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TIZ welcomes probe at Lusaka City Council


TIZ Zambia chapter president Reuben Lifuka

The Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has welcomed the call by Local Government and Housing Minister Brian Chituwo’s call for an investigation into allegations of irregular allocation of plots by the Patriotic front run Lusaka City Council.
TIZ Zambia chapter President Reuben Lifuka said in a statement that allegations of illegal land dealing at the Local authority are of great concern to his organization.

Mr. Lifuka has however called on Dr. Brian Chituwo not to narrow the probe to a few Councils as the allegations are not confined to PF controlled councils alone.

He stated that his organization has received information that alleges that the Kafue District Council which is controlled by the ruling MMD allocated three plots to each councilor in 2010.

Mr. Lifuka further stated that TIZ is aware that the Kafue District Council is alleged to have failed to follow the laid down procedures in allocating plots of which some beneficiaries are media personnel from three prominent media houses.

He added that information reaching his office revealed irregular allocation and non-adherence to laid down procedures in the manner the land in Shantumbu area was allocated where some senior government officials are beneficiaries.

The TIZ president said it is against this background that his organization recommends a much broader probe into the land allocation by councils adding that the problem is nation wide.

Mr. Lifuka has expressed worry that such illegal acts date back to 2005 saying that what is reported may just be a tip of the iceberg.

He has cautioned Dr. Chituwo to handle the matter professionally by avoiding the temptation of pursuing a political agenda which will not help to resolve the problems.



  1. This is how the probe should be conducted. Let all councils be investigated coz the coruption is nation wide which needs thorough investigation. Let all councils regardless which political part runs it be probed.

    Let also all gonvernment ministers be investigated and all who will be found wanting by law should be prosecuted.

    What we want in Zambia is fairness in allocaion of plots. Let all Zambians benefit not just a few individuals.

  2. The investigations are welcome and those found wanting must be made to account.

    On the other hand please Reuben, Liato, GMB, Kambwili, etc can you seriously consider to audit your obesity? Looking like beached whales is not healthy. Hit the gym

  3. There have been so many scandles in Zambia regarding this issue, & nothing has happened. The best example is the formerly university & ZNBC land which was given to politicians in MMD during Chiluba’s reign. Some of the politicians who were given land & built houses are now in the opposition (eg Willie Nsanda who is now in PF). Corruption in Zambia is business & it will rquire good leadership to change the mindset of the people. This illegal allocation of land has been going for a long time. Hope you’re not doing this because the council is PF dominated or an election campaign tactic.

  4. Mr Lifuka is enjoying Donor money to sing the song he is singing, why is he no questioning the bias with which the post is covering issues.For example this LCC issue has been black listed

  5. To be results oriented, investigation processes and conclusions are methodical. Investigating institutions cannot over-cloud themselves for the sake of it. A systemic approach has delivered the prosecution of Hon Gladys Nyirongo. Let them do a deep and intensive work at Lusaka City Council, freeze and repo all stolen land without compensation even where sold out to third parties then get all criminals join Gladys Nyirongo at Chimbokaila. There after go into other councils which by next week must be on sanctions never to issue any land until their audits too.

  6. Some of you might feel it is unfair, but some of us has been victims of City of Lusaka. They sold my plot to 3 other people, so the 3 of us ended up letting be to a widow, thank God we all attended same catholic church in Chilenje. I lost K6 million in the all deal. That is why I decided to invest in small/rural farms (utumabala).

  7. Dont be fooled people. Lifuka is full time PF cadre!!! Its true. Just observe how he is so arrogant against MMD and UPND. He is alsways very very soft on PF. We know you. Dont hide under TIZ. Actually you are the most UN-transparent. No wonder you are too fat like a pig!!!

  8. Advice to PF/UPND leaders
    The issues raised by the UPND on the need to have a firm agreement on the Governance programme that the pact will follow in Government is a very sensible idea and needs to be done urgently if the Pact stands any chance of winning the 2011 elections. UPND clearly has more thought leaders than PF as PF is dominated by emotional leaders with very little knowledge of how to actually govern a nation. Apart from Mr. Sata and Guy Scott the rest of the senior PF leaders have no experience of government and many have a low level of education and business skill as many run businesses like buses, trading, and milling which do not require much technical or managerial skills.

  9. If Lifuka has any brains he will wonder why this statement does not make it into the POST newspaper. I hope it gives him a wake up call.

  10. Iwe LIFUKA, WHY DO YOU CALL ON KAFUE COUNCIL NOW? That is why LPM DID NOT WANT YOU AND GILBERT TEMBA TO COME TO State House with that crook of Citizens Forum Simon Kabanda who is chewing Donors money to talk about everything but nothing. You kept ziii and now that Dr.Chituwo has acted you want to champion the issue, stay with your TIZ

  11. PF secretary General in their vuvuzela newspaper said, “LCC’s suspension is intended to weaken PF in Lusaka – Kabimba”. Our research students cant believe that these words are coming from the lips of someone form a party that would like to form govt. The councillors may have a legal right to a plot, but they don’t have a legal right to offer themselves the plots through a back door. The mayor has no legal or moral right to have 10 plots when the public have not been given an opportunity to bid for some. Our students’ research has proved that the minister is right and the culprits should be caged.

  12. Councillors are just victims of political manipulations, the real culplits are the senior council officials from town clerk to his directors, anything to deal with land they wanted a share through.For them to have their contracts renewed they had to ”please” the political bosses ( councillors) who blindly thought it was an entitlement to have land….since ba RB removed abuse of office from the ACC Act..these characters will go ”scotfree” !

  13. Lifuka, a classical M’BABE.

    For those who do not know the features of M’babe, the key thing is abscence of a neck as above and the head fusing into the torso. The picture illustrates a fullly developed m’babe……..koma ni mbabe wa zoona uyu!

  14. the people who talk alot are always hiding the nasty stuff under there carpets, this is evident the way given lubinda makes noise inclusive his boss and other mps, let the be probed.

  15. the people who talk alot are always hiding the nasty stuff under there carpets, this is evident the way given lubinda makes noise inclusive his boss and other mps, let them be probed.

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