Zambians urged to de-campaign MP’s wasting tax payers money through unnecessary by -elections

File: President Michael Sata speaks with MMD members of Parliament,Folly Tembo, Patrick Ngoma, Nicholas Banda, Dr PatrickChikusu, Richard Taima, Elijah Muchima, David Phiri, Josphine Limataa and Keith Mukata shortly before a meeting at State House. Looking on are Mufumbwe member of parliament Steven Masumba and Gender deputy minister Jean Kapata during a meeting at State House

The Zambia Rainbow Coalition is disturbed and appalled by the continued conduct of the men and women we send to Parliament.

They have sold out to the status core by practicing politics of the stomach in disregards to the tenants of democracy

We are deeply concerned about their direct disregard for the electorate and their lack of passion for democracy and good governance.

This disregard for the electorate steams from political malpractice and personal greed on the part of these Renegade former MMD MP who have resigned from his party to join the ruling PF.

It’s disturbing to note that in this era, political mercenaries can be allowed to create unnecessary by elections when their own electorate lack development are wallowing in abject poverty

It’s disturbing to note that in this era, political mercenaries can be allowed to create unnecessary by elections when their own electorate lack development are wallowing in abject poverty.

Whilst we appreciate that it’s their constitutional and democratic right to join or associate with a party of their choices, it’s prudent that a leader be magnanimous

It’s equally sad that the PF lead government can embrace spineless Leader like Nalumamba who have for a long time mascaraded as leaders. The Patriotic Party is in danger of democratic genocide. This spirit of winner takes all is against the spirit of good governance.

We call upon all Zambian to decampaign these minions who seek to waste taxe payers money out of political expedience.

The people of Mpongwe must reject such charlatan’s and reject any maneuvers to be silenced by vote buying.



  1. This thing of defecting MPs should be addressed in the constitution, why not pick the one who was second in the last elections as the new MP to avoid unnecessary printing of by-election ballot papers & paying all those who are supposed to conduct & monitor the by-elections

    • This abuse of democracy what has he seen in PF now which he didn’t see when he contested for elections on the MMD ticket?? This chap want to save his own skin and has abandoned his people in that constituency.. Zambia is in a mess we are trying to clean it up & such people like Nalumamba are taking us backwards in the name of democracy. That will no-longer be tolerated

  2. Yes,its appalling there’s too many costly by elections for the poor zambian taxpayer but if it were a by election to replace MCS then,hell yeah BRING IT ON.We won’t mind the cost of that one.

    • sorry guys that wont happen, dream on coz that is imposible. why dont you ask the mps why they are leaving? its the intorelance of their party leaders to let them work in the exercutive. everyone needs a job a well paying job.

  3. Government has released over K 7 billion for the construction of an 11kV power line from Manyinga to Kasamba in newly created Manyinga district.The power line will connect all schools and three health centres on the Kabompo-Manyinga-Kasamba road.Both Manyinga and Kabompo District Commissioners, Lawrence Kayumba and Crispin Likando, respectively, confirmed the development to ZANIS during a heads of…government departments and parastal bodies meeting in Kabompo yesterday. The power line will also be extended to Chiteve, Kawanda and Kasamba rural health centres.The District Commissioners thanked government for electrification of rural areas in order to improvement the likelihood of people in such areas and also help the ministry of education deliver quality of education to pupils through th

    • Why are you connecting more loads to an already overloaded national grid?? You will make load shading worse. If you have that money, add a little more and invest it electricity generation first then you can consider that 11kV power line from Manyinga to Kasamba

  4. This organisation is partisan, how could you describe some honerable mp as a spinless leader like namulambe?? why are you sad when he is spinless? respect others and jast give prudent reasons to show cause why people shoud not defect instead of insulting them. the people will votefor him again and he will shift to the right in parliament.Y ou are hurting because people now have come to love PF 

  5. Please when is this nonsense going to come to an end? our country is way too poor to be funding such rubbish………………..

  6. I totally agree with the author of the article. This call is a non-partisan call but a call that is focused on developing our country and not cherry-picking selfish people whose livelihoods depend on political machinations. Our neighbour, Malawi, saw how worthless these by-elections are and decided to get rid of them. Clearly, these defections are hurting our country’s economy. Wake up Zambians-let us put an end to these worthless and anti-developmental defections. After all, by-elections don’t bring fresh brains to the party but the sa
    me tired people that waste taxpayers money.

  7. Zambia Rainbow Coalition is the one that is spineless who have abrogated their core beliefs of providing checks and balance to govt of the day. In fact civil societies silence underpins their partisanship in society where they support PF govt that has disregarded every law of the land. Sata is dictator in every sense and vulnerable tribes, groups of individuals have been harassed, arrested and dinied their basic human rights of assembly and other regions army has been called to masquarade as security for the country. Contrast that with Luapula where foreign troops have murdered Zambians. All these issues spell only one thing – “Failed Governance”.

  8. It’s very sad that politicians are choosing to serve their selfish motives and not the constituents that voted for them. They are so full of themselves that they think people will vote for them whatever they stand for, regardless of what they say or do. They think people will vote for them and not the ideals and policies stood for. They go so far as to exhibit such a luck of leadership principles that are taking Zambia backward to the forgotten past of shortages. They take advantage of people because they know you only need to tell lies during campaigns and life goes on afterwards. The president went to Botswana and refused to attend a banquet prepared in his honor because “my people are suffering at home.” We cant see that in this  kind of wasting public funds with bye-elections.

  9. the so called MP’s eating our money if they decide to leave the party their party and join any other party must be denied from contesting in an election until after the next general elections. so that they can learn to respect the people who put them there.

  10. And Father Bwalya is quietly enjoying his sitting allowances. Never took him seriously though on his stance against dictatorship & mis-management of our resources.

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