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Politicians Promising Free Education are tricking the masses for votes-Nawakwi

General News Politicians Promising Free Education are tricking the masses for votes-Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi Speaking at a rally
FDD President Edith Nawakwi Speaking at a rally

FORUM for Democracy and Development(FDD) presidential candidate Edith Nawakwi has said the future of Zambia lies in the hands of the people who are going to elect a new Republican President on January 20th 2015 in the presidential election.

Addressing a mammoth rally at Nadalisika Primary School in Chipata on Saturday afternoon, Ms Nawakwi said some presidential hopeful were promising to offer free education and reduce fertiliser which she described as empty promises aimed at hoodwinking the electorates to vote for them.

She explained that despite United States of America (USA) doing fine with resources, it had failed to offer free education.

Ms Nawakwi said the people of Zambia should be careful with politicians who were promising a lot during their campaigns saying they were a danger to be entrusted with the highest office.

“Even in America where money is believed to be generated, they are failing to offer free education. America has failed to do so and these are empty promises aiming to hoodwink electorate to vote for them,”she said.

Ms Nawakwi said it was not true that a bag of fertiliser would be reduced once people elect such a presidential candidate saying Zambians must be serious in electing people who can improve the economic status of the country.

She said most of the Zambians were poor due to the fact that the leaders in Government had more powers unlike the electorate.

She said it was sad that the poverty which was being experienced in the country has be used by some politicians to trick the people to vote for them.

She said her government would ensure that it promotes decentralisation policy in order to benefit the majority Zambians.

The FDD leader said she was aware that Eastern Province had the potential to feed for the whole country in terms of agriculture.

She said the Patriotic Front(PF) Government had failed most of the Zambians during its three tenure of governance of the country.

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    • Namibia introduced free education up to Secondary school last year (2014). Why can’t Zambia do the same?

      Some things are a matter of Policy or laying the ground work. According to me, the Obama Health care was started by Bill Clinton. HH may not manage to do that but may lay the foundation for someone to finish up the job.

    • Nga imwe Ba Mayo Ba Edith, what message do you have for Zambians? HH is promising free education because he knows this is possible in Zambia. What is lacking is prudent economic management in the country by the pf govt. Money is there in Zambia but it lands in the hands of thugs and criminals masquerading as leaders.
      Tamwaka tekepo mayo. Ni HH chabe.

    • Nawakwi, it is possible to offer free education, other countries are doing it.
      Norway for instance, education is free upto university. You can even get a PhD without paying anything.

    • @ Junior Jr

      Check the programs offered in Norway Universities buddy!! Yeah with such programs we can have free education.. Why don’t UK, USA, Australia, China have free education? These countries are rich eh! But why don’t they? And u believe HH will bring that within a year? Wake up buddy !! These are just political gimmicks to woo people’s votes..

    • @JUNIA JR.. that is because in Norway, individual tax is as high as 47.2%.. You would be cursing the government here if they did that to you

    • Edith, please stop attending HH’s political rallies where these things are said and concentrate on your own manifesto. I have never seen you addressing a mammoth rally – as LT would put it.

    • Also we should be aware of politicians who are saying nothing right can be done by a politician. The PF is saying it is not possible to pay farmers on time.

    • Such countries do not provide free education not because they can’t afford but that people can afford it on their own. Don’t mislead yourselves. HH is saying as long as people are poor, then government has the obligation to educate the masses instead of millions of dollars per year being wasted on a few politicians and their relatives. Once the poor have been raised to a certain level, they will have to pay for their education. The west pays every citizen who is unemployed and provide many other very expensive services for free to the masses.

    • Free education is impossible where there is plunder and mismanagement of national financial resources. The PF knows that with their mismanagement of resources, they can never manage this and want to put a blanket statement that no party can manage this. Where there is prudent management of finances it is very possible like in the west. Remove that mediocre mentality of always thinking that what the white man has achieved Africa can never achieve it.

    • Look up “which countries have free education ” on the inter net “and how they do it” then come and post something useful here. You’ll be pleasantly and realistically surprised.

  1. Thats the difference with other parties they think it is impossible to have free education.move around and some countries are managing.Nawakwi is out of the equation i think she is campaigning for pf.bye

    • “Prostitutes Promise 2 Days Of Free Sex If Lungu Wins

      As presidential by-elections are getting 6 closer the excitement among different segments of the population is growing. Even prostitutes have not being left out, they have promised Zambians two days of free sex if Lungu wins

      “Speaking to our crew, Sex workers have called on Zambians to vote for Lungu if they want the country to move forward, and as a bonus they the have offered a 2 days of sex for free.”

    • You seem to be talking out of blurs. Its very unfortunate that you can’t critically analyse and look at this lie of free education. HH is a LIAR. Do you know how much it cost to run a simple primary school? You think of the all entire education system just to be run by govt and how much they will spend. It will be too expensive for Zed and it is a non starter project.

  2. It’s good that Nawakwi and Nervers are running in this election so that they reduce Vodka’s numbers in the North while HH dominates North Western, Central, Western and Southern with a huge win to send him to State House.

  3. Hh ni kelenka. He have never been a class monitor, or pfect. or unoion leader as a student. But he has been a successful plunderor . And he is now running a terror genocide red beret party.

    • Ifyabupuba fye we chikulu. Debate with issues iwe, not stone age issues. Your unwarranted hatred for HH will lead you to your early grave. Your chakolwa lungu leads the most violent thug panga family (PF) party next to Boko Haram.
      Umunti ni HH.

    • What happened in serbia can happen under the rule of this terror list:
      , willian banda, GBM and Maureen what ever her surname, let her stop using mwanawasa . Hh has never a class moniter in his life time but a cow herder , a freemason and plunderer.

      El must outlaw the red terror

    • He has no experience to say. He has never held a political position namely; ward councilor, member o parliament, deputy minister not to mention a cabinet ministerial. Ruling a nation should not be trial and error and not a theory bane it should be practical.

  4. nawakwi, 60% of govetnment salaries go to teachers. as a matter of fact education is literally free, schools just charge other fees.

    only boarding schools should be fee paying

    nawakwi, i disagree with you

    • And talk about quality of Education! Teacher pupil ratio of 1 -80/classroom. Teacher welfare, accommodation, salaries, personal loans etc. Even now we still have free education of very poor quality. That’s why private schools have flourished. If you remember in the 70s,80,& early 90s. only those that failed in government schools used to go to private schools. But now the opposite is true.

  5. @das I don’t quite understand if you believe ‘free’ education can be provided or not. However, I disagree with Ms Nawakwi as she herself is a prime example of free education she enjoyed throughout her academic life! Even though the times are a changing, but by introducing a secure biometrics National ID (NRC), one can use the NRC number throughout his life to access benefits, loans and even vote using the reg. Although it would be a loan scheme rather than a full bursery what would be important would be to go into a repayment ageement. Unfortunately Ms Nawakwi is not telling us what she would do instead of providing free education!

  6. Madam you stand corrected. Education in the US is free up to high school if you attend public schools. Also education was free in Zambia when you went to school so its very plausible if education was made a priority not what latest car each minister and members of parliament get.

  7. Really if that is all she had to say, then there is no substance in what this presidential hopeful (as she puts it) has to offer. Try 2016 madam.

  8. Education is free in Botswana, just across the Zambezi river and pupils are fed better food than what teachers in Zambia can afford. Who ever wins these elections must visit Botswana to learn how they Batswana have governed themselves very well.

    • How many schools are in Botswana and how many universities infact before that do you know the population of Bostwana if not mistaken it taken just match with one of the constituency in Lusaka.

  9. Nawakwi is the best candidate she is honest .This HH he is busy promising people of zambia a lot . And every promise he made is the first priority reducing price of aka Bunga, free education, clean water, reducing fertilizer in 2 weeks time after elections, recognize sosala too numerous to mention.Based on these I agree with Nawakwi’s words its only that Zambian we are good at being cheated. Ask HH if he gives his workers education allowances since he claim to have enough money.

  10. Madam I think u r the only member in ur party,hw cm I hav neva heard of any otha member apart frm u and chifumu banda,do u even hav a vice president or sg in ur party?

  11. Thanks madam Nawakwi for reminding us that what HH is promising on free education from grade 1 to University and that he is gonna reduce the price of fertilizer is mere rhoetoric and shouldn’t be entertained by well meaning zambians. Raw materials for manufacturing fertilizer are imported and no one has control over their prices. Its economic forces of supply and demand that determine the prices of such. With this Edgar Lungu proves to be the best candidate who is promising to; 1. Continue with the construction of 650 health posts, 2.Deliver the people driven constitution before 2016 general elections as demanded for by the pipo, 3. Reduce the price of mealie meal by ensuring that mealing plants are established in each province thereby cutting off the transport cost of the grain, 4…

  12. This woman has her thoughts twisted. What does she mean by saying most Zambians are poor because government leaders have too much power? It is possible to have free education in public schools. It is also possible to reduce the price of fertiliser by applying appropriate measures. Unfortunately the PF regime’s priority to date has been by-elections and a bloated administration.

  13. There’s plenty ways to raise money and provide not only free education but healthy care too. For example the govt of Zambia is very small yet it employs over 150,000 people. Zambia can be managed by less than 50,000. So if you get of rid 100,000 unnecessary employees just imagine the savings that can be spent on free education. The govt doesn’t need 20+ ministries, it doesn’t need 70+ ministers to operate effectively. Get rid of at least 60 of them and save money. These ministers don’t deserve fat salaries, allowances, two 4×4’s that cost millions. They can get to work by taxi, bus, train, bicycles, walking or buy them affordable cars like Toyota corollas and VW beetles if they insist they have to be mobile. The possibilities to raise money for free education is almost endless.

  14. Here in UK, education is free up to year 12 (Grade12) unless a parent chooses to take a child to private schools. I hope for her sake she misspoke.

  15. Edith Nawakwi like HH would not have gone to the University of Zambia if KK did not give us bursaries from grade one up to first degree. Please stop disappointing us your own confession the first time you came to Lusaka was when you did so well and the teachers sponsored you to go to Australia as the best student in your high school. You had KK government bursary at UNZA so please stop politicking and tell us something else. I am a disappointed former UNZA mate because I had known that you always spoke the truth and so much sense. Ask yourself where KK got the money for us to have free education up to first degree. Please do not join liars just to de campaign your opponents.

  16. Nawakwi forgot to mention Sweden where education is free up to university. I know I lived and studied there. My children have studied without paying
    for their education. If Sweden can do it why not Zambia with prudent management of resourcesforesources. The US is wrong country to use in the argument. Nawakwi is the one hoodwinking the voters

  17. @ Paul,
    i live in UK and am happy to say that there is free education here until you go to college or university then you are entilted to a bursaries and student loan which is only payable when start work. So stop alarming people that free education is not possible coz UK can not manage it. My eldest son is in secondary 3 and i have never been asked to pay any school fees as education is free here. This can be done in Zambia with good governance. Vote HH

  18. ….it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that Zambian voter believe in being hoodwinked……..MCS had set a standard….they want politicians to say what they want to hear …..more money in your pocket, baroste agreement enactment, small cabinet, new constitution in 90 days, lower taxes and meal-meal prices, radio Phoenix to have national coverage to mention but a few….KK promise Zambians each to have an egg a day, milk to be flowing in domestic water lines for an hour a day for free…..so if Nawakwi wants to remain a presidential hopeful the rest of her energetic life, let her continue saying otherwise….
    …let her try to promise beer to flow in the domestic water lines for two hours every weekend for free and see how many more votes she will amass……

  19. Edgar C. Lungu will indeed be the next president. The numbers just do not shore up for HH and UPND supporters are refusing to apply statistic to this election! Lungu could be declared winner by lunch time. Copperbelt, Lusaka, Luapula, Northern, Eastern, Central Provinces!

  20. In most countries where education is free, the taxes are extremely high. HH is not being honest on this issue especially that he is not explaining where he will get the money to pay the teachers, lecturers etc. Zambians should be ready to pay the price if they want to have the so called free education. There is no such a thing as free, it only means someone else is footing the educational costs. But knowing Zambians, they like free things and they are already buying the idea without much thought. The same UPND MPs will not accept to have their allowances to be taxed at 40% so the money can be channeled to Education. Wake up just work hard and forget free education, there is no money for that. HH can make a good president though 😀 !

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