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Zambia’s food security position is very strong-Sichinga


Agriculture, Cooperatives and Livestock Minister Bob Sichinga
Agriculture, Cooperatives and Livestock Minister Bob Sichinga

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Bob Sichinga has disclosed that Zambia was on a strong position in terms of food security in the African region.

Mr. Sichinga said Zambia was among the countries that have a strong grain stock in the region apart from Mozambique.
He said this is according to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) review meeting which was held in Maputo in June this year.

He said although the country was expected to export some of the grain to the needy countries in the next few months, Zambia will still have a carryover stock of 500,000 metric tonnes for emergencies.

The minister was speaking when he featured on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) programme dubbed “Government Forum” and monitored by ZANIS in Lusaka today.

And Mr. Sichinga has commended the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) for meeting the deadline of producing the required tonnes of fertiliser for distribution to the farmers in the country.

Mr. Sichinga has also disclosed that the second consignment of the 50,000 metric ones of Urea fertiliser which government purchased from Saudi Arabia has arrived at the Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania.

He said Luapula province has already received part of the urea fertiliser while the remaining will be distributed to Muchinga, Eastern, Southern and Northern Provinces.

Mr. Sichinga said government was committed to ensure that seed and fertiliser inputs meant for the farmers in the country were distributed in good time.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sichinga has dispelled rumours of the presence of inferior fertiliser on the Zambian market.

He said according to the recent market survey conducted by his ministry and the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS), the alleged inferior fertiliser was that which other people were selling in unlabelled sacks.



  1. Good progress Now move a little bit further and establish marketing systems for the grains like the way musika is trying.

    Markets and insurance is not only in financial assets but also commodities and alternatives just like the auctioning of gemstones is happening if we will have to retain and create more value in agricultural.

    commercializing most subsistence and small farmers to think like some

    At least the efforts and creativity has been seen in the sector also by farmers union

    We need to see more of commodities exchange markets and insurance/derivative markets making farming more proactive and exciting as can been seen and observed in other places with linkages to…

  2. Northwest In SA and the Chicago commodities exchange in US and learning a little on how we can tailor that initiative from inputs and cultivation to sell and linkage to manufacturing and export markets with a functional financial system in support of this sector

  3. Like the Chicargo commodities exchange learning from that initiative and working the financial system to support the sector as it were similarly like our neighbours down in North-West province

  4. After lying so many times, why should one believe these Politicians like Sichinga. In fact history has shown that when these Politician says a situation is like so ans so, brace yourselves for the exact opposite.

  5. Did he single out Mozambique as a country without strong grain stocks? Where does he place Zimbabwe? This report must be received with a pinch of salt.

    • Blue blood, please read again, the Hon Minister said there are only two countries in the region with strong grain stock, thus Zambia and Mozambique.

    • @blue blood please stop embarrassing yourself read b4 you comment.Minister said Zambia was second best at food sustainability.

  6. Mr sichinga in this maize marketing how will the Zambian entreprenur benefit since only your relatives can get export permits??and every one else exporting Should buy from them at k2000 instead of k35,you must be aware of this black market business of exploration.

  7. Giving credit were its due Implements on Time and FRA performing now that ought to be sustained meaning that you get the farmers create linkages between all players farm inputs and industries, Financiers, Industries that produce products from agro and link the as a sector nicely and simply let the wheel turn without much effort from GRZ or minister.lets support Good initaitives from ZNFU,MUSIKA,that journalist on ZNFU programme then learn initiatives that go to support that wheel to continue spinning for the foreable future just like more emphasis and trades in copper.

  8. We need to have growth in all sectors then industries and firms. Currently there is no industrial classification in trades and marketing on luse and consequently no indices for each industrial classification then the luse all share index like the dull jones etc. This simply shows little attention and innovation in that earlier I like the support shown by Stanchart and Invest trust in the sector though Zanacos ,as seen from its parent Robo, appears silent on agriculture marketing and financing

    Initiatives that will complement FISSIP and FRA will be a long way in consolidating the gains scored so far

  9. we can still raise the hits and create marketing systems locally here then we will be developing and creating value thereby supporting the value cycle.

    Support Sichinga and Chris Yaluma in the two key ministries including the Minister of Finance and other policy authorities to create a better Zambia no selfishness or political agenda long-term elders

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