Ballot papers arrive in the country

A Patriotic Front cadre hovering around ballot papers at Lusaka international airport

Ballot papers for next week’s general election have arrived in the country from Durban, South Africa were they were being printed by Universal Print Group.

The chartered cargo plane carrying the consignment of ballot papers touched down at Lusaka International Airport at 14 hours.

Stakeholders from the church, the civil society and representatives of various political parties witnessed the arrival of the ballot papers.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Justice Irene Mambilima said verification and distribution of the ballot papers will start tomorrow.

Justice Mambilima says the distribution will start with the furthest provinces such as Northern, Luapula, and North western.

Justice Mambilima told Journalists at Lusaka International Airport that all the ballot papers that were printed have arrived in the country.

Justice Mambilima said the printing process was good but noted that the only challenges were the errors recorded on one parliamentary constituency and nine local government ballot papers but that this has since been rectified.

She said the ballots which were corrected are in the consignments of the papers that have arrived in the country.

The ECZ Chairperson has since urged Zambians to ensure that they maintain peace before, during and after the September 20 General elections.

Justice Mambilima also appealed to all Zambians to turn up in large numbers and vote for their preferred candidates next week.

The ECZ chairperson revealed that the commission is more than ready to handle the September 20 elections without difficulties or challenges.

Zambia goes to the polls on Tuesday next week September 20,2011.


  1. Zambians must vote for HH for attending the debates and ignore Rb and Sata for chickening out. This is a sigh that the two are to old for the modern econonics. VIVA HH and good debate from HH. We sata and RB cannot martch the new star in HH. Me and my entire clan here in MANSA will vote for HH now.


  3. Finally! Let’s get done with these papers on 20th Septemer 2011 so that RB is officially inaugurated on Saturday 24th September 2011.

  4. Pa Bwatoooooooooooooooooooooooo
    This year is for PF and Sata. The heaven have decided! PF has done the homework and the ground work. Next week there will be change

  5. Read Post – Poll gives Sata, PF 55% victory. The analysis is the correct reflection of the situation on the ground

  6. Sept 20, MMD is in ICU and on Sept 24, 2011, MMD dies in Lusaka. On September 24, Sata is inaugurated President thus no burial is allowed. On September 25, Sata attends the  burial service in Chipata at Chief Mpezeni’s palace, just next to were we buried UNIP in 1991. It is sad that both parties were organized by Bembas but will be put to rest in my province. Who can explain what this means to me? Can Bembas help? 

  7. Amazing that PF has become less popular in Lusaka. they could end up winning only one constituency….Sad for Sata has the presidency is already eluding one. The battle is between HH and RB. Sata is finished ……..

  8. The Post is a batch of PF vuvuzela people do not take it serious. Just yesterday they were saying Sata is a lunatic and today they are telling Zambians that Sata is the best  just because of hell with the post lies.

  9. I agree with PF Talking pont..It is very true that PF is finished in Lusaka..Lusaka will go to MMD and followed by UPND the way things look on the ground now. I do not why all of the sudden PF is gone down but PF is very strong on the copperbelt.

  10. VOTE FOR:

    1. A patriotic leader not a joker
    2. A leader who can instill discipline in the gvt and cub corruption
    3. A leader with a vision for our mother Zambia
    4. A leader with a record of hard working
    5. A leader who can make leaders so that others can take up the mantle when he leaves office
    6.Vote for leader who can make Zambians realize that Zambia is the only country they can call theirs
    7. vote for a leader who respects the constitution of our land.
    8. Vote for a leader who respects already set gvt systems and be able to follow them


  11. #15 Pepecho Suffering – so you are saying we should not vote for Sata and PF right?


    1. Sata is a joker at all his rallies,
    2. Sata started corruption in 1993 and Levy resigned because of this,
    3. Sata can not even articulate a simple plan or write minutes,
    4. Sata always got fired as minister after servibng for a few months,
    5. Sata pushed for 3rd term and not youth succession in 2001,
    6. We all know Zambia is for all 72 tribes and not just Bemba’s or Tonga’s,
    7. Sata tried to amend the constitution unlawfully – 3rd term bid,
    8. Sata always castigates systems and replaces them with marshal law

    So really, you say we need to vote for NAREP, MMD or HP, right?

  12. #16 Lwelwe Banti – This is the same guy who will tell you he never let the ballots leave his eyes and that the election was not rigged. At this point Sata will be very dissapointed with him and RB gets sworn in for his 2nd and final term in office.

    Moral of the story – Dont count your chiks before they hatch!

  13. 17 Honest Zambian

    Read my posting carefully and let me know if the name Sata or PF appears anywhere. Wat you hav posted are ur views and so let the people see if there is sense or not just like my posting.
    Enjoy blogging and Vote wisely if at all you registered.

  14. #6
    HH = Hakaivotela Humwine – Are you sure? In 2008, you guys said Sata would win by 76% of the vote because people wanted change yet he lost with 38% of the vote.

    This time you say he will win by 55% so we can only assume he will get 27.5% of the vote.
    Your figures are dropping. Why?

  15. NO 17 and 18, could be that the world patriotic has confused you so u think I meant PF? What I posted are some of the attributes of a good political leader so I am encouraging Voters here to look out for such when deciding who to vote for,it be RB???, Pa BWATO, HH, Miyanda etc.

  16. #21 Pepecho Suffering – When i read your posting, it was clear to me that you singled out all the negative attributes of Sata and listed them 1 to 8 as the characteristics we should avoid. I dont think that is fair. Some people here love Sata despite his wrong doings. Others dont mind being ruled by him as long as he is Bemba. Whilst others feel Zambia only started improving economically when our elected leaders had a minimum of Bachelors Degree (2001 – 2011). Then there are those who think a Tonga needs to rule this time. Then there are the rest who think RB should just continue because he is the lesser evil of the 10 candidates with potential to win.

    How have you catered for everybody’s wishes? Why are you dissin Sata only?

  17. The reality is now setting in to all those who thought they own Zambia and its people. People power will set the record straight next Tuesday. The begining of agony for a lot of “APAMWAMBAs” and ba govt “FINONDOs”—-sweeeeeeeeeety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. #23 Yambayamba – I am sitting with a guy here who says “if sata was replaced as president of PF with a Dog from Kasama who is named Musonda, i will vote for it because it is Bemba like me!”

    How will this attitude bring development to Zambia?

    I think prosperity will only be attained when we stop thinking tribally, regionally and enthically. When we start to look at Zambians as ONE people regardless of tribe, race or origin, then you will see voting making logical sense and old politicians will be forced to retire.

    For now, its all about tribe, region and ethnicity. There is no requirement for important things like age, education, performance, economic understanding, etc…

    We have a long way to go!

  19. I just received the information that Senior Citizen is already packing his bags to leave for Zambia. He has been informed that Sata is the next president and he will be withdrawn from foreign service! Super Tuesday, many people will lose their jobs. 

  20. RB has been preaching to Zambians to accept the results of the elections the way he preached to them to accept the out come of FTJ’s aquittal. In the same way he knows that they have rigged the election results in his favour hence his preaching to the people to accept. This man is dull he should have just kept quite and continued Campaigning. 100% rigged ballot papers have finally arrived. Shame!

  21. QFM you could have also given the readership an idea on the whereabouts of Mr N’goma who was in SA with these ballots, that could have completed the story really well.

    Anyway, whre is Mr N’goma now?

  22. @24, Honest Zambian:

    Where does tribalism come in in my statement @23? Are you telling me Bembas are the only Zambians who will exercise their “people power” on Tuesday? Please don’t be so IMBACILIC in your view of the world, bro. It is amazing how TRIBALIST see tribalism in everything. Sad!!!

    By the way, I am also in a company of sane Zambians who are miles past this ridiculous and archaic tribal mentality. And these are the majority Zambians who will be casting their votes on Tuesday, September the 20th. You son of a gun!!!!!!

  23. Here in Mtendere compound, as youths our lifestyles are close captioned addicted to fatal attractions,pictures of actions are forever played back
    in the midst of mashing and worse still there are no fairy tales for us young black males.Some see us stranded in this land of hell, jail and crack sales.
    Hustling at heart is our culture or the repercutions while busting on backstabbing vultures.
    Selling our souls for material wishes and fast cars wishing we live our lives like legends and immortalized in pictures.
    As youths without a focus, life is driving us insane,stuck inside a ghetto fantasy hoping it will change but when we focus on reality we are broke and in chains….

  24. ……We also have dreams of living wealthy and making it big!!
    Unanswered questions keep us all stressin’

    The MMD for the past 13 years have continued to overlook our tomorrows,we live in the projects, broke with no lights on whilst most of you bloggers spend time behind your pcs and better still living overseas and you expect us to vote for MMD,my foot….you must be loco!!!!!!!


  26. The ballot papers are in, so its now time to separate men from boys, come 20 september vote wisely and look to whom you think will make zambia a better place to live in.

  27. Do not attempt to rig the elections.
    The best way for Zambia is to use the Arab method (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia), in order to remove this corrupt mmd from power. Zambians are just too docile and full of fear. Its this stupid thing of saying, Zambia is a peaceful and christian nation while you let these mmd dogs trample upon you, steal from you in broad day light, mmd thugs enrich the,selves and their useless families, while the marjority of Zambian wallow in abject poverty. This time around, mmd will not have it easy. Enough is enough, if it menas blood spilling, so be it. All indicators are poiting to Michael Sata to be elected. mmd be warned.

  28. LEAKS in are that the Electoral Commission of Zambia shall announce the final results of the September 20 tripartite elections on Thursday. Apparently, the MMD would win by a 400,000 margin. The inauguration ceremony programme for RB has already been prepared and the exact date for swearing in advised to the inner circle of the MMD government. All invitation cards to the ceremony have also been printed in readiness for RB’s swearing in ceremony.

  29. Sata was busy campaining in rural zambia. MUVI TV show is not watche by pipo in rural areas. It only a few who can manage to but dish and decorders. Pls leave Sata to finifh up MMD with a landslide victory.

  30. Now there is no excuse for the Perpetual Failures (PF) and their shinda paper as the ballots are here and we the Zambian people are ready to carry out our duty. Our duty is to reject empty tins and useless politicians. This year one colonial constable is retiring from politics for good.

  31. Ni ba SATA kwasila Pabwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2011 ,20 september Vote PF

  32. Am glad ballot papers are in. There is a danger if these elections are rigged. But at the same time Zambians should weigh the situation before considering election has been rigged because this may alarm the situation and cause unnecessary panic and national instability which is just unproductive and uncivilized. To the rulling and ECZ, let them be fair and justice for God (Allah) loves those who are just, dispense the best ever fair election and peace will continue. But if anyone attempts to steal the vote of the people, there will be cosequences in this life and in the hereafter for whoever will be involved, whether you believe in God (Allah) or not. I pray that God (Allah) help us throughout the elections and beyond and may he help us usher in a leader who only means good for this countr

  33. Brandon University, formed in 1899 and located in Brandon,is the newest University in Manitoba , Canada.JUST GOOGLE,CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES LIST.VIVA MWAMUKOLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!SATA IS WINING BY OVER 50%


  34. Sata will be sworn in next week as Republican President, am glad that RB will smoothly hand over power to Zambia’s most wanted President His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata.There will be peace and no violence will be recorded because the margin will be too wide.VIVA SATA VIVA PF.

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