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Zambia to have a youthful president says Malawi prophet Austin Liyabunya


Malawi Prophet Austin Liyabunya who is known in his country for making national prophecies has prophesized that Zambia is destined to have a youthful President but did not disclose the name of the individual.

Prophet Liyabunya, exclusively disclosed this to MaraviPost in Malawi’s administrative Capital Lilongwe on Sunday Afternoon.

“Zambia will now have a Youthful President,” he suddenly disclosed this to MaraviPost when asked if God had showed him anything about Zambia.

The prophet also said that he is not making this prophecy for the first time adding that he said he already disclosed this to Zambians the time he went there in March this Year.

“When I visited Zambia last March for our PROPHETIC SUMMIT program in Lusaka, I told Zambians that something will happen and that they will have a Youthful President very soon. Even when I visited Swaziland I also said that 2015 will be the year of political change in Zimbabwe”, said Prophet Liabunya.

Prophet Liyabunya came into the limelight when he accurately prophesized way back in November 2012 that younger brother to the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika would lead the then opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) back into government.

His Prophecy came into pass.

In a hotly contested first ever tripartite election in Malawi on 20th May, 2014, the younger Mutharika, surprisingly emerged the winner of the Presidential election in a fashion which was prior described by the Prophet in his November , 2012 National Prophecy.

The Prophet recently also made a disturbing prophecy, tipping the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) that its first victory after it was booted out of power in 1994 will either be soon or in 2019, making the incumbent President Peter Mutharika of the DPP, a one term President.


  1. Please keep away these fake prophets from our debates. For all we know that last prophet we usually discussed on this site is facing manslaughter charges because of his greed.
    So no, please and we shall try and work with wisdom, facts and prudence

  2. What age constitutes ‘youthful’ to you, Mr Austin Liyabunya? Hichilema, Miles Sampa or Nevers Mumba are all youthful by Zambian standards. How can the man make such a generalised prediction even before see who will stand for presidency? What if all the candidates are ‘youthful’? Won’t having a ‘youthful’ president be inevitable? What Mr Liyabunya has said is akin to standing before a crowd of 100 UNZA new graduates and claiming: ‘I prophesize that someone here wants a job’! What are they smoking in Lilongwe, Malawi?

  3. Ati Malabish! keep dreaming and Malawi will have a child soldier as president because that mbumba ya kamuzu didn’t work out.

  4. This prophets are really dull, his friend TBJ could not see calamity in his own house. How can we trust them? They are all fake and just want to rip money from equally desperate people. Shame on them. It is so clear that this time young people are standing, may be the oldest will be HH. So where is that prophecy?

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia

  5. They have not said a sangoma but a prophet.Why are so afraid of a youlth to be president,it simply means you know that youth.The only youths among the contestants are Miles,Chipimo and HH.Judging by the strength of political parties only the two can make thus Miles or HH.This to me is a true prediction,Mark my words.HH will be the next president.He will defeat Goliath like David did.He will be a david to protect the Jews.The jews the country of Zambia form poverty and ignorance .Never shall Zambia have a Kaponya for President anymore.Nevers and Lungu are out of the bracket of youth.


    It has been weeks of scathing writing by the Post Newspaper scribes against Defense and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu MP. Hon Lungu’s person has been smeared with all sorts of unpalatable phrases, prose fiction and hanging lies. Hon Lungu, learned, who is also PF Secretary General has faced literal demonizing by the paper which has openly come out as an anti-PF news channel.

    The Post Newspaper even prior to the late Republican President’s demise had depicted Cabinet Ministers as corrupt and sought to desperately dent the image of the ruling party through “missiles” targeting selected ministers.

    I beg the Hon Minister to consider taking due process against the truant and unbecoming scribes and their cronies who have begun a ceaseless battle…

  7. In their Editorial Comment 2de titled “Lust for Power” the Post stealthily quote President Mugabe as having advised against politicians using government for their personal interests. This is interesting “kamikaze” journalism. The Paper has said nothing on Mugabe’s caution on the emerging creed of neo-colonial masters and neo-colonial “imperialists”
    The scribes as per tradition became mute on the topic as they mused over their “friend’s” interests. This kind of newspaper is determined to publish anything whether rotten or rubbish so long it meets their daily cruel needs against Hon Lungu. They throng the grand edifice of the learned with cheap propaganda and journalism of spindle-legged, arm twisted crooks who endeavor to tarnish the image of a senior counsel (Lawyer) in the SADC Region

    • The paper did not comment on Mugabe’s caution because Mugabe will be dead preety soon and what a time (joyous) will it be for Zimbos. They cant wait for 2015. I don’t know why you castigate Prophet Austin. GHe is merely doing his God’s bidding. Sata is dead and this was prohecised in March this year. Where is your problem with either LT or Austin?

  8. Lungu is a crook, it’s as simple as that. Do you want somebody with a CV like his to be your president? He is guilt of professional misconduct, he was fired for embezzlement from two corporates, the question you should be asking: is this the man you want to be president?

    • Luke 16 vs 10:

      “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.
      (New international Version)

      Can Lungu pass this simple test?

    • @Wantashi,

      Mwamba, Me? My foot! His idiosyncrasy and acumen cannot match mine. Look at how he has messed up ZNBC with his boss proud for nothing Chanda Kasolo who uses tribal links to sustain his position.

      The Corporation has been compromised as the news room is a simple kangaroo media gallery with biased news tilted towards the “cartel” and its henchmen and henchwomen, saying nothing permanently about Edgar Lungu. My caution to the media professional at ZNBC is that they are being steadily monitored and when tables turn, they should not cry for they have opted to feed from the cartel’s table and leave their professional ethics. This is free advice. I will never be that Emmanuel Mwamba, I love my homestead and creed! Please!

      I am an intellectual of level-mindedness

  9. As a Christian I say we as Zambians are as blessed as any other nation. One of the few countries declared Christian. In short we are praying for our own country and destinies. Also we are going to work very hard and not only pray. Blessings to Zambians near and far.In Jesus’s name Amen!

    • well chipimo also was paid by the government over his legal advise just as HH was paid for valuations of companies by the government….

    • Friends Chipimo and HH have what it takes to be capable of becoming Presidential material, but not just yet because they need a lot of introspection on how to pull the electoral province of Zambia on one side. They get excited with their intellectual ability and agree with their shadows they are ripe for Plot 1 and fail the litmus test each trying political moment. Pick HH, simple. He cannot divorce himself from being regional, and when he pretends not to be so, he falls woefully on the rostrum. Stereo typing!

      Pick Chipimo, hardly does he realize that spending time theorizing and pausing in the corridors of faith, law and humility cannot guarantee obvious votes and victory at the end of the day. His character has to move from Kabulonga straight into the shanty and village without…

  10. Miles Sampa, GBM, HH, RB, who to choose from? Aha, Munkombe is my best bet. The young and vibrant politician. Munkombe with new wife is my first choice.



  12. Its plain clear that all the possible candidates are youthful, everyone can see this, its not rocket science. How then can this be a prophecy?

  13. Ama prophets aba chine used to eat honey, and locusts. They also only wore sandals, slept in the bush and either walked or used a donkey and camel for transport.
    They prophesised Holy events.

    Ama profits balelo they wear 3 piece suits; drink champagne; and eat T-bone steak and choice cut meats from Fringilla. They also specialize in other people’s wives. Sleep in The Royal Livingstone with armed guards and drive limousines on tarred roads.
    They prophesise political events in other countries. Why can’t this guy tell us Malawi will win the AFCON 2015 in Equatorial Guinea?

    You would also be a fool to accept as prophesy nonsense that tomorrow morning you will be feeling hungry and will need to eat some food to feel better.

  14. Whosoever shall win will be my president, simply because even if I want ……, he/she will never put food on my table if I have not worked. My only cry is for a better and peaceful Zambia through HE HH. Our thoughts are nothing but prayer. I just want somebody who will be hardworking like our own MHSRIEP HE MCS who cleared CHIBOLYA compound, made it Ku mayaadi and put robots in Kanyama’s Lusaka road.

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