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Let’s face the fact that President Sata is sick-Tayali


Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has advised the PF Government to stop hiding the illness of President Michael Sata.

Mr Tayali said it is clear that President Sata is not enjoying the best of health adding that Government should come out clean and state the fact that he is unwell.

He said Government is not being fair by denying information on the health of the Head of State especially that he has not been seen in public for close to a month.

Mr Tayali was speaking in Lusaka Sunday afternoon when he addressed a news conference at Lusaka Hotel.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now getting to a month without seeing our beloved President whom we overwhelmingly voted for. For some time this year our President has been seldom in the public and the last time we saw him, he did not look healthy in spite of his age. President Sata is a very familiar man to most Zambians because he has been interacting with everybody and this is why he won the hearts of people to be voted as our 5th President. Therefore, it is easy to notice that this man is not the same,” Mr Tayali said.

He added, “The recent strange character of the President, of not being among people, physical ineptness and the recent disappearance clearly shows that our President is not fine. Our president cannot stay away from his people deliberately without an explanation. Our President must definitely be sick and government is hiding this fact.”

Mr Tayali has since condemned the manner in which Government has handled the issue of the health of President Sata.

“To intimidate citizens, one minister warned of criminalizing the discussion of the health of the President, which is so lame of him. President Sata is our public property and he signed for it when he asked the Zambian people to vote for him. The president is also very much aware of this fact, since he even came out and announced that we are free to discuss his health,” he said.

He continued, “This is exactly what we should do, we should ask why he went to hospital in Israel, why he has lost so much weight, why he is not seen in public. And the best that Government should do is to give us answers not intimidating us. Our asking is not out of malice or politicking, but a genuine concern for our President.

On the issue of the constitution, Mr Tayali said the Zambian Voice is demanding for the immediate release of the draft constitution and the enactment of a new constitution before 2016 Elections.

[pullquote]Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now getting to a month without seeing our beloved President whom we overwhelmingly voted for. For some time this year our President has been seldom in the public and the last time we saw him, he did not look healthy in spite of his age.[/pullquote]

“The Patriotic Front campaigned on the premise of delivering of a new constitution. They promised all the Zambian people a new constitution driven by the people other than what MMD was offering, National Constitution Conference (NCC). In persuading Zambians to vote for them, they even put a time frame of 90 days. Today as we speak it has been 1,022 days or 2 years, 9 months, and 19 days without a New Constitution. The PF government has not changed the priorities putting the Constitution issue on the shelves to gather dust,” he said.

“While we appreciate the development Infrastructure, Education, Health and Agriculture embarked on by the PF, we want to prioritize the Constitution so that no politician will hold us to ransom for what we deserve as citizens. Zambians are not at the mercy of any politician to relay on their goodwill. We would also like to warn the PF that they should not take advantage of the ignorance of the poor people especially those in rural areas to advance their ulterior motives not to deliver the people driven Constitution.”

He said, “The PF officials claim that people prefer food, fertilizer, roads, medicines, education and other social services to a New Constitution. This is crookedness on the part of the PF, hoodwinking our simple people with social amenities as if they are doing them a favour so that they can forget about their rights. PF has a responsibility to deliver development as well as the Constitution without cheating citizens that they cannot have both.”

On the parentage clause in the constitution, Mr Tayali revealed that the Zambian Voice will go to court this week to seek judicial review over the parentage clause.

“We know that some few PF government officials do not want give us a Constitution because they want to use it to disadvantage some citizens in a political race. Laws like the Public Order Act, publication of false news, the parental clause in Presidential candidature qualification, have become the favorites for the mediocre PF government officials. “
“Zambian Voice has therefore decided to fight all bad laws which are in conflict with the freedoms of citizens and democratic tenets.

This week we will seek a judicial review with an objective of scraping off the constitutional provisions of the controversial parentage amendments of 1996 article 34(3)b which stipulates that both parents should be Zambians by birth or descent qualify to contest for Presidency,” he said.

He added, “This parental clause should be scraped off in our Constitution following the ruling that was made in the case of Akashambatwa Mbikusita and others Vs FTJ Chiluba, so that no one can refer to it in discriminating others.”


  1. Ubufi ngabwakokola bulabelela.Ba Sata naimwe fumeni bwangu bosses mulelenga bonse tusumine ati mwalilwala chishinka.

    • me, i blame bashilubemba,,,,,,, now your Sata is afraid the people,, he must hide to live abit longer,,, this is a kind of phobia which is very very in world,, ,,,,,,,bashilubemba are playing spritual tricks on your Sata`s mind

    • @ phiri
      Is it normal to you that the president is not seen in public for so long? If you have nothing to say better keep quite.

    • Let’s face the fact that President Sata is sick????????????????????

      Wake up! The FACT is that he is DEAD and PF cannot tell the Nation because they fear!

    • Mulenga Sata is useless, how can boys of your age be insulting your father and you busy watching World Cup on corrupt LCC TV?
      I think Kazimu stopped smoking ibange, nga naiponona with that Tayani.

    • Nando thats why we should have a leader who really believes and fears Jesus so that all limited powers which demonic pipo use will not affect Gods pio and nation.


    • @ Peter

      Imagine for a second that you are the passenger in a plane.
      The cockpit door is open and you can see Captain in his left side seat slump over unconscious, right seat empty and all screens are flashing with warning lights saying “RESET”.
      Are you going back to cabin and start talking about World Cup?

    • @peter, polite reminder. Please STOP typing in Capital letters. I wanna read what you write but your Capital writing just puts me off. Capital typing in computing is bad manners and seen as shouting and I can’t brush that away to make an exception for you. Hope you don’t mind.


  2. Bra bra bra ! Let the old man rest.He is just regaining some energy to come back and campaign with a vigor.Next topic please.

    • What he has done is to be heard. It least we know him and he is building his political career. What about you what have you done?

  3. Tayali, don’t be sqeamish about this thing. Go ahead and say it, that Sata is dead. No head of state has abdicated their basic responsibility, (not reporting for duty), like Sata has done and their still alive on earth? No ways!

  4. Sata is not dead. He’s just suffering from senile dementia described as “A progressive, abnormally accelerated deterioration of mental faculties and emotional stability in old age, occurring especially in alzheimer’s disease” (Medical Dictionary).

    • Does Mugabe has the same dementia as u claim,?if sata has it,then it’s time to set down as he can’t remember what he is doing,he can even forget that he is the president,thinking kabimba is.

    • @ 8.1 chikubabeniso – Where have I claimed that Mugabe has the same dementia? And of course, he can’t remember what he’s doing, or that he’s President. Or who Kabimba is.
      When he went to testify against Richard Sakala at the Lusaka High Court, he even said he thought R. Sakala died some time back – the same person he was suing.

  5. News just received: the great invisible one is not in the country!
    He never returned and the Poko Faram chaps have managed to f00l the public to believe he is in Nkwazi house when he is not!
    What should we do with this bunch of liars and thieves?

    • Jail the whole lot of them for hijacking the Constitution and trying to take over the country by COUP D’ETAT!

      Treason deserves the death penalty!

  6. The online Zambian media are the only institutions that seem to offer greater sympathy to President Sata. On the other hand the Govt Spokesman, in concert with the Post Newspaper, have opted to generate scornful treachery and fooling Sata’s family that the President’s health is 100% Ok.

    If the Govt had told the truth, the nation, and particularly more so members of PF party, would have been sympathetic to the plight of the President’s health by organising prayers for his quick recovery and sourcing funds from well-wishers to provide him with the best medication.

    The bare truth is that Sata is the Principal Proprietor of PF – and that PF is Sata alone. The rest will soon be the greatest losers – yet to be tested in the next by-elections.

  7. The cartel of will continue misleading the nation just like they (kabimba & Scott)did during the whereabouts of the draft constitution.the hope of the cartel is that they will play this game till 2016,its up to Dr kaseba and sata ‘s family to bring this circus to an end.kabimba enjoys misleading people,to him that’s leadership,very day chap.

  8. The less people know about the president’s illness, the calmer they will be. The president’s ailments are his personal business. I did not take an oath to show my X-rays to the public – Boris Yeltsin, president of Russia 1991 – 1999.

  9. Ironic that poko faram are behaving with the secrecy of the bashilubemba when a Chitimukulu dies……. how many people do they want to bury with Mwango Kays?

  10. Mr Tayali Chilufya,
    Your criminal enterprise to change Zambia’s constitution on the parentage clause via a judicial review is meant to benefit Guy Scott and ultimately benefit your pay master Winter Kabimba in the short term. We know how compromised and corrupt the judiciary is at the moment. Please Tayali be warned that we as citizens of that republic will not allow that nonsense to happen. Why are you only interested in the parentage clause and not the 51% + for one to govern? For example you have never questioned Winter Kabimba’s illegal acting in the Presidential capacity.

  11. Tayali, what’s your interest in changing this clause? Funding? Don’t sell the country for 30 pieces. Maybe the barotse guys should be quick with their thing, at least we can have one sane country to go to. This Zambian thing is really getting out of hand.

  12. Tayali is right on the need to have a new constitution but not on the judicial review. The new constitution has a clause or provision for a REFERENDUM which is the CIVILISED way of AMENDING a constitution. All modern civilisations are hinged on a good people driven constitution. When you have a good people driven constitution, even amendments come very apart and at times unnecessary. WHY are we ZAMBIANS denying ourselves the very foundation of a better land for all.

    • @ Wonzuna, read your history. In 1964 the Constitution had to have a REFERENDUM to change it.

      But that DICTATOR KK organised to change that by his rubber-stamp Parliament for 2/3rds majority so he could make his one-party state.

      So talk to him. He caused all this sh!t.

    • @Bulbar, I think you are the one who should read your history. Wasn’t Zambia became a one participatory ‘democracy’ in 1972? In 1964 when Northern Rhodesia became Zambia, everything was mirrored from the colonial masters; we were in a democratic country until 1972…

  13. Please just declare national mourning and bury the old man dead or alive since he doesn’t want to be found …they have wasted far too much of taxpayer’s money on covering this silly lie.

  14. The GRZ can hide, but how does that help me and any common citizens? Should the worst happen, will they announce a National Mourning? I think the Zambian will do good to hold accountable any who will make sad announcement.

  15. Malasian missing airline big as was went missing what more sata. You will never see him. Even ba zed popi are xonfused.

  16. Ba ANC who are relatively younger than you guys in independence politics seem to know better. When Zuma got sick and could not deliver the State of the Nation address here they told us he had been ordered to go home and rest because he wasnt well. Of course we know he is still sick but the fact is they haven’t hidden it.

  17. Mwaice Tayali fimofimo, have respect for elders and use proper selection of vocabulary when address them. You once did the same to Mr.Kapeya.
    Mwaice that donor that is funding you will vanish and leave you with debts and accrued unsettled rentals. Days are numbered.

  18. Zambia the land of prevarication,equivocation and deliberately misleading statements.Karma and fate has a funny way of coming back to haunt the agents of such doublespeak.

    • flag ndobo says: ndobo
      July 13, 2014 at 7:25 pm | Permalink
      me, i blame bashilubemba,,,,,,, now your Sata is afraid the people,, he must hide to live abit longer,,, this is a kind of phobia which is very very in world,, ,,,,,,,bashilubemba are playing spritual tricks on your Sata`s mind

      Ndobo, Let the President work with bashilubemba, he will be fine, also with the pastors (man of God) whom he has called self ordained ?

  19. In Zambia when one refers to being sick means you have either HIV or AIDS. My question is why are people so quick to judge? Only the doctor knows and if Sata has it can choose to disclose it or not. For those saying he’s sick, did he tell you his status?

  20. Please the President is for all Zambians and there is nothing to hide, He is sick. So let the gorvernment tell the people the truth. Why are you hiding? Sata is a human being, He has to fall ill. Tell the people the truth.Which working holiday He went for in Iseal?

  21. Those who are hiding the president will have a lot to answer, to avoid that, let them come out clean now.

  22. Why are we paying this fraudster? He ascended to power through fraudulent means and he has continued to get paid fraudulently. I guess we the “employer” are to blame. 2016 let’s vote for REAL CHANGE! ZAMBIA FORWARD!

  23. A question to the Learned Fraternity of the legal profession:
    Is there legal redress to force the release of the Draft Constitution currently on the desk of the minister whose job is to process legal matters in the interest if the voting public?

  24. Ask Maureen Mwanawasa….she knows how these things are done. Where is the first lady? The secrecy behind dead presidents in Zambia is a common occurance. I am not saying he is dead, but he is “dead absent”. Not reported for work in how many days now??? Can’t you people see what is happening? You will never see his ruling Zambia again. He has slipped away. Start thinking about a new President…preferably HH because he seems to be the only guys now

  25. I totally agree with you Tayali the unprofessional manner Chellah, Mmembe, PF ministers and cadres have handled the health of our president. No wander PF has ended in this manner. This ending is as a result of dishonestness, self-deceit, untruthness, lies, hoodwinking, propaganda of falsehood by Chellah, Mmembe, PF ministers and cadres. These people have taken turns to mislead Zambians on the life of our president. These people must realise that our President is human who at one time was young, then grew to a man and now to an old man. I personally HATE the way these people mishandled the health issues of our president because they put him under pressure to work even when they knew that the president needed time to heal.
    These people did all this savage actions so that they to…

  26. I have been hearing this insult about “ignorant people in the rural areas”! It is NOT RIGHT to think that everyone who lives in the rural area is ignorant. I live in the rural area together with others and we are even more informed than most urban dwellers. STOP INSULTING US WHEN ARGUING YOUR POINTS.

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