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Sex party pupils released after paying K22.50 admission of guilty fee


Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa
Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa

42 pupils arrested for taking part in a sex party have all be released. Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa who confirmed the matter said the pupils were charged for disorderly conduct and that they had since been release after paying K22.50 admission of guilty.

The party was allegedly organised by a Grade 10 pupil from Chingola’s Kabundi Secondary School.

Ms Kasosa said the alleged sex party took place at a house in Riverside area involving 26 boys and 16 girls.

Ms Kasosa described the incident as sad and urged parents to take more responsibility for their children’s lives.

A check at the house where the sex party allegedly took place found the residence deserted and locked.

Ownership of the house could not be established by press time.

Meanwhile, Naboonga Private School management has suspended 21 pupils for allegedly taking part in a sex party in Chingola’s Riverside residential area.

Naboonga director Francesca Mulenga said of the 42 pupils who were detained by police, 21 are from her school.

“We have since suspended the pupils for three weeks for their alleged bad behaviour,” Mrs Mulenga said in a statement yesterday.

She said, however, that the school has no control over pupils when they leave the school premises.

“The pupils in question have closed school and had opted to go partying, maybe with the permission of their parents,” Mrs Mulenga said.

She said the behaviour and conduct of pupils after school is totally the responsibility of parents, hence the name of the school should not be brought into ridicule.

“In as much as we do not condone the wrongs the pupils at our school do, we will equally not be comfortable if the school is associated to the bad behaviour of pupils during school holidays,” Mrs Mulenga said.

She said the party was not organised by the school and was not held at the school premises.

“No wonder we have failed to comprehend why our school should be mentioned in such a negative context,” Mrs Mulenga said.

And the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) says it is saddened that some young people are abusing their rights by organising functions that are a danger to their lives such as the infamous sex parties in Chingola.

The sex party took place at a house in Chingola’s Riverside residential area and it involved 26 boys and 16 girls who were arrested and later released.

YWCA Copperbelt co-ordinator Sharon Chisanga said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that it is sad that children are abusing their own rights.

Ms Chisanga called on the police to arrest the owner of the house where the sex party was held.

“The owner of the house where the sex party was held must be brought to book, they must explain to the police why such a party was held at the house.

“We are worried that children have started organising such functions where they drink beer, watch pornographic movies and then have sex. This is worrying,” she said.

Ms Chisanga said young people should desist from engaging in vices that have the potential to destroy their lives, adding that the law must be firm on those behind “dirty parties”.

“This is not the first time a sex party is being organised. Remember in Ndola, a similar function was held,” Ms Chisanga said.

She urged parents and guardians to monitor their children’s activities.

“We have a lot of sexually transmitted diseases these days including HIV/AIDS. It is, therefore, shocking that people can hold sex parties which are contributing to the increase of the HIV/AIDS infection rate,” Ms Chisanga said.

And Government has called on parents to promote good moral in their children so that they grew into decent adult that will contribute to national development.

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya said there need for parents not only to take responsibility of their children’s need but also promote good morals.

He expressed sadness over the number of pupils in the province that were suspended from school for engaging in sexual activities.

Last week, 42 pupils at Naboonga Trust School in Chingola were charged for allegedly taking part in a sex party.

And barely a month, six pupils were suspended and six excluded at Santhya Sai School in Pamodzi Township in Ndola for engaging in sexual activities.

Mr Musenge, however, called on the local authorities in the country to strengthen under age bar patronage.

He also called on supermarkets and other shops to stop the sale of alcohol to under age children as this was promoting immoral behavior among the growing generation.

“It is important for parents not only to provide needs for their children but also promote good morals in their children.

Parents should also take keen interest of their children’s behaviour and activities. It is sad to read about pupils being suspended from schools because of engaging in sexual activities,” he said.

The Minister also urged parents to work in hand with the school administration in ensuring that their children do not get involved in illicit activities that might ruin their future.

Mr Musenge appealed to all pupils in the country to become responsible of their lives as theywere the generation that the country depended on.


    • You have a point. Yes, it was wrong. But it’s not like they had sex in public, and besides no one was force to attend the sex party. The kids need counseling, not jail time.

  1. “This is not the first time a sex party is being organised. Remember in Ndola, a similar function was held,” Ms Chisanga said. NO, we don’t remember. We were not there. Were you there yourself?

  2. God forgive our nation for facilitating such events. As long as children have easy access to facebook, whatsapp, bb etc, expect such rotten news. I always feel mobile service providers that offer free facebook or extremely cheap rates especially in the night are aimed at destroying children.

    Children are the future, if we are allowing wickedness to reign over them now, you can predict what kind of Zambia they will be living in when they are grown ups.

  3. There is no law in Zambia that bars anyone from taking part in an orgy, these kids didnt do anything wrong…

  4. naboonga sch y did u suspend pupils who ar on holiday, jst expel them they hv tarnish yo sch name, dnt jst look at money here bt act nw bcz anotha naboonga pupil grl wz caugt red handled hv sex in the markshft at twn market in chingola

  5. Sex party in a Christian Nation? 21 pupils from the School speaks volumes of how that school is run – The School does not teach good values to its pupils. Warning to parents – take your pupils out of that school before they become Sexholics!!

  6. Too many holy people on this thread. It was just a sex party you would think they killed someone. Elo I dont understand what law they have broken. These things happen everyday its just that most Zambians refuse to accept reality thinking that the country is some sort of heaven were everyone is holy.

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