Barotse army has recruited 628 ex-militias, individuals to cause anarchy-President Sata

PRESIDENT Michael Sata
PRESIDENT Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has directed defence chiefs to deploy military personnel to Lukulu district in Western Province to quell an uprising that is being perpetrated by a group called ‘Barotse Liberation Army’.

The President disclosed that the Barotse Liberation Army has allegedly recruited 628 ex-militias and other individuals to cause anarchy in the area.

President Sata said the Barotse Liberation Army recruited about 275 ex-military personnel and other individuals yesterday to destabilise the area.

He said this during the 15th graduation ceremony for the Defence Services Command and Staff College in Lusaka today where 62 officers from the Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force (ZAF), Zambia Police and defence officers from SADC countries graduated.

President Sata said there was need for the army to be ready at all times to respond to such matters in order to preserve peace in the country.

Mr. Sata also stated that government’s desire was to have a defence force that was grounded in professionalism and officers that have knowledge not only of military issues but also on other matters.

He pointed out that government was determined to equip the defence forces with the necessary tools saying the country cannot have any army that has no ammunition.

The President said the army must be ready at all times to respond to emergencies because there were politicians who claim that Zambia was a totalitarian state even when they were able to be covered fully by the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), which is a government broadcaster to air their views on national matters.

“We have a vulnerable Luapula Province, we need to train marines and protect our people,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Sata said he will soon send Minister of Defence Geoffrey Mwamba and defence chiefs to the Democratic Republic of Congo (CONGO DR) to discuss the security situation in that country with their colleagues in order to ensure that Zambians living in the border area with that country are safe.

He said Zambia will always support missions that promote peace and will thus stand ready to collaborate with other countries in that respect.

The President said it was the responsibility of every citizen to ensure peace in conformity with the United Nations protocol on peace.

Mr Sata said the country’s security wings should invest in marine troops to protect the country’s water-fronts from external interference resulting from civil unrest in some neighbouring countries.

“We have a vulnerable Luapula Province, we need to train marines and protect our people,” he said.

He reiterated Zambia’s commitment to peace in the region for the sake of economic growth and were necessary troops would be deployed to help
restore order.

He said security commanders would be granted permission to go and confer with their counterparts in the war-troubled neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo and check on the possibility of engaging in a peace mission.

“South Africa unlike us, has deployed security in DRC, because of the volatile situation there, we shall give you permission to go to Congo and meet your colleagues and discuss,” Mr Sata said.

Mr Sata said he was happy with the training of graduating students at the Defence Services Command and Staff College which drew 62 participants from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member countries and from Eastern Africa.

He said it was important that the security wing expanded their knowledge and skills through training to counter challenges and get involved in national development.

He also called on the security personnel not to engage in corrupt activities.

Mr. Sata also said government was in a hurry to develop the country and uplift the living standards of Zambians.

He further stated that unless the fight against corruption is won, efforts which government is making to develop the country will be frustrated.

Mr. Sata has since urged the people in the country to help government fight corruption.

He also implored defence officers to avoid corruption urging them to be vigilant and to consider themselves as part of the solution in fighting corruption.

And Defence Services Command and Staff College Commandant Henry Nyundu said the new graduates were ready to take on more challenging assignments.

Brigadier General Nyundu has meanwhile urged government to source funds for the construction of a modern staff college that will have appropriate infrastructure and adequate facilities.



  1. So this thing is serious ? I brushed off the Zwd story thinking they were just trying to be their usual self(twisting facts).Sad :(

  2. Lets deal with these F******kers before the tarnish the name of mother Zambia, act now! this is how they start, first rumours and denying then when you think all is ok, then you get ugly and uneducated men with machetes and AKs, plizzzzzzzzz ba presido deal with them, what will come out of this? Twapapata bakateka take them all to mukobeko now!

  3. An alarmist president just yelling hyena in the village when there’s not one.And if your story were any true,were you not one who encouraged such a thing by giving false hope during campaigns to Barotselanders? You made your bed of thorns now lie in it.

    • You are such an ***** imbwa iwe. When did you come to know about this issue of Western Province? You are so stupid to think of the President like that.

    • well put Tandiwe!  Enka, honestly speaking this doesn’t concern you. In fact your name makes you a potential  target for pain! Arabs like you are the source of chaos anywhere in this world.

      We don’t want people to start beating the hell out of every Moslem chap they see.    

    • Sis, I did not know that you like blogging as well.I hope this issue does not result in war.We love peace here in Zambia and would want the peace to continue.

  4. Archaic idea. Guns don’t solve anything. Mr. President, what you need more than anything else are brains not guns. During your presidential campaigns the Barotse issue was a simple one for you. you promised the Barotse people the sky and now you want them to reap the whirlwind! Only a day ago, you were talking of building a new stadium in Mongu and a new university in Namushakendi and now you are talking of starting a war in Lukulu. Have you run out of ideas already? During his ill-fated tenure, RB thought he could just shoot the Barotse issue out of the way. He only managed to make it bigger, more unmanageable and a source of his political demise. Mr. Sata are you heading way too?

  5. This is just nonsense from Sata. These are hallucinations brought about by the medication he is on or the supply of dagga and mutototo to State House as recently reported. This man even knows the number of the so called ex soldiers and other people recruited to the so called Barotse Army. Please Sata for you to know these numbers you must definitely know who these ex security personnel are. After all they must still be on pension. Tell the nation or just shut up. Sata you have a history of such hallucinatory propaganda. You are the same chap who told the nation in 1991 that KK was hiding Saddam Hussein in Zambia. You lied.

    • Grow up and be real you *****. He is the President and what are you except to support your under 5 stupid tongas who won’t even rule this Country at all costs. You are such an ***** nshatala monapo. You are just as nothing as your stupid tongas you left in your village.

    • The politician who mentioned that Saddam and hussein family were in Zambia is General Tembo and not Sata.Get your facts right Goncalves otherwise you will end up in trouble soon.

    • @7.1 & 7.2, Go to hell both of you. You both sound unhinged like your demented Sata. How very backward and to issue threats to someone on the internet! And in that head of yours that is deep in your nether regions; you think I am quacking in my boots that Sata’s dogs are going to get me? Dream on!

    • You shut it! i mean am i not entitled to comment? who are you again? shut it and zip it waumfwa maybe they are all your family members, i dont care epofye naine i have family who might be victims seleleko tubombeko ukutumpa kapoliwampanga!

  6. spent 5 years in Zambia the best Africa country I dont know Pres Sata but please dont let this happen hopefully this is only a rumour from a muzungo

  7. Dissidents have never been taken lightly anywhere in the world.This is a very serious issue.Massacre the culprits if need be mr president. 

  8. deal with them the military way. catch any of them dont take them to a civilian court but rather court marshal them. After all most of them are ex military We want peace in our country. Kill them before they multiply.

    • What peace are talking about when you are talking about killing.This is cheap thinking.I am bemba and the truth is lozis have got a point to prove and we are just there to threaten that will not work bacause even Sata himself knows – that is why he promised them. If you want peace the best is dialogue before you can even think of pulling a trigger.If what you think is the solution you are very wrong all you are creating is a war which shall never end. Remember western province has oil that is why youare seeing all this and where oil is blood shed is the order of the day

    • u couldnt agree with you more.
      these minions are like a virus
      that wants to corrupt our
      one zambia one nation.
      lets wipe them out and
      erase the myth.:d

  9. In 1991 Sata also told the nation that UNIP was stockpiling weapons at Sindamisale (Panji Kaunda’s) farm to wage war in the event KK lost the elections. Again Mr Sata, you lied. UNIP coined a name for people like you…Kachepa. Honestly if you have no evidence for this alarmist statement you should be impeached. Zambia does not deserve an alarmist President who is forever in opposition mode. If you feel that you have risen beyond your capability, do the nation a favour and please step down. The nation doesn’t deserve this foolishness. You’re in possession of the number of people involved how the heck did you count them? Why didn’t you arrest them when you were doing the headcount? We are not!

    • Goncalves, come out in the open if you are one of the military personal doing the recruitment.You seem to understand well what you are talking about.


  10. The only way is to cage the leadership involved, I mean HH who has been busy riding on the ignorance of many barotse by misinterpreting the agreement to win thier sympathy.If the Litunga is against then Sinyinda and company should be held responsible after all he is an old useless man who did nothing for the province when he was MP. Cage him too for treason. WE NEED PEACE IN ZAMBIA.

    • Oh dear, were you actually born with a brain? Your Sata knows that there are 628 “ex militia” (whatever it means). Why don’t you ask him how he did the headcount.? Why weren’t these people identified during the headcount? Are HH and Sinyinda part of this mysterious Barotse Army? Please PF don’t divert peoples attention from your failures. Stop the nonsense!

    • What peace by caging others and you think their relatives will just sit and watch. that is in fact worsening the situation pa last international criminal court of law for all government people these guys are very much aware of what they are doing even the litunga-Sinyinda resignation you never know it could be a strategy to protect their king.

  11. peace is expensive, the funding is reach. We have seen donars who are organising thse. A coporal in BRE is paid 6 million

  12. As for the Lozi’s, Mumembe is your main traitor….he used Ukwa to escape his debts but does not care about the consequences of their reckless pronouncements that they made to win the election.

  13. @11, 12. STFU! We don’t want conspiracy theories! You and your Sata have just failed to run the country and you are now looking for excuses.

  14. Sata should just step down . He has failed. He and Chiluba came up with the Zero option in the 1990s. They lied. The country is facing mealie meal shortages, fuel shortages, rising inflation, K1.5 billion theft through the unconstitutional office of Sata’s wife. Sata has deliberately chosen not to talk about of this stuff. Instead he wants to divert attention by manufacturing lies about the so called Barotse Army. Please Sata step down. You don’t have what it takes to be President. The job is well above your station!

  15. Here we go again! Our under-5 president just woke up from his sleep and the first thing he does is open his measles-stricken mouth about some rebel group forming up somewhere in Lukulu. Please save us that gabbage and just deliver on your development promises. This illiterate president has now run out of what to do for this country and all he does is make pronouncements everyday. Which province does he actually come from? Are such kind of people common in that province? We are tired…

  16. @17 GONCALVES, mealie-meal issue happens to every party in hasnt happend in satas only. i like him coz somethung is done only a ful like u can back anyhow like the dog does.

    • You can’t even speak English you illiterate bunkum. We have never had any mealie-meal shortages since Mwanawasa wwas president, we never had mealie meal shortage in RB’s presidency. The last time we had mealie-meal shortages was again when sata was in power as minister without port-folio in MMD. Sata is a chimbwi no plan – he is worse than an *****.

  17. this is the problem of promising too much during its pay-back sata i hope you are learning.learning the hard way,for that matter.

  18. Mr. President, please take control of your mouth! Even if your claims are true or false such issues relating to treason are dealt with in a stealth way by the instruments of the state. Please, Please, Please, Please for the sake of mother Zambia conduct yourself in a manner befitting. Take charge of the country in an orderly way. The state has clear guidelines on how to dealt with such issues. Now I believe people who say, the Vice President or the Finance Minister should be in-charge, and as for you, you should be kept bound in chains in state house, if its possible. The whole lot of a president making such a proclamation. Kaya Mweeeee!



  21. If you let any parr of Zed break away, you will be the worste president ever in Zed. Act now, take necessary steps and ensure this country remains what we have known it. If you get late on this case,slot will happen amd worst is loss of innecent lives. Do whatever you can to normalize the country. To be firm is not bad. some issues require ultimate stamina to stump out misnormals. 

    • Iwe your Sata is a congenital liar. He even tells lies in his dreams. Why don’t you ask him how he did the headcount of 628 ex militia.? Why weren’t these people arrested during the headcount? How can you have a number of people without faces? Have these people if indeed they do exist attacked anyone? Tell your Sata not to listen to voices in his head otherwise he will be in trouble. The world has changed . This is not the 1990s when he concorted the “zero option”. If he has a goblin that is thirsty for human blood tell him to go and feed it in his home area!

  22. The wicked flee when no one Chases them but righteous are as bold as a Lion the book of proverbs why fear a ka group pf Lozis playing Rambo who cares what they do in the dust of mongu leave them alone continue playing I m the leader here in lusaka, the Lozi people have got nothing to do with all the government failings truthfully speaking the ve done fackol to make the Zambian people’s lives better rather making our lives worse with useless policy’s  a gay budget how disgusting, allocating money to wifey, instead of sorting out he water problem at UTH, who really cares what the Lozis do really the ve had nothing nice to say about all Zambians so why bother with there cartoon games there playing and why is government scared now, did they give lintunga money and his used the same money 

  23. Action should be swift and calculated and end of story. We will move on with life. Democracy is a female dog some times lol.

  24. Sata please stop your lies. Stop diverting peoples attention from your failure to govern. Why haven’t you addressed the mealie meal and fuel shortages? There’s no Barotse Army. That is your well known zero option formula you used with Chiluba. You lied! Why didn’t you arrest the members of the Barotse Army when you were doing the head count. Your 75 years old and these lies are beyond the pale. Let us have some decency man! A Kachepa for President! Please MPs, its time to IMPEACH!

  25. This is very serious since such a pronouncement is coming from the head of state who is supposed to have intelligence briefings. Hope nothing like this happens to mother Zambia.

    • It is sad that his statement doesn’t seem to be intelligent. Wasn’t he supposed to discuss this with the Army command rather than off the calf outburst at a passout parade?

  26. Lies from Mr Sata will be the legacy of his presidency. Sinda Misale arms cache burried at a farm, hooha statement from Sata then, now its 628 ex militia men in western province to court marshal them and Luapula is vulnerable from Congolese internal war. All these allegations just cause alarm in a nation. Thinks he’s still in opposition to gain political millage. Its a failed presidency.

    • Mostly because the ‘common’ man leaves leadership of government to *****s posing as politicians that mostly fatten themselves wantonly break the laws that or amend  them to cover their backsides. Education and exposure to other forms of government ( not necessarily by visiting another country- books can deliver the same effect). That and the sad fact that we often dupe ourselves into thinking that the status quo is okay. We ought to collectively strive for better, that’s how the Swedes, Americans, Japanese etc do it.

  27. Dissolve zambia and let its constituent parts be independent since you’ve failed to build a real state out of its many tribal nations.Sata,you can’t lie to Barotselanders during campaigns and expect that it won’t come back to bite.Next will be Tongas to revolt for being used like toilet paper.

  28. Sata’s failure to government! In the face of mealie meal shortages, fuel shortages, questionable allocation of public monies to his wife, domestic water shortages the man choses to come up with fake and alarmist stories. The Sata motto seems to be: Can’t Govern. I will Tell Lies!

  29. Mr Master of ceremony with another fabricated story from State House, if it were truly a serious matter he wouldn’t announce it in public but indoors with his security personnel but as usual his being a comedian entertaining the grandaunts. I think i will hire sata to be my master of ceremony at my wedding his such a joker and someone that actually be mistaken that his serious when his joking. bravo preisdo nice piece of acting, round of aplause!!!!

  30. I think sata has issues. I do you make such pronouciations just like that. Now this army will start beating up people inocent ones in the western province. Is basically issues a command to fight war. This is a problem he is causing. This was just supposed to be made inside the army and not alarming the whole nation. Buluyaa

  31. Based on what i have read on the Zambia Watch-Dog portal and this portal, psychologically and intelligently, I can conclude that this is a group of only a few individuals and not 3000+ militias but those only taking chances and waiting for reaction from  GRZ, the Zambian citizens, and the media to move it forward. I do not think this has got to do with any opposition parties although a few would like to make a name out of it as they have been failing there member of late. I would advise GRZ from now on-wards to black out this news and instead work in the background quietly to resolve this at the earliest. Zambians should be reminded that “No One Is Above The Law”.

  32. In the same vein, Zambia should implement the ‘Information Governance policy’ for security and good governance reasons as soon as possible. No knowing is not an excuse from not being prosecuted.

  33. Zambia is the only country  I should think of in the SADC region where nonsensically, you find everyone is at liberty to write/post any alarming information on the net/web which in the end can have a negative impact on investors and tourists. There should be a cap on how far the Zambian media  and Zambian’s liberty can go. In the name of freedom of information, you are sacrificing  the Zambian Security. Human right is not what they do to you but also what you may do to others.

    • Who is posting alarming statements on the internet? Isn’t it the motormouth at State House that came out with this stupid statement at a public event. The whole thing is been reported around the world by the media. Advise your president not the bloggers who are questioning the wisdom of his rants.

    • I have issue with the Mr. Sata’s statements but I will agree with the fact that we need a more professional military and police force. Rampant corruption cheapens their worth but then again that’s because they are underpaid unless you’re really high ranking then you can just line your pockets with misappropriated funds. The whole hierarchy should be restructured, refocused and retrained if need be.We aren’t at war, thank goodness, but we ought to be ready for an eventuality and requisition tools of the trade ie guns, ammo, uniforms, safety gear like kevlar vest etc. He talks of training ‘marines’ we do not have sea/ water faring capability; what we do have are various branches of the military- Airforce, Army, Commando Unit. What we could train are a special force comprising the three

  34. I have heard too much nonsense on this portal and from today on-wards, I would want all of us to think of the coat of arms and our beautiful flag before we post anything on this blog. I will tell you what we are doing to ourselves and our country, by posting rubbish on this blog, we are telling the world that you and me are rubbish. We are denting the image of this beautiful country our  fathers like KK fought for. This rubbish does not happen where I live and work in the UK. Please, i beg of you, do not demean nor destroy my beloved country Zambia thru negative postings on the net.

    • Be specific. Even in the UK people still comment on things that affect them. People are worried. Democracy does not mean talking only when other people can understand what you are saying, democracy means talking UNTIL other people understand what you are saying. So try and understand what these bloggers are saying. If you still fail to understand them, it may just be your fault. It’s okay to criticise other bloggers , but respect their opinions bwana…

  35. Tiyende Pamdozi nimutima um……………………………..Kaunda tiye…………………ndimutima……………

  36. It would be very embarrassing for Zambia to have a mediator as Zambia has always mediated over a lot of neighbouring countries’ disputes especialBy during their fight or struggle what ever you may choose to call it for independence. If you were there, you would remember the suffering individuals went thru: Chikumbi; Kabwata; Makeni to name but a few. Peace is the way forward. being a British Zambian born, i would be at pain to see Zambia sinking so low in the lower echelons re good governance. Please respect the rule of law.

  37. What you Zambians say about the president and Zambia is tantamount to………….you know the answer, it is treason. 

  38. What happened to my beautiful peaceful nation, a beacon of democracy and hope in Southern Africa. Jesus intervene in our beautiful nation and deal with every root cause of confusion in Zambia, Zambia does not need war, Zambia is a Christian and peaceful nation that has had it’s people living together as one people. Christians need to cry out to God and pray for Zambia 24/7.

  39. Lastly, please Zambians, remember, ignorance of the law is not a defence in the courts of law. Good night and may the almighty God bless Zambia

  40. Sorry thought i had said everything, but just wanted to let you good guys that anything on this blog that you post could easily be identified thru the  server you are using. This is the beauty of the net. So please, think before you post anything.

  41. The other day your Sata was praising people of Barotseland, and gave them a stadium as a present. Today he calls the same people of Bengazi, I mean western province, as militias. Now I start to agree why name Ukwa.

  42. If the president kept quiet and just sent soldiers, you the accusers would cry foul and accuse MCS of terrorism against his own people. If the rebels thought their plot was secret, now they know that it is not and this has a potential of discouraging many of those recruits. The Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and other countries like Sierra Leone, Sudan to name a few started in the same way, a few people recruiting disgruntled individuals and by the time you realise what is happening, you are already engulfed in Civil war. Even though you hate Michael Sata, give him credit because all he wants is peace because in cilvil war, you could be the victim. Rebels normally kill civilians and make their own people suffer. That’s selfishness.

  43. Well done Sata. You have scored an own. goal. The international press is now reporting your rubbish. They are now reporting about the Pre independence agreement i.e. Barotse Agreement that was signed with first Zambian President Kaunda guaranteeing limited self rule or autonomy to Barotseland. That my dear Sata is called the law of unintended consequences. You have given the Barotse Agreement the boast it needed.

  44. Let’s see how these lousy Zambia Army soldiers once decapitated by Foday Sankoh’s rag tags in Sierra Leone and legged is, hard, from Sudanese Janjaweeds fair against a disciplined and determined platoon from combatants of ‘Lilumo la Naha’ Barotse Liberation Army. The war has just begun, ladies and gentlemen, stay tight, watch and learn.

  45. Its very unfortunate tht even on this alarming issue some bloggers are still defendng the presdo for saying such words in public.shame, let him watch his mouth.

  46. I think, despite any deficiencies on the part of Sata, people have taken him and the country for granted on the issue of the Barotse agreement agreement. Firstly, he never promised secession but to use the Barotseland Agreement as a model for decentralization. Secondly, when R.B used force, the Barotse activists said they were not advocating for secession but development. And every Zambian understood and sympathized. Thirdly, when Sata came into power he published the Barotseland Agreement to remove the myth that surrounded it. The People who were in Jail for the so called advocacy for development were released. This was in good faith, but what happened? The secession elements saw all these as weaknesses and started mobilizing themselves. Humility turned into weapon against state!!

  47. I think, despite any deficiencies on the part of Sata, people have taken him and the country for granted on the issue of the Barotseland agreement. Firstly, he never promised secession but to use the Barotseland Agreement as a model for decentralization. Secondly, when R.B used force, the Barotse activists said they were not advocating for secession but development. And every one understood and sympathized. Thirdly, when Sata came into power he published the Barotseland Agreement to remove the myth that surrounded it. The People who were in Jail for the so called ‘advocacy for development’ were released. This was in good faith, but what happened? The secession elements saw all these as weaknesses and started mobilizing themselves. Humility turned into a weapon against the state!!

    • Which ones are these? The Barotse Army, crying out for their Right to bear Arms? Are they scared of the Socialist Sata who is going to take away their Guns?

  48. Lets hope we shall not have another “Mushala” episode.It will be a waste of resources and human life.It is cheaper to nip it in the bud.

  49. Sata never assumed power through a coup, he was elected. The question that the world keeps asking Zambians is; How can a country elect such a man as president? Is there something wrong with Zambians?

  50. Be firm enough and manage zambia for all. There are so many opposition views and thats good and within political dispensation for democracy. But sessesion is  another. Just be firm. Iron fists are sometimes created by the governed. Be firm and hold Zambia together.

  51. Because there is nothing wrong with what Barotseland is doing, they copied the same press release above to international community. They are not militias but it is actually Barotseland Defense Forces in formation, not to fight Zambia but to defend Barotseland and as we speak they are ready to defend Barotseland from out side and internal attacks. Call them what you like they are actually a legal defense force for Barotseland. Do your research and you will discover that it is actually one of the statehood qualifications that Barotseland should have an army to defend her territorial boundaries. The intruder and invader here is Sata and his administration.

    • Kwa Hae, 

      You have just committed treason by uttering those foolish words.Which institution has recognized Barosteland as a Country? You will just end up in Chimbokaila  prison very soon just wait.  


  53. one can only assume these Lozi’s will start gorilla warfare or start attacking us from within “terrorist style” bombings in cities in Zambia. then sooner than later Zambians will turn on any other Lozi outside Western Province… 

    • Considering how dull the rest of you in the country is, don’t start a war with Lozis which you can’t finish.

    • You are right dude! The President needs to use a hard fist. These barotse germs can become uncontrollable Hiv viruses and cause unwanted security threats everywhere!

  54. Mr Sata why are you treating these acts of treason with kid gloves…hit the swift and hard now! As far as we and rest of the world is concerned western province is part of Zambia…Brotse Lib Army can go and regroup in Angola/Namibia otherwise in Zed we kickazz.  

  55. Sata is dull and failing to govern, completely chimbwi-no-plan. Nevers Mumba is dull and failing to run MMD, completely chimbwi-no-plan. Where do these guys come from?

    • Owu, I think you are a very foolish man. What makes you to think that whoever you have in mind is the right person to be this country’s president???????????????

      Putting All Tha Fu*ck Aside, I would like to advise you to keep that f**k shut if you and your prefered president can’t win!

  56. This country’s security is under serious threat. I strongly feel that the president is using minimal effort to deal  with the threats.

    Where on earth can a Gov be so relaxed when it has information of direct treason and potential anarchy  being posed by stupid Terrorists???

    • Examining this whole Barotse episode, if its true that there was a Barotse Liberation Army recruitment in Lukulu to the extent of 600+ ex-servicemen, and that recruitment did take place, then there is need for all us to worry.

  57. @89. After Burns. Too much dagga man. You and Ukwa should cut down. Those voices you keep hearing are not from a rebel army in Lukulu. And those green people you are seeing are not a rebel army in military uniform. What you are experiencing are the initial symptoms of schizophrenia! You and Ukwa should seek help before it is too late!

  58. There he goes as usual, i meam Sata like as if he is poping loud , no thinking at all speaking through his black rotten anus

  59. There he goes as usual, i meam Sata like as if he is poping loud , no thinking at all speaking through his black rotten anu

  60. flag Christine Kaseba Chendabwamba says:
    Sun Dec 02 at 12:09 am

    There he goes as usual, i meam Sata like as if he is poping loud , no thinking at all speaking through his black rotten anus, i mean no other than munyero watuvii

  61. For those interested, there’s an article on the BBC website about politics in Africa and the impact of tribal divisions and the effect it has on the leadership and the electorate .

    • Nothing on zed there.Thats all about the bloody kenyans and a bit about Rwandese.If we could ship off all Bembas to DRC then zambia wouldn’t have problems.

  62. Sata is President, the rest of you are just fuc###ng opposition. Die witrh envy if u will. Bark as much as u want you mongrels, Sata will be in plot one t’ll 2016. Wooo FI OPOZISHONI!


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