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Zambians are joyous at President Sata’s reappearance – Grillo

General News Zambians are joyous at President Sata's reappearance - Grillo

President Sata in Mkushi
President Sata in Mkushi

Non Governmental Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Chairperson Beatrice Grillo said President Michael Sata’s recent public appearance has brought joy to the Zambian people.

Ms Grillo told QFM News in a telephone interview that it was nice to see the President appear in public during a rally to drum up support for the Patriotic Front candidate in the Mkushi South parliamentary by-election Davis Chisopa.

Ms Grillo said she was personally happy to read in the media that President Sata had made a public appearance after a longtime.

Ms Grillo said Zambians still need the President to finish his term of office.

The NGOCC board Chairperson has since appealed to Zambians to continue praying for the good health of President Sata.

President Sata had not been seen in public since returning from a ‘working holiday’ in Israel in June 2014.


  1. “Some Zambians” maybe joyous but it doesnt take away the fact that we have a Govt of lies that does not know where to stop. Sata is living on borrowed time and the best he can do for himself, his family and the nation is to retire and enjoy what is left of his life. Therfore those that are joyous are simply vindicating those who claim that Zambians are docile and gullible. Cant consider anything beyond whats on their noses.


    • whoever you are friend or friends it is you who is gullible and docile not me as a Zambian don’t generalize your gullibility and docility to all Zambians.

    • @Ngosa Victor
      I did not say ALL Zambians are docile and gullible, but the majority are and are easily deceived. Therefore my generalisation is not baseless but certainly not to be read as every Zambian. And anyone who concludes that my statement applies to every Zambian is simply proving my point because anyone with an ability to critically think and apply logic would not, by any stretch conclude and see that. It is only a docile person that would do that.

  2. So it s official ka? That Sata is unwell. That he just recovered.

    But when was he sick, since the Past Newspaper (much more so now) and all the PFuvuzelas have always denied that Sata was sick. Even the Israel trip was to meet the outgoing Israeli president and not for medical reasons but working holiday.

  3. But why do these N’S talk like they have our mandate? Which Zambia n’s is she talking on behalf of.I enjoyed his absence as it helped us not to see his sarcasm and habit of talking down to me

  4. This ugly woman-man has come up with another fart again! Which Zambian is joyous about Sata’s reappearance. This tendency to issue generalising statements MUST stop in this country. Some of us knew already that Sata was around – it is YOU chaps who kept on making noise about it and wasting time on talking and issuing rubbish statements as if you have no other work. How can an entire population of adult citizens who have clearly seen and know that their leader is not well, keep bullying him to appear in public! I’m shocked by the level of childishness in this country. I’m not a PF supporter but I’m also not a PF-hater. I criticise only when necessary. Now, suppose the president collapsed and died on his way to Mkushi, would you still be joyous? This woman-man Grillo should be fired.

  5. Do you mean all there is to prove is that Sata is not dead and that he can walk or speak? Am fed up with all this. Is Sata a baby for Zambians to ululate and celebrate when he says something or is seen making a step? This is typical of an under-achiever. Why must Zambians sing and applaud every time Sata does something, no matter how small? You, Ms Grilo have been turned into an image builders of this failed President. It’s only in Zambia where, whenever the President appears in public, citizens move into a delirious mood probably to celebrate Sata’s imagined achievements.

    • From working holiday or from meeting investors or from not existing medical treatment of non existing sickness? Back from where?

  6. Sata’s PF govt has shown us what a mickey mouse country we have got for ourselves. The public servant goes into hiding for three months and his reappearance without explaining where he was and why he abdicated his basic responsibilities and this is a cause for celebration! It’s incredible how childish our country has become!

  7. For all that we really know, that is another old stock photo.

    There is also the wording “….happy to READ in the media that….” indicates that Mrs Grillo didn’t visually see the event or the Cobra.

    Anyone else smell BS?????

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