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President Sata opposes one passport for Africa saying it will promote crime


President Micheal Sata addresing BOAO Forum for Asia Annual conference in Hainan province of China . picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/ Statehouse 07-04-2013.
President Micheal Sata

President Michael Sata has said Zambia will not support calls for all African countries to use one passport for Africans to move freely around the continent and to enter other continents.

President Sata said the issue of African countries using one passport will promote crime and other vices on the continent.

He said Africa has the highest rate of crime in the world and using one passport will only make the movement for criminals easy.

He said this today during an Intergenerational Dialogue for Children and Youths Assembly at the United Economic Commission of Africa Headquarters (UNECA) in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Mr. Sata was responding to a proposal by a youth from West Africa to the African Union that the continental body should revisit its proposal for the continent to use one passport.

The President noted that the African Union was a loose alliance while Zambia was a sovereign state that makes its own laws.

“AU has no control over Zambia. Zambia makes its own laws,” he said.

The agenda to have a single passport was proposed by late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi during the AU summit of 2009, where he envisaged a single military force, a single currency and a single African passport for Africans to move freely around the continent.

[pullquote]“AU has no control over Zambia. Zambia makes its own laws,” he said.[/pullquote]

And President Sata said the Zambian government has attached great importance to the issues of the girl child development.

He said Zambia has excelled in its endeavour to promote the rights of women and girl children by employing more women in key positions and creating more universities for women to have access to higher education.
He also said First Lady Christine Kaseba has launched a campaign to fight early marriages and cervical cancer in Zambia.

Speaking earlier, Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda said the African continent was ravaged with problems of poverty, hunger, disease, crime, corruption and exploitation of man by man.

Dr. Kaunda said these problems can only be overcome by accepting God’s commandments of ‘loving your neighbor as you love yourself’.

He said it was important for young people to understand the importance of unity based on God’s commandments.

He also said women were important hence the need to protect and empower them.

Dr. Kaunda is tomorrow expected to be honoured by the African Union for his contribution to the liberation of southern Africa. The ceremony will take place at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa during the AU golden jubilee celebrations.

And African Union Commission Chairperson Dlamini Zuma called on youths to get involved in the democratic dispensation of their countries in order to be part of the future.

Dr. Zuma said it was important to give equal opportunities to all children while governments should put in policies for the girl children to realize their full potential.

The meeting was attended by Ethiopian Prime minister, Hailemariam Desaiegn, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenneyata and Liberian President Ellen Johnston Sirleaf among other leaders.



    • Sata is right and to add on his opposing the “one passport” for the whole Africa my reasoning is that other countries or states in Africa have dented their passports because of their criminal activities and other bad vices eg Niageria, DRC, Cameroon – they hardly travel to other continents using their passports instead dubiously use passports from countries like Zambia to go to Europe, USA, japan or china. In fact the PASSPORT OFFICE with the new technology working closely with other law enforcing agencies and the general public of the Zambian citizenry must make sure that only citizens of Zambia have nation identity documents. SO BA SATA STAND STRONG ON THIS WE CAN EVEN GO IT ALONE AS ZAMBIA HAS REALLY SUFFERED BECAUSE OF AND FOR MOST OF THESE COUNTRIES BUT WITH HARDLY ANY TANGIBLE…


    • What stone age, am confused.
      I would want to have same passport as a Nigerian. Why USA don’t have same passports as Mexicans, they are all Americans.

    • @Nostradamus…I think you make a terribly wrong assertion there with regards to Mexico and the US not having a single passport. In fact brother or sister, I can confirm to you that plans are at an advanced stage of a new country…a union of “Union of North American States” this union will be between US, Canada and Mexico! A currency is already in place..the Amero. You can research this if you wish. The bankrupt dollar shall soon phase out. This has served to show that the President can’t carry the maturity to read the times. Every region is uniting today, if We Africans do not unite, we will be divided, weak, and may be colonialised yet again.

  1. Kaunda all he had to do to deliver his ka ma speech was press the replay button! And it All rolled out……including God and Exploitation of man by man! What a boring man!

    • He had a vision…united we stand divided we fall… try to think of-United states of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and then in those days too The Soviet Union. Whenever people believe in each other and stand together they produce great results.Even Rhodesia and Nyasaland together they started to develop and had a great economy, that is without looking at the bad treatment of the black people…however at this stage i do agree with Mr. Sata

  2. Thats very true.Especially my Nigerian friends who can take advantage of the situation.I don`t hate them but i have a lot of experience with them.I`m married to one of their sisters but i can`t seem to trust her uncles,brothers and cousins.Lol

    • @zebige mwaiche wadi!!!
      your comment sounds like coming from one who gets his daily bread in chifubu, lives there and has lived there since his birth with no exposure whatsoever! i dont know where you are in europe, but europe is coming together, yes its not easy but its happening, south america is also formulating a way of coming together,, so is central america,, USA and Canada are already together,,, Asia are one click away from implementing the formula,,,

      Sata should not just oppose the one passport issue, but rather push for clear road map which will be crime proof and beneficial to all africans…

      Looks like africa will always come out last in everything..especially with primitive reasoning full of worry and fear

    • Mwaiche wandi Ndobo i`m just in one of your neighbouring countries if at all you are in Sverige, but i won`t tell you which country it is, lest i blow my cover.I have been in this territory for a decade now, but i go home every year for short vacations.About that exposure thing it depends on how you define it, but i have been everywhere(all major world cities) including your Stockholm.I also come to your Uupsala university for meetings.Of course my early years were hard but i applied my mind well to school and I`m glad to say that i`m up there somewhere academically.Have a chi good weekend mwana me ,i`m just seeping my heineken now with my Nigerian Nubian princess.Lol

    • Afraid of blowing your cover? hahah secrect society ka!! 666 arrangement donchi kubeba ka!!
      Ati nigerian nubian princess..hahahah i didnot know that bemba and nigerians are birds of the same feathers,,,kkiiik

      min fru kommer från sverige and my beer for the weekend is carlsberg…thanks bro have a good one!!!

    • Ok thats cool mwana.I hope you didn’t marry her for papers.I have seen a lot of your kind in the Zambian community.You see them walking hand in hand with their Muzungu wives,later you hear that they are full European citizens and before you know it they have divorced their Muzungu`s to marry a fellow African.Stop abusing those women.Where is your dignity Ndobo ? Ha ha ha…just pulling your leg ,but seriously i hope you genuinely love her.Lol

    • Donot worry about those divorces, they are normal here.. i once did the same in norway,, my homies in the States do that everyday.
      Infact am looking around for a good excuse to divorce the muzungu,, so that i can go to kasama and marry a sweet bemba woman who i can beat as big sign of love,,,hahahahaha,, and possibly chain her to the bed as a way of showing my love and appreciation.. I know GBM will agree with me on that,, hahahahahahah

    • Hmm ! Ha ha ha.I`m not surprised those marriages rarely lasts.I know a lot of fellow Zambians in the diapora who took that route.I think i have met you i remember meeting one Zambian currently living in Sweden and lived in Norway at some point.If you smoke and sag your jeans then it must be you.I remember it was in 2010 when i met that dude.All the best with that Bemba girl but you have to be strong.Bemba chicks are not easy to tame only us the fellow bemba dudes knows how to handle them in a proper manner like the way brother GBM handles his Chama.Lol

    • its not me you met… i dont smoke and i donot sag … am a biker and i drink,,,,there is a group us here…kolwetans and bantutans,, all black guys

    • Ok i get it man.Yes i`m told the Zambian community is quite large aswell there.Hope you guys will organize an independence party this year.I feel like joining you guys for this years one.I will try to get in touch with the embassy there.

    • ya… independence party always..regardles of what political party is in power!! we bike out into the forest with our wives for the night and day …beers and braai ,,play zambian music…crazy stuff…see muzungus dance to zambian music wasted
      Interesting! we have a bemba /tonga couple in the group,,, the man is tonga passionately love PF and Sata..the wife is bemba hates PF and Sata with a passion,,,

      NO Need for you to contact the embassy,,,just come we have networks we locate you believe or not!!! Just state your location and dates you are there,,,we will find you

  3. Abash one passport for all African countries. If you are aware of the New World Order. that is their plan for Africa, so that its easy to control.

    • Think about what you v just said. If Africa was united economically and politically..you think we could be ruled!! All other regions are busy uniting to counter the strength of China, which is taking over the management of the world with the help of African wealth/resources. I think they call it divide and rule…and think about that deeply, regardless of what you v been wrongly taught. African number a billion strong, only the Chinese have such numbers…but you don’t see the Chinese divided. They are one body. When Europe colonised us, they broke us up, all 1 billion of us, separated us into smaller populations or countries or provincials as i call our countries, much easier to dominate that way. So yes Zambia must unite, even with the Nigerians!

  4. No 1 You are just a moron. The president is right to refuse Zambians and Nigerians to the some passport for securite ressons. Even countries that speak the some Language spanish have never come up with such a proposal of having one passport even though they are all called Latin American. I don’t think even HH, JR CHIPS and Frank B can agree to that.


  5. a single military force, a single currency and a single African passport for Africans to move freely around the continent ? Kadafi nankwe fwaka tayamusumine.He was too ambitious.

  6. Ah, AU also, this one passport thing is not really necessary, you will certainly get overaction from our leader who doesn’t even believe in Dual Citizenship for Zambians.

    Now you want to impose the 54th Citizenship( meaning citizen of 54 AU member counties) on his country. It wont work. Good luck

    I think AU just need to focus on promoting free movement and settling of people and this can be done without the use of ONE passport, which is just a politicized ID document.

  7. This is why the colonel was eliminated, envisage if Africa had a well funded NATO type of army there would be no war in DRC, no war means no pilfering of that country’s rich national resources by the west. The colonel was truly head of his time for dumb ass mentally enslaved subservient Afrikans to see the potential.


  9. The President defended the decision properly and I think it is not proper for the entire Africa to have one passport no matter how developed we will become. Europe is a smal continent with strong control measures in place but has not single passport, why should Africa with such porous borders and unpoliced have such a measure. It is true it will increase thuggery, human and drug trafficking as well as human smuggling.

    This is the way to go and we need to be careful on such issues. I support Sata on this one alone

  10. New World order is coming,
    no one can prevent it.
    It is only a matter of the time!
    One security force.
    One currency.
    One govt.
    One passport.
    All of them are coming in the world at large!

  11. The idea of a single currency, single passport, single military force is a progressive idea. Humanity is moving in that direction as a natural necessitity. Reject the idea to your own peril. Sata is afraid of losing autonomy and souvereignity, period! But this is a mere unfounded phobia. We have to intergrate our economies and resources. Remember the golden philosophical rule, ” The whole is greater than the sum total of its parts.” AU keep moving forward by embracing progressive ideas. Those who don’t want to change, nemesis will fix them. Which one is of greater benefit, security concerns or humaniterian concerns. I vouch for humanity’s concerns to establish a global village. Security risks are always there but there minor when compared to the benefits of such an undertaking. AU,…

    • @Global Village brother I just couldn’t agree with you more. Our President’s sentiments alarm me severely. We need integration…our ancestor Kwame Nkrumah warned us, and set the ground work, for this leader to ignore such noble warning, really alarms me, the lack of the leader to read the situation. Its been a good barometer for what sort of custodianship the country currently has. Lack of vision really.

  12. i can’t seem to understand this
    One security force.
    One currency.
    One govt.
    One passport. let them start with south america if it works then Africa will follow suit.

  13. Africa should have one passport (minus Nigeria) to promote trade and economic growth.It makes no sense that its more expensive and takes longer for a container to move from Dar to Lsk than it takes the same container to move from Hong kong to Dar.Also africa has the lowest trade within itself than all other continents so one passport will make it easier to trade more within for the poorest continent on earth.

  14. This is Sata at the Au meeting : Sata: “While talking about disability, dont forget about the people without hair on their heads.” (All other presidents look down in shame)

  15. “Africa is changing. I think only me & Pres Sata are older. The other presidents are much younger” Ellen Sirleaf Johnson

  16. Bravo Mr president! we do not need the failed AU with their ambitious plans. How in Africa can you allow such a thing as one passport, we do not want Boko Haram and Al Shabaab to be moving freely on our continent. The idea should not even be entertained in Zambia because it has no benefits to the locals!

  17. Sata: “You can boo all you want but Zambia is saying the AU has no control over us. We make our own laws so NO to this one African passport”

  18. Sata: “You are booing me, and with that attitude that us why your leaders dont listen to you”

  19. “”President Sata said the issue of African countries using one passport will promote crime and other vices on the continent””….Bufi, South America has the most crime. And ever heard of the Schengen Area, a group of 26 European countries which have abolished passport and immigration controls at their common borders? Well they have less crime than countries with strict boarder control.

    Anyway, Nick and I are safe, there is no crime here.


    • My dear where there are people ,there is crime .The difference is only on levels.Like every year,i visit Europe for at least a month and on news it is not uncommon to have reports of gruesome murders and other crimes too.It is not also true that there are no boarder controls,What would be right to say is that there is tolerance and flexibility on boarder controls.I tend to agree with Mr Sata for once that it would not do to have one passport for Africa.Maybe we should start with Abolishing regional VISA fees in the SADC.

    • I beg to differ. Sengen is visa, not passport. The Euro is in place but not the same passport for all European countries. Think before you comment. Pres is right. Do you know what nationalities like Nigeria have to go thru to a get visa? We dont want to be painted the same. Some African countries have international fraudsters and not to mention what happened in the UK a few days ago.

  20. : Sata: “I dont know why Im here wasting taxpayers money when in Zambia the people want water, education, health and police.”

  21. Well spoke Mr Sata, Zambia is very stable compaired to the other countries in the african contenete. The AU can have agreements in trade but not one passport and curency. Zambia has had peace since 1964, so why taken on things you do not know.

  22. Michael Sata is an embarrassment each time he is opening his mouth.Sata: “While talking about disability, dont forget about the people without hair on their heads.” (All other presidents look down in shame).

  23. Change comes with pain,out of the positive this idea can bring to Africa the first thing someone thinks of is crime,negative will never archive none.

  24. One passport for all Africa? A very, very dirty joke! What with the crime-prone characters of West Africa, it will be a field-day for criminal enterprises dealing in guns, guns,guns, drugs, Boko Harum, etc. Zambian passport for Zambians, always, please!

  25. @ Mushota. No crime where? What about the young soldier brutally murdered the other day? North of the border is part of UK, hm?

  26. The idea of having a united Africa is a good one, but the implementations of it is what we should be careful about. Lets start by taking baby steps, like having free trade agreements and reducing on other import and export regulations between African countries.
    Secondly we can also start by having a united military force to protect the vulnerable on this great continent. for example, we need to use this military to combat these wars that have kept our continent from developing like in DRC, Somalia, etc. am talking about some kind of NATO. And we need to put our foot down and not allow western forces on the continent.

  27. One passport for Africa? How ridiculous is that. The Cecil Rhodes Mentality! You cant even get along tribal lines, a unified Africa! keep dreaming

    • Well stated. For instant in my country Kenya, Kenyans are so tribal that there are certain communities that cannot be allowed to lead the nation. Presidency is a preserve of a few.

    • Haha,lying Omondi.I lived in kenya for 3yrs and i know the reputation of your tribe .Very proud and will never lose a soccer game or election fairly without resorting to fights.Your tribe also votes unquestiongly for their man but others tend not to worship their tribal heroes like you guys.The fear by others of your tribe ever ruling kenya are indeed well justified.

  28. Before we even start dreaming of a United Africa, lets fight poverty, hunger, unemployment, disease, tribalism and corruption.

  29. I totally agree with Sata, if we as Africans have failed to quench the wars in certain African nations, how do you expect, one security force to do such. Certain African countries will be ripped of their natural resources in the name of unity.

  30. You get a man from the Jurassic age and you make him President, what do you expect? A single passport can still have national identity. The British had a single passport for people on UK mainland as well as from Hong Kong, but you could still tell that this is from Hong Kong and this is from England. U fontini wa bwafya!

  31. These Hippos – About time you hand over the reins. Delaying the progress of our continent and its people.

  32. This statement is false: He said “Africa has the highest rate of crime in the world …” Some statistics Mr President?

  33. I agree with most bloggers don’t think the concept would really work. Can we trust the Nigerians lol. The AU should concentrate on matters to do with trade. A free trade zone would be a very welcome thing. They should desist from talking about issues that imply creating a super state. Look at the EU. It started off has a trading block only to disintegrate into something else. Baby steps should be taken when addressing issues. As for Kaunda words fail me.

    • Whats wrong with a super state? The EU has more positives than negatives. One passport helps intra-trade and other socio-political internal relations. Zambia will be in the minority in opposing this and with majority rule will just have to enforce it

    • Country men and women,let them suggest other things not a common passport..was beating about the bush,now my friend has just hit the nail on it’s heard.. Nigeria or west African countries,,ooh my foot.

  34. Some of u id iots are still adent tribalists beginning from your dog leader hh, can u even live in a one Africa?@chi saint uli chishilu.lt is this kind of provocation that is making me side with pf wen they beat u up. PF BEAT THE MORONS.BADELELA .

  35. this is very true from the president, Africa is too diverse we need to talk about developing individual countries. welldone President Sata

  36. I agree with the president….African Union is a loose alliance while Zambia was a sovereign state that makes its own laws- AU has no control over Zambia. Zambia makes its own laws. In west Africa there is more crime if you know what I mean!

  37. Zambians some of you with your education surprises me,you are just there employed to attack sata he is right

  38. Some of the countries are condemned to the bones where crime is concerned. Read bwana, it will be so easy and stupid,foolish of us all to agree to be crusfied for our friends sins. Many countries in Africa have very bad names world wide. Well we are one but we must remain identified by producing the country Id,many know this want to hide in this common passport. Sata is fantastic right ,he is gorgeous.

  39. And what language is the army going to use if at all it happens…??In the end and out of frastrution, they start fighting each other…Maloza…!!

  40. Great response by president sata. This is a dooms day plan so dumb people supporting one africa wake your veiled eyes up. President sata on this one I support you.

    • You Christians are really confused by your infatuations with Dooms day and 666. First you believe in this doomsday which your assumed israeli ancestors have prophesised but then you don’t want it to happen. So you oppose a United africa, united world, new NRCs when you should be encouraging thEse because your anticipated end of the World is being fulfilled! Don’t you want the world to end? Apparently No. It looks like you only arm yourselves with superstitions to drench any progressive developments you see. You have eyes but you don’t see, brains but you don’t think. Live and contribute positively to the advancement of this World not some imagined world that’s nowhere.

  41. President Sata is right on this one. The fundamentals required make one passport for Africa successful do not exist. I think late Muammar Gaddafi had an ulterior motive when he came up with this idea. He had oil so he could make other African Presidents dance to his tune.

  42. Nkrumah wanted United States of Africa(with himself at the helm) Nyerere strongly objected. An affront to Nkrumah, who decided there and then to go back home, but for Haile Selassie’s intervention. Kadaffi was just following where Nkrumah had left off. African Unity for you!

  43. Sata you are a great man. You just hit the nail on the head of the AU.

    What they are proposing is nonsense. If Europe does not have one pass port , where can Africa start from. Aside this, think of the West African countries how restless they are, they will fill Zambia in a week. Bravo Sata for spitting on this rubbish proposal.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  44. Interesting that the context of passports is seen in crime control rather than enhancing freedom of movement. Another extension of a colonial mentality value system. The British invented passports just as the colonial project was taking root.
    How did Africans move around before passports? Come to think of it, crime was around even then. African borders, from the colonial project, are porous anyway even with current system of passports. This passport issue is a sideshow and the AU is still a talking club for heads of state. If it is so unimportant in terms of control over member states, why do the heads of state bother to go there? To look important? Don’t forget, if the AU was as powerful economically, politically and legally as it should be, we wouldnt be having this discussion!

    • Very wise words. Before colonisation Africans saw the entire continent as their home.Groups of people would move from an area that was no longer prolific to another without passports of course. We moved like this across the continent for thousands of years-until the white man arrived

  45. I am not an ardent support of Mr. Sata but on this one you have acted like a President and you are right. Having one passport will certainty promote crime. Especially countries like Nigeria. I have nothing against Nigerians these guys live in crooked culture and most of them cannot be trusted and need to segregated from other African countries so they can be closely monitored.

  46. Lets have one state of eastern and southern africa areas where bantus predominate and we can create a succesful ,prosperous republic with easier and cheaper movement of goods and services.As it is right now zambia can never compete due to high shipping costs and lesser developed market.

  47. A good education enables one to explore the pros and cos of an idea before arriving at a conclusion. I believe whoever came up with the idea must have had a specific goal in mind, hence, discussing it should be entertained. The AU has procedures on how to proceed with such proposals and that is what should guide the modus operandi of the same. Sata’s way of doing things is making proclamations and implementing with immediate effect. He has a simplistic way of looking at things and as a result ends up not making sense. People laughed and made fun of the guy that came up with the idea of a motorised vehicle and yet the World is now full of them.

    • Haha,i’m glad you see thru Sata’s uneducated simplicity.Success in a complex world only favours those ready to embrace intricate & convoluted processes and Sata is definitely not cut from that cloth.

  48. Sata needs to calm down he has a diplomatic passport he can go anywhere he wants,
    poor Africans can’t have one passport. a passport doesn’t guarantee entry, every one has there own rules. common passport will lead to free flow of goods, services and personnel which can help our continent

  49. Imagine having the same passports as Somalis, Congolese, gambians , Nigerians and etc . I think it a problem better avoid avoided. Bravo Mr president.

  50. “He also said women were important hence the need to protect and empower them.”

    Oh, yeah…. Sata’s government is doing such a great job of that. When all done “protecting and empowering” it’s then OK to beat a woman just to show you care!

  51. Ubututu you illegal immigrants! Just because your VISAS expired a long time ago since you entered your hostings countries and you have been holed up with nowhere to go and you think this can’t work?
    Each, country keeps their own identity and passports as soverign states but with free movements of the people across borders. Shared criminal databases amongst port authorities should stamp out bad elements trying to enter or leave ‘AWOL’
    This move would help to create a common market free of western influence with the help of our new found African friends – the Chinese. Open up this dark continent and its backward and rigidity of its people.
    Established languages in Africa are, English, French, Portugues and Kiswahili. It’s up to individuals/groups in hosting countries to learn…

  52. Furthermore, resettlement of people to their preferred nations within the continent should be by fee only. Those that want to come and settle in Zambia indefinitely should put their money were their mouths are. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. We have to do it our own way – The African way. You might say that goes against the principles of free movement of people – movement free – resettlement at $100,000.00 per person and concession fees of $500,000.00 per family over 7 and less than 10. Above 10 is $1million.

    Zambia’s population is too small, far too small for a country 5 times bigger than the UK in size which has nearly 70million people. Economics is a numbers game. The more people you have the more innovative and vibrant the economy should be. All things being equal!

  53. @kolwe ..aka….monkey! Don’t be a monkey all you life. Get off the trees and embrace change. The struggle is over!
    This what I mean by ‘Ubututu’ – ignorance, prejudice, backwardness and archaic thinking. The Somalians already share your stup1d Zambian passports. Count how many Somalian have Zambian passports as opposed to Zambians holding Somalian passports.
    Somalians came to settle in Zambia during the ‘hell road’ business boom in the early 70s as they were skilled drivers as opposed to Zambian. They transported crude oil from Tanzania to Zambia and did a great job of it. Now they have been integrated in the country and run very successful businesses. Wake up man!
    It beggars belief that you don’t know all this. Zambians are less travelled which Isaac shame for a country with…

    • atase you uneducated somalian. your peanut sized mind offends me. I maybe less travelled but I can feed half of somalia with my salary. dont generalise. kolwe!

  54. hate typos…
    @kolwe ..aka….monkey! Don’t be a monkey all your life. Get off the trees and embrace change. The struggle is over!
    This is what I mean by ‘Ubututu’ – ignorance, prejudice, backwardness and archaic thinking. The Somalians already share your stup1d Zambian passports. Count how many Somalians have Zambian passports as opposed to Zambians holding Somalian passports.
    Somalians came to settle in Zambia during the ‘hell road’ business boom in the early 70s as they were skilled drivers as opposed to Zambians. They transported crude oil from Tanzania to Zambia and did a great job of it. Now they have been integrated in the country and run very successful businesses. Wake up man!
    It beggars belief that you don’t know all this. Zambians are less travelled which is a shame!

  55. A continent-wide AU Passport is obviously an insane idea (…no doubt the brainchild of fellow madman, Qaddafi) and so far off ever becoming a reality that it is barely worth commenting on. No one is about to “force a common AU passport” on Zambia and there is no need to “spit” on the idea as some brain-dead cadres have said above.

    Rather, by deciding to speak on this idea, Mr. Sata basically wasted his opportunity as the President of Zambia to address fellow AU leaders (and the world!) on real issues that DO matter to Zambia. What about regional security, peace, prosperity, technology and trade…. or even actual issues that currently exist with free movement of labor? What a waste!

  56. MCS is right. I want to be identified as a Zambia not as an African. We have worked hard to keep our name, let the West Africans and the Solimalis do their own work.

  57. Down memorial lane.
    An irate irag national in the aundiece threw a shoe at George bush junior.
    These things happen every where.
    But here pa zed we owaz blow things out of propotion.

  58. “Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you say but the way you say it” Our president does not only have a problem of how to say things but also when to say them. May Allah give him more wisdom …

  59. What a load of rubbish! I am sorry to say that Ukwa is right! One passport? What do Zambians have in common with Moroccan people or North Africans for that matter?

  60. I agree why share passports with ba Koboke, Already i become mad when people associate me to niger niger thieves.

  61. atase you uneducated somalian. your peanut sized mind offends me. I maybe less travelled but I can feed half of somalia with my salary. dont generalise. kolwe!


  63. Well gone Mr President, I cannot fathom the incovinience of carrying the same passport as those African illegal; immigrants from west africa and places like somalia doing street vending sleeping rough and all sorts of nuisance activities to the host European/American cities. Even Brazil is complaining about illigal naijas

  64. Dear brothers and Sisters of Zambia. This is my message. The reason we see so much chaos on our continent is as a result of colonialism, which we all know all about. For more than a 100 years Zambians were slaves of the British in our own land. In total we Africans were enslaved for more than 400 years, every country except ETHIOPIA. Now, before we were enslaved Africa had united Kingdoms in central Africa, South and West Africa, powerful Kingdoms. But what broke us was division, forced division by the Europeans. And our poor condition today is a consequence of being divided. The solution or key to opening a wonderful future in Africa, Zambia included, is for all black people to unite!! Especially economically. Imagine combining the economy of SA,CONGO, ZIM + ZAM etc, thats strength!

  65. u zambians are really good people christian country indeed.just like medieval Europe or Augustan north africa. Even the owners of the religion have since discarded this.who told u Nigerians want to be zambians? where are u in the continent? u really have a high impression of urself. compare zambia with nigeria in all ramifications in term of development growth technology self confidence commerce zeal innovation education self reliance enterpreneurship international ranking diplomacy etc. where do you stand?. Let me tell u the little respect Europeans have for Africa or the black man came from nigeria. of course they will overemphasise the negatives and ably amplified by u and ur educated but primitive minds. what hav u to show us in nigeria? no influence but you know us and even copy yet

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