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Residents of Monze want title deeds for houses they got 16 years ago


Some Monze residents going about their business

Residents of Monze District in Southern Province have appealed to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing through the department of Physical Planning and Housing Authority for assistance in the acquisition of title deeds for their houses bought from the Council sixteen (16) years ago.

During a one day sensitization workshop organized by the Department of Physical Planning and Housing Authority for stakeholders held at Southern Comfort Motel yesterday residents expressed worry that it had taken them many years waiting to be given title deeds for the houses they bought during the sale of Government and Council houses in 1997.

ZANIS reports that speaking at the same meeting; chairperson for Zambia National Association for Persons with Disabilities (ZNAPD) Lawrence Mooya said it was unfortunate that the local authority had not shown much interest in following up the matter because beneficiaries from the sale of houses had been left in suspense and fear of not knowing what might transpire next considering change of Government administration.

Mr. Mooya called on the Department of Physical Planning and Housing Authority to work with the local authority and ensure that the matter is resolved as soon as possible.

And Southern province Physical Planning and Housing Authority Officer Benson Choongo assured the people of Monze that benefited from the sale of Council and Government houses that the department together with the local authority, will make a follow up on the matter.

Mr.Choongo said that the procedures for acquiring title deeds were straight forward but that the only challenge was that many people were lacking information and knowledge on how to go about it.

He said that this explained the purpose of calling for a stakeholder’s sensitization workshop adding that it also acted as a platform for the department to collect views of the people on matters pertaining to acquisition of land and physical planning.

Mr. Choongo said that the role of stakeholders in physical planning could not be overemphasized as it was cardinal for them to participate in order to ensure transparency and accountability in the development process of the District.

He added that there were so many other challenges experienced by both local authorities and stakeholders on matters of physical planning and allocation of land.

Mr. Choongo said most of the local authorities including Monze District Council were experiencing problems of illegal and double allocation of plots, unscrupulous obtaining of title deeds and other relevant documents by people claiming to be land owners and non compliance with procedures of developing their pieces of land.

He, therefore, called for proactive participation of community members in the physical planning of the District by ensuring that they provide checks and balances in order to achieve proper and meaningful development.

He said that his department together with the local authority will work with the community to curb problems concerning land allocation and development by ensuring that correct procedures are followed and development control is applied in accordance with the implementation of the town and country planning and housing act Cap 283 and 194 of the Laws of Zambia.



  1. 90 days or 90 years. I still do not have my title deed. I paid for building permit and all the drawings submitted to local govt. but still nothing has happened, PF where is my money and my house plan? Is this the govt we fought for? Corruption is too much now, even the preaching of the fight against corruption itself is corrupt.

  2. Sad that such scenes like in the pic above exist in zambia.Such poverty and neglect after almost fifty yrs as a self governing country says that we have failed yet we got independence almost the same time as rich Singapore and Malaysia.

  3. Now I start to agree that Tongas are very dull people. Demanding title deeds, its like asking for a receipt for a gift. People of Mansa can’t think of anything that useless, if they want to sell they sell to family or friends.

  4. Iwe# 3 Enka vote for HH and such scenes in zambia will be a thing of the past.HH is a proven business guru who can do wonders for zambian economy.

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