at Chimwa village in Milanzi


A woman leads other singers during a public meeting in Milanzi


A woman gets a ride on the bicycle in Katete


A trucker using the Katete-Mozambique to ferry goods outside Zambia


A peasant farmer cycling to te market to sell his vegetables in Katete


A old man pays attention to speeches during a public meeting in Milanzi


A Nyau dancer prepares for a dance


A Nyau dancer in action


A man takes his child for under fve clinic in Katete


A boy selling boiled eggs in Katete to raise money for his school fees


  1. before some of you RB haters start comparing the pictures to were you live out side Zambia and noticing a gap in development, remeber Zambia is still a developing country and RB has been presido for only 3 yrs. also note none of my pipo seen here are straving and they indeed look happy.
    God bless This beautifull country of ours.

  2. milanzi pictures only, where is mufumbwe? would like to see those punches and how kabonde was about to be sorted by cadres. Nice pictures LT

  3. which brought the old memory of Cinema in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s reign- which old memory are you talking about?those are kids dancing under 15 do they remember KK, wen they were not there wen KK was in power?.ba lt please write things that will make sense

  4. pic 34 has by far impressed me the most
    Good to see a responsibe man in the village where lots of men think looking after children is a sole preserve for women.

  5. This is revealing, but why dont we have pics from Mufumbwe campaigns?
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the

  6. Now who did that lousy job of a bridge in pic#13? Get his [email protected]# back there immediately to fix the bridge at no extra cost. Lock him up if he can’t. This is chewing our money for nothing. Daylight robbery!

  7. Kwena nangu ku bulwa ifi kope ba LT! You’ve put up more than enough, over 30! So was there really any point for picture number 25? Ichi linso mu ma gogo, elyo nayo iya one side! C’mon naimwe! Mule bako serious mu nshita shimo shimo (tu la ponenwa na ma sanso… Kuti limbi umunthu wenu na fwa, nangula….) Sorry, I coulldn’t resist! I remember this kama signature message pa radio mu chibemba just before they start announcing funerals and missing persons. I wonder if they still say it…:-?

  8. picture 1,Chitunguza (granted scientifically it is a fruit) is actually a vegetable in day to day language. So pa z a cucumber is a ‘fruit’ not a vegetable, is that right?

  9. Lsktimes can you move the watermark to the side of the pictures instead of putting the blue watermark in the middle of the picture

  10. the pictures clearly shows you the development that MMD has brought to Zambia and the people of Milanzi. ViVa FTJ for promoting povert in Zambia. Steal to bring development.

  11. A Bridge collapsing barely a month old.Where are the Engineers:-??:-??:-?? That is unacceptable considering the amount involved when mounting that Bridge

  12. Very touchy pictures especially where it comes to the children.God will provide for them,they all have different destines just want to say i was once like them.makes me sad and stop complainig. %%-

  13. Pic#1 the girl is carrying chitunguza or chipwhete.. very tasty fruit..

    so many pics ba L.T.too much to browse… little time…:)>-

  14. No wonder the Auditor General’s report has highlighted rampant corruption and abuse of resources in the Road Development Agency.

    Otherwise, how would any sane administrator justify expenditure for such type of shoddy work. And if that is not the case, do the Zambian roads and bridges have the maximum load that can be transported by such trucks.

    I fail to imagine what would have happened if this was a bus laden with 80-90 passangers and the panic that would have created. The country would have definately lost lives on this very avoidable scenario.

  15. Ba LT try to be professional, try to edit your work especially or should i say expeciary the photo comments,ne chisungu can say” a old man” you are fond of making very silly mistakes, i suspect those that write for LT write as though they are using texting msges abbreviations.

  16. #34 and 35 -Man and boy with vision. Man on a bike selling vegetables reminds me of …. Lepu! lepu! lepu na tomato!

  17. Pic #16, “Some village boys pose for a photograph in Milanzi”

    It’s unfortunate that they will never get to see their own photograph. [-(

  18. Pic #2 ati victims of teenage preganacies. They are not victims.They willingly opened their legs and got what they wanted

  19. # 28 couldn’t agree any more with you. The Army uses old bailey bridges when called upon to help yet we dont see such nonsense as a bailey collapsing. It’s about time we got serious in this country. Punish 1 or 2 people and the rest will learn a lesson.
    For a long time I have not supported those who have been suspicious of LT being MMD cohorts but now Iam begininng to wonder how they got photos for Sata campaigning in church. The photos are from the story carried by Times. Does it mean the public media supplies stories and photos to LT or LT is a branch GRZ?….

  20. hey LT, please show us some pictures of Lusaka and the coppperbelt, we’re tired of watching villagers in Mlianzi.

  21. Pic #31 I don’t have be to a fortune teller….The face tells the whole story….:o:o:o Inshiku shalingeye umwana nanina., baali abantu abaaaa…:o:o:o

  22. That surely explains the level of poverty in our nation. Most politicians are busy stealling CDF meant to upgrade the livelyhood of our people. Can’t imagine driving a vehicle bought from from such funds while saying to my self that had not been for “deal” I would have been dring this posh. No different from property “grabber”

  23. Excellent choice of pictures LT…a good mix too. I have always thought of the ‘object’ (Chitunguza) shown in picture #1 as a vegetable and used to eat it as such in years gone by…Is it also a fruit. If it is a fruit, can we also call a cucumber as a fruit seeing they are in mor or less the same genre?


  25. 😮 Mostly sad pictures. Faces of poverty, desperation couple with deep hopelessness from both the young and old:(

  26. Maestro, when did you go to Zed? The Flag! I see you are still hot on politics. Can hardly wait for the 2011 updates.

  27. I agree with comment 3…great variety and heartbreaking. But it will get better. Picture 34 gives us hope. That guy still has hope for his kid, that that kid will live a better life than he has. We have hope for Zambia. We have hope for the boy in Picture 35. It will get better!

  28. I like pic #1. That fruit we used to call Vitunguzi. Sweet & sour if I remember the taste. Put this in your fried pork or beef, add to that chillis and nshima, you have a specific Zambian meal!!! Mniam!

  29. **==
    Hiya, My recent visit to my beloved country Zambia was educational and used it as a fact finding mission for me as I plan my return . Few things I found out after a 7 year absence: The roads, what has gone wrong, am sure every one pays the fuel levy & road tax,The new yellow foot bridge on Great East Road, What exactly is that? , the new foot bridge on kafue road – interested to see that completed, the scaffolding is very suspect not with cars & trucks doing the speeds they do. One night out in lusaka, I decided to wear the Scottish national dress , The Kilt. I decided not to visit the main hotels and tried other places were I was shocked to be told I could not be allowed in because I was wearing a SKIRT. I wear my Zambian outfits around Edinburgh Scotland without ristrictions- shock

  30. corruption, corruption, corruption

    Do you know how much money radiographers are making in the x-ray depts. this is money ment for govt coffers but ends up in their pockets. My experince during my recent visit was at KCH in Kitwe one x-ray costs ZKw 30,000 , the request was for 2 x-rays and the chaps running the dept called to on side and requested for half to get 2 x-rays done and that K30,000 was for him and the radiographer. my qestion is , how much money is not being declared as i counted about fifty patients on the day waiting for x-rays to done. I take it half of that went in his pocket , now that by 52 weeks, no wonder we dont have roads , meds, inks for the x-rays lack of maintenance and that is just a tip of the iceberg— What ever happened to Zambia in the Sun.. politics

  31. Not all is negative, Zambia has some very hard working citizens and govt needs to acknowledge and appreciate not by stealling from the same poeple come on !!! We can entirely eradicate corruption but please we at least be seen doing something about it. politicians and *****s in power have ravaged and still at it and it pains to see hard working Zambians suffering because who ever you put in power tend to cross over to the evil side and you turn out to be the chap on the BBQ with a spike up your butt and an apple stuffed in your mouth to shut you up. if one’s guilty , lock them up not give them diplomatic passports. corruption corruption, mother zambia when are we going to learn. its unbearable, look at our parents it pains me, it hurts. zambia is young but looks old and frail… please

  32. Pix 20 – 22. Sata you have done a great job in the opposition. Its time for you to sit yourself down, son, and have a word with yourself. Isn’t time to call time on your political career……?

  33. i know quite a few zambians in america and if they took what they spend on beer, gadgets, make up and clothes for just a few months and pooled it together they could do something postive to help this situation in their home country. expats of zambia need to do somethign to help the country that raised them, instead of blaming the usless politicans that are there. it really does not take a lot of money to send school books, medical supplies, a water pump, clothes, build a bore hole….get off your asses folks and do soemthign to help your brothers and sisters, and quit pretending to be above it all. put down the beer mugs, roll up your sleeves and do something.

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