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Kalale sues QFM for libel


Former ECZ director Danny Kalale speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka
Former ECZ director Danny Kalale

Former Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ Director Danny Kalale has sued QFM Radio Station for libel.

Mr Kalale has accused the radio station of having broad-cast libelous materials on him on September 21.

He has contended that on the fateful day, QFM reported live that he was seen at Civic Centre’s Nakatindi Hall where election results were being collated.

Mr Kalale claims that the reported further stated that he was beaten because he wanted to tamper with election results.

He contended that the report further revealed that he was handed over to police.

Mr Kalale further stated that the report carried an innuendo, that he was engaged in electoral malpractices by virtue of being former ECZ director.

He also contended that the words also had an inference that he was a victim of mob attack.

Mr Kalale denied having been at Civic Centre on the material day.

He has lamented that he suffered distress due to the libelous report.

Mr Kalale has claimed damages for libel.

He has also sought an injunction to prevent QFM from further broad-casting libelous materials on him.

This is according to the statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court.



  1. Kalale is trying to ingratiate himself with the new government. He thinks the Cobra will re-appoint him as Director when he was a self-blandishing character! Anyway, he has no place in the new democratisation of institutions of democracy. Let him write his memoirs. Chapwa!

  2. Maybe he wasn’t there like he says. QFM should have verified their story before broadcasting it around the world. Kalale is entitled to sue them and they should defend themselves in court.

  3. How can someone who was beaten go to court. You pipo pa zed have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem where rumor mongering is concerned. The man was not there period. Even if he was a fool I think he could never have risked his life like that. QFM just go defend yourself. If you have proof, produce it.

  4. Kalale, Kalale,
    This is a wrogn time to bring the public’s attention on yourself with your checkered history!! Supposse people furnish evidence to the courts of things you have done in the past to demonstrate that you have no reputation to protect and that you have a histroy of rigging elections?? If you have a competent lawyer, they will advise you withdraw this case before QFM looks for credible witnesses!!!1

  5. This is serious I listerned to that broadcast live via online stream. Is it that all the people were shouting at a wrong person thinking it was Kalale or it was the reporter who wrongly identified another person as Kalale. This is quite confusing. If Kalale was really not there then who was it that they referred to as Kalale.

  6. PF owned QFM is in soup, but not really because now all judges unlike in previous govt now report to the king hmself at state house. Kalale sue the chaps and stop this cadre mentality. we condemned it in MMD and we shall condemn it in this government. Zambia is for us all and we removed MMD for thinking it was thiers alone and same can happen here.

  7. Where was Kalale all this time, what is he trying to achieve ? We know him he cant fool us, King cobra would have been president in 2006 0r 2008 if it was not for Mr Kalale. Let him just sleeo please.

  8. Kalale, please sleep. Do not wake up what is sleeping. You are a culprit of many sins against Zambians. The law will soon find you before you sue QFM. Better hide than make this unncessary noise in our peace loving Zambia. Hey. Ka-Lale – Go sleep!!!!!

  9. Leave Dan Kalale alone you bastards. He has the right to sue. QFM had no right to spread false rumours that could have led to him being lynched. Some of the things you guys say are really stupid. Leave him, he is defending his own right. You are all full of shit. Go ahead Dan Kalale. Don’t listen to these losers some of them have no fathers!! Stupid *****s.

  10. This holier than thou attitude being displayed by some bloggers is really silly. I suspect the average IQ in Zambia is so low compared to other countries – going by the quality of comments. No thinking, no reasoning, just breaking wind everywhere as if people have eaten too much beans with chilli!!

  11. Stupid Zed politics. Everyone is playing to the Gallary including the Topman. Zambia is just one big costly circus.

  12. Waiting for MMD to deal with Senior Chieftainess Nkomesha of the Soli people since MMD said (RB & Kachingwe) they would deal with her after elections.

  13. Mwana Kalale your case will take 50 years under the PF.yOU MONTH ONE TIME SAID Sata will never be President of Zambia,untill i leave the ECZ and he is now President.Just go to Serenje and start a NGO.

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