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Police arrest 3 suspects for murder of UPND official Grayzer Matapa

General News Police arrest 3 suspects for murder of UPND official Grayzer Matapa


POLICE in Lusaka have arrested another suspect, bringing the number of suspects arrested in connection with the death of United Paty for National Development official Grayzer Matapa to three.

Police deputy spokesperson Esther Katongo said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the suspect was picked up at a lodge in Lusaka’s Bauleni township where he was hiding.

“We will not give you the details of the suspect for security reasons, but this person was picked up after a tip-off from members of the public,’’ she said.

Mrs Katongo said police have continued with investigations into the death of Mr Matapa.
Mr Matapa is believed to have been murdered in Lusaka’s Mtendere.

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  1. And this is how our Police and security wings should be left alone to do their job. Not turning police matters (murder) into some kind of political football in order to score points!


    • @Yambayamba, ZP are cowards.. umwenso. If it wasn’t for HH those criminals would not have been arrested, they would be still INVESTIGATING. Even your Edgar started by laughing off, that the guys where just drunken fighting, like a joke. HH took it serious when he heard that Grayzer was UPND official.

    • @ Yambayamba. If it was not for the political pressure, the police would not have reached this stage. The would have made us all believe that indeed the victim died because of some beer drinking orgy and the case could have been closed. Example are abound in the past.

    • Zambia Police (Zabwino Palibe) are very incompetent. It was because all eyes were on this case, hence the arrest of these PF thugs. Political violence in Zambia has the blessing of ka lungu. Remember this ka president said, ‘The guy died of drunkenness ad fighting. If those words came come from a so-called “head of state”, what more do you expect from his thugs on the ground? Total madness. Smxm!

    • “We will not give you the details of the suspect for security reasons, but this person was picked up after a tip-off from members of the public,’’

      Just from this statement it shows that, the arrested criminal is a known PF cadre and PF police are afraid of naming the culprit because that will vindicate what UPND has always said that Mr Matapa was killed by known PF thugs.

      With the police frightened to even name the killer suspect, I have totally no hope that these criminals will be jailed.

      Mr Matapa ‘s death will just be like those other murder cases involving PF cadres that have been shelved.

      Why is the police hiding the identity of the suspect? Is he a minor?If he is not a minor, then he is popular PF cadre in Mutendere.

      PF is just implementing the Gen Tendai ‘s…

    • And you really believe that someone has been arrested? my foot! What is the secrecy about hiding the identity of a criminal? No one is in jail. The police is just trying to calm the rising tempers. If the suspect is in custody, police should have released his identity. Identities are only withheld if the suspect is still being investigated or is on bail for his own security. It is like a terrorist has been arrested and police have him in custody but they refuse to release his identity. This is not how justice works in the first world. Transparency is the cornerstone of justice system in the world. Koswe is right to have a white wife, because only whites think reasonably.

    • We said that we catch the killer and burn him a live in a cage and post his images on yu Tube yesterday.They knew we were closing up with him they decided to give police protection by hiding him in the cells.They fear that we could have gotten important information a bout Nkandu Luo and PF SG being the major master mind of the killing.Its a temporal set back ,but we shall catch him one day and he will speak or die.

  2. What happened to the case of a PF cadre killed by upnd in livingstone ?. What role was played by HH to bring the culprits to book?

    • No cadre was killed by upnd in Livingstone iwe sokwe. That cadre was killed by PF cadres when they were fighting to share campaign. Get your facts right or keep quite.

  3. Bloggers from zwd have now infested lusaka Times media with their rotten comments. After failing to post their sylly useless insults they now come to lt to express their ignorance.

    • I agree with u go to watch dog. No comments watchdog yazisiliza yeka these I.DIOTS hav invaded our media

  4. If this matter was not “politicised” the police would have not done anything. It is high time any political party’s cadres who are victims of violence to quickly run to the streets and protest to force the police to do something.

  5. @Wanzelu,if the police disclose the names of the suspect, the whole Mtendere will take the law in their own hands.They will set the suspect’s home ablaze and kill the whole family.
    So regardless of the party where the suspect reigns from, the police are not supposed to disclose the names.

  6. And how can you justify that the killer is Pf. There is no such a thing as affiliated pf members. No membership cards or anythin to prove yu belong to Pf apart from a Pf regalia and everyone as regalia of different parties. So be careful when yu say pf cadre.

  7. What happened with “Tongas on Oath” in 2011 or was it 2012 or 2013? ZP had said they were closing in on them. Was ZP lying?

  8. Ideally they should complete investigations and then name the actual suspects for now it’s all speculation. However, Tongas will not appreciate whatever the police say or do. The only important thing to them is what HH says. That is the reason they have strongly defended the carrying of the casket on the streets when it’s so unZambian. No matter what you do you can’t please these people.

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