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Government non-payment halts distribution of fertilizer in Eastern Province


Collateral Managers under the Audit Control and Expertise have halted the distribution of fertilizer to farmers in Chadiza district and several other districts in Eastern province.

Omnia regional manager Tizifa Ngoma told ZANIS in an interview that his company had received instructions from the Collateral mangers in Lusaka to stop the distribution of the farming inputs until money required is paid in by government.

Mr. Ngoma said Omnia has been directed to release only an amount of fertilizer that has been paid for.

He said it was the desire of management at Omnia to have the inputs delivered to farmers as quickly as possible before the onset of the rains but that there was nothing his company could do when there were such instructions from Collateral Managers.

Mr. Ngoma said he was equally sad that most farmers have not received their inputs up to date adding that it would also be difficult for transporters to deliver the fertilizer to farmers once the rains start.

He said it would also be costly on the part of government to have the commodity delivered to farmers as it would require the usage of helicopters to ferry the fertilizer to those areas that are flood prone.
About 1800 tonnes of both Urea and D compound fertilizer is still laying idol in the sheds at Chadiza Omnia awaiting distribution to farmers.

Most farmers in Chadiza have complained over the non distribution of the commodity despite them having paid the money to acquire the farming inputs.



  1. This is a deliberate ploy to starve the people of Eastern province for not supporting pf in the last elections. More money will be spent buying maize next year as we move from a net exporter to a net importer due to the Man of Action.

  2. #2, wait until you starve next year, then you will appreciate the wise counsel of “The Engineer (Australia)”. Minister of Agriculture is at sea regarding matters of agriculture, and when the negative harvest (opposite of bumper harvest) sets in next year, he will be the sacrificial lamb.

  3. 1, 3 and 4, muli mbushi sana makandi yenu. Mukambila ku matako. Mulisondokede? You bloody haters. Sata is president. Face the fact. “Satan will never rule, satan will never rule..” Well, Michael Chilufya Sata is now your president, you bad losers. It must be grinding you inside from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. If you’re not insulting the president you are insulting Zambians like myself, accusing us of being un-educated. Well, Sata and the Patriotic Front are now in charge. Hate all you like, that aint gonna change Your blind loyalty to the Movement of the Mentally Deranged is symptomatic of your inclination towards the destructive and the criminal. You only have courage behind fake online identitities. Buffoons of the first order.

  4. #5
    you seem confused!
    Sata is very much our President, and he therefore needs to behave like one…so far he is behaving like the leader of an opposition party (PF). These are real issues, sucking up and accepting reality is infact what you need to do, we want our country to prosper!
    Day in day out we are told of how are with Sata for 5 years, that is not the issue!
    We are being told Zambia was in a very bad state as of 60Days Ago, but what we want is to be assured that our future is bright…kwasila…
    Manje we are being told no fertiliser, no windfall tax, no this, no that…and you expect us to celebrate that theyv brought a minibus for the president???
    If something is wrong in our country, we will not wait 5 years to speak and indeed to ACT

  5. Omnia was distrubuting fertilised not on COD. Fertilser support programme gobles about $13million. This company has been distributing on credit all these years, what has happened now? We heard payments being done in Feb and March. Omnia is not the only company that can do this job. They ve monopoly of bussiness.

  6. I have never seen people who act on impulse like most bloggers here. The article has not stated why they are not distributing the farming inputs.

  7. Ati eastern province regional manager “TIZIFA NGOMA” how on earth u give such a name sure who is he telling to die when he hasnt died himself? TIZIFAAAAAAAAAAA…..Their is so much circus in Zambia ever since SATA took office, lets call for a refrendum to remove this sepernt too much kangaroo ideas

  8. @ OCCUPY: I think you missed my point. In my #5 post I am not referring to the issue of the fertilizer. I am referring to the negative personal attitudes against the president. The engineer says “ati man of action…”. That is not an argument which says anything about the issue at and except an expression of unsubstantiated contempt to our leader. #3 says this is a ploy to deliberately starve the people of eastern province for not voting PF. He is speculating and not stating a fact, so he should say so and not talk as though he were stating a fact, and if he is infact stating a fact, he should then tell us what he knows, otherwise it just comes down to hating the incumbent. #5 says wait until you starve…blah blah… None of this is objective argument.

  9. You are right about speaking out, but one has to be objective, not just blabbering. This article does not say why government has failed to pay. As a rational individual my first question would be to ask why they have not paid and who’s responsibility it is, then I would know how to proceed. Sata is not the one who pays for the fertilizers. Of course he is in charge and should keep his people on their toes, but from this article we dont know enough of what is going on to start pointing fingers. Hence my conclusion that 1, 3 and 4 are talking out of contempt for the president, not based on the facts in this article. For those who criticize with real issues, I have no problem, Infact, I also want to follow such debate, but not where it is just illogical masturbation against the individual. T

  10. As an educated Zambian myself, who supported PF, I am also tired of people who say we are uneducated Kaponyas for supporting PF. The truth is that some of us are not just blind followers. We also want progress, and if the incumbent government is failing to deliver, of course we have to change things. What I find ridiculous is when people get personal and miss the actual issue at hand. We should debate without insulting each other or anyone else. There are some bloggers who just show hate for anything PF or anything Sata. Constructive criticism is welcome, so is issue based debate. Thats all I’m saying.

  11. the author of the article is rubbis.h. they just write anything. this article is incomplete and hence should not have been published.these chap should have found out the reason for the state of affairs. now that is reporting

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