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Zambian Government Violates Law by Obstructing Former President Rupiah Banda’s Passport, says Amsterdam

General News Zambian Government Violates Law by Obstructing Former President Rupiah Banda’s Passport, says...

The repeated pattern of illegal interventions by the Patriotic Front (PF) government with regard to the passport of former Zambian President Rupiah Banda speaks volumes about the political persecution driving the state’s case against him, says his international lawyer Robert Amsterdam.

“These are willful actions of a criminal government, which believes it has the impunity to ignore court orders in order to attack and disparage one of the nation’s most distinguished statesmen, whom they see as a threat to their plans to return Zambia to a one-party state,” said Amsterdam. “There can be no plausible excuse for this continued manipulation of the former President Banda’s right to travel. It is a blatant and flagrant abuse of the law, and we intend to hold these PF officials accountable.”

Most recently, the PF government reportedly revoked the former president’s diplomatic passport, representing a violation of an act of parliament, the former presidents Benefits Act. On two previous occasions, the government ignored specific orders from the Lusaka High Court allowing former President Banda to travel abroad to attend several distinguished invitations. This past week, the Court ruled that the Government Joint Investigative Team must release Banda’s passport, while lawyers representing the former president have been repeatedly obstructed from obtaining his travel documents.

“These actions confirm that the PF government have moved toward a bona fide show trial state – one cannot take any claim they make at face value,” said Amsterdam.

The PF government, under the direction of President Michael Sata, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, and Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito, have embarked on a determined campaign to attack democratic opposition, including two separate politically motivated trials against former President Banda, says Amsterdam. These bogus cases and arrests are occurring in the context of repeated and unnecessary by-elections triggered by bribed defections to the ruling party, and numerous incidents of state-sponsored violence that has threatened the country’s political stability.

“The fact that the PF have to break the law in order to persecute former President Banda explains a lot about the lack of substantive grounds to their allegations,” said Amsterdam. “When a government acts like a criminal to attack its opponents, when it ignores court orders and sends its cadres out into the streets to wield violence over citizens, we are increasingly approaching something that can be described as a dictatorship. We intend to contribute a robust international effort to put an end to these abuses immediately, before it is too late.”

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  1. Why does Robert Monsterdam only talk from outside the country? Govt gave him a green light to come and defend his thieving and corrupt client Rupiah but he has deliberately chosen to stay away.

    He claims he is an “international lawyer” lets see his legal prowess in the courts.

    The only reason Monsterdam cant come is that he knows he will fail the exams to practice law in Zambia

  2. I am beginning to agree with Amsterdam more and more as the situation in Zambia gets worse. We need people like him that are not afraid to address the serious undemocratic condition in Zambia under this current PF govt. This boma needs to concentrate on development and stop persecuting the 4th President of Zambia. No rule of law on Zambia making it a failed state! How very sad indeed.

    • But he is a coward he only speaks to the press and not the courts of law where his supposedly an expert. We certainly do not need more of such cowards

  3. This dull Monisterdam is barking again. Come to zambia and defend your RB. You are a layer , why just bark? International layer…my nose!!!!

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  4. PF are not seeing the damage being done by this chap… this chap is damaging international image of the PF government and sata is sleeping… to make matters worse PF are playing amsterdam advantage even when he is off side…. one day when the storm is on your door steps dont say you were not warned

    • except beating, shooting and killing Zambians- innocent and siting on peoples rights. As though that is not enough now trying nulify of the MMD MPS and offering Jobs to UPND MPS- They have scored 99.9999% on bye-elections and also ensured that no one visit Zambia. Did Bush Meet with our President?

  5. Mwila you are dull. How dare you write that we the majority of zambians who voted for pf are failiure? Come and see developemt and not wailing from couch in diasppra. Your my big poop.

    • Come and see development? There’s nothing that has changed in Zambia except for high prices and PF political violence including increased mortality rate! Oh yes! Both Sata and Christine are now overweight! Not forgetting Kabimba and Miles!

  6. Why doesnt this so called “renowned international lawyer” stick to issues affecting his client/s rather than sound like an opposition political leader oeprating from the diaspora, does that help his clients in anyway????

    In my view he only antagonises the State, making the position of his clients very precarious!!!


  8. Corrupt and greedy Leaders must be punished without remorse…they have delayed development in Africa. If Mr Banda is innocent, he can wait for time to justify him. sad elderly people accused of long hands!!!

  9. Which Courts in Zambia are u talking about?Mind u our Court System has been compromised under the Pathetic Failures(PF),that even before the ruling is made u are able to predict the ruling,with Chibesakunda the Sata Acting Chief Injustice.

  10. Mr Amsterdam, in zambian constitution traveling out of the country is a privilege and not a right. Traveling within Zambia is a right and your client is free to go anywhere within Zambia. If you are a Worthwhile lawyer you can find better ways of communicating, Rupiah was voted out by Zambians (not a coup) so respect Zambian choices they made their choice. We have till 2016 to make a decision on PF leave this to Zambians.

    • Why do you display an ignorant mind in public? What is happening to RB will one day be experienced by citizens once Zambia reverts back to one party state under PF with Kaunda ruling through the back door. PF has already u-turned against the campaign promises. Look at the behaviour of ZP, see the way people are beaten, see the way the freedom of assembly has been denied etc. You can’t see?

  11. I think som of the zambians ‘r not being sincere,Armsterdam is 100% ryt, let’s not 4get that RB was our 4mer head of state who embraced all the opposition including sata,God plz save RB in jesus name.

  12. Amsterdam don’t talk about our national issues.Your Rupia should be investigated and if the government see it light to revoke his passport why should you open your mouth .please this our bedroom issues talk about your country.We know what we are doing and we a sovereign state mwana and if you want to come and make money by representing RB come and meet our learned Lawyers you will see how you will be clobbered in the court of law.Come 2016 pabwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo let me quote Runnel “ngolefwaya uletalika chaloo chamaendele. Stop pooping your pink nose in our business.VIVA PF

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