Monday, June 17, 2024

Fedelis Mando takes his life.


Former Information and Broadcasting deputy minister Fedelis Mando has died.
According to the information obtained by QFM Mr. Mando committed suicide in unknown circumstances.

The late deputy minister’s unfortunate death happened in United Kingdom

More details will follow.


  1. Sad News indeed…my condolences to his widow & family. He once gave a brief speech at a meeting organized by the Zambian Overseas Christian Fellowship to commemorate Independence day celebrations in Milton Keynes-UK.

  2. am sure MMD has something to do with this also. lets wait and see. but anyway he shouldn’t have done it even if it meant being HIV. no what happens to the family in his absence? RIP

  3. The Bible says, “He who takes his own life is cursed for ever!! There is no resting in peace,sorry!!

  4. #5 Please dont tempt people to sin on Sunday- you son of the Dog. What has MMD got to do with Hon Mando s death. Hon Mando was last in Politics as MP for Luangwa and Deputy Minister of Information under President FTJ in 2000, so what the hell are you talking about. Learn to be serious about your comments.
    Sad though that Mando s life could end like that. What a good fellow and indeed hundsome guy too bad.
    This is also a big lesson for some of you in the Diaspora who down on your own Country Zambia and think that life will be foreve like that out there. Time will come when you will need to come down here but hey you will have enjoyed so much out there that you will be too ashamed to return with nothing and no investment back home.
    Just been looking at his Pic way back in 1999, too bad.

  5. iwe chi #9 mind yo language atase!! hu da hell du recon u,a? MMD is a killer y u defendin it?? a,u on MMD pay roll?? motherfuker!!

  6. #9 are you related with the president? you seem to share the lack of manners and inability to use apropriate should be ashamed,the person you insulted didnt insult anyone but shared his thought,you just proved that MMD is full of tupondo..:(

  7. The one thing that you can be certain of is your death so get off the high horse and stop thinking that you are smarter just ’cause you are alive today. Sorry to rain on your parade but yours is coming too!

  8. No 9, mind your laguage and try to think before you say anything, especially on an issue like this.When will Zambians learn to torn there tongs. :((?

  9. #9 you are so dull. you don’t even know where u are. how do u insult pipo in diaspora when u are also there.

  10. #6 Mulenga— Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Can yo tell us where this wonderful quotation is in the Bible?

  11. #9 You are called mukwerekwere day in day out, and you still have the courage to insult Zambians in the diaspora. Do you think South Africa is your home? ******we!

  12. #9, take a look in the mirror before you start shooting your mouth off! It’s not like you’re in Zambia yourself! A man has died, and nobody here right now, knows the exact circumstances. What has ‘investments’ got to do with it? Invest or not, in Zambia or not, healthy or sick, rich or poor, the day of reckoning shall surely come for all of us. I didn’t know Fidelis personally, but may he rest easy and may God give strength to his loved ones whom he has left behind.

  13. aparently he bought petrol and set himself on fire in his car while his wife was at work in milton keynes.sad as it is…he didnt leave any note and no one exactly knows what led to this but what we know him as is that he became a very stressed and unhappy man.Things had not been going according to what he hoped the UK would provide.He was working in a care home,working shifts like his wife.I can sympathise a bit with some,only some of #9…i live not very far from milton keynes where Hon Mando family lives.Zamians in the diaspora should openly talk about the struggls they undergo ad not give a false impression to our families back home that all is well and rosy here in the UK.Zambian communities here in UK should equally provide approachable forums ad we shud remain close.MHSRIP

  14. oh shame, l knew his wife when they used to live in Zambia and he was minister…MHSRIP….No. 9 you have issues my brother…!!!

  15. # 9, the response to your looney tunes from most bloggers – myself included – shows that you have no manners – not even bad ones. You have had your fair share of shame as a patron of all liars.

  16. the mandos have been our family friends for a long times, my dad and Fidelis’s dad were great friends way back in Luanshya, we were only kids then, my friends were jane and elizabeth Mando. who were fidelis’s sisters we used to go ku church ku katolika ku St anthony together, I wander where they are now. May his soul rest in peace. please do not be judgemental, let God be the jugde. my heart goes to the family. may the find strength in the lord

  17. In view of many reactions to my comments on #9 I wish to un reservedly appologise to my fellow Zambian #5 and all those who have advise both in the Negative & positive. I shaply reacted to #5 because I thought we need to once in a while detouch politics and stick to the subject at hand. How has MMD come in to this topic?? I m in no way justifying my comments- So sorry.

  18. I knew Fidelis too, sad state of affairs. As some have said, life abroad can be tough, one needs to open up to others and get the support necessary. Being in a good Christian community can help somewhat, apart from being close to other Zedians. Condolences to the family!@};-@};-@};-

  19. # 26 even if it is Politics, you do not need to use bad words. After of all, no one is born or calls politics mother, father or what- no one is related to politics, we can say anything about politics, but no need to insult please- we are zambians and Human Beings. Apology accepted

  20. Mhsrip in peace. If a former minister can work in a nursing home,then being abroad is bad. Heaven help us, beta to sufa in zambia

  21. Nobody said life was easy in the UK in particular or the Diaspora in general, but it is neither easy in Zambia if you are not a thief. You need to be Dr Simon Miti or Henry Kapoko to live well. Otherwise, you live in Kanyama using pit-latrines, buying nyama from Freedom Avenue and drinking tujilijili or utupenya mushi as one of my brothers calls them..

  22. Very sad news indeed, MHSRIP. Pipo commit suicide everywhere including Zambia, not only here in UK. l live in London and l know how hard life is here, we are completely shut out socially despite living in a developed land…its work, home, work and the cycle continues. And most Zambians here are not helpful… full of ‘bring him/her down’ mentality and gossiping no wonder if you have a problem you can’t open up to fellow Zambians.

  23. I live in Luton where late Mando was living with family. As #21 has said the cause of his death is difficult to explain though he acted abit weird last week. He said bye to his kids but they didnt realise what he was upto until they got a call from the police from the police that he had died in a car. True, he bought a gallon of unleaded petrol and set himself alight.

    I personally am sadened becoz he was going through alot of pyscological pain; work in care homes, less money, healthy issues and latest was the embezzlement of British public funds meant for helping asylum seekers through his agency. There were so many issues at play. But my advice to zedians here and other parts of the world is that whilst its not easy to live abroad, lets live within our means. Inkongole shafulisha bane

  24. Lets no borrow toi sustain a life style that is not ours. Sum zedian ***** bought a Chrysler just to please musungu gal friend yet he doesnt have a house of his own. Pint ni every day. Thats the sort of zedians i see in UK and am sure its the same story in other areas. This life style always creates stress when debt collectors start visiting you for non payment of loans. MHSRIP.

  25. Well sad ba Fidekis has died such a death.Could have happened even in Zambia as things are equally hard pa Zed.Remember the former KK minidters?Nursing Home or Taxi Driver whatever nchito ni nchito and nobody sleeps hungry in UK with the minimum wage,boza.Should have hard other problems,marital,financial?not to rule out muder ?If you come to UK with your ministerial position or status yes you will end up like Mbesuma.Their is a lot of adjusting to be done before you can stabilise menial jobs part of the game to get there for some.MHSRIP

  26. # 33, very true, we turn to compete than help each other, i lived in london for 2yrs, most of our friends where from west indies, zambians just want to show bling bling and live in one rooms where they cant even tell you where they live but will give you an impresion they are naighbours with Gordon brown, lets learn to support each other,i knew afew west africans and its amazing how they help each other,they will job hunt and help each other in everyway possible but zambians are busy finding faults and making fun of each other.its sad indeed.

  27. This is a sad story and its something that should remind us as Zambians that we need to be together and share our concerns. If you are a Zambian living in the UK and this guy could not trust or share w his concern with you, makes -me – wonder if the man had friends or not. Let us be close to each other for the sake of Christ. People should be in position to trust each other- I am sure he had friends , he must have shared this matter with them, apart from the wife . Let change our ChArAcTer for the betterment of our society in diaspora. People are scared are to share with you of their struggle of of your big mouth…let us change for the better and avoid another story like this.

  28. Apparently he set himself alight in a car at a deserted car park of a shopping mall in the U.K. That’s according to CCTV that recorded his movements.

  29. You People Mst Think About Your Comments Its Nt Easy For Someone To Take His Life But You Should Also Think About His Family How Sad They Are. You Should Also Be Ashamed Of Yourselves.**==

  30. ..Pipo it’s ok to have different opinions,but lets respect each other.A man has lost his life..a family left without a father…May the good Lord look over the widow and the children.

  31. Ma ma ma ma ma yalikosa pa western world mudala. Here the game lies in your hands and if you are not capable to utilize those hands, I am very sorry life will be very difficult. The goodness here is that even a white person is in the same boat going through the same he’ll and storm. The environment is equal opportunity just need to know how to play the game.anyway MHSRIP but it was suicide too bad.

  32. That is being a fuccked up niga.why set yourself in fire just run away from the family.and you expect us to feel sad. Coward for running away from challenges. We all have problems nga ninebo even worse. They range from fines bills etc but this is the kind of life here in diaspora. I mean western world which not include Russia. Ba mumbwe

  33. I have read this story with saddness and although I am in Zambia I am constantly in the UK and I share the same feeling expressed by a lot of you on thos blog. There is need for us Zambians whereever we are to be united more so when we are living in a abroad. I must say Zambians livining abroad are admired by everone back home but what is more important is unity where ever we are. It can start now. If everyone on this blog is serious with uniting why not share email addresses and telephone numbers and you can start forming a community. I know there are various other communities in the UK and elsewhere but you can still do it. I am in Zambia but I share the pain that alot of people are going through having lived in the UK during the time I was at school there.

  34. Whereever you go abroad or in zambia there will be those who will make it and those who will not.Fortunately with lawlessness in Zambia,the thrift;corrupt make it.The opposite is true in UK the downfall of the thrift is quicker as the system just closes in on you and incapasitates you.Thus one big adjustment,kulibe inchekeleko,the hard working law abiding and those with genuine initiative succeed in UK.Having 20 credit cards etc catches up your credit score drobs and no more access to funds if you don’t pay etc.The demise of Fidelise is excruciating MHSRIP,good its bringing an awareness of what life should be in Diaspora.Condolences to family.

  35. #32, what you’re saying is not true. I live in Zambia and doing quite well, so are many of my colleagues. We are all building our second or third houses in the chalalas of lusaka. And no, we are not stealing. There is money here if you are in the right profession. Ever heard of donor funded ngo…we are talking big ones baby. Even fluffy my dog is happy!:*

  36. #48, I wouldn’t want to live in Chalala with no roads, dodgy security and no services to talk of! I would rather work in the diaspora, make good money and buy an apartment on the standard of millenium village or the like.

  37. I live in Zambia and I love it. Had my stint in the diaspora and to tell you the truth #49, i would rather be here. The road issue is ture, but communities aren’t just sitting back waiting anymore;we are mobilizing ourselves, putting funds together and changing stuff. Security is managable and not as bad as you might think. Millenium village standard… you need to come and see what folks are setting up here. Sad for Mando and family. I know ‘home’ seems like planets away during this time. Been there.:(

  38. #50 – Nachale you are very right. People in diaspora suffer and I mean suffering mentally, financially and socially. You can’t even go and have a cold bear freely in a bar or have a good laugh with friends or have nice time with your family. Always people (zambians) are busy in nursing home trying to earning something to meet the challenges of life there. So myself after getting my PhD next month I will go home (in zambia) and continue with my investments from the little money I have saved here in UK. Stay well those of you who will remain in UK. Mukalailishanya fye nokuchula ifyo fine.

  39. Nachale , you should even be ashamed to say Donor funding as that is the tax we are paying and most of these NGO just misuse money, i worked for one and i know about the workshops and allowances they comeup with to steal money in a clean way..people even fight over going to workshops.out of the 20 working days ,you will find out that people only spend 7-12 days a month in the office, the rest is this or that workshop. yet people in the diaspora work hard pay high taxes part of which comes to zambia as donor fund. actually if you have worked in the west you know exactly how tough it is and you should be ashamed. its this same mentality that holds our country behind. sorry to say you are just the lighter weight of KAPOKO.

  40. #26. Mwatayanzu
    It takes a man to apologise in the face of criticism. I congratulate you for your boldness..

  41. #50 this has caused the nordic countries to start discusions as to weather it worth it to continue to invest donor money which their masses work hard for. they are saying africans are not diffrerent but need to take responsibilty for their economis. they also have to repair their own economies after this crisis.

  42. Sad news indeed.If only people can look at the ones who would survive them before taking there own lives.One thing I am forever sure of is the devine protection I get from God when I am faced with the impossible.Nothing is too hard for the Lord.His ways are higher than man’s way.He has said He will never leave you forsaken.Let God be true.
    Happiness is a choice not a feeling.You can be happy in Matero and depressed in London.You can be happy eating crumbs and miserable at being served smoked salmon.There is no geographical place of happiness it is just the ‘garment’ you decide to wear on that day.
    I would urge everyone who is at their wits end to lift up their eyes to the Lord.Don’t rely on your neighbour or fellow Zambian but look up to the Lord.They have their own issues too.God…

  43. we can learn a lot from this story and use it as means to change our social interactions. Its very hard to find free time in diaspora to visit fellow Zedians because every1 is busy at work and bills are weekly.
    We need to share information on how to overcome financial pressure and stress in western nations because its different to what we go thru back home. We also need to share work skills, we cannot just stick to nursing homes and think we have arrived. Our ambitions should be bigger and better than that, here in Australians we have equal opportunities and I am a Journalist from Evelyn Hone and I drive trucks and just about any earth moving machines and I work for the government and I hold a position next to the manager in a huge government company. Yes life in diaspora is tough

  44. My deepest condolences to the family. Surely why do some of our ministers decide to go and live in diaspora? I bet its harder for them after living a life where everything was almost a phone call away, then to omove in diaspora where almost nobody cares about you. However, when people make such decisions, you have to be fully informed or if you don’t like it change the plan and move back before its too late. Its OKAY to go back home.
    Anyway #49, its okay to live in Chalala than live in diaspora with no legal documents or eventually from student to illegal. It depends also what you are doing in diaspora, if you are doing useless jobs you never dreamed of doing then its better to be in chala, where you will be respected and have a good job ACCORDING to your education not coz u of ur…

  45. stay. Why do shoddy jobs just because you want to stay in a lavish life which you can barely enjoy yourself in diaspora? These are some of the things that are killing Zambians in diaspora, lack of pride. Why would i have lets say ACCA in diaspora and yet working as a labourer. However some people are making it in diaspora and well integrated because they have legal documents, they have the ability to choose jobs and yeah they are okay. Don’t be fooled Zambians, if you are having it tough in diaspora .. GO HOME, ITS OKAY!! Peace out!!

  46. I, too, salute #26 (initially #9), for having the guts to come back and apologize. =d> A lesser person would have just changed his/her name and kept quiet. We all say things in the heat of the moment, which upon reflection, may have put in a better context.

  47. Very sad indeed FTJ should have chipped in and helped him out as he was always on his side when he was deputy minister.Its a shame really MHSRIP

  48. Abena Zambia mula concluda!!! busy speculating, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You do not have facts of why he took his life.Condolences to the family would suffice than coming up with far fetched ridculous speculations about why he took his life. What kinds of hearts do you people have?

  49. I wonder what type of problems can drive a grown adult to set himself ablaze. eish man! the pain of being burn alive! goodness me. Why not channel that courage to something more contructive. Others struggle with poor healthcare to stay alive whilst others take their own lives.

  50. Like in Zambia they are successful diasporians and failures.In the same nursing homes others are earning £6000 pounds a month whilst others £600 just depends on what you are doing really.But even with a £600 you can realistically not sleep hungry what with free education and NHS insurance for health.Let’s not shoot eeach other true happiness is in your heart,others are joyful with kapenta whilst its different with others.Fact UK is the first world and no matter how we gonna debate our motherland Zed is a 100 years behind.Maybe that makes sense to those fending on our tax in the name of NGO workshop allowances growing potbelly.Life expectancy in UK is 75 what is it back home?its not what you earn its where you live.Again iam with the Mando family MHSRIP

  51. In addition not every Phd is on the required list of required skills for UK so it may realy be wise to go back and joing a NGO in Zambia than work as a Carer in a Nursing home.A matter of choice really.No a lot of guys who have paid for their PHDs whilst working as Carers in Nursing Homes or as Waiters.So what’s wrong with that?Nursing Homes are were old or disabled people are kept under social services.They are human beings needing care.Just because we have neglected this group of vulnerable people does not mean we are more human than them.Who hasn’t got Grand parents.I work in a care home sometimes and iam proud of what I do.Ifipale ifyabula future pa Zed.

  52. #66 i agree with you 200% care jobs are not my kind because i cant stand hospitals but its amazing how zambians talk down on these jobs, whats so defferent from a nurse at UTH? we have pride for nothing, the old and vulnarable need and have a quality life here. some of you are busy talking about people in diaspora suffer when your monthly income is less than a pets budget in some house holds. just learn to apreciate what people do.In zambian, carpenter and plumber are not respected,i was shocked that a plumber here here earns better than an accountant in zambia. so just learn to apreciate where you bread is well buttered.i would rather sweep streets and have my kids have access to the best health care, education,descent housing and be able to educate my relatives so they can have it better

  53. at chalala chalala, endyet mwaikalila fye ukulomba talktime tu me to you, you find some possing pa times andyet he is just looking out for someone to buy him a beer. if there is one thing i hate about zambians, its pretence. zambians are so fake, i was let down the last time i was home, people are full of big talk, yet its all fake. shame on you. i respect the west bacuse they work so hard for the sweet we migrate to enjoy that is why i have no problem adjusting becuse i see whre the sweet i enjoy comes from. muchinje attitude zedians. you will contue stealing donor money,well am not suprised someone with morals will realise that that money is intrusted to them to help vulnarable people to have a better life not build their house through allowances and workshops.SHAME ON YOU

  54. Whatever people say.. don’t justify working in the nursing home, its just because you don’t have a choice and you need to pay your bills, given the choice you wouldn’t do it. Listen, i don’t think anyone left Zambia with these care jobs in mind, just be honest.
    However such is life and we all have choices, if you get to love the care job; good for you but the fact of the matter is that it depends what you were doing in zambia before you left for diaspora, if you were doing nothing and not so good, hey, sure you will love it making a few pounds or dollars for yourself and thats a good thing but if you are well qualified and had a normal job in Zambia, some jobs in diaspora will be like an insult and thats where the difference is. Whatever you choose its up to you but if it gets tough,

  55. M.H.S.R.I.P.

    Of course, altimatey we all want to come back. However, unless you’re connected, it is next to impossible to make it in zed let alone raise the necessary capital to start a decent business. Whatever work people do in the diaspora, some are able to support a family of 10, may 20 people, back in zed paying anything from school fees to mealie-meal! We just want an honest living instead of getting all the bucks from govt. for non-existent work!

  56. we Super girl,you have coughed your lungs out and I share your anger and frustartion.I was home last year and the levels of pretence among our compatriots is amazing.Some were even daring me and making it clear that they are doing well and have money even when the currency I had could buy more than theirs.A quick investigation I carried abt them revealed the opposite.As for Chalala,I ve a cousin there and I can assure everybody that if an honest audit was to be carried out how those people built their houses,only a handful will come out clean and Nachale wont be one of them.It has been dubbed Plunderersdale.Another shocking issue is the number of widows as landlords.Word on the street has it that woman in Chalala are on a spree killing their husbands once the house reaches completion.eish

  57. Zed is home right!can go back any time,Zambians love to hear negative stories thus probably our culture and to hear that everyone in Diaspora is languishing is what a typical Zambian wants to hear,who doesn’t know?ngatuchulafye nga twali bwela.Corruption,low pay,bad policies,no supplies in hospitals,schools with teachers ever on strike,medic as well etc made some of us move.As a Medical fellar my move was well calculated and I do not regret it.IAM OK were iam.Whealthy today and poverty tommrow not a stable economy.Thus what our mother Zed is,we finished the Zed syllabus before we came here.Its not about me,its about my children children a legacy of literates please.Again ill gotten whealthy amongst the poorest is nonsense.

  58. I am amazed at the level of thinking on this blog. However, it is only wise to understand we are all different individuals hence our levels of thinking differs.

    1.Whether one chooses to live in the UK or Zambia is an individual choice, so lets leave it at that.
    2. Why Fidelis took his life, only he knows in my field I would be interested in knowing what led him to commit suicide.
    3. Judging will not take us anyway, people handle problems in a different ways, whereas a problem may seem small to you, it may be big to someone else. That’s why suicide attempt is a “call for help”. One would need counseling to help them cope with whatever issues they may have.
    4. Fidelis was a family friend and the burden is heavy on Fifi,his kids Chema,Nkole and Movya whom he adored and loved to…

  59. zambian people we have a problem.look at the way u are talking about fedelis.nobody ever thought he would do that to himself he did not set himself on fire.get the facts right am close friday of the family and i have been and known the family 4 ages.he did not owe any money yes he had health issues the man even in besides having health problems he worked hard 4 his family.stupid pipo will put stupid comments cctv my ass.if it was there the british police will show the family first .monkeys get your facts right .MRIP

  60. All this is in defence of the hard working diasporians whom for the death of a colleague which is still under investigations pending inquest we must be made to feel irresponsible by those striving on our hard earned Taxed money sent home to run NGOs for the poor.Issues for blogging could be raised from any angle.What we musnt do is insult the dead its not in our culture.The culture pa Zed is that of competition:every one is building,farms,buying harmers etc no one is enjoying their money in a right way.Whom they build for nobody knows.At a tender age they book out to AIDs,RTAs because of Drink driving or potholes or unlicenced drivers,malaria,cholera,TB if not witchcraft etc.Family members who did not toil for whatever pounce leaving their children with nothing.Poverty of the mind.


  62. May his soul rest in peace.May the God lord help the family he has left behind.I wish i knew what he was thinking before he comitted sucide,i ask the almighty God to forigve me too for not getting close to him maybe i could have saved a life by sharing our burden.God forgive us all, we are Zambians, thats what we are. You know our heart….FORGIVE US

  63. the man just took his own life,sad to say i d he will be resting in peace,ba #9 bola panshi:-?

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