Government is playing gimmicks on Freedom of Information Bill – Fr Bwalya

Fr Bwalya conducting an interview in South Africa this week
File:Fr Bwalya conducting an interview in South Africa

Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Father Frank Bwalya says he is disappointed that government has continued to play gimmicks on the Access to Information bill also known as the Freedom of information bill.

Speaking to Qfm in an interview, Father Bwalya says it is unacceptable for government to fail to pay serious attention to such an important law.

Father Bwalya says government is dragging on the bill for fear of allegedly exposing government officials involved in corruption.

He says the bill once enacted will help the media expose corruption in government in government institutions.

The ABZ leader who is also former MISA Zambia Chairperson stresses the need for government to take the Access to Information Bill to parliament for enactment without further delay as expected by the Zambian people who vote them in office.

Father Bwalya has since appealed to republican President Micheal Sata to take a step further and ensure that the Access to Information bill is enacted as promised to the media during the run up to 2011 election campaigns.



  1. PF is a failed government. Nothing good can come out of this Mobutu inspired dictatorship.


  2. Gonclave it’s you is a failure rather the people’s govt. anyone with broad understanding can tell that any thing that comes from you whether it’s in the best interest of out people and the nation you always critical . Once in the while contribute with an open eye rather out of shall of out of hate and not knowing


  3. frank bwalya it seems PF has given you a political kang’oto. you have toned down so fast, why.



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