Saturday, July 20, 2024

President Sata to open parliament


President Michael Sata is tomorrow expected to officially open the third session of the 11th National Assembly and inform the nation on key economic successes recorded during the two years the Patriotic Front (PF) has been in office.

Mr Sata would also set the tone for Parliament to debate the Presidential speech ahead of the presentation of the 2014 National Budget by Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda next month.

Parliament which adjourned sine die on July 19, 2013 had commenced proceedings on June 18, 2013.

The House considered and passed two bills namely the Supplementary Appropriation Bill of 2011, and the Excess Expenditure Appropriation Bill of 2010.

In addition, the House guided by Speaker Patrick Matibini, considered 265 questions for oral and written answers, two private member’s motions and 20 motions on adopting annual Parliamentary Committee reports.

A total of 14 ministerial statements were presented to the House to explain Government position on various issues, while 26 annual reports from the Government and quasi government institutions were submitted to the House.


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