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Baby drowns in Zambezi River whilst mother was having sex


A toddler playing with a ball
File:A toddler playing with a ball

A one year and two months-old baby has drowned in the Zambezi River in Kazungula when his mother was allegedly having a sexual intercourse with her boy friend.
Beauty, 20, of Sikazwe Village in Kazungula with her unidentified lover, was alleged to have put the baby on the ground near the river at the time of the incident.

Police suspect the deceased, Mutafela, could have crawled into the river while his mother was having sex with her lover a few metres away from the shores of the river.

Southern Province Police Chief Mary Chikwanda confirmed the incident which happened on Monday between 20:00 hours and 21:00 hours in Kazungula.
Ms Chikwanda said the baby drowned in the river and was only discovered floating on Tuesday morning after some residents went to search for the body.
She said that police managed to arrest Beauty who was in custody at Kazungula Police station while her boy friend bolted after the incident and was being pursued.
“The two went near the river with a baby and later she (Beauty) decided to put her baby down and started making love with her boy friend,” she said.

Ms Chikwanda said, whilst the two were making love, the baby who was on the ground could have crawled into the river and drowned.
She said, after the two allegedly failed to trace the baby when they noticed that he had gone missing, they decided to leave.

Ms Chikwanda said that Beauty who was in police custody was yet to be charged.
She said police have since instituted investigations on the whereabouts of Beauty’s boy friend who was on the run.


  1. Too bad for the poor toddler. It’s weird how people lose their lives so much just before the new year. As for the mother, Mulungu azaweluza. MHSRIP.

    Solola Bye!

    • Neglency cause death…something like that, but for sure the police will have to be satisfied first that the child was not thrown into the river…she will do time for sure…

    • “Negligence occasioning the death of a child/minor.” I think there is a charge/offense of the sort, isn’t there lawyers? I am quite sure it can’t be murder.

      How can a mother simply leave the location and wait until the following day to raise alarm when it was pretty obvious that the child had most likely fallen/crawled into the river? Muchalo muno awe sure mwandi.

      I hope the sexual intercourse she had will not result in another baby because this woman deserves NO BABIES AT ALL. Was the baby the guy’s child too? If so get him and have him castrated.

      I have a child about the same age and this news has really ruined my day. How sad!

    • Maybe a better idea was to tie the baby to a rope….. Sory but he may still be alive today!!!
      @masautso mwale yeh explosive, thats right

    • Hahaha. …
      whatever one does be it good or bad is only for God to judge. The best we can do is to help or advise not insulting. Happy new year to you all.

  2. Its sad how we have become numb to other peoples sufferings…joking about a lost life..really? easily posting tribal comments…really? i feel sorry for such people coz they died a long time ago. They only exist!!!

  3. Ninshi chalilowa sana such that these muppets couldnt notice that the baby had gone quiet. And it sounds fishy that when they couldnt locate the kid they left. Which normal parent would go home minus their child. This very actions raises the suspicions that this couple probably wanted the baby dead.

  4. Leave every thing in th hands of the lord for our reasoning is not his.God knew the fate of this toddler for he’s the creater of all things including animals called humans!

  5. She thought the guy would cum fast thinking he had premature ejaculation/low sperm count like Mutubila. But he had stamina & gave her a long ride. That’s how she lost count of time & the poor baby crawled to the river.

  6. Your buju is nonsense.
    they arrest a bereaved woman and leave the man .
    They escape masebo instead of dealing with the perpetrators.

  7. @ 1.2 Chilyata, boss you really have insults in your mouth. With such credentials, the only place you can fit is in PF.
    By the way, were you born by Caesarian section, because if you were born through the other route, you couldn’t insult your mother like that!

    • My dear, there is nothing like c-sec or natural birth when it comes to child bearing. None of the two are easy options. Fyonse ni mfwa. Ni ku maka ya kwa lesa. That’s why it shocks me when people dump babies in bins, rivers, and toilets e.t.c. It really saddens me. If n!gga wants you, n!gga should want your kid too. In this case, I suspect the girl must have wanted to get rid of the baby to keep the guy. Dumb b!tch.

  8. This story is far from being true. The two should just explain what happened. Ni sex yashani? Ifyo naishiba ba na Mayo I cant believe this.

  9. Arrest the baggars, even a drop of a stone into water can be heard, why they failed to hear her child? when the baby was moving surely teti ofwe? One years plus baby cannot be put afar from the stadium. Where was the pillow? Arrest them and charge them with Murder it more like dropping the baby into the river willfuly.

  10. One chooses one’s spouse but not one’s parents. If your parents happen to be total idióts there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. And to add insult to injury, any fóol can be a parent. The fóol just has to be horny, that’s all.

    The tragedy of life.

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