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First Lady calls on companies to empower women doing reproductive roles


First Lady Christine Kaseba
First Lady Christine Kaseba

First Lady Christine Kaseba has called on companies to put in place policies that will empower women when they are attending to other reproductive roles.

Dr. Kaseba lamented that women are sometimes discriminated against when they undertake maternity leave and some opt not to have children not because they do not want to but because they fear losing employment.

ZANIS reports that the First Lady said this when she gave a motivational talk to Airtel female employees in Lusaka today.

She also called on companies to invest in women because this has a trickledown effect not only on the family but also on the nation.

Meanwhile Dr. Kaseba has expressed concern at the high number people getting infected with communicable diseases in the country.

She said that Zambia has the second highest number of people that are suffering from communicable diseases and that it has been predicted that the numbers could double by the year 2013.

The First Lady has since appealed to women to go for cancer screening because it can help to save their lives if it is detected early enough.

And Airtel management has donated K50 million to the office of the First Lady to help in the fight against cancer and also cell phones that she could donate to any rural health centre of her choice in Zambia.



  1. A very wise Lady, indeed. We can make full use of her availability and competence in medical circles to rech far. Women’s rights should also be promoted to move with time. Congrats, Dr.

  2. Filechitika konse konse,lets go bana Chilufya. My dream Zambia is coming under the leadership of your husband,help him take us to the promised land.

  3. The women’s voice is spreading beautifully while the men are busy arguing and pointing fingers…. That’s the way 1st Lady

  4. We thank God forthe work first ladies have been doing from Vera’s HOPE foundation, Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative, Thandiwe Banda’s unnamed charity work and now the Doctor is in town. And she is a damn good doctor as Ala beeee would say!

  5. What an incoherent message, ok maybe its poor reporting. But, what was she trying to say?

    So companies should now ’empower’ women when they are doing ‘reproductive roles’?

    As in? Give them money when they have sex?

  6. Reproductive roles? Sex, conception , delivery? Empower women in these roles? Has someone been sharing some leaves with daddy husband? Chineke Oooo!

  7. Bonjour, rédaction d’un article très bon, très bon pour votre description et moi sommes très appuyé , très chanceux d’être en mesure de voir un bon article !

  8. The main idea to purchase a blood pressure monitor is because you want a fast and accurate machine that you can easily operate at home. You want something that straps on and with a push of a button reads and finishes the reading in less than 3 minutes. That’s the standard you want to put up.

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