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FIFA mourns Lota

Sports FIFA mourns Lota

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has paid tribute to late ex-Chipolopolo star striker Dennis Lota.

Lota, 40, died on Tuesday in South Africa after a short illness.

He was an assistant coach at South African Premier Soccer League side Moroka Swallows.

In a letter to FAZ, Blatter described Lota as a great servant of football.

“I would like to express my sympathy on hearing of the untimely loss of the former international player Dennis Lota,” Blatter wrote on Thurday.

“Dennis was a highly respected and much loved figure in Zambian football as well as a great servant of the game, and will be sorely missed.

“Personally, and on behalf of the members of the international football community, I should be greatful if you could extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends and loved ones,” he added.

Lota was a veteran of four Africa Cup of Nations (1996, 1998, 2000 and 2002).

Meanwhile, the bereaved family is yet to announce funeral arrangements for the ex-FC Sion and Orlando Pirates star.


  1. LT, are you sure?

    I thought the FIFA president is Platinni I think

    Either way, why don’t you talk much about Scottish football!



    • Mushota, your comments about Lota have always been misplaced. were you by any chance lased without getting paid by him? if not, keep your V closed and allow us the soccer loving Zambians to mourn our hero with dignity!

    • Mushota you amaze me; you yap before you think, you can’t even google to check who is the latest FIFA president before you expose your ignorance!

    • What about Rugby. The scottish were licked by the Irish 29-8 last weekend. There was no diefence in the Scottish team, wonder what you have to sya about that Mushota

  2. Ba Mushota, LT is right the FIFA (the whole world) president is Blatter but the UEFA (europe continent) president is plattini.

  3. Ine wine & concerned citizen! Pls pls. And u take de trabo to in your honest hearts of hearts to respond to the above who is pretending not to know the fifa president. Either u knew on dis site. The lady is a joker and she’s joking in her ussul style. You yet to see her jokes. Welcome

  4. You guys are making laugh when l read your posts and this makes me miss home a lot. There is no place like home Mushota !!! You are not the only one who is abroad. I am educated more than you Mushota. I have a PhD. But at least respect your country and culture. Remember where you came from.

  5. People why do you even waste time answering mushota, she does not even live abroad. I don’t think she even has what to do because she’ s always among the top three to comment. It looks like she is always checking Facebook.

  6. I am beginning to think that Mushota is one of the LT admins. Hers is to be an ice breaker, in a polemic way. That’s why s/he is among the first to comment on each item. There is no way someone who is studying for doctorate can be such a jerk.

  7. Iwe Mushota ubututu bobe tabwakapwe….you are just too dull and now i have confirmed this from your recent post. When did Platinni become FIFA president weshilu we? Ukuntumpa uko?

  8. MUSHOTA- Your parents just wasted their time and energy on you,otherwise it would have served them better if you were born akapopo (still born). Even your grammer does not suit somebody residing in Scotland,it is so pathetic.

  9. fock your pHD’S you are as dull as hell.and you bore us.get lost.so what if you live abroad.does that mean you cant know who sep blatter is.how come you know beyounce and all these other *****ic people.leave this site alone.

  10. I hear mushoto has now gone nude of facebook posing as clara ngoma cz she has gratuated from studing her phd in prostitution.

  11. Mushota you will not finish her PhD if at al she is doing any, let alone start the programme. Simple literature search is lacking my sister. PhD is for the tough and tested like us darling, just get married if the guy, Nick is still interested. Goodluck love.

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