The Royal wedding dress- what did you think of Kate’s dress?



Kate Middleton arrives with her sister Philippa Middleton to the West Door of Westminster Abbey


The dress the world wanted to see: Kate's silk and ivory gown had been a tightly guarded secret before the wedding day


Trailing train: Kate Middleton descends the steps of Westminster Abbey with her father Michael on her left


Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Royal Wedding


Dressed to impress: Kate and William with their young attendants (clockwise from top left) Lady Louise Windsor, Tom Pettifer, Billy Lowther-Pinkerton, Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Eliza Lopes and Grace van Cutsem

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    The dress didn’t do it for didn’t have that wow factor.I expected more.But maybe up close it was better than it looked on TV

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    If it were an america woman you can be sure the dress would have been big and loud lol

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    What a well designed dress. Not over powering like some would have liked. This is ROYALTY for you why show off? they know what they are worth no need to flaunt it.

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    Well, to me its a pure waste of Taxpayers money. Away with Royalists we need democracy not centered on a few !

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    The problem with Africans is their very strong desire to be mentally colonised. Why focus on a wedding thousands of kilometres away yet you have your own royalties here? This is well explained by Malcom X who said House niggers think their master’s house is theirs. Most ex-colonies think “our wedding dress” but British royalty doesn’t give a sh*t what some Third worlder thinks about its linen, dirty or otherwise!

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    Zambians are being re-colonised… even football ni Man u, instead of puting their Faz in order

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    who cares? What happening in Libya. Innocent pipo are being killed in the name of democracy when it is actually in the name of oil or should we say eventually Royalty!!

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    Vonse vamene uchita muzungu wanga niva nzelu. Ine vamene nichita vilibe nzelu.

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    The wedding and all waz a spectacle, but I don’t see the reazon why we should pre-occupy ourslelvez with it from this far.

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    :-? It was not anywere near captivating….looks VINTAGE-ish for….I’m just saying

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