African Development Bank (ADB) has called for a massive infrastructural development on the continent. ADB Resident Representative for Zambia , Freddie Kwesiga says African
States Should put in place measures to improve on road and other infrastructure development in order for Africa to have a medium to long term development thereby contribute towards poverty reduction.

Dr. Kwesiga said infrastructure development plays a key role in achieving economic development and fight poverty in Africa.

“ Major areas which needs attentions include transport, Information Communication Technology (ICT), agriculture, and social infrastructure, “ he said.

The 2011 World Bank study indicates that Zambia’s economic performance which has reached 7 percent growth rate needed to make a significant impact on poverty reduction. However, according to ADB representative , the Southern African country’s economy can improve to a middle income country if it invests in infrastructure.

Dr. Kwesiga said this in Lusaka today at the Expert Group Meeting which is reviewing the handbook on Infrastructure Statistics in Africa.

He has further called on donors and members countries to scientifically measure and quantify the contribution of infrastructure towards overall economic development.

He said the bank has started the process of developing an African specific index for measuring the progress towards the development of key infrastructure which is known as the Africa Infrastructure
development index

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  1. RB’s vision is way ahead on this, thanks ADB for adding clarity for the benefit of the doubting Thomases in Zambia.


  2. Yes, infrastructure is the foundation of economic development.

    At least with respect to roads anyone who has been to Nairobi, Dar, Kampala, Johannesburg, etc. will know how fortunate we are not to have similar traffic problems here! The cost to the economy of so many people and goods sitting in jams for hours is enormous. Apart from the morning and evening rush we really don’t have it that bad in Lusaka….yet.

    Still, if Govt. doesn’t act now (i.e. now, now – not later now) we too will be headed for gridlock! Where is the ring road and what’s up with the robots that cause more jams than they solve? In fact many improvements that cause jams here, such as smoothing of level crossings, would be easy to make.

    Then there there is ZESCO, water & sewage, schools, health, etc.


  3. Sure, developing infrastructure in Africa must be made paramount. We are suffering alot and yet our governments receive huge amounts of donor money. Where does this money go? Our governments are working at a very slow pace if anything that their work cannot be seen. The idea of measuring and quantifying the contribution of infrastructure towards the overall economic development is very good. People must account for the money they receive, too much of it just goes to benefit a few individuals at the expense of many.



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