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Friday, February 21, 2020

The Charlatans of our Democracy

Columns The Charlatans of our Democracy

By Kahlatswayo Cele

It was not long ago when every news edition on the Local TV and Radio broadcast was intermittent with the salutation ‘One Zambia, One Nation’. No sooner had this disappeared than in came the matured ‘Cadre Politician’, at the same time, the private media.

All was well until the day when Eve was found wanting, deceived by the Serpent, eating of the forbidden fruit, of glamour and wine sipping. Her husband she also entrapped to partake of her sins resulting in unfettered appetites to the extent of exchanging his birthright for a pot of porridge.

Since then, each taste of forbidden fruit has led to more and more lustrous desires, culminating in the couple literally flying high on the wings of the fornications of their luxuries. By the loss of their ZA, enraged and bitter, they pointed an accusing finger at innocence.

And so since then, the couple of the glib tongued and advocates has sought to bring down the hierarchy, pulling along all who share their grief- from ‘cadre Politician’ to rascals and scoundrels, to run-away Priests, a bunch of the disgruntled.

The ‘cadre Politician’ has natured a brutish instinct, which enables him to benefit from anything and everything that will give him the desired advantage – even to the extent of telling open lies to snare a following, promising to build Power Stations in every Province within 90 days of being elected into Office. The cadre to feign support has whispered to undo the couple’s misery.

I fear the beast of a single horn has invaded our Democracy, ready to ravage this beloved Country to bits and pieces. The scarlet wine of its people, it desires above anything else, to present and hallow before the beast by the agent of whited sepulchers.

Zambia has amongst both its young and old, Citizens who hold true to the virtues honesty and fairplay. All that is needed is guided nurturing and the fruit will surely bear-the fruit of a thriving Democracy.

The True Patriot stands un-swayed, unmoved by the whispers of the Political harlot, remaining firmly footed in the belief that virtue will ultimately prevail, of honesty and simple belief, of upheld principles, of shared Prosperity envisioned in the spirit of our Constitution.

Currently, the ‘cadre Politician’ is thriving amidst mediocrity and concomitant ignorance, relegating the principles of true Patriotism to a silent last. The Patriot holds on and sows by miniature steps, the seed of dignity. The harlot is a charlatan hybrid democracy void of issue driven Politics hijacked in the public discourse by a rogue media who careless but their own survival.

Such is a rogue media, that defrauds the public purse, refusing to remit taxes by the blackmail of a head of state, a media that delights in inciting insults and throws the first stone of biased judgment?

Tribalism and bigotry are now a platform for the cabal using the rogue media to lure a following and steer resentment against opponents. That they intend to exploit tribe is not surprising, their desperation is great. They intend to funnel the public into a perception that Politics of tribe, discarding merit is at play in the appointment of public officers. That is their launch pad.

For this reason, they have suspended their pretensions to champion media ethics, usurped by the expedience to tarnish Political enemies in tribal garb.

It is a high indictment against us as a people that some have ascended to Political leadership by open practice of tribalism. Worse, the stale public reaction towards the media who elect to overlook such brazen tribalism only to be quick to condemn those who refuse to practice tribalism in the appointment of public officers.

Worse still, these same media have elevated Political nonentities, well known to have previously thrived on account of tribe, to high platforms that they occupy day-to-day headline space – to spearhead tribal attacks.

Mr. Mpombo, a man ever wearing a bushy chin by all appearance is a disgruntled man, seething in anger, for being ‘left out’ and who is yet to awake from the self-importance stupor of belonging to a favored tribal nook of the previous regime, is now the taming of handlers scheming a tribal discourse.

The private media engaged in machinations have deliberately chosen to throw ethics out threw the window regarded by such as religious garb to be dumped at the doorway of media Practice. “By their fruit you shall know them,” the Bible says.

Zambians can all laugh at Mr. Mpombo remembering that he especially had the habit of groveling at the feet of our late ex-President. Our ‘king-makers’, would have us kiss his feet. Is this the type of democratic legacy we hope to leave behind, the applauding of Political gangsters and tribal bigots? Surely, our Posterity deserves better than that.

We deserve a Democracy that thrives on honesty, dignity and issue based Politics and whose subjects are not swayed by the ethnicity or colour of an individual but by fairness and justice, a Democracy that does not allow exploitation, favoritism or a system of the Political bourgeoisie.

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  1. “I will keep contesting elections regardless of how many time Zambians reject me on the ballot untill i win some day”. How many times did the Segalese President Wade make attempts on the ballot? The words of one Michael Sata a seasoned ballot reject to Radio Phoenix Zambia.

  2. Sata a sub 2 school dropout has only been a colonial Government constable yet has a tendance of comparing his 4 times ballot reject to Senegalese President Wade. He needs to be told that the poor Sata is no match of Senegalese octogenarian president Abdoulaye Wade. President Wade has brains, wisdom, patriotism and high level education. This is a man who holds two doctorate degrees in law and economics. He studied and taught law at the lycée Condorcet in France. He was also dean of the law and economics faculty at the University of Dakar in Senegal. This said Sata should be ashamed of himself when pulling names he wants to compare himself to. In what sense can Sata who has only perfected in insultology be a match of President Wade a prolific intellectual? His only match is Uganda’s Amin

  3. THE DEVIL AT HIS BEST. YOU CANNOT MISS EVIL. OUR GOD WILL FIGHT FOR US WE LEAVE ALL TO HIM. You can see when one sells his soul to the devil. All that is above is the devil speaking. Its your choice black man

  4. I am sure the author of this article is CHEWA. Who in his right mind can write such GABBAGE. GABBAGE IN GABBAGE OUT

  5. Some kind of demented writer, ba LT can I also write demented articles for you? equal opportunities pliz…

  6. Senior Citizen, It is misleading to equate “education” with wisdom, knowledge, or superior decision making ability. In my experience, people who only have their academic qualifications as proof of their “wisdom” are usually dull. If ones wisdom was has to be explained, then it is obviously not apparent! Having said that, having academic qualifications is not mutually exclusive with intelligence.

    I am saddened by reading the editorial in the post today. It appears the current political leaders are behaving with impunity and disregarding all democratic principles. It is unheard of for a head of state to associate so closely with someone with criminal charges hanging over him. To have that person then campaigning for the incumbent is more than dubious.

  7. 8 continued. When you find a wild dog in your living room, you need to give it room to escape – do not corner it, lest it attack you. Similarly, the Democratic ballot is an established exit strategy for politicians. A strategy that past African leaders have ignored at their own peril (Mobutu, Amin, etc) but one which KK mastered ( and hence he is lives to fight another day). Give the Rupiah and his minnions must not deny the Zambian people a legal, peaceful means of removing them from office.

  8. 3 Uwakwisano, ” useless piece of writing, not worth a comment ”

    Well the elections are coming up, and these are simply cadreist attacks on those who are perceived to be enemies of the MMD. I guess a lot of people have their meal ticket riding on the MMD continuing in power, even though they don’t know what to do with it.

    I have said it before, but the Lusaka Times would do well to remember that they are state owned, not MMD owned, although after 19 years in power and no strong separation of the powers of state, the difference may seem to be blurred.

  9. How do people fail to see a deep sense of literature even if they do not agree with the contents of the debate in this post? Cardinal issues are clear. The media has been questioned, its inconsistent questioned & indeed the very core of beliefs & modus operandi of many politician questioned. Surely Simon @ 8 & 9 can’t be the only opposition savior when intelligence is required. I say shame on all of us on this blog. To Cele, I have copied this post as the most challenging yet in elucidating the current political confusion. When I verify its originality, I will send you a champion medal! Though it is short it revives my respect for intelligence of Zambians. Most importantly, it explains Zambia’s political fragmentation never seen until this year.

  10. Its incorrect to pass such harsh, rather backward reviews as, “useless peice…”- True the writing is convoluted in a poor attempt by Cele to pass for handler of “our complex political mess”. Simplicity, Cele, would do; get the story straight and Quickly to the point- you go round and around too much, one does not see the connection nor application to “forbidden fruits”. You wrote the article, and know what you want to pass across, but its hard to glean anything.. try simplicity..

  11. Cele has all tribe written in his shallow anaylsis. its very clear that this is a disguised easterner trying to pedle some not selling shallow analysis. We know u a easterners. Come out and support yo man. while others have the decency to openly do it, you have the all shame on you and want to hide it some fake name

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