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Edgar Lungu pledges to love Zambians the same way the Late President Sata did

Headlines Edgar Lungu pledges to love Zambians the same way the Late President...


Patriotic Front president Edgar Lungu said he will love the Zambian people in the same way that the late president Michael Sata did .
Mr Lungu has also reiterated his pledge to continue with the late president’s programme of developing the nation when he takes over leadership of the country after the January 20 elections.

ZANIS reports that speaking yesterday at the National Square grounds in Serenje during a campaign rally, Mr Lungu said the late President Sata had a lot of confidence and trust in him hence appointing him PF Secretary General, Defense and also Justice Minister before his demise.Mr Lungu said it was due to this confidence and trust in him that made the late president pick on him to succeed him.

Mr Lungu who told thousands of supporters who turned up at the rally said it was immoral for the opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to think that he could win the forthcoming by – election and advised the people to vote for him because he had what it takes to lead Zambia to greater heights.

Mr Lungu also assured farmers in the district that they will be paid their money for supplying maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) by the end of this week adding that the delays experienced in the 2013-2014 marketing season will not happen next year.

And Serenje Central PF Member of Parliament Philip Kosamu said whether the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) used violence or whatever means they will not win the January 20 election because Mr Lungu’s leadership was not from man but God.

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    • Now he says he will love Zambia the same way Sata loved Zambia. This man is so embarrassing. Do PF senior officials see that? Everything is copied from someone else. You can’t run a nation by copying all along.

    • But ch!puba fye chi Lungu.
      I wonder what is in that head of his.
      No manifesto no agenda. Use.less man.
      Anyway Umuntu ni HH.

    • What’s up with the green and red arrows LT. As lovely as it may be to feel powerful I think being able to vote up or down 3 is very generous of you.


    • Ah. Wink wink. The green is selective so only certain bloggers get powered up. Have tested it all over the place. Now let’s test it on myself. I am betting I get 1 like Jessie WMT and a few others.


    • This is really patronising. EL, we do not need your love, we need you to deliver. In fact, you are bound to love your citizens if you assume the highest office. It is not an option.

    • This is conditional love! Ati I WILL love the Zambian people. I think Sata had some love in him for the Zambian people even before being president. Why can’t he just say ‘give me the presidency and I will love you’

    • @1.6 A Phiri ana bwe

      Well the funny thing is both Green and Red are the colour blind colours; people with that condition are totally impervious to the offence or support they have acquired! Or notoriety….even!





      Your sit has been prepared for you Sir ! January 20 it’s yours !!

      abash haters !!

      Awe Ifintu ni Ba Lungu bakaamba !!

    • RB is helping EL to restructure PF so that the things they did wrong are corrected. Now RB is above all senior PF members. What an insult to PF. I can’t believe this. RB has come to PF to put things right in the party? Wow, then the senior PF members can just sit and watch. What if things are not well corrected and more things go wrong as they may well do in politics? What are the senior PF members going to say? IT’S Rupiah who did it or Rupiah done it!!Circus of the highest order. There is a mole in and PF members don’t know who it is.

    • “Don’t worry my son,” Mwango said. “I worry more about you my children than myself. I’ve lived on earth long enough. It’s your turn now. The future is in your hands.”

      “No, dad, my future is in your hands. Just as you’ve paved my past years, you can do it again this January.”

      “What do you mean?”

      “You should go in the voting booth and vote for me,” Chileshe said.

      “I still don’t understand. You are not standing for anything.”

      “I am. One of the candidates on the ballot paper is me. I’m the one with a vision. If you see a Lungu in me, vote for me not because I belong to Sata’s party, and wish to carry his legacy and vision, but because I have my own vision. If I don’t, don’t. If you see a Hichilema in me, don’t vote for me because I am Tonga. Vote for me because I have a vision…

    • @Patriot Abroad. Nice one! Sorry for the delayed response but was speaking to home. There is someone I know sleeping in a hospital bed tonight compliments of PF thugs. His crime was to wear a UPND tee shirt. Everyone who dares to do so in his well known area of Lusaka is being promised the same fate. I guess it has me asking ED – where is the love?

    • love is the ultimate quintessence of our humanity. it transcend above everything else as it exemplifies and epitomizes the positive character, energy, inspiration and wisdom of what a leader must be.

      Hakainde is a definitive example of a narcissistic, conceited, self absorbed, vain egotistic and elitist leader without any element of connective to ordinary people.

      He presents a nauseating, repugnant repulsive force embellished in satanic freemason

      Vote Edgar on january 20, 2015

    • Uhhh, Mr. Lungu, LOVE NA NJALA SIVI ENDELANA. Tell us policy issues which will help the majority of Zambians, including Farmers, put food on the table! If you happen to win this election, which I doubt, your food will be taken care of by taxpayers!

    • Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has endorsed HH…..wonder of wonders…..there is a massive wind of change!!!!

    • Lungu the wiper of nations to love all Zambians at the same time he says he will wipe away the people from UPND including their leader HH. Can you believe this person whose characteristics are of a Muslim gens. Muslims are very capable of wiping each other and not Zambia Christians. Watch out when choosing your president as others have authorized PANGAS as was in Rwanda and BOKO-HARRAM which are Lungu and RB connections. May the almighty GOD help Zambian in choosing their leader and prevent the wipes from ruling his people. AMEN

    • 1.He will love us like Sata took our mineral wealth to Muchinga from solwezi.
      2.He will love us by appointing only relatives to all Government departments and foreign service.
      3.He will love us by paying as farmers late so we die with hunger like this year.
      4.He will love by giving us wage freeze so that we fail to pay School fees.
      5.He will love by denying us a new constitution.
      6.He love us by shying from the camera when is sick of beer related illness and claiming is jogging in UK.

    • He will definitely rule better than spinless John major of the UK. He is stronger than HH, Scott, The entire Sata family and GBM. None of them could defeat his vigor. Can you rule anything dear?

    • This is wind of tribalism and belly politics. “why wait to be fired, I have already moved to my farm”. Defeatist words.

    • This boy might just after Dr Kaseba. He will just tell her that I will do like what tata Sata used to do. Please start standing on your own ground. Sata was not God; you can use his name but not to a point of doing away with your personality?

    • You people helping Lungu, please tell him that he should stop telling us that he will only do what Sata did. What happens when what Sata did finishes?

  1. Farmers mahafu ati ni next week. Obviously you can afford to sleep one more week na njala. Yendani kumanyumba yanu mukalindile bakuuzyani, muzadya next week

  2. what a way to do it.let these crying babies lick their wounds which they caused for themselves. bring back sakwiba sikota ,100% vote for UPND. wake up and smell the early morning coffee chaps.

  3. Immoral to vote for a candidate of your choice? Really these are leaders expected to inspire hope for the youth sure with such language? God be merciful to your children we pray. I we sinned please God be merciful and forgive us. Give us the wisdom to choose a leader that will bring sanity to this nation for our sakes and children’s sakes..

    • This guy does not need to be anywhere near being president of anything.

      His household – yes Alcoholics anonymous – yes Republican president – A resounding No.

  4. Vodka has just announced that he will reduce the price of beer by 50 percent.
    And that stick Vodka holds in his hand and pointing at people, it is not a lucky charm? He is not too sure the rigging formula might work hence resorting to charms.

    • Lol lol you have seen another charm stick.kamambala in kamfwiti.You will die like Sata crying ati TE INE NAKWI PEYE.lol lol.

  5. Another obvious one from the next HOS. Only a few weeks before the ‘D-day’ and we have not heard anything new, how subduing is this?

    • As the presidential by-election is getting 6 closer and closer,the excitement among different segments of the population is growing.

      Even prostitutes are not being left out, they have promised Zambian men two days of free sex if PF candidate Edgar Lungu wins on January 20th.

      Speaking to ICU press last night,sex workers have called on Zambians to vote for Lungu if they want the country to move forward,and as a bonus,they have offered 2 days of sex for free.

      This is not the first time such a pledge has been made toward Zambian men by sex workers.In 2012,sex workers from Lusaka and many towns offered free sex after the Chipolopolo won the AFCON in Gabon-as Zambian men scrambled for shares.

    • Edgar will be history and he will not believe what has hit him.He will loose clean.Pangas do not vote.the blood of our brothers and sisters will cry from the soil and curse EL.

    • Imwe naimwe olo nikuzonda, it is too much. Anyway, whether you insult him or not, he is the 6th President of the Republic of Zambia.

    • @Koswe, No need to be disrespectful. No need to insult. Just make your point if you have any! If not keep quite!

    • Like he removed MMD when William Banda used Pangas and will prevent UPND since William Banda is using pangas.
      That vigilante (William Banda) should never be anywhere near power we suffered enough under MMD with the pangas, Chongwe comes to mind.

    • William banda is repented that’s HH does he gets even prodigal sons and washes them clean like jesus.William banda is no longer a threat to Zambians.

    • @Ernest
      You need to be obliterated off the planet – we have a progressive world that is moving forward. We don’t need to be held back by people like you.

      In my eyes you are no better than the terorrists that commit acts of terror indiscriminately based on some twisted category like race or religion.

      I’ve already spent too much time responding to trash like you. Sha!

    • Tongas and lozis are one. Wanya fye taukwe kateka. Kabiye kuli kachasu obe natukwana kuno kuli hh. No tribalism but quality leadership. Viva hh

    • the worst bemba insults come NOT from bembas BUT from tongas. These guys like insele, nasho ishikulu and in public! If you hear a large insult in a bar, you can be 95% certain…..But they always think that they are smart and we will not know…..that is why they always8 misfire….perpetually….if you don’t believe me just wait a few days to next week.
      If by the 5% chance they win you can expect the boiggest revolution in public language, starting from parliament, yes parliament, and then public offices, diplomatic missions etc etc.

    • @13 ERNEST NKOLE

      You’ve chosen well my friend. I think HH would be offensive which ever tribe he was from! It’s his disrespect for poor people that defines him and his mindless Cadres. I mean look at the imbalanced Cadre response to your joke!

    • Me too. My money is on EL. The bloggers on this site do not
      see the massive crowds this man is pulling wherever he goes.
      They are blind to the fact that vote power lies in those masses
      that are following EL. On 20 January, these same masses we
      are ignoring will teach amumayadi and opunzhila a very
      big lesson. The so HH and his up and down party will be
      part of history.

    • I will be voting for Edgar. HH i don’t trust him not because of his tribe but his personality.
      I would have voted for Hon. W. Simusa if he had won the PF presidency.
      Tribe is nothing to me.

    • EL has flown country wide. He has seen that Sata’s projects are at 50% WIP. He is simply telling people that he would finish them. Unlike HH who is promising the the new moon rising from west to east

  6. Every time Edgar Lungu speaks to his supporters all he tells them is, ‘I will do this or that the way Sata did it’, ‘I will love the people of Zambia the way Sata loved them’. Frankly, did Sata love the people of Zambia or just his family, friends and tribesmen, going by the composition of his cabinet and foreign service appointments and failure to honour any of the numerous promises.
    Lungu must be advised that he should adopt own plans that will not favour only a section of the country otherwise he is de-campaigning himself.

    • @ london eye imagine other people are inspired by such campaign promises.! bushe kanshi whats wrong with Zambians..it hurts and more especially if you are a youth with a good brain between your shoulders! lets start reasoning!

  7. Below is an Office of the President Special Division Report on how Lungu and RB attempted to smuggle dollars inside Zambia using Rwandan soldiers. Part of the money came from Nigerian Muslims. We challenge them to deny this report and that the money is currently held outside Zambia.
    DATE: 05/01/15
    On the 29th of December 2014 through our highly reliable source information was received to the effect that Edgar Lungu, Rupiah Banda and Henry Banda through Kagame had engaged Rwandese Soldiers from Kanigi and Njerima as couriers to transport USD via Tanzania and Malawi into Zambia.
    Acting upon that information our contact then engaged a colleague from Malawi and a border centre officer at Karonga border who would ID the suspected couriers based on the…

    • It was an interesting report. I like the bit where it says people will only be told publicly AFTER the elections. I cannot see that happening if PF were to win… but it must be frustrating not being able to access the money being allegedly held in Malawi…

      It will be of national interest to verify this and tell the public BEFORE the elections so they know what they are getting…

    • @17, You sitting in Canada had access to the report. You dunderhead think that Rwandans are stupid to send dollars (were they Zim dollars to be ferried in trucks) via Tanzania and Malawi. A chartered plane can land in Zambia and offload money. Dollars can come as valuable cargo with pilot of KQ or ET. Get a life. Dipak has run out of ideas and left it to useless *****s to spin lies and alarm nation. Have you ever travelled via Tanzania and Malawi, there are cargo scanners and every vehicle is thoroughly checked before clearance. By the way, why will soldiers move from Tanzania to Malawi when they can enter direct from Tanzania into Zambia via Nakonde Border? I have an OP Report, to counter your lie, HH pooed during Monze rally and was smelling like hell. Everybody at the stage was disguste

    • Proud Bemba: You are spot on. Some UPND cadres believe every lies they are told. Dollars is a truck , my foot. Why not just use one of the four helicopters EL is using?

    • @17 Wisdom Kalango

      I think the important thing is that you should not call it smuggling if never entered Zambia illegally! If it’s in Malawi, how is that smuggling into Zambia?

      I don’t think Malawi will be pursuing that even if it were true…..which we know it’s not.

    • @proud Bemba kill as all so that you remain alone in Zambia.It will be nice to drink alone in bars and learn everything in Bemba since its your Agenda.God will help through HH as the maginalised tribes ,since pangas do not vote.

  8. There are some types of love Zambia can do without.

    1. Abusive love
    2. False fatherly love
    3. Love of political office over service to the people
    4. Love of back room politics that is self serving
    5. Love of being called the President instead of acting like one

    Which type of love are you offering ED because love is not on the list of issues that Zambians want their President to resolve? My guess for you is number 5… that has been all I have been able to see since Kabwe…

  9. on the description from a source working for the UN in Rwanda.
    04/01/15 Time: 03:40 Place Lilongwe
    On the 4th of January 2015 an operation was conducted and two men of Rwandese nationals were apprehended. Those detained are male Pascal Nzabamwita and Francois Gakwere aged 29 and 33 respectively from Kanigi and Njerima military bases. Travel: – details are that the two met Henry Banda at Bushokoro Hotel in Kinigi Rwanda. They then passed through Virunga national park in Ruyoni where they took a private jet into Singida Tanzania before boarding buses to Malawi. They met the third courier in Iringa Tanzania. 2.380million USD was recovered from the two and its being held as evidence in a suspected case of money laundering.

  10. 05/01/205. Time 00:43 Place Dowa
    An operation to track down the third courier was excuted in the early hours of today . Male Didier Rutembusha 30 a Captain in the Rwandese Defence Force carrying a Kenyan passport and a Tanzanian travel document was nabbed in Dowa and found in possession of USD 1.55Million. In his possession was a phone number for Chipangali Member of Parliament 0977787845.
    Diplomatic Direction
    Not wanting to sour relations between Malawi and Zambia they have decided to charge the three with money laundering and failing to declare foreign currency with a revenue officer. They advanced reasons of suspects not coming out openly to confess, hence the need to protect and preserve the relations amongst the three countries; Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia.
    Authorities have…

  11. have further advised of possible publication of this information once we win elections. As at 09hours interrogations were going to extract more data from the three who have been detained separately. The case is still open and alive.

    • @db

      Yes. Absolutely.

      How can you ignore the prime steak that has been placed in front of you and decide to eat the stuff that is scraped from inbetween the cow’s hooves instead?

  12. Mr Lungu.Pf has never been my favourite party.So Mr Lungu can u come with other better issues or plans to entince us.I never voted for Sata.These projects any Party can do them it is not new to us by the way you are using money which you have been borrowing while our country should be able to sustain itself.
    Are you saying it is wise to build a road in the bush while the people in chainda or kanyama dont have roads.
    PF you have failed in governance.Can you tell us something you ve done in that area eg constitution ,barotse issue,chitimukulu etc

    • Das, they couldn’t even tell us the President was ill and non functional. I would say they have more to lose because we don’t know how long they were running the ship without him and that could never be a good thing.

  13. What proof and evidence is there that God choose him!! Don’t play with God like that!! God is never partial, violent,dishonest, lier,He does not practice In justice, God has abundant wisdom and knowledge unlike what the panga family is!! You’re simply cursing yourselves!! this day 6 before you stopped your nonsense!!

  14. If Edgar is going to love zambians the way sata did, then its a big big problem.

    1. Sata loved his relatives more than zambians.
    2. Sata favored one region more than others, and he allowed them to use state systems to promote their well being alone, not even easterners benefitted.

    3. sata had a cabinet which was not only full of relatives but 85% were from his region

    4. if sata loved us, he would not have overturned on the constitution and said it was an animal dricen constitution.

    5. sata turned agianst the youths and re-embrace the chinese, what a disppointment.

    6. sata loved zambians so much that he took the RDA to state house and was dishing out contracts by way of mouth, ignoring paying farmers because thats where his benefits were.

    Sata cheated zambians over all…

  15. Is this how Edgar wishes to love zambians?

    I think my elder brother edgar is surely in a different world.

    i expected him to understand that Sata was a Flop on the zambian political platform.

    Chagwa, as i said, is losing this election

    • He’s underestimating the Zambian people. Had he any respect for them, he wouldn’t be spouting kindergarten trash like this and expecting people to swallow his kaka whole.

      At least give them the respect they need by preparing and presenting to Zambians well. As if they matter. Don’t come to the electorate in this ill-prepared disrespectful manner, dressed without regard, spouting the nonsense your dog threw up this morning. Sha!

  16. Please E.L, tell us what you will do for the people of Zambia once elected in the highest office of the land & stop making empty promises and tell us what you have achieved in the past 3 yrs. what we are in interested in is for you to tell the nation;
    1. Why you failed to deliver a people driven constitution
    2. Why you’ve failed to reduce the fuel pump price when it has drastically reduced on the international market
    3. Why mealie-meal prices have kept on sky rocketing despite bosting of bumper harvest
    4. Why you sent police officers to Paramount chief Chitikukulu’s palace when you were minister of home affairs
    5. Why you imposed on the wage and employment freeze on poor zambians
    6. why you increased retirement age from 55 to 65yrs
    7. why kwacha had depreciated so much…

    • Talking about reducing fuel prices. In the UK where the fuel pump price had hit £1.32 per litre, has seen a reduction in prices. With some service stations selling fuel at 99.3p. At least the reduction in fuel has been passed onto the people. This has also resulted in reduction of food prices. We never see a genuine reductions here but only for election purposes.

  17. How can anyone tell you how much they are going to love you – IN THE FUTURE????

    Why doesn’t he love Zambia now? As Edgar Lungu?

    I know I love Zambia regardless of what office I hold or what other country I live in. Sata’s loving Zambia is irrelevant to how I feel about my country.

    Someone please take this guy out with the trash.

  18. Honorable E.L, we appreciate your campaigns but the honorable thing for you and your PF is to start packing your katundu because whether you like it or not your are going bwana. Thank you PF for your time you have mistreated us and mismanaged the economy of this country. This time we want to try a more visionary young leadership of HH. If HH does the same things you’ve done for the past three years, he will also be shown the exit door

  19. nacitila mudala. not waya kumwenu elo southern province yonse yalongoloka yaisa ku mazabuka epakukwatako mammoth rally

    • The same thing happened when EL was in luapula in chienge all the people of luapula went there, that is why he is getting only 13.7% on Muvi tv opinion poll!!!!!!! Go Go HH 2015 is yours



    His Name is the mark of his downfall, Chagwa.

    How could the PF elect such a person to represent them……

    For blindless have i put into you, to turn you into to f00lishness, to punish you for your injustice against my people.

    Didnt the PF see that his name is Chagwa,, and his own name has prophesied against him.

    No matter what PF does, chagwa is losing this election, for it is sealed in spirit, as revealed in his own name.

  21. Bro Joshua Inigla’s prophecy on 2015 Elections – E.L A NATIONAL LIABILITY

    I am a follower of our great man of God. I honor and respect the grace upon him. I seat every sunday morning and wednesday evening to listen to his teachings and wisdom – a great man indeed.

    Now we are encouraged as believers in Christ to test all prophecies.

    With honor to papa Bro. Joshua and the body of christ, allow me to state one of papa’s prophecy concerning the land of Zambia of 28-09-2014.

    In september last year papa Bro. Joshua was in Zambia for 3 days gospel crusade in Lusaka – Woodland Stadium from 26 to 28. And this was his prophecy about our late president M.C. Sata.

    God has shown me that your president will not die. I see long life in him. I also see two leaders – one in…

  22. This Lungu is crazy, how can he ask people to vote for him on the claim that he loves them ? How does he prove the claim that he will love us ? Let him articulate policy issues and how he will make a difference in people’s lives. Is love part of PF manifesto now , and how is going to implement his love ?

    • Sata loved the people and took development to them. EL will do the same. By mathematical induction, EL loves the people

  23. Aaah bwana Lungu!! How can it be immoral for HH to think he can win an election but normal for you to ask people to vote for you? Please address the issue facing people,explain what you have achieved,what is in the pipeline and y what you plan to do.In fact it is immoral for you to keep mentioning Sata and how he trusted you instead of telling expectant masses what they can benefit by electing you!!

    • @Patriot Abroad,
      You must be orbiting on some planet.
      What experience has Lungu got, swindling clients of their money? I can imagine how deep his fingers will go in state coffers if by mistake he is elected.

    • The London Eye, sorry, the Mazabuka eye, your HH did not make that money by milking cows. His is state money; you know it

    • I suppose the above answer says it all. Will HH GIVE back money to Miners. Or better that house he bought from underselling the Mines.

      I mean thus Guy is centre of Zambia losing its mines! Just the Gaul! Honestly to want to be president….I suppose he warns to finish the job!

  24. I am not a fan of the PF. I have not heard enough from them to make me vote for EL. In fact, I have heard almost nothing from EL himself, The Boostele songs, phrases like “legend of the L”, “Ultimate President” and more recently “Chagwamania” have only served to puzzle me. The continual reference to the late President and his “vision” is completely uninspiring.

    If they do win, I will accept that we prefer mediocrity to progress. Although I do not think Miles would win the elections, I have a feeling that he would have ran a better campaign. At least he would have actually said something worth analysing.

    • @39 crane

      Really! What nonsense! You have no way of telling whether Sampa would have ran a better campaign! It’s ridiculous really that people set out to write a lot of rubbish that says absolutely nothing. Sampa has no senior gov’t experience such as Lungu. Other than being a dull self righteous poser.

      Lungu has been campaigning for a while now, if you were genuinely interested you would know what he stands for. Development, Equality and Inclusion.

      There is no questioning Lungu’s ability. He has held multiple portfolios in gov’t in which he has performed superbly. He combines that with a humble nature not some cocky ‘I am Rich, Vote for me’ HH, nonsense.

    • Yaba naikaba manje Ba lungu balesabila fye kwati mulwele.
      when HH says he will recognize Sosala -Lugu says I will recognize sosala.
      when HH says I will reduce fuel and fertilizer – Lungu also I will reduce fuel and fertilizer.
      When HH says hear is my road map for the new constitution-Lungus says HH has stolen my road map.
      HH says will re instate the Nurses -lungu says I will reinstate the nurses.
      Lungu is truly Visional less.He will soon graduate as Chimbwi no plan.

  25. What makes EL think Sata loved Zambians? This is utter nonsense. Sata never loved anyone other than his family members. He never held a press conference to answer to the people, he never spoke politely to the people who voted for him. Instead he flooded the foreign service with his and Kaseba’s relatives, most of them without any qualifications befitting the appointments. The problem with PF is that they want to behave as if Sata owned Zambia. Remember it was only 43% who voted for Sata. So don’t foo.l yourselves and think EL will have a walkover. The political landscape has completely changed. Sata angered a lot of people and his death is an opportunity to kick out this disrespectful party. Sata wanted the UNIP style of government where he could be worshiped like a small god.

  26. What can come from PF and Lungu? From the time he started campaigning he has been plagiarizing HH’s campaign messages:
    1. HH said I recognize Chitimukulu – me too!
    2. HH said I will reinstate the fired nurses – me too!
    3. I will pay farmers on time – me too!
    4. HH said I will lower the cost of living – me too!
    5. HH said I will lower the prices for inputs – me too and the list of plagiarism goes on.
    Does Lungu know that plagiarism is an act of fraud? What he is doing is stealing HH else’s messages and presenting them as his own.
    I have never seen a leader with a weak intellectual disability like Lungu.
    There is no doubt that Lungu cannot originate an economic or social or political idea hence depending on cutting and pasting HH’s messages

    • Ah you see, the difference is that Lungu has the ability to fix those 1-5, and has done so.

      There is no questioning Lungu’s ability. He has held multiple portfolios in gov’t in which he has performed superbly. He combines that with a humble nature not some cocky ‘I am Rich, Vote for me’ HH, nonsense.

      One way of defeating the enemy is to PROVE you can do better than the enemy by being better at what he promises. There us no dispute, Lungu has taken the wind out of HHs sails time and again.

      As for saying Lungu us not intellectual, the Guy is a legal blade who graduated Top of his class at UNZA. NOT CHEAT IN HIS EXAMS LIKE HH! Get real.

  27. Michael Sata never loved Zambians, he was the father of tribalisim and the country is in this mess it is in now because of Sata. What is this drunkard saying? Sata knew that he was very sick the time he became impotent, if he loved Zambians he could have put things in place by mentoring a credible person to be his success but alas. He was full of nepotism. Edgar Lungu will surely win this erection as advised by his medical team but he will definitely lose the forth coming election.
    The desperation by the Patriotic failures has reached very high levels. To the extent of them using prostitutes to win votes. Kambwili is busy giving prostitues money and in turn the prostitues are saying that they will give free sex to all patriotic failures if they win. this is real desperation by PF!!!!!!!

    • I concur with you. How can a brazen tribalist love all Zambians? Sata loved only people from his tribe and his cousins the easterners. Lungu will return Sata’s favour. How will he love all Zambians when he is surrounded by tribalists like RB and Kambwili? This is a blue lie. Fortunately most non-northerners and non-easterners are able to see the PF lies this time around.

  28. The fact is Lungu is the right President for Zambia. You note that as a Legal minded person, he has correctly set out to be inclusive in his ethos. He is setting out to create a fairer Zambia.

    In relation to Farmers late payment…it’s worth pointing out that even here in the UK, Dairy farmers are experiencing late payments from gov’t in a crisis caused by over production of Milk such that the Market Economies of Demand and (over)Supply have caused a big drop in Milk price. Milk now retails as cheap as 0.60p per Litre where it used to be around £1.50 on average. Some Farmers are closing down aspects of their Dairy Products like Cheese and Yogurt lines. Some are closing down!

    Zambians should understand the Farming crisis is as a result of the over production of Maize.

    • Ba patriot abroad you never cease to amaze your dullness. If this government was wise and caring, they should have opened up the export market to sell some of the maize to neighboring countries who have got no food Like Malawi, Zimbabwe, DRC etc. they should have thought of ways to help the farmers. How can you even compare the UK, a first world country which mostly relying on industrialization to a third world country like Zambia which solely rely on maize as staple food. The PF are simply a bunch of dull failures who do not no the economics of development. The fact that you are staying in rural London or working on a farm does not mean that you know the economics of farming. Please sleep on your ignorance and stop vomiting. You are a lost sheep.

    • @Voice of Malicious a Reasoning

      You are the biggest I.d.iot on this website. Often you use offensive and bizarre personal attacks as a debate tool. I don’t live in rural London, nor do I work on a farm, you im.becil.

      No, I cannot keep my intelligent debates to myself as that would be pointless. And who are you to tell me so?

      Are you having difficulty in understanding the purpose of this site? LT should ban you for you stu.ipidity.

  29. Vote PF chapwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Pabwatooooooooooooooooooo twabuke mukwai.No need to make fake free education promise.PF natuwina!!!!!UPND mulepitilila ku choma

    • Mubepele fye ,just accept Muvi tv opinion poll or see the Post newspaper online poll you have ( PF 26% ) while UPND 75%.What is your comment now because the post is your best friend from memorial!!

    • @Patriotic Abroad lekeni ifwe bakopala tumufundeko amano.Go to hell with your UK.Bakamba Zed yaliba Laka.Chino chaka we shall vote HH.Mukafwa na BP.Ni pakuboko chabe.

  30. Thank you for the love. Except Sata did not love us enough. The bible says ” LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF”.When Sata got sick he was whisked away to london or Israel or some place else to get state o the art treatment. On the other hand our relatives are left on the filthy floors of UTH to die. PF did nto try to provide better healthcare. What love? Do not bring the late president into this campaign we do not want to speak about him because many people feel its his policies that led to this dysfunction

  31. Please, Lungu has no vision. Remember his first three rallies, they used to write him a speech. how do you go with a written speech at a rally? That’s Lungu for you.

    Help him by voting for HH. Let Pf look for another leader maybe 2016 we can try them. Lungu must concentrate on his health for now.

  32. @patriot abroad. In the UK they have free market economics. The farmers are dealing directly with markets (supply and demand). In zambia we have government involvement. The government sets the price and purchases the product in question. Thus in Zambia the government is responsible for creating equilibrium. This is actually a self inflicted crisis created by a failure to plan. NO SPIN CAN COVER THAT FACT.

    • @47 loadist

      That is absolute Bunk! The Farmers in Zambia do NOT only have to sell to the government! That’s nonsense, I can tell you that. My parents owned a farm in Lusaka East and diversified their farming products.

      We sold tomatoes, vegetables all year round to Hotels and National Airlines. My mother, a business woman was in charge of our farm as father was a working UN diplomat and often away. My mother found customers for our farm goods and rarely sold to NAMBOARD. My mother also had various catering restaurants and had planned for a butcher shop on Chelston Market. They also diversified into a bottle store and soon had a second one in another area as a way of diversifying their business.

      The problem in Zambia is training our farmers to be more bold to find…

    • @Loadist
      The problem in Zambia is training our farmers to be more bold to find their own markets and NOT depend on gov’t.

      My mother had so many businesses after her Italian university degree in fashion , including Couture Dress Making Boutique, Hair dressing. When customers did not pay on time she often reassessed the business and was not afraid to go out ‘there’ to get that business.

      It is NOT THE GOV’t but the people. They need more training to understand business. How to turn Farmi g into a business.

      Maize would not sell that much to neighbours since most have their own maize market with a better crop!

  33. *************op-report-on-how-lungu-and-rb-attempted-to-smuggle-dollars-in-zambia/

    Below is an Office of the President Special Division Report on how Lungu and RB attempted to smuggle dollars inside Zambia using Rwandan soldiers. Part of the money came from Nigerian Muslims. We challenge them to deny this report and that the money is currently held outside Zambia.


    DATE: 05/01/15


    On the 29th of December 2014 through our highly reliable source information was received to the effect that Edgar Lungu, Rupiah Banda and Henry Banda through Kagame had engaged Rwandese Soldiers from Kanigi and Njerima as couriers to transport USD via Tanzania and Malawi into Zambia.

  34. Please Edgar don’t I am from Western and not a member of Sata’s family. He was a tribalist and nepotist you should not promote the same things.

  35. This Lungu guy thinks Zambian are stupid. Please countrymen and women let us teach him a lesson, we have done so in the past with his RB and let us do so with him and incompetent team. This is not about Sata. The late MCS does not own Zambia. Even worse his actions showed that he had very little love for his people, how else can you explain:
    1. Refusing to give us a constitution despite of having 81 MPs?
    2. Increasing his salary shortly after assuming office?
    3. Inducing unecessary by-elections
    4. Allowing rampant corruption to continue
    5. Allowing violence to be a center of his party
    The list goes on
    And this Lungu guy comes and says he will “love Zambia the way Sata did”, I now I see why they call this guy a drunkard

    • @Ba patriotic abroad everything its my father,my mother.Grow up what have you done yourself only working as a door bounzer at that night club.to hell will my father ,my mother ulemona kwati ifwe tatwakwata ba Our ba tata and Mama.Zed ni zed and Uk is Uk.Zed chilila especially Kopala kitwe Insomia bakamba.Go to hell na ka Lungu ifwe ni HH chabe.

    • @50.1 Kopala Nalanda

      YOU GO TO HELL YOURSELF. and No I don’t work as a door bouncer, fool!

      As an impeccable Christian, I will go to Heaven. Jesus Lord of my life.

      You, HH are all going to HELL. Vote for HH it’s a waste of your votes mate!

    • @Kopala Nalanda

      I enjoy reading your comments. I think you’re the real deal, no fakeness whatsoever.

      I just wish the level of ukutumpa shown here was terminal. How can someone in full control of their faculties say “You, HH are all going to HELL.”

  36. RB and Vodgar’s illicit boko Aram moneys they got is confiscated in Malawi and Catar. Henry Banda is also involved. Vodgar and RB have auctioned Zambia to Muslims. Voters wake up and campaign this ugly looking sickly man. RB is a despot evil plunderer who reaps where he didn’t sow.

  37. At least Lungu has been honest to a degree, he has confessed he is unwell, he drinks, he is vision-less, he will follow in Sata’s violent and thuggery footsteps and he will hate Zambians the way Sata did. It remains to be seen whether Zambians are going to hand over power to this long fingered and an uninspiring drunkard. Then the problem will not have been the leaders but the people. If this is the case the case forget about ZAMBIA, IT’S DOOMED.

  38. On 24 January Edgar Lungu will be declared president of zambia around 01.30hrs he will be followed by nevers mumba then hakainde hichilema he will be third as usual

  39. So you Bembas have been more tribal than any other Zambian tribe but all along you hid it in KK, Chiluba. Sata came and didn’t hide it. 3/4 of his government was from Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces. Lungu has dodged to campaign in N/W province because Sata hated us and this vodgar has followed suit like he promised to follow his boss’ vision.

  40. What’s that stick Edgar Lungu was holding at that rally; is it a charm? We’re yet to see. I know that many PF politicians went to seek help from native doctors to increase their luck of winning the elections. Edgar Lungu was also advised to do so considering that the UPND are coming on hot in the contest. The guy gave in and now he is using charms. The problem with charms is that there is always a sacrifice required. When they start demanding that’s when you realise that its not worth using charms in anything you do. Edgar is digging his owm misfortune because he will eventually be exposed when the charms begin demanding for their share. I am just saying……..Watch this space.

    • @54 QUESTIONER

      Are you serious? Charms demand sacrifice?

      This primitive mindset needs to end in Zambia. If you are UPND, it’s a worry as it proves how you hate Faith and believe in these type of things.

  41. 76% of Zambians are still very poor to this day because of tribal *****s of KOLWESTAN POLITICS.Grow up azzholes….no waonder you are still buying dotcomz and calling them new cars…*****s!!!

  42. 76% of Zambians are still very poor to this day because of tribal *****s of KOLWESTAN POLITICS.Grow up azzholes….no wonder you are still buying dotcomz and calling them new cars…*****s!!!

  43. EL has no time for TV debates. This is Zambia and not USA. The opposition parties have been overtaken flat by EL campaign machinery. EL do not waste time on debates just state facts no feelings like those candidates who are promising heaven in Zambia. It takes time to turn around the economy. El is intelligent – he has the ability to canvass votes from the electorate by his people touch skills which his fellow competitors are lacking.

    VIVA EL and enjoy your campaign before we celebrate on 23/01/15 victory.

    • @Don King
      Chickening out of a debate again? My eyes roll so far to the back of my head each time an excuse is manufactured – each excuse more pathetic than the last!

  44. This is a government of brutal vipers, how Can Lungu claim that he would love the people if he does not love them now? Simple economics suggest that when there is more production, the price of the products should go dow. Has the price of the basic commodity despite a bumper harvest gone down? These thieves seems not to know what to do when there is a big harvest. Is this not what everyone prays for, a better harvest? Why should these PF dunderheads fail to find a better solution, when you pay the farmers on time, you would be encouraging them to grow more and in turn you would be helping the population. Now after sourcing money from Boko haram, they want to give Nigeria the preference of buying maize when our neighbors have got no food. Are there any economists in the PF?

    • What is your problem kanshi? Wait for 21st January and see what happens. Indicators are that EL is the 6th President, I can tell by the way people are behaving and their language. Bushe ba Sata ninani batushila, ni Edgar Lungu batushilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    • @voice of Dubious Reasoning

      That is absolute Bunk!

      The problem in Zambia is training our farmers to be more bold to find their own markets and NOT depend on gov’t.

      The Farmers in Zambia do NOT only have to sell to the government! That’s nonsense, I can tell you that. My parents owned a farm in Lusaka East and diversified their farming products.

      We sold tomatoes, vegetables all year round to Hotels and National Airlines. My mother, a business woman was in charge of our farm as father was a working UN diplomat and often away. My mother found customers for our farm goods and rarely sold to NAMBOARD. My mother also had various catering restaurants and had planned for a butcher shop on Chelston Market.

    • @Dubious Voice of a Reasoning
      The problem in Zambia is training our farmers to be more bold to find their own markets and NOT depend on gov’t.

      My mother had so many businesses after her Italian university degree in fashion , including Couture Dress Making Boutique, Hair dressing. When customers did not pay on time she often reassessed the business and was not afraid to go out ‘there’ to get that business.

      It is NOT THE GOV’t but the people. They need more training to understand business. How to turn Farmi g into a business.

      Maize would not sell that much to neighbours since most have their own maize market with a better crop!

    • @Also Voice of Ignorant Reasoning

      Farmers in Zambia, the type that are in the villages are small subsistence, farmers. They need training in diversifying their products. Why grow maize all the time? Your previous argument against the facts of UK Dairy Farmers who are facing closure or dropping their business lines (cheese and such), was unintelligent. You said, that UK is advanced and different to Zambia….! But please, where did you get your economics education!

      Demand And Supply principle is the same in all markets! We have a bumper harvest of maize, the market is saturated, if the gov’t is the sole customer then there is a glut, therefore the gov’t can only pay after selling, off the glut.

      Mealie meal us expensive because the Millers are adding on to the maize, in…

    • @Dubious Voice of Reasoning

      Mealie meal is expensive because the Millers are adding on to the maize, in terms of cost of production, staff pay etc.

      PF have clearly identified the need to open Mills in local areas which will help in producing maize in local areas and thus reduce the cost.

      PLEASE DUBIOUS VOICE GO BACK AND REFRESH YOUR ECONOMICS STUDIES. That HH fellow is nothing more than a chancer, hoping to dupe Zambians out of a proper gov’t. That is equitable and experienced.

  45. @patriot abroad, think before you put up any debate if you consider your senseless writing to be a debate. For someone who claims to have stayed in Englad for many years, you should have tried to polish your thinking. Do not just vomit on this site as though you have chronic diahorea. I know you may be Ngoni like Edgar Lungu but that does not mean you have to support him blindly. I am glad you won’t be able to vote due to your destitute status in London. Leave the space for those who can contribute a meaningful debate. We chikopo!

  46. i will vote for edgar who has no vision, so camibaba? lungu is a president already cos of the ff analysis

    sourthern will cancel copperbelt
    western p will cancel eastern
    north western cancel luapula
    central p will cancel muchinga
    Lusaka p?

    northern and lusaka has no votes to cancel with, so the one who is pupular in thse two will emerge winner full stop

    • Mwana, don’t make these people happy. Copperbelt is infested with PF and the registered voters too huge to compare with ka Southern.

      Look, its 70% Edgar and 19% HH, 8% Nevers. the results are already known.

  47. Maureen makes it the second endorsers to conceded defeat after Masebo. Am sure all those who can read in context have seen this in her rally speech.

    Who is next to concede? Mwaanga, Dipak, Mutati?? Oh these have just vanished in thin air.

    Hakaivote Heka left in wilderness. Yalibako bad ama politics!
    Lesson: Don’t be excited before your opponent steps in the ring.

    Viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu. In Matero, Chawama, Kanyama, Munali, Mandevu, Kafue, Lusaka Central, markets, churches, minibuses its EL, EL, EL

    Copperbelt is hyper and calling EL, EL, EL, EL.

    I love this President like myself.

    • Edgar Lungu. President. Any one voting for other candidates, you are just wasting your vote.

      Make your vote count people of Zambia. AT THIS STAGE EVERYONE MUST BE TURNING TO EL STRATEGICALLY.


      Vote Lungu!

  48. You piop that talk evil about Edgar, just bcoz he says he will love Zambians like SATA, i feel you are also evil within your hearts.
    Where love is , you have unity, where love is you have Development, and pipo are happy.

    So tell if you chi muthu ,or chi man without love in him? Tell me? Look at your eyes of your satanist, full of evil. Have been trying find love, or see love in him,,,, pls help me to see it. Bcoz i can see love in his eyes.
    God bless Edgar, and Bless Zambia.

  49. @patriot abroad, this really shows how ignorant you are about Zambian economic policies. That is why I am saying that ulichikopo, much as the farmers would wish to sell their maize else where outside the county, the government does not allow the exportation of maize without permission unless they smuggle it. You are talking many years ago but these patriotic failures you are supporting stopped the export of maize, wheat and maize bran. Where do you think the farmers would sell there products. In 2012 I had a friend from DRC who bought about 300 tons of maize which was impounded at kasumbalesa. This made all the Congolese buyers to turn to South Africa which has an open market policy. I was one of those who sent 150 tons of maize to DRC. The supply was even short in South Africa.

    • @Voice of Reason

      I don’t understand why I am a chikopo because I give a good debate! Why not debate without offence uh?

      In any case, I support the gov’t preventing exports of Zambia’s maize as it is a national item of importance due to our dietary needs. Secondly, the gov’t buys it to export to get much needed Revenue for Schools, Hospitals etc. it makes sense to have that control so all regionall grown maize is bought locally.

      Having said that, I don’t see where in your debate you give a reason why Farmers cannot sell their crop internally in Zambia. Why can they not bag it into pop corn. Apply for licence to brew local maize liquor. Eh….use it to produce a paste for glue. I could go on forever with product ideas. WHAT PREVENTS DIVERSIFYING CROPS.

  50. President Kigame is among the Region’s Presidents coming to the inauguration ceremony of H.E. Edgar Chagwa Lungu on 23rd January 2015.


    • Which Lusaka are you in? Unlike 2011 the cars are driving around and people are just watching!!! I heard one woman saying instead of being in the market working they are busy driving around town making noise. Unless you are in a different Lusaka. I am in the town centre everyday so don’t mislead people.

  52. @patriot abroad, please stop vomiting and barking if you do not know what you are talking about. This is the same government after the banning of the exportation of maize and other related product, they opened the local market to those Importing underwears. Is that a government which cares about its people. Second hand underwears of all things? As a lost sheep, I suggest that you stop commenting on things you don’t know in Zambia. Iwe chapwa tawakabwele. Your relatives don’t even think of you.you are like a bad omen to them.

    • @Voice of a Reasoning

      I am sick and tired of you replying to my comments with personal insults. You must be a very disturbed individual if you think that is normal behaviour. How dare you talk for my relatives! As far as I am aware I was conversing with them at Christmas!

      Imports for second hand underwear. For Fs sake what HAS that got to do with the Farmers issue, you stupi.d fool. You can ‘to debate. I am going to comment and do not take instructions from a fo.ol like you.

      UPND Supporters are really sick people!

    • @Voice of Reasoning

      Just so you know, most of those relatives you are referring to live off my mother and fathers money as they stole inheritance and will be before the law before the end of this year. The bad omen is real due to the fact they face the slammer (prison), for that theft. Thankfully our gov’t now takes action against relatives like that.

      You just keep yapping sh.it on this website and I am going to get you arrested. Trust me, I will get a court order for your details to be divulged. Social media is not for personal abuse. Watch yourself.

  53. I feel sorry for the upnd party and its suppoters. They think a total number of 4000 vites from muvi can make there leader win. sorry.

    • Stop dreaming ba PF Zambia is big HH is winning this one.Ala mukalila underrating your opponents.this 2015 not 2011.open your eyes.If you have won already why are still campaigning not cerebrating.Lol lol lol.

  54. @patriot abroad, for your own information, I do business in the SADC region, Malawi does not have maize, DRR for many years because of war does not grow maize. Only on subsistence level and Zimbabwe, since Mugabe grabbed farms from white farmers has always had no food. At one time some people in rural areas were even said to be eating dogs just to survive. There are over 4 million refugees in South Africa because there is no food in the country.
    Oh thanks for letting us know that at least your mother has a degree in auparing from Italy. My mother never went to school but she educated a highly qualified and successful business man who is contributing to the well being of his people back home.

    • @Voice of Reasoning

      It is clear your mother never went to school.

      It is clear your school did the educating and not your mother. What you got from your mother, is your unpleasant mouth and mentally disturbed, violent ranting at innocent people. Your manners is what you stu.pid mother contributed to society.

      Your business success (I doubt it’s true) is due to theft and payments from UPND.

      You can’t debate! Where is your education, now you are ranting about dogs, SA, Malawi, when we are on Farmers in ZAMBIA.

    • @Voice of Reasoning

      Just so you know, most of those relatives you are referring to live off my mother and fathers money as they stole inheritance and will be before the law before the end of this year. The bad omen is real due to the fact they face the slammer (prison), for that theft. Thankfully our gov’t now takes action against relatives like that.

      You just keep yapping sh.it on this website and I am going to get you arrested. Trust me, I will get a court order for your details to be divulged. Social media is not for personal abuse. Watch yourself.

    • @Patriot Abroad

      How disappointing that you’ve reverted to threatening Voice Of Reason. I was following the pow-wow from the sidelines keenly. Then I read ati “I can get you arrested.”

      Kitchen getting too hot for ya?

      You know what to do.

  55. @ patriot abroad 58.2 farmers in Zambia were until reecently not able to sell maize any other entities but FRA. You referringto the farming of other produce such as tomatoes and other vvegetables that is not what keeps these people afloat for income. Then you have the issues of getting produce to markets that is why agriculture in zambia is run the way it is with government in charge of markets on cash crops. Try farming anything over 100 acres of maize or cotton and then try to market it yourself in zambia without government involvement and see what happens. Farmers are not able to sell directly to even to millers. You think the FRA was just another bureaucratic construct with no strategic function? That’s why we had CSD, DPB, LINTCO, ZPP AND NAMBOARD back then.SAVE OUR FARMERS VOTE HH!

    • @Loadist

      I do not dispute the fact that the gov’t Control policies on cash crops like Maize is not working well. What I am saying is that control of these crops is essential to ensure enough food for the citizens of Zambia. It is essential also for the gov’t to get control of the Revenue that comes from our Farmers in this manner so they get best Price on the market.

      In relation to Farmers in Zimbabwe, they are now better off since the farms are now successfully producing cash crops for Bla is. The effect of the sanctions is what you are referring to as hunger among the population, but that will in time be resolved also by campaigning to stop the sanctions in Zim.

      However, I believe the local Mills to be set up regionally is an excellent idea. In relation to getting crops…

    • However, I believe the local Mills to be set up regionally is an excellent idea. They will allow lower Mealie meal prices for citizens.

      In relation to getting crops to market WE CAN’t dispute the fact that PF have set up the roads Developed across all Zambia to give better access to roads.

  56. A true hallmark of primitivism is to argue on the basis of tribalism, racism and other such vices.

    I am more inclined to pity the person who argues using abusive tribal language than the person who is being belittled/insulted because of his/her tribe or race.

    Zambians, I humbly request that we avoid stirring up tribal hatred. It can never result in any good. History has so many lessons on the evils of such talk. Take a walk in the Rwanda Genocide Museum and you will see that we (Zambians) are taking the path that led to that terrible genocide, and all for what? A politician?

    Must I hate a person for what God made him/her out to be? A matter for which that person had no option. Must I hate that person because he/she was born black or white? Hutu or Tutsi? Jew or German? Tonga or…

  57. @patroit abroad 58.4. The insinuation that millers set their own prices of mealie meal shows how uninformed you are about how Zambia is governed. Until you learn alittle more about the country you seem to care so much about please refrain from advertising your ignorance no offence intended but from this post I think most people will not take any of your posts seriously. SAVE OUR FARMERS VOTE HH! !

    • @Loadist

      Why do you not post your comments as follow up in the right place so people can see the whole debate. I notice that you and another @Voice of no reason keep telling me I don’t know what I am saying. It’s stupi.d. I studied Gov’t and Politics, Economics, and Sociology therefore I can make informed comments on those matters as I can apply principles of those fields WHICHEVER COUNTRY I comment on.


      And don’t be so dismissive, your debate is poor, relaying mostly on emotional drama rather than logic, and abusive language. I did not say farmers set their own prices up you Faker.

  58. Chimbwi no Plan: Everything is what the late SATA did…

    We are effectively selling and destroying the country with this clown. The guy has no plan, no morals, no resolve to develop the country, just a selfish desire to line-up his pockets….

    He keeps contradicting himself, he will/have reinstated nurses, will pay farmers, will build this and build that, everything they opposed just last year, and not to forget they are in government at the moment, why not do it now!!!???

    I am convinced HH may just be the only hope for Zambia.

    Exhilda Phiri, MBA MSs Finance
    Financial Analyst

    • @80 Exhilda Phiri

      Your debate shows no proof of your qualifications and extremely poor Financial Analyst. Let alone the appropriate command of English.

      Why do you people try to intimidate people with your fabled qualifications when you can’t even debate the correct issues pertaining to your qualifications? Give us a Financial argument!

      PF have been in Office 3 years of their 5 years and have developed the country far much more than in previous gov’t. That they have borrowed for some of it is disconcerting, but as a financial analyst (questionable), you should mount an argument as to why the IMF are wrong in saying that the borrowing was within an acceptable level for instance.

    • Also as for this Chimbwi no Plan comment. We have had this time and time as a critique. It does not cut it!

      MMD made plans for development, PF carried them out, Lungu says he will carry them out to completion for Continuity, theme ask for a new mandate 2016. What’s wrong with that. I mean really as an analyst do you think an elaborate financial plan on a national scale in 1.9 months possible? All your customers must be bankrupt by now!

      There is a plan and direction to deliver development which has been followed through and will be carried through.

      That is no Chimbwi no Plan! Stop just ranting. Accept HH cannot win these elections, you know it, everyone knows it!

  59. If you want a reason to weep I’ll give you one. 50 years after Independence and one of the top contenders for the presidency is a kaponya like Lungu.

  60. @voice of unreason

    How does anyone vomit diarrhoea? How poor is your so called education that led to your thieving successful business? Looks to me that you DO use both your or orifices to talk, eat and clearly your keyboard must be messy!

    STOP TELLING ME TO STOP DEBATING. YOU NEED TO STOP REPLYING YO ME IF YOU OBJECT SO MUCH. Clearly I’m doing good, enough to get you to try and shut me up!

    This is LT not ZWD where people who post comments they don’t like are not published. Why is UPND such a bunch of dictators?



    I DON’T NEED HIS LOVE. I have enough people around me to love me, my family is enough. Who says I care about his love. All I cared for is for him to do his f.u.c.k.i.n.g. job. This .i.d.i.o.t EL wants to tell me and the nation that people should vote for him just so that they get love from HIM??? Who cares about his s.t.u.p.i.d love? He was given 3 years but PF screwed everything up, thinking Zambians are s.t.u.p.i.d. Zambians don’t want his stinking love, Zambians want a president who can work and do his job properly, NOT AN ALCOHOLIC failed lawyer who doesn’t feel ashamed about how he gets into power. EL just irritates everybody, I can’t wait for 22nd January.

    • He does not irritTe everybody and your post cannot be for everybody in Zambia. Thanks for recommendation but EL ONLY FOR US.

  62. @patriot abroad thank you for your lessons in etiquette, manners, language, civics and economics. May you continue to be as passionate about our country as you are now. It was great engaging with you u. As much as I would like to continue our little exchanges the responsility of life dictates that I commit my efforts to other callings. Once again thank you may your candidate fair as he deseves nd like wise I pray that our farmers get et a government that will serve them better.To eeveryone else

  63. Today the elections are no more, the president is now Edgar Lungu. This man has gone through numerous hardships with a short period of time. How Today he is the republican president. He has endured the insults, criticisms, humiliation on his health, serious rejection from one provnince, etc. This is how politics goes. However, PF should continue its projects, in fact this whole one year should be used to accomplish their mission as already promised to the People. Edgar you have gone through simply because many Zambians are not ready for change. However, it is also true that you have a large following of people who love you naturally. This love is beyond your tribal affiliation. You are now the president and please continue to follow all the good things that M. C Sata embraced.

  64. This Sata this Sata that business ba Edgar, even those of us who support you are beginning to get bored with it. You can not love through someone else’s heart. Let your love be YOUR love.

  65. Once beaten twice shy. Sata used “more money in your pocket”. EL says ” you are my boss and I will be your servant” where have you seen a servant sending his bosses to hack people with pangas? He calls the shorts. Zambians wake up and stop being shallow. EL will be worse than Mugabe


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