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Government launches technical audit of roads construction

Economy Government launches technical audit of roads construction

A road paving machine
A road paving machine

GOVERNMENT has launched the first ever technical audit on various roads in an initiative aimed at enhancing transparency in the road sector. The project will cost K1.5 million.

Scott Wilson Piesold Zambia Limited won the tender to carry out the technical audit for a period of three months.

Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary Felix Nkulukusa said the consultancy service, which will be monitored by the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA), will also offer checks and balances in the sector.

“This technical audit which we are launching today will change the face of the road sector as it will take to task contractors who offer shoddy works,” he said.

Mr Nkulukusa was speaking yesterday at a press briefing in Lusaka, where the technical audit was launched.

He said contractors who will be found wanting by not adhering to the contract will be taken to task so that others are deterred.

Mr Nkulukusa said that the results of the audit will in a way help improve the way road contracts are implemented.

NRFA director and chief executive officer Antony Mwanaumo said the overall objective of the technical audit is to verify that resources have been used efficiently, transparently and economically.

Dr Mwanaumo said this is also meant to ascertain value for money in the road sector.
He said the technical audit includes detailed evaluation of various projects which are on-going, under defects liability period and completed ones.


  1. not dreams but lazy characters, inspection is supposed to be done before full payment, what happens afterward, when the people have already chewed the money
    we thought Sata was going to be showing up at every project to ensure everything was being done right, man of action, now we don’t truly know his health.

  2. Go to Zambia Reports NOW and download those bank statements. You will know the perpetrators of thefts! RDA should not have gone to state house in the first place.

    • We need a FINANCIAL AUDIT more than a technical one, so we can see how much of the EUROBOND money Sata and his gang of PF crooks, criminals and conmen have stolen from the RDA while Sata has been hiding it in State House!

  3. Please attention should also be given to kabwe the guy given the contract is just playing around there not doing the work.

  4. Waste of money this audit; even when there is proof of malpractise it will be covered up to make it look like all is well: buy drugs for the hospitals with that money rather;

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