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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Over 250 water meters vandalised Kitwe’s Chimwemwe Township

SOME unscrupulous people in Kitwe’s Chimwemwe Township have vandalised over 250 water meters that were recently installed by Nkana Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC).

Early this year, NWSC embarked on a programme to install 7,000 water metres in Kitwe’s Chimwemwe and Bulangililo townships but the devices are being removed by unknown people.

NWSC community mobilisation specialist Mwangala Chiwala expressed sadness over the vandalism of the water meters which were installed at a huge cost.

Ms Chiwala said NWSC spent K3 million to install the water meters in Chimwemwe and Bulangililo townships and that the vandalism of the devices is a huge loss to the company.

“We are really saddened with what is happening in Kitwe’s Bulangililo and Chimwemwe townships where some unknown people are removing the water meters that we recently installed. Some people are even burning the meters, these devices were installed at a huge cost,” she said.

Ms Chiwala suspects it’s the residents who are vandalising the meters to avoid paying the water bills and warned that they risk facing the law should they continue destroying water infrastructure.

She urged the residents to safeguard the water infrastructure which is meant to improve the supply of water in their area.

Ms Chiwala also bemoaned the high rate at which water pipes and pump valves in Kitwe’s Wusakile and Chamboli townships are being vandalised which has resulted in the two townships experiencing erratic water supply.

She said the vandalism of water pipes in Wusakile and Chamboli townships is retrogressive on the part of the company which is supposed to spend its money on implementing new projects instead of replacing stolen pipes.

Ms Chiwala warned that anyone found vandalising water infrastructure risks facing a jail sentence of not less than one year.

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  1. We have backward thinking people. Shows where we are in terms of development with such people of such conduct. We need more civilization.


    • These international investors are a scam,

      Kagem Mining ltd in kitwe have been scamming the government since 2002; In every emerald auction held by the mine, the high quality stones are put aside and sold under the table to Indian buyers from the city of jaipur and the sale is not recorded; even when the company is having an auction outside Zambia, only 3.5 million dollars of emerald sales are recorded and taxed while another 7 million dollars worth of product is smuggled out of zambia illegally and the sales of these emeralds are not taxed or recorded in their books of accounts;

      ask the directors responsible, Mr Govind Gupta and Mr Lewanika; all these illegal sales of stones have been going into their pokets


    • These are people who full politicians, They attend your political rally and make you count the chicks before the eggs hatch. Wina azalila


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