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Chief Kapatamoyo issues 5-day ultimatum to government

Rural News Chief Kapatamoyo issues 5-day ultimatum to government

Chief Kapatamoyo of the Ngoni People in Chipata district in Eastern Province has given government a five-day ultimatum in which to remove a farm owner of farm D115 claiming that the farm is part of his chiefdom.

The visibly annoyed Chief who was stormed the office of Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Eularia Mwale accused both the provincial and district administrations of being reluctant to resolve the matter.

Chief Kapatamoyo threatened that he would use his powers as Chief to remove Kabililka Nkhengwe who had been holding title of the 800 hectares of the land in question since 1975.

He stated that it was sad that people at Wachepa village where over fifty houses were demolished continued to sleep under trees for one month.

“I am willing to die for my people like Muammar Gaddafi of Libya who died for the love of his people, if government does not do anything I will send my Impis (soldiers) to kick Nkhwengwe out of the area,” he said.

“I will not allow my people to continue suffering, I will use everything I possibly can to ensure that my people are not chased away from that land because they have lived there all their lives and even their forefathers are buried in the same village,” he said.

The chief who also claimed that three children in the area had died from Malaria as they were sleeping in the open without sleeping under nets, also stated that he was willing to die for the welfare of his subjects because he had the heart for the people.

“I am willing to die for my people like Muammar Gaddafi of Libya who died for the love of his people, if government does not do anything I will send my Impis (soldiers) to kick Nkhwengwe out of the area,” he said.

Police and bailiffs on October 13, razed down the houses of the squatters as they were executing a court order following resistance to vacate the farm which was on title.

But Permanent Secretary Eularia Mwale said government was doing everything possible to resolve the issue though it could not defy the court order to remove the squatters from the area.

Mrs. Mwale disclosed that government had offered to purchase 400 hectares of land in question which was to be done after the area was surveyed.

She stated that the chief did not allow the surveyors to survey the land; a situation which she said was delaying the process.

The Permanent Secretary also revealed that government was willing to provide tents and relief food to the affected villagers only when they were relocated to other areas as the Law did not permit the provision of the two on illegal settlement.

Mrs. Mwale said government was willing to provide tents and foods to the squatters for eight months to allow them settle down after the demolition of their dwellings.

Over fifty families of Chief Kapatamoyo’s were made homeless after a combined team of bailiffs and Zambia Police officers demolished their houses at Nkhengwe farm which is about 13 kilometers away from Chipata town on the Chipata/Lundazi road where they were squatting.



  1. Law and Culture/Tradition at conflict at daggers out. ‘But Permanent Secretary Eularia Mwale said government was doing everything possible to resolve the issue…’ How? Break the law or chase the pipo from their ancesterial land? GRZ, remember you are dealing with Gaddaf!

  2. Chief ali che! traditional birth rights should prevail…he illegally got title when land was already occupied on birth rights. got title in 1975 ….looks odd , thats the year the land conversion of titles act took effect.. getting title on tribal land then should had called for above normal ….dribbling

  3. I was born in 1975, by then my parents and their parents and their parents parents had land in which they lived before Zambia got its independence and they are still using. And living their up to now.
    Now why should this farmer claim land when he just obtained it corruptilly?
    Baba just move and leave the Villagers in their Land twapapata, this is what brings war

  4. Mrs Mwale, go and negotiate with the owner of the land so that he can legalise their illegal squatting… then provide them with tents and food. Human life and dignity are more important here… that guy, that is his farm but he can allow them to stay there as you find them the right place to stay… you people think!!! that is what you are there for.

  5. I’s sure this chief’s impis will be no match to IG Malama’s ZP long batons. Im condient ZP will carry the day. lol!


  7. this chief just wants to make noise, the courts saw that those settlers where in the wrong so its his duty now to find other land for them the title was issued in 1975, this should serve as a warning to illegal squatter, you late them stay on your land as workers then after they start having children their children start claiming the land is for their forefather. I’ve seen such on our land too

  8. Guys according to the Zambian laws If land is in a chiefs district then he has the final say on it. The courts have no jurisdiction in this case take the case to a local court and they will rule according to local laws.

  9. A foolish chief seeking attention. The ***** does not have any regard for law. Infact, he is in cohorts with Mangani stealing land from inhabitants. Once, he asked teachers at Walela to pay him for plots…he got their money and went out on a rampange with Mangani in serving others. This chief is just a cheap thief. I miss hiss father!

  10. That farmer has never been there, the land is as virgin as ever. He has nothing to show for that it’s his land. To make matters worse, that title deed was ill-gotten as the Chief was never consulted and there is no documentation with the Chief that Chief then had authorised the government to give the traditional (customary) land to an individual. That document just surfaced when the pseudo-farmer went to court, and the Police and the Bailiffs behaved in a very inhumane manner by rushing to demolish people’s houses. That was insensitive.

    I’m behind my Chief, send the impis and kick him out for the inhumanity indignity against fellow sisters and brothers. To Hell with you ALL condemning my gallant Chief Kapatamoyo, we’ll die for our land. 


  12. hehehe..the chiefs are now strong ..how do you evict someone who has been living there since that time..am sure you weren’t even chief then..!

  13. Is it the spiritual impies or what…. I can see the chief and his indunas resorting to ZAFICO…to clear the farmer. This farmer better be careful otherwise thunder will do its parts as usual in Africa.

  14. I conquer with no . 16. Nkwengwe has to be kicked out fm that land coz he doesnt think about his brothers and sisters. Otherwise he needs to repent for his barbaric action. What can it profiteth a man if he gains the whole world and yet looses his soul. ALREADY my mother in law lost her eye some years ago because of the same land. Nkwengwe ! God is watching you . your money wont take you anywhere. Remember Judas escariot.

  15. Every land belonged to somebody “once upon a time”.Just like every wife has a ex-boyfriend.The chief reminds me of men who discover the woman is beautiful after she gets married.It’s when they want to sleep with her,lol

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