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We did not storm ZNBC newsroom, we were invited-Kambwili


MINISTER of Youth and Sport, Chishimba Kambwili, addresses a developmental meeting at Kawawa Primary school in Kasenengwa constituency in Chipata on Wednesday
MINISTER of Youth and Sport, Chishimba Kambwili,

Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili, PF deputy national secretary Anthony Kasolo have said that they were invited to ZNBC by Kenneth Maduma, the director of news and current affairs to clarify a story.

Mr Kambwili, Mr Kasolo and Ms Masebo speaking at a press briefing, denied storming the ZNBC newsroom and said they went to the national broadcaster at the invitation of Mr Maduma clarify a story and were made to wait in the newsroom.

“We went to ZNBC to clarify a story and Mr Maduma made us wait for him in the newsroom, where we started highlighting some bias in their news,” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kasolo accused Dr Mulwila of abusing the national broadcaster.

Ms Masebo, who is PF chairperson for elections, confessed calling Mr Maduma to question him why he had aired an erroneous story.

“I didn’t abuse Mr Maduma. I called him to stop the nonsense of alarming the nation with a false story. There is only one PF,” Ms Masebo said.

Both Ms Masebo and Mr Kambwili said that that they had no apology to make with Masebo stressing that she was disappointed with the way ZNBC reports.

Masebo said ZNBC was a public broadcaster and should protect the president and further condemned Dr John Mulwila for what she called unprofessional conduct of castigating their behaviour on air.

‘The Chairperson is unprofessional for him to castigate us on air, even if we were wrong did he have to castigate us on air like that,’ Masebo asked.

[pullquote]“I didn’t abuse Mr Maduma. I called him to stop the nonsense of alarming the nation with a false story. There is only one PF,” Ms Masebo said.[/pullquote]

And Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has directed Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema to issue a ministerial statement by tomorrow on the conduct of senior government and PF officials who allegedly stormed the ZNBC news room.

This followed a point of order by Kasempa MP Kabinga Pande, who wanted to know if Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili, PF deputy national secretary Anthony Kasolo and PF Member of the Central Committee Sylvia Masebo were in order to allegedly instill fear and intimidate journalists.

Meanwhile, Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Nkandu Luo and Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba have condemned the alleged storming of the ZNBC newsroom.


    • First of all, PF needs an image consultant and secondly a spokes-person. Every one in this party is free to talk on anything any time!
      Kabimba and Masebo are pompous with an unwavering sense of entitlement. What story was Maduma running that he needed three top PF members to clarify? PF is full of pathological liars. You all lied about Sata’s health till his death. And now this!

    • kambwili shut your flabby rotten mouth up! your model of behavior at ZNBC remains that of the fat black PIG, and DOG of white PiG!
      Maduma is our national asset! for years we have known Maduma a very correct man! and you Kambwili we have known you from just ‘yesterday’ a very nauseating man in deeds and appearance!

    • What Masebo and Kambwili did was wrong. I feel sorry for Maduma, but he is not qualified for the job. he was hired simply because Sata liked him. We need qualified professionals at all levels who will not be intimidated by useless and finished politicians like Masebo

    • Freedom of speech….Freedom of Assembly, Free like an eagle in its flight and climbing greater heights to reach new horizons. Abash PF, Abash dictators and in with UPND. VIVA HH, VIVA ECONOMIC GROWTH, VIVA EDUCATION, VVA SUPERIOR HEALTHCARE, VIVA CITIZEN EMPOWERMENT, VIVA NEW CONSTITUTION, VIVA SOSALA SHILUMBEMBA…VIVA ONE ZAMBIA VIVA ONE NATION.

    • Clean Lie?? This Party is full of Liars?? They are Crazy and not even ashamed of themselves. Why wait in the News room?? is that the only room at ZNBC?? Fat boy stop smoking Ganja and get serious. learn to accept mistakes than think you are smart.

      Is this a president you would want in Zambia??

      Zambians Judge for yourselves. unless we are to vote for this mad boy.

  1. Does not matter how much ‘spin’ you put on this story Mr Kambwili, will already know the TRUTH on what actually happened. the damage has been done. The sad thing is you dont see anything wrong in your actions. This also shows the quality of PF leadership, including that of acting republic president Guy Scott

  2. ati “ZNBC should protect the President” by that they mean GS, what a group of troublemakers inclusive of the the main architect of this chaos GS.

    • In fact the only person who knew how to deal with that kama bones lady was Sata MHSRP. Will she be buried at the same area where we bury our presidents? So that she will continue to protect them.

  3. Dear Honorable Kambwili,

    You are invicted to come to mass media ZNBC. Please make sure you storm the premises and blust us for covering UPND & Guy Scott & Edgar Lungu.

    Yours Sincere

    Kenneth Maduma

    • The ”Honourable” in this case means dishonourable in reference to Kambwili’s ‘animalish’ behaviour, just as his name seem to portray. I further give thumbs up to his father for visionary giving him that name because it is a direct replica to IMBWILI, the actual animal. Kambwili’s father is a real SANGOMA.

    • Kekekeke! You have cracked my ribs. These chaps think they can continue to cheat people. it turns out they are the ones that are retards.

  4. It’s all out of control. …these buffoons don’t just knows when to shut up…where did we go wrong how could we let an incompetent shambolic leader like Sata get into State House with these imbeciles.

    • Iwe Jay Jay, do you even vote? do you have a voter’s card? can you afford a ticket to come back to Zambia and vote? I do not think so. If you cannot do all these things then why should you question who voted whom into office. Just shut up!!

    • Jay Jay
      I hear you my friend.And can you imagine they say we should vote for Edgar Lungu because that was Sata’s wish.To me if Edgar was Sata’ choice that is the main reason why he should not be voted for.Havent we all seen were Sata has left us?We even have pangas on the streets.It is time to turn a new page and get rid of these rogues as a whole.

  5. Ba Masebo, your language explains it ” i called him to stop this nonsense.”
    There should have been a better way of talking to Kenneth Maduma.
    It does not mean being politics you above the rest of us.

    • If Masebo was the only woman remaining on earth I would certainly run into the ocean for fear of getting close to her. What a woman or is it man.

    • What language did you expect from the useless turncoat Masebo? Even the little education she has got was a waste. She is just fit for selling mangoes by the roadside in Chongwe. No wonder she is ….

  6. Mr kabwili do you remember the last recorded words of Adolf Hitler? IS PARIS ON FIRE YET! As your days as minister wind down you want to destroy as much as you can and make as much noise as you can.

  7. “Masebo said ZNBC was a public broadcaster and should protect the President”………

    Even if he is wrong? Even if he tells LIES? Even if he commits criminal acts?

    Even if he breaches the Constitution that he swore an Oath to uphold?

    Maybe in a Dictatorship. But definitely not in a Democracy!

    It is called Freedom of Speech, have you ever heard of that Masebo?

  8. Kambwili is always talking and fighting. He will soon have heartbreak. These are last kicks of dying horses.
    Rude awakening is coming for PF. Let them wait and see after the general conference and presidential elections.

  9. If you only kept your beak shut Kambwili, maybe, just maybe, people may think you are wise or normal. As of now, you are just another riff ruff!!

  10. They really want to go into a war of words with the chairman of the board of a govt institution like they did with the draft constitution committee…a fo@l will continue to argue with you until he brings you down to his level and win…these are empty tins.

  11. Chishimba Kambwili, du du cha, waba amano, du du cha, kwati ni mwbwili, du du cha…..mone ichimubili, du du cha, kwati uli mbuli, du du cha…..

    On a serious note, if Kenneth invited you, why then did you make threats? If it was an invitation, then you should have had a peaceful conversation but you threatened him and made a lot of noise so we read on all the news blogs, that’s why the Board became involved. So who is lying? Shows you that brains work better than ‘Hoologanism 101’ from Copperstone University. This man is dull to say the least. Even when he is lying, he can’t come up with a clever lie.

  12. This buffoon used to loiter in the trees of state house before Sata evicted all his friends fearing ku mutundila now he thinks he’s king? Your thugs will turn against you when you loose your job in January and we’ll have our revenge. Kabwili needs to fix the pot holes in his head.

  13. Kambwili, Kasolo, and Masebo are senior party and/or government officials. If it is true that they were invited, surely the invitation must have been in writing to make it official and have it on record. Can the three produce the letter of invitation, signed by Mr. Kenneth Maduma, as proof that they were actually invited?

  14. The PF is too lenient. If it was MMD, they would have dissolved this ZNBC Board by now, and worse if it was UNIP, all the board members would be inprisoned. no where in the istory of zambai has a board chairman of a govt institution behave in this way. whom is he trying to please. who isthis mulwila? when PF was in the opposition, how many times did they complain of not being covered? and today that they are in governemnt, they were suppossed to black out all opposing views. But then PF has brought goodness to zambia….so much democrasy.

    • I have these few points and questions for this fool:
      1. Why should the Board members be imprisoned?
      2. ZNBC belongs to a taxpayer like myself, maybe not you since you sound like a jerabo and do not pay any tax.
      3. How come you do not have an idea whom Dr. John Mulwila is? He is a highly educated man who holds a doctorate in Law! Nowhere near to your Kambwilis who have fake degrees from silly universities!
      4. Your thinking is surely warped to suggest that since PF are in government then they should order the blacking out of the opposition.
      5. PF has not brought goodness to Zambia, maybe to you and your
      fellow minions, what democracy are you yapping about?
      Zambians should open their eyes NOW! If theses *****s can behave in this way now, what more IF you vote them back on 20th…

  15. But Bembas you enjoyed under your Sata, John Mulwila DG of ZNBC without any broadcasting qualification than being Bemba, I believe Sata is having it tough with God in Heaven!

    • The are using him as their bulldog and he is really barking loudly. Watch and learn, they will dump him and expose him once they are done. Who can believe that the Post has turned against Masumba? This, Mr Kambwili is a marriage of convenience. Once its over, you will dance pelete.

  16. mr kmbwili the pf presidential bula bula and you talk so arrogantly to the nation like that. really you must have graduated with ditinctions in telling lies do you think people have closed their eyes maybe your cadres as for masebo i appeal to harrington to find her wanting so he takes her to court for offences she commited until she learns how to apologise

    • baba Inkoko, I thought you guys are supposed to play along with this cousinship drama whereby, baba Mwale pulls your tail and you pull his. no? That’s what I thought. 😉

  17. Questionable stories must not be aired. Only clear indisputable facts must be allowed. If the tempo is too fast, then it is better for certain journalists to step aside. Childish squabbles must be ignored by the national broadcaster. Among democrats there are semi-democrats, and the difference is not easy to distinguish.

  18. Newly elected Mangango MP allegedly referred to one such Sylvia , “Wena lihule”! during campaigns for the by election which took him to parliament. Is this the same Sylvia? I can imagine the epitaph on her grave reading something like, “Herein lies a one who couldn’t keep her legs together for long in servicing her colleagues”! Or “Herein lies a true likeness of Jezebel”! As for Kambwili, if ever there was a face that truly defined Stupidity, this is one! The tragedy is that he is not even a “Useful *****”! The chap is so disoriented that he begs description in his confusion! What a retard! M’membe and gang read him correctly! Super Ken would have called him a stupid *****, not that he could be anything else! Scum! Jesus Wept, and so did I! Where to mother Zambia?

  19. Kambili is a calamitous disaster and an unmitigated liability to PF. The sooner they gag him the better. The man is never far away from controversy and bullish manners that can alienate voters.

  20. PF ministers will never change. they don’t seem to have the desire to change or to have shame upon themselves. why cant they use right channels in dealing with matters like this one. its embarrassing. who are we going to look up as youths. they not inspiring at all. even after been told useless minister they cant just pick

  21. Kambwili, Kasolo are the of the calibre that gives the Bembas a very bad name. This PF government made government forget that the people are their masters than vice versa. They are failing to read the mood of the people and that the thinking and popularity shift has already occurred. The era of insanity is closing and objective thinking is on the verge of dawning!

  22. The Chairperson is unprofessional for him to castigate us on air, even if we were wrong did he have to castigate us on air like that,’ Masebo asked.Really!

    The level of arrogance of black widows in this country is very alarming.I strongly condemn this *****s who are bringing the name of our party into disrepute,come January 21st 2015,should be gotten rid of.

  23. Ba Kambwili naba samwa sana, he needs to be sorted out in one way or the other. Very stupid and dull…He thinks he is untouchable with his sick behaviour and he thinks PF will forever stay in power. Ifi matobo chi kambwili.

  24. This demon must be possessed by Satan! How can the entire news crew lie? He will be buried with lies in in his grave honestly. He has to change!

  25. Kikikikiki,Sylvia Masebo and Kambwili, I can smell a rat. Kambwili can you produce the invitation letter from ZNBC. Are you so scared of losing power? Zambians have already made up their minds. It doesn’t matter what you do or say. PF will not win the elections in January 2015 period, unless you rig the elections as usual. Zambian people have realised that they made a biggest mistake to vote for Sata and his useless ministers. FTJ was right when he said Sata was not a presidential material. I remember telling my colleagues after PF won that, Zambians had made the biggest mistake to vote for these heartless crooks.Your intimidation won’t work. I salute Kenneth Maduma for standing his ground. I wished everyone including the police should emulate Maduma’s professionalism.

  26. My fellow Zambians, this is the time to scruitinize the people who are power hungry. Lets open our eyes and vote wisely in January 2015 elections. We should not vote for people who will bring tribalism and divisions in our beautiful zambian state house. Or else it will be turned into a farm.

  27. PF received training on how to behave like Sata but they don’t have the Charisma he had . Didn’t like him ,I understand why the closer one gets to Muchinga province the greater the likelyhood that they like Sata. I am with the few in Muchinga who hate divisionists and supremists. God did not let him live because he was creating a Bemba,backed band (from Ku klux klan) . We will never develop if the best among us are excluded from power just to give room to the likes of Kambwili and Kasolo (I really thought better of Kasolo)

  28. Masebo, the ARVs you have been taking for many years are now affecting your cognitive process. Kambwili, if Zambia elected you president we would be a laughing stock…ala you are very ugly, buffoon, nincompoop. You think Zambia is Luanshya! wanya 2016 you are gone! Masebo ypu have been quiet until HE has gone now you start making noise! you cannot stand for president because you are Zimbabwean with an adopted name ‘tembo’

  29. I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It is now being exaggerated. ZNBC has now grown wings and keeps talking about it through out the news. I hope one day someone wont cry foul if ZNBC get carried away with praises and stop doing a professional job.

  30. Looks like Kambwili is specialising in storming radio stations. Isn’t he reported to have stormed a radio station at UNZA and threatened the students that he found there. Or was he invited by the students? This lie he has told does not make sense. The three of them; Kambwili, Kasolo and Masebo are too dull to be leaders. They may have braun but are devoid of brains.

  31. Lunatics running the asylum. Straight jackets please!

    ‘There is only one PF,” Ms Masebo said.’

    And we ALL reply, “mercifully.” This just bare bottomed baboon antics. Here have a banana!

  32. That is the prblm wit tongas,a few individuals make a mistake to them its all the bembas who r at fault? Ninshi mwabelaifi bafikaala imwe kanshi? Its no wonder I hate the idea of hh rulin this country,we wont drink water bane

  33. When these bufoons and clowns die people will say: We have lost good leaders. They have left a vacuum which will be difficult to fill. They were courageous and brave. They spoke for the poor. They were hard working, they were this and that…….

  34. Dear Mr. Edgar Lungu sir, Zambia is solidly behind you. All the youths spoken to want you to give them what your late mentor Mr. Sata advised you.

    So continue showing the delegates why you are the chosen man to DEVELOP Zambia and continue the programmes Mr. Sata started. Zambians are so happy with this path and so don’t be distracted by these cartel groups. Their tu ma K50 is just for a day’s bread but you have a long term plan for Zambia, and already we have seen how good leadership can transform the nation for the better.

    Zambia is the envy of SADC in infrastructure development as Mugabe said during the burial of the late President and the only person Sata left with his plans to continue is you Edgar Lungu, please we need you now and beyond 2016.

  35. If UPND wins the presidential by – election, its cabinet will be selected from the following members of parliament. Be informed rather than get shocks on 21st January, 2015. (list continued)

    1. BELEMU, Ephraim (UPND) Mbabala
    2. CHITAFU, Brian (UPND) Kafulafuta
    3. HABEENZU, Munji (UPND) Chikankata
    4. HAMUDUDU, Highvie H. (UPND) Bweengwa
    5. HAMUDULU, Kennedy (UPND) Siavonga
    6. HAMUSONDE, Boyd (UPND) Nangoma
    7. IMENDA, Ms Mulumemui (ADD) Luena
    8. KATUKA, Stephen (UPND) Mwinilunga
    9. LIVUNE, Derick (UPND) Katombola
    10. LOMBANYA, Villie (UPND) Solwezi East
    11. LUBEZHI, Ms Moono (UPND) Namwala
    12. LUFUMA, Ambrose (UPND) Kabompo West
    13. MAZOKA, Mrs Christine (UPND) Pemba
    14. MILAMBO, Austin (UPND) Mwembeshi
    15. MIYANDA, Clive (UNPD) Mapatizya
    16. MIYUTU, Chinga (UPND) Kalabo…

  36. I have nothing to say because all has been summed up, how do you ask ZNBC to define storm, when it is exactly what you did, in my view, you should have just remained silent, you are moving in the exact direction kabimba was moving in before he became extinct.

  37. If UPND wins the presidential by – election, its cabinet will be selected from the following members of parliament. Be informed rather than get shocks on 21st January, 2015. (list continued)
    1. MONDE, The Hon. Greyford (UPND) Itezhi-tezhi
    2. MOOYA, Vitalis (UPND) Moomba
    3. MUFALALI, Likando (UPND) Senanga
    4. MULOMBA, Oliver Chinyama (UPND) Magoye
    5. MUNTANGA, Request (UPND) Kalomo Central
    6. MUTELO, Misheck (UPND) Lukulu West
    7. MWEETWA, Conellius (UPND) Choma Central
    8. MWIIMBU, Jacob Jack (UPND) Monze Central
    9. NJEULU, The Hon. Poniso UPND Sinjembela
    10. NKOMBO, Gary (UPND) Mazabuka Central
    11. NTUNDU, Brian Macloudine Muleya (UPND) Gwembe
    12. SHAKAFUSWA, Jonas (UPND) Katuba
    13. SIAMUNENE, The Hon. Richell (UPND) Sinazongwe
    14. SIANGA, Siyauya (UPND) Sesheke

  38. ZNBC should just publish the footage for all to see what a useless, lying minister this man is. alternatively LT can dig it out ZNCB and publish it on this site!!!!

  39. Please highlight the current PF Cabine, including those saving missions abroad, I mean ambassadors? So that we can compare.

  40. Kambwili is odd:
    -His name,
    -His appearance and manner of speech,
    -His clothing,
    -His stature,
    -His parentage,
    -His relationships – his wife in UK does not bother as minister’s wife. Awkward to all other PF members.
    -His IQ is next to an orangutang,
    -His tested competency- disaster in 3 ministries recalls none.
    To be normal Kambwili needs help from a social psychologist.

  41. AH AH kabili no other tribes on this UNPD list?!!!!!!!Why? This is tribaaaaaaalism agen.yet nimwe who r complaining abt Bembas blah blah blah. Kambwili is mad. Tummy full of worms.Go to hell Kambwili. Bo Tilyenji c’mon buti roll the boat.


  43. I m disappointed with some of these Pf Ministers. Cartel and Pf you are sitting on a time bomb.Any mistake of electing any other candidate apart from Edgar Lungu will be disastrous ( HH will go through). Tone down Hon Kambwili people have been used and dumped before.

  44. Oh gosh! We forgot hooligan Masebo!

    Masebo pairing with Kambwili is a terrible concoction! Their minds meet at the crucible where madness is made. When you listen to her ranting, its like IDI AMIN a woman, without morals. I often ask myself is she ever went to school or if he did whether she has any credentials to write home about. Ama skirt have become problems in politics. In 2011 she stormed the PF secretariat asking people to go wild in town, burning and looting at night. She had to be stopped in her face! Now her red lips have twisted towards journalists.

    I have never seen such madness from a lady was once a cabinet minister. No wonder she never lasted. Leave our journalists alone and mind your hooligan and prostitution life, nama skirt yobe na chi Kamwili, tu Sampa, na cartel!

  45. Your best bet was to let the story die a natural death. I have no regard for Ms. Masebo as I think she is the worst kind of opportunist. People have called her a political prostitute and I can see why. No ideology, simply wherever and however she can profit.

    Kambwili should never have ever been on my radar. seriously (and snobbily) speaking, I would not associate with a person of Kambwili’s caliber. Hopefully he will disappear, back to KMB or wherever he was scraped from.

  46. ” a public broadcaster and should protect the president ” Does she know what a public broadcaster is? It should serve the public not the President

  47. ….this trio reminds me of the old good secondary school days….atlease in every school there used to be ‘professional’ well known bullies, trouble makers and noise makers…among them was what we called a ‘fuzi’ in this case Kasolo….
    ..I hate someone taking me for a fool….were just invited..??..bull….

  48. Hold on a minute! Where is IG so docile unbelievable cage these nincompoops until January look at his fat belly like a pride of lion ready to pounce on venerable kudu, remember our little secret- HH come January yaba ayoweee

  49. With the type of arrogant PF ministers I do not believe that they would respond to an invitation by Maduma that they go to his office! Who is Maduma to them? Listen to what Masebo is saying of ministers and ZNBC!

    “Big K” – Kambwili would even be a Worse President than Idi Amin Dada! At least though brutal like Kambwili, & despite his poor education, Amin was a Clever person, & schemer, outwitting the British to put him in power, then telling them to get to “F.C.U.K”
    Big K on the other hand just uses “Raw Brutality”, ie manhandling University Students, Fifa Refs, Journalists, whilst using his Big lump to barge into a State News room, threaten journalists there, then shamelessly deny it.
    If Zambian’s are that daft, sink so low enough to Vote for Big K to lead us, which I don’t see, he will take over all Stadiums- “Heroes Disaster” included & put his Goats to graze, & tell U…

    • Continued: and tell You this is the “Development” You Zambian’s have been longing for, while using the Goat Michopo, to further Fatten his Neck & Belly!
      Zambian’s don’t say You weren’t warned.

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