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Namwala people have right to thank RB-Chizyuka

General News Namwala people have right to thank RB-Chizyuka

Namwala Member of Parliament Robbie Chizyuka has said the people of Namwala have the right to thank President Banda and his government for fulfilling the dreams of their ancestors of ensuring that the area received a fair share of development.

Major. Chizyuka told ZANIS in an interview in Namwala today that the people in the area were overwhelmed by the support Government had continued to give to them.

He said for close to 46 years after independence the area had not received the amount of development it had seen in the last three years and eleven months.

Maj. Chizyuka said the Ila people were happy that their support towards the freedom struggle to which they sacrificed their cattle by funding it, was now paying dividends under President Banda.

“The dream of our forefathers was to have the Choma-Namwala road tarred so that the area could be opened up for development and this we have tried several times and failed but now we celebrate this unprecedented gift from President Banda’s government,” he said.

He said the people of Namwala have since invited President Banda in their area to thank him in the Ila way.

He said the Ila people and their chiefs knew that taking development to an area such as Namwala was not an easy task because it required huge resources which the Government had willingly made available.

“For us whether or not others like it, we believe President Banda’s word is his bond and this we will eternally be grateful to him. You know that this country has had leaders but him is just a few years in office and has proved to us that he is not just our friend but a father, “said Maj. Chizyuka.

Hundreds of people from the outskirts of Namwala boma have already started arriving in the boma to witness the visit of President Banda who is expected to arrive in the area tomorrow.

Several chiefs from many parts of the country and the province have also started arriving in the area.

Over 71 chiefs from other parts of the country and over 1 000 headmen from Namwala and other surrounding areas are expected in the district by the end of today.

Meanwhile, Major Chizyuka has described as wishful thinking assertions by some senior UPND leaders that he would announce his resignation from the party to join the ruling MMD at a rally to be addressed by President Banda on Tuesday.

He said he had no intentions to do so because he was still a pure UPND member adding this was the reason he contested his expulsion from the party in the courts of law.

“I have heard about those funny rumours but I can tell you that there was no such a thing because my heart is UPND, my blood is UPND and I will not leave,” he said.

He said he had spent huge personal resources to build the UPND and that no one could easily chase him out of the party.

He said those misleading the people that he intended to resign this Tuesday should allow the people to appreciate President Banda’s support to them.

Maj. Chizyuka said he played a critical role in the initial stages of the formation of the UPND and also in the appointment of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema as leader of the opposition party.

He said President Banda had shut up his opponents because he had delivered within a short period of time.

“For example, this Choma-Namwala road is not only an economic road but a serious political road and on this shame to his critics because he has shown them how things must be done,” he said.

He advised his critics not to mistake development for politics urging them to start politics at the right time.
Maj. Chizyuka said President Banda’s visit to Namwala was purely development and was at the invitation of the people in the district.

He said people want to have him in the area so that he could see how resources that Government had been allocating to the district have been used.

Maj. Chizyuka said President Banda was selling a product in the name of development and this had sent shivers in his political opponents and critics.


  1. I didn’t realize RB used his personal money from his pocket to develop the area, what a very generous president we have…my ass!!

  2. major chizyuka you are a true son of tongas who appreciates good things. why should any sane person shun RB when he has devoted his energies to make sure the pipo of namwala also have a share of national cake. choma namwala road is a huge success plus the hospital and schools. only a child of a wizard wouldnt appreciate the good works and efforts of this caring govt. do you think sata could have taken development to namwala in 90 days, hell no. thank very much comrade banda man of the pipo indeed you a good parent

  3. So does this mean when you hate your own party and fully endorse another party it leads to development?

    Major Chizyuka needs to leave UPND and join MMD.

    He is right that people have RIGHTS to thank development but what about the rights of the people who voted in a UPND member for Namwala and now their vote goes to R.B via their UPND member.

    Something is not democratic here in Namwala.


  4. major chizyuka is just being greatful and real why should he remain loyal to HH who has failed to inspire pipo of tongaland and instead he sells the province to sata. bembas say abashitasha bana bandoshi. the pipo of namwala havent seen development for 46 years and now they see it inreality so who should they thank hakainde for insulting RB

  5. Chizyuka is a hired GUN. He will one day even backfire and fire on RB . Wait people, the real test for him will be in 2011 if he does not resign now. If he thinks he is solid and has a large following, let him test the people and resign now. We see duirng a By-Election what follows.

  6. iwe chi major chizyuka. suddenly you are feeling so horny about this visit. what political mileage do you want to gain. do not behave like a man who has drunk some viagra and is expecting the girlfriend to agree to some steamy love making. you may just discover your girlfriend (MMD) is not on heat after all.

  7. You people of zambia like crap, yaba!!! Development whether by MMD or PF whatever should be appreciated. look at the roads in new residential areas, lets appreciate that whether they come from MMD or opposition. when blaming Govt. you say RB is but when it comes to thanking you want to say Tax Payers. ndimwe bantu ba bwanji kansi??????? Major chizyuka is a true zambian.

  8. Chizyuka may be a loose canon but he’s talking sense. No one can hound him from the party, not even baby HH. He’s being pragmatic and realizes that it’s in his best interests and those of his people, to work with the govt to bring development to Namwala. RB also scores some political points here by showing that southern province is on his radar despite the chaps never voting for MMD. Viva RB & MMD, abash PACT!

  9. Maj.Chizyuka – make sure those roads are upto standard,we need infrastructure that will stand a taste of time.Namwala people have suffered big time over the years, but now this part of Zambia is on course to develop.
    Well done, and make sure you initiate more projects, and if it means leaving UPND to join MMD in order to register developmental projects, then go for it,no one will crucify you. You are a real deal.I remember when you said “if the road was not going to be done during your tenure,then you would not recontest” – but now u have proven those prophets of doom wrong.

  10. Development anywhere is welcome, However Major Chizyuka is on record insulting HH and 100% supporting RB even calling for support for him in 2011. This is uncalled for from a guy sponsored by UPND to be in parliament. He can commend RB for any tangible things being done in his constituency, but to Tell HH he will never be president and fully de-campaign him (HH) instead of campaigning for him is “party treason”.
    The best is to resign and test the waters, Milupi Chuuuuuuu did it ans won the mandate. let Chizyuka do the same. As of now, he is a hired Gun by MMD to cause confusion in UPND.

  11. If Chizyuka wants to be a free man who speaks his mind without considerations of some sort, he should not belong to a political party that is bound by rules.
    He should be an independent candidate (MP) then whatever he says will be taken seriously, otherwise his comments right now are malicious and ill – intended.

  12. Chizyuka should not pretend to be a very ‘holy’ person. When he was in our Army he was a very tribalistic officer who only wanted to assciate himself with Tongas. Why hasnt he told his followers why he was fired from the Army ? He was repatriated from the UN Mission in Angola in 1997 for defiling a minor. The records are there and I challenge him to deny this !

  13. #8madmax, #9bigpipe, #10youngster Im humbled by your uprightness. you appreciate development and indeed care for this country zambia. wish more could reason like you

  14. Well this is democracy- different views and the right to express it. Really if for all these years. (since 1964) the road has not been worked on, he should be happy when the raod is finally done. Likewise if thr road had worsened under RB rule he was going to be condemned. So Chizyuka is onlt being rational

  15. @13

    Everyone has the right of association. Don’t be too hard on yourself, my man. Drop the bad vocaburaly of “tribalism” from yourself. It only tents your own image.

    Defiling a minor is really disgraceful, but that aside! Lets not off track from the subject at hand.

  16. Boot licking chap! RB is just abusing our resources na becoz Robbie wants some money, he wants 2 b RB’s vuvuzela!

  17. I wonder whose policy on road building are the pact following? What are their plans on improving the Zambian road network? Is being in opposition not more than just hurling insults at the incumbency but also about selling one’s ideas on how to improve the lives of ordinary people?

  18. but ba major chizyuka why thanking him?this is what he suppose to do as the president….nomba ba chizyuka don’t be too chikabdile chaka RB.

  19. today this same major is shown on the front page of the times glinning like a burnt piece of coal. he irritates me to my nerves.

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