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Lusaka City Council to start ‘ poisoning ‘ stray dogs


Council Public Relations Officer, Henry Kapata
Council Public Relations Officer, Henry Kapata
The Lusaka City Council (LCC) SAYS it has successfully procured the drug which it will use to eliminate stray dogs.

LCC Public Relations Officer Henry Kapata says his council will no longer kill stray dogs by shooting but inject the domestic animals using a drug called Uthanaze.

Mr. Kapata said it is important for members of the public to understand the consequences of failing to vaccinate their dogs, saying they pose a danger to society.

He said the LCC has so far killed 22 stray dogs in Chelston and other surrounding areas saying the drug has proven to be effective.

Mr. Kapata also emphasized that the council will eliminate any dog found straying regardless of whether or not it is vaccinated, saying it is important for dog owners to ensure their dogs do not loiter on streets.

Meanwhile Mr.Kapata says the council is making progress on the street naming exercise.

He said the LCC is currently is currently still receiving submissions from the public on suggestions of names, adding that once process is over, the Council will sit down and debate on the best suggestions.



    • But these PF? Sentencing dogs to death? Imbwa shilabukila, Henry Kapata and Kabimba will be busy attending funerals, ukwipaya mbwa lisambi sana?


      For canine euthanasia only. Must not be used for therapeutic purposes. Do not use in animals intended for food.

      ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD: This product is toxic to wildlife. Birds and mammals feeding on treated animals may be killed. Euthanized animals must be properly disposed of by deep burial, incineration, or other method in compliance with state and local laws, to prevent consumption of carcass material by scavenging wildlife.

      CAUTION Caution should be exercised to avoid contact of the drug with open wounds or accidental self-inflicted injections.
      When restraint may cause the dog pain, injury, or anxiety, or danger to the person making the injection, prior use of tranquilizing or immobilizing drugs may be necessary.
      A few seconds later, breathing stops,…

  1. Isn’t there a more humane way of putting down these strays? If they are going to go ahead with this method, they should also be prepared to collect the remains of these strays as they will die in all sorts of places.

  2. They should not kill them at all. Zambia calls itself a Christian nation and then they kill innocent creatures just because they fail to find a better solution! That is not Christianity but mass murder and a crime! It`s a shame!!!!

  3. Appropriately fitting name for a drug “Uthanaze” more like “Euthanize”. Where is the RSPCA when you need them? We could use this drug to trim our bloated cabinet and their deputies.

  4. from subsidies to poisoning.serial killers are free moving about and innocent dogs are the ones to suffer…no one is making sense in Zambia now

    • Since when has Zambia ever made sense. The only reason you are seeing an increase of bu silu or ‘madness’ is as a result of more media outlets. Coupled with the WWW.

  5. Street names should be balanced. LCC shouldn’t only name streets with origins from Mchinga province as is the case in Lusaka right now. There a lot of heroes who hail from all corners of the Republic who must be given due recognition. No partisanship either. If I find a street named Sylvia Masebo street, Kambwili Boulevard, Obvious Mwaliteta Rd or Wynter Kabimba close, be rest assured I will personally pull them down!

  6. There is need for the council to involve animal rights groups in finding a lasting solution to this problem rather using methods from the medieval era. Unless an animal has been tested and found to be diseased it should not just be put down on account of being found on the street. Next they will be advocating for vagabonds to be put down too.

  7. Dogs are up in arms with the Lusaka Council for unjustifiably making them prisoners with this silly decree of poisoning them when going for a straw to see their mate friends and also for food. One source named Danger complained bittery and vowed to take the complaint to the International Fora for Canine with this ghastly decision to kill them with no valid reason especially that the majority of them had supported the Governments move for vaccination and wear collars to confirm that they are vaccinated – yet this foolish council official has announced that the poisoning law will be for all dogs.
    Now imagine the majority of my colleagues have been forced to be proactive by our landlords to go fetch food for ourselves as they cannot afford to feed us. Who can blame the landlords given

  8. Who can blame the landlords given the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel – they (landlords) can hardly manage to feed themselves let alone provide a decent meal for my kind. Danger was particularly incensed with the street vendors in the cities that are worse than us the so called stray dogs as can be evidenced by the dirt they leave making it haven for rodents. Danger asked who need to be poisoned between the clean dogs of his kind or the street vendors? Danger went on to say it is clear that since we don’t have a voice in State House they are now being treated this badly as a way of shifting their inefficiency and blame it on us the dogs. “Whatever became of mans best friend being us” Danger added

  9. The name is actually called EUthanaze and dangerous to humane. I hope people wont die those that like timichopo

  10. Why not buy medicines to vaccinate the dogs instead of killing them. This will have some untold suffering later on. Imagine the guy who has this Euthanaze has had a quarrel with someone else. What can stop him from putting tu poison in his adversary’s way? It may be evil thinking but that is what people are made of…. evil minds

    • Yes why kill dogs when they are just indicating that the sanitation conditions in Lusaka belong to them. clean up then even dogs will be ashamed of becoming stray.

  11. So many ways to take care of stray dogs than this lazy solution from lazy people.. Lazy minds, stray solutions..never ceases to amaze me.

  12. give them to the Chinese, dog meat is a delicacy in china and since you have plenty of them their in your country, then can teach you how to process them. A dog is not just for Christmas, it’s for BBQ too! Bark, bark yummy. You call it muchopo now you can call it modogo!!

  13. its not poisoning,its called euthanasia:humane killing of the animal dies peacefully,better than shooting wich is rather brutal n a vet i hav done it several times.

  14. Euthanase is used world wide as a humane way of putting dogs to sleep. The SPCA should be actively involved in this procedure to ensure it is done professionally by qualified personnel.
    Unfortunately when the dog population in urban and peri-urban areas is left unchecked we find ourselves in this situation where culling of stray dogs is necessary to prevent outbreaks of rabies.
    The reporting is disappointing as the headline is misleading and false. This is irresponsible journalism as it perpetuates public stereotypes on how animals, esp dogs are viewed. When done properly euthanase is painless and quick. IT IS NOT POISON!!!!!!!

  15. Interesting: “once [the] process is over, the council will SIT DOWN and DEBATE”. Yup, must be Lusaka City Council !!! sit down and debate, boys!

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