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First Lady Dr.Kaseba praises senior nurses and student nurses


FIRST Lady Christine Kaseba has praised the senior nurses and student nurses for providing quality health services to citizens during the strike.

Speaking when she commissioned A07 Nutrition Ward at the Pediatrics Department at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) amounting to US$260 000 in Lusaka yesterday she said student nurses brought hope to the patients as their presence was an assurance that there were people that knew something.

She said their stepping in to attend to patients during the strike would propel them to greater heights in their career.

Meanwhile Dr.Kaseba urged health personnel in the country to sensitize parents on the importance of a good nutrition in an effort to curb malnutrition.

She said malnutrition needed to be tackled by improving interventions at household and community levels.Dr Kaseba said men and women should be educated on what food to give to their children.

“Malnutrition is not entirely lack of food, it can also be as a result of bad food given to the children, in most homes currently it is such an ego status to give Fish and Chips or Chicken and Chips with Coca Cola to children without realizing the harm this food could do to the child,” she said.

She encouraged the media to not only concentrate on writing articles about donations but also how the donations were utilized.

Speaking at the same event Community Development Mother and Child Health Deputy Minister, Jean Kapata said government would come up with a feeding programme as a lot of pupils did not attend classes because of not having meals.

She said her ministry was working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education to implement the programme and later roll it out across the country.

UTH managing director Lackson Kasonka said malnutrition was still a challenge as 7 to 10 patients were admitted in the peak season daily.Health Hope for Zambia, project manager, Brendan Clark said the rainy season was the peak season of malnutrition and pledged to support the hospital reduce the prevalence by providing an ambulance and health
workers from his health centre.


    • This Kaseba is too much mwe, a woman who is all over the place loses her beauty. A woman need to be missed sometimes. Like I miss Charlotte Scott so much!

    • You see, thats the problem of you guys in the diaspora, you just rant always without knowing about the developments in Zambia. For your Info, Kaseba has got a budget line from GRZ. She is drawing money from that budget as she does her job. So dont worry she is so much protected by the law.

    • @cindy
      In what capacity is she commissioning A07, as first lady or as sponsor of the ward? Hope she’s not doing it on behalf of govt because she has no capacity to do so! And cindy, you know it’s not ‘Juwel’, but “Jewel”. Was the deliberate misspelling meant to poke a finger a someone?

    • @ St Jude,
      I for one wouldnt mind if she went in as a Government representative for she does a better Job which in turn is the ultimate goal and being a woman adds the cream to the cake.
      Even just reading the other post were she is the guest of honour in Cape Town comfirms to me that Government has infact picked the right person. I always wish people would see the positive side and development she is bringing in that field. Aha…. that “Juwel thing” was an honest mistake, though I can see that some people below are already crying foul! Thanks dear for the that correction.

    • @cindy
      I totally agree with you on what she has done and is capable of doing but the danger is that our legal system may not fully support her work per se. If anything, her office is not provided for in our laws, so whose money is she spending? You see, I dread the fact that should there be a change of govt, some people may equate her good works to abuse or plunder and send her to the galores! So, since you and me see sense in what she is doing, why don’t you check me out on [email protected] so as we start the ball rolling for creation of a legal office for the first lady?

    • That budget line is not supported by law. There is no constitutional provision for an ‘Office of the First Lady.’ The thing is that now that she has access to the national wallet she has decided to attend all the conferences of interest to which previously she would have been constrained by lack of funding. UTH could not afford to send her everywhere she wanted to go.

    • Haha! cindy @ 2.5! Reminds me of how I couldn’t wait to grow a moustache and beard when I was much younger as I got hit on by guys who always mistook me for a babe! My hair always grew uncontrollably long those days! hahaha!!!! Anyhow, perhaps despite your gender you should give St Jude a call so the legal office can get cracking! hehehe

    • @dudelove 2.4,

      @cindy 2.5
      Oooh! I’m glad you are a dude because I am a lass, only that I could be much much older than you are as I’m nearing 50. I honestly thought you were a lass because it would make things easier and hence the suggestion. Unless you do not believe in what you profess but I’m dead serious!!!!

      That is the more reason why someone should initiate the legalization of that office because her activities have benefited many underprivileged

      @Kalok 2.7
      hahahaha! I hope now that I’ve disclosed my gender I’ll not have the same experience you had, only that dudes mistook you for a lass!!

    • @Sint Jude,
      Wow…., am infact a Lass as you can see the parten of my Language though I like to play one of the boys just to confuse the situation and your age dont matter.Am 100% dead serious about Doc Kaseba right now, but I realise it’s not possible owing to the fact that we havent head anything from her yet considering her stance, Maybe she’s not even into it or maybe she’s waiting for the right time. Anyways, shes not even adopted into the party, so Its actually too early to do something.

      @ kalok,
      So you are actually come from the most beautiful Race in the world? Thats a funny story, I actually have a girlfriend who got hit on from girls in a night club when she went to Africa, for they couldnt tell she was actually a girl.

  1. this woman nids proper caging after his ailing husband leaves office. its too much where was she b4 his husband became a dictator?

  2. this is the best minister of health we could ever have if she was given an opportunity to be there, the passion, passion is there, its immense you cant compare .Mama , keep up the good work and God bless you

  3. This from a woman who is blatantly stealing public funds to which she is not entitled to with a smile on her face and some people think she is ‘juwel’!

    • But she has a budget line from GRZ . Of course she is using GRZ money which has been given to her , so dont worry she is protected.

  4. Anyone who does good for society must be commended. I would like to take cognizance of the fact that First Ladies before her have had some form of influence in our society either via charities they ran (some of which got donations even from state enterprises anyway) or through initiatives that benefited the least in our society. Legalities aside, ethically Madame Kaseba is doing a fine job!

  5. Dr. Kaseba must be strongly advised that the Nurses plight is the product of her husband’s cruelty and political deception never ever witnessed elsewhere in Africa. Dr. Kaseba must keep out of politics and just concentrate on how she will nurture her children when her husband’s political influence will be no more. Dr Kaseba must stop playing dirty games with Nurses lives who are so dear to us the poor.

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