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Government releases K915 million for roads in Kawambwa

Rural News Government releases K915 million for roads in Kawambwa

Government has released K915 million for road works in Kawambwa district of Luapula Province. Kawambwa District Commissioner Gershom Tanga says the money is meant for the rehabilitation of four main roads in the district.

Mr. Tanga says the rehabilitation work will commence soon.He disclosed this during the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting held in the council chamber Thursday morning. He also said earthmoving equipment has been released to the district and has since appealed to members of the community to support the project.

Mr. Tanga added that once the roads are repaired, transportation of farming inputs to farmers this season will be eased.
In another development, the District Commissioner has appealed to Luapula Rural Water Supply and sewerage company (LRWSSC) to improve the supply of water in the district.

Mr. Tanga wondered why the company has decided to increase the water tariffs before improving the system in the area.
He has since advised the water firm to seriously address the issue of service delivery and customer satisfaction as opposed to rushing into increasing the tariffs.

And members of the DDCC unanimously resolved that the water utility company should suspend the new tariffs until the water reticulation system is improved.

And some people talked to by ZANIS in the area said the supply of water by the new company is worse than was the case with the council.

They said LRWSSC should not rely on customers for capital but that it should first improve the system. They said they are willing to pay the new tariffs once the system is improved and have since called on the new company to provide a good service to its customers.

Luapula Rural Water Supply and Sewerage Company took over from the local council in January this year in a bid to improve the water reticulation system.



  1. What about the area after Nchelenge? I really do not know why the people in that area even vote for MMD.

  2. People of Zambia look at what progress we’ve had just in one week! TV2 going to southern province, Cheaper phone call rates down by 40%, Roads being constructed, and Now to kick out measles! We are a working govt! Oh there is also the draft constitution circulating around for everyone to participate in! Whooooo Yahaaaaaa! MMD MMD MMD MMD MMD MMD MMD MMD <MMD MMD MMD MMD MMD!

  3. #2 The roadshave not been repaired yet.And like #1 has suggested what about going beyond Nchelege?
    The roads you areboastig about were started inthe UNIP era.One only needs to take a drive in their area to see how many bad roads there are in Zambia compared to good ones.
    We have had a very good harvest this year but can you tell me how many families in Zambia can afford to feed 3 times a day?

  4. Mr. MMD Chief Boot Licker, I really appreciate your commitment on this blog, you seem to comment on everything. I am really impressed with your sense of support for MMD. I have never read a comment which is critical of MMD from you and I am of the opinion that you are a really patriotic Zambian. However, I would suggest that you stop calling yourself a “Boot Licker for MMD” because it is somewhat degrading of your personality character and your knowledgeable inputs you contribute on this blog. It said you have chosen to reduce yourself to a “Boot Licker,” it says something about your sense of self esteem. A “Boot Licker” is a moron, and a clown. I would suggest you change your blog name and maintain you photo ID. Keep blogging; you keep me reading your blogs, though I do not…

  5. :o:o:o:o, imwe ba write what i like, ba mmd finshi efyo bachitile, does’t come to yo sense that copperbelt aka (CB) shuold like that, the raods are are just naked, luk at the town centre very filthy city and its where there is copper one the world producer,CB was suppose to be shining with gud infrastructure, new tall buildings, thank ba KK the dual carriege way its stil standing shame MMD~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X(~X([-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x=))=))=))=))=))=))

  6. The Upcoming Projects
    Soon the Copperbelt will receive a massive funding to repair all infrastructure and roads. The MMD government is working on modalities on making the province shine again as it did in the 80s. The only problem we are facing implementing these projects is the issue os kaponyas. We understand their plight as small business entities. Until we find where to house the kaponyas, we cant start the project.

  7. Election campaigns………thats what this is about. It is such a shame to see that when people in government do something they think they are actually doing the people a favor. It is not a favor but a duty, ba Boot Licker , you know this is a campaign tactic. Let us carry out our duties with or without the elections.

  8. Chief, ba kaponya nimwe mwalenga ukutibafule, build proper shops for them everyone should be he’s or her shop not in street vending, ala ninshi namwene ama photos ya ku kitwe yaleumfwisha umusebanya, impya sha copper shiya kwisa????:o, ba MMD yu ve to accept yo failure , luk at lusaka same buildings no changes some buildings are stil not yet finished, but if yu see some apartments, restaurants those nice buses most of them they belong to government officials nd hw are we goin to develop.:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o[-([-([-([-([-([-([-([-([-([-(

  9. I thought MMD currently spends K5billion ($1m) to build or fix a 1km stretch of road. Wonder how the money released would build/or sort out 4 main roads in the district when going by their numbers, this would only sort out a 250m stretch? I think Bolt ran a 27seconds in his last 300m sprint race. anyway. 250 metres is better than nothing seeing that KK’s the last person to have carved some sort of road in the area.

  10. MMD CHIEF LICKER, am tatally againest you, finshi ifyo aka ka party kaba MMD kachita since it came into party the country has been torn into pieces people are suffering, what you are saying is happening becouse you know that elections are near now, but just to asure you man forget start packing and go away, in zambian politics LOGIC is missing sanafye, surely can you say that am from mpongwe visit mpongwe today and see ,,,nothing. bieng a leader does not mean becomming a tuarist! making un necessarry movements like its an oppotunity to visit many counttries without a motive …AWI THINK TWICE!

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