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Fred M’membe stuns court, calls charges against him foolish

Headlines Fred M’membe stuns court, calls charges against him foolish

Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M'membe
Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe

Post Newspaper Managing Editor Fred M’membe this morning stunned the Lusaka Magistrate Court when he referred to the contempt charge leveled against him in court as foolish.
M’membe labeled the charges foolish to the surprise of Lusaka Magistrate Kenneth Mulife.

M’membe was asked by Magistrate Mulife if he understood the contempt charge after it was explained to him and he responded in the affirmative but called the charge foolish.
Magistrate Mulife admonished M’membe for his conduct and the Post Newspaper Chief was later forced apologized and he withdrew the remark.

M’membe and Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba later took plea for contempt and defamation charges before the court and denied the charge.

This is a matter in which M’membe, Kabimba and the Post Newspaper are accused of defaming former President Rupiah Banda in an article published on 13th February 2015, in the Post Newspapers on an on-going court case involving the former head of state.

By news time, Mr Kabimba, M’membe were still detained in the dock at the Lusaka Magistrate Court pending bail with two working sureties each bonded in the sum of K5000.
Magistrate Mulife has set 20th April 2015 for mention and 27th April 2015 for commencement of trial.

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  1. The only thing that is not constant in the universe is time….

    Albert Einstein

    • LT want to be polite.
      I wrote whoever is involved in bring such RB case to Mmembe must be a FUUL, ichinangwa, is that better?

    • He is the DPP’s BFF. Do you really think he can respect the courts. He will get a “Nolle” pretty soon. Watch this space.

    • It must hurt so bad to see time after time someone goes and becomes a tenant of Plot 1, while he Mmembe keeps spilling hate, anger & revulsion, when deep in his heart, his dream is become President of Zambia.

      Today there is Edgar in State House and tomorrow it could be HH, Nevers Mumba, Edith Nawakwi and so onwards. Fred False Prophet Mmembe carries a Deep Rooted Satanic Spirit.

      Boyi ! You are not untouchable, under the sun & moon. If anything, its you Mmembe exercising your FOOLISH in court.

    • Haha! Arrogance at its best! That’s M’membe for you. What he is trying to say here is “bonse fye muli baiche”.
      These are the people who are trying to rule our country from the shadows, you can tell by the arrogance being displayed. It will take someone with a strong will and integrity to put them in their place.

    • I think we are are beginning to see the return of Mmembe, the fearless lion, who openly brought the Kaunda administration to to its knees at the time when everyone was afraid to oppose; who stood for justice when Chiluba because an authoritarian; who brought transparency to the Mwanawasa regime; and who reminded Rupiah Banda that Zambia is for us all. That’s what journalism is all about.

    • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction……..

      Newtons 3rd law of motion

      or as they say on the streets karma is a B


    • There are politicians who have done worse. This guy championed democracy in Zambia. He contributed to taking down all past presidents. I don’t see him stopping now.

  2. I’m very sure that soon their defence counsels will cite “constitutional issues” in this contempt ask and therefore will apply for the charges to be dropped.

    • I’m very sure that soon their defence counsels will cite “constitutional issues” in this contempt case and therefore will apply for the charges to be dropped.

    • No hero here boss, just a very greedy man who has become a god because no one has ever dared to put him in his place. Shame. 🙁

    • At least he has b**z to stand by what he believes unlike most Zambians who masquerade their lack of b**z and say Zambia is a Christian Nation.

    • democracy should be watched carefully ,mr mulife should have canned that man more than just ask for an apology.he is very pompus but he will soon be brought where he belongs..

    • @Chinyama, you are right.
      He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew the magistrate would ask for an apology and withdrawal of the comment. So whichever way you look at it, he has already made his point, he has already called the judiciary F.O.O.L.I.S.H.

  3. Why does Fred M’membe treat our public institution with such disdain and direspect. Is he the best that this country has ever produced? And Why is every politician so scared of him. Is it of any surprise that he can insult our institutions like this. I doubt if there is anybody in the history of this country who has peeled on our institutions than this ka wide nosed Fred. Not even KK has ever done this, Not even FTJ has ever done this , not even RB has even has ever done this, not even HH has ever done this and yes not even King Cobra Sata has ever done this.

    Who does Membe think he is? Zambian God?

    • In my view the problem is not with Meembe but with our public institutions which have allowed themselves to be used by people in power like the corrupt RB and others. Meembe is aware of what is going on. He is aware of what the President and RB have agreed upon regarding RB’s corruption cases. This awareness has made Meembe to loose respect for our public institutions.
      Given the behaviour of the Police towards HH, do you think he has any respect or confidence in them? Our public institutions have to earn the respect from the public. By allowing politicians to manupulate them these institutions have lost respect and confidence of the people.

    • @ Educated UPND, Membe’s reaction is remarkably candid! Not showing up in court is disrespect; he was present. I, personally, salute Membe for standing up to Tyrants. In case you’ve forgotten (or were not yet born) The Post and Membe played a prominent role in bringing democracy to Zambia and the fall of UNIP’s one-Party State. Foolish Lawyers ruining our country.

    • Your governments treats the courts/laws of Zambia with Impudence and steal tax payers money. So what’s your point?

    • @Educated UPND…

      What is your own answer to the question you have asked? Mmembe is alive and you know here to find him, go and talk to him. At least he is honest to say what is on his mind unlike some people who resort to insulting their opponents. Insulting and physical fighting of opponents in a debate is a sign of failure to reason.

  4. Pf is stealing money from the public for overcharging the citizens in prison bonds

    All they know is how to confiscate the people’s gains using the ill justice

  5. Mmembe’s time of farting and pomposity is surely coming to end. He thinks this is Mwanawasa’s time. It is not and he is dancing to the new music. He thinks he is above everyone, every institution and every political party in Zambia.
    But he will soon realize that Zambia has come to understand him as nothing but a person harboring hate, rage and scorn of people he thinks have ruined his ambition of getting and controlling power. The good thing is that not even UPND he calls bantustan party does not like or support him.

    • Me thinks Mmembe has information about some of the top guys. No one in the history of Zambia has anyone gotten away with what he does. He could get away with murder this one!

  6. …M’membe is just great!! You have just kissed the dust.

    Read the editorial tomorrow, there will be foolish, stupid, bible verses jackals, hyenas and minions kikikikiki

  7. Fellow country men and women why do certain people like Fred think to be more superior than others?why is he ever insulting our legal fraternity? I think time az come for our judiciary to prove Fred that he is just one of the fools surviving in the jungle.Yes freedom of expression should be exercised but respect must be part of da freedom we enjoy.For example a child is given full freedom by his/her yet will never forget to respect the father who is known to be the freedom giver.GOD gave us freedom and in return we ought to respect HIM.
    Fred is being disrespectful and thus tells us how foolish and pompous the man can be…..I ask our govt to deal wth him accordingly. Fred you are useless and stupid.who do you think u are?what is so special about you?Have respect.

  8. Fred’s empire is definitely crumbling. No matter how much insults he utters history is not on his side. In Bemba we say lufwinyemba ukwenda amakola nipamwishibe pa baice atina akutobwa amabwe. (chameleone walks majestically when he sees the company of eldery people around otherwise he runs when he sees the company of young people as they will stone him to death). The same old trick used several times does not yield the same results. uchinje. Fred just size yourself against ECL who is actually determined to finish you before the end of his first term in 2016. Ichibeleshi nagula ichimpwena chalengele lunshi ukumushikila pamo ne chitumbi.

  9. It suffices to say that neither Kabimba nor Mmembe deserves anyone’s sympathy considering their reputation; however, I sense this retribution was executed with evil intentions. Looking at what membe has been writing on lungu’s illness lately, it was just a matter of time before membe would face the wrath of Lungu. Lungu has been waiting patiently for this opportunity to prey on his enemies, like a vulture. Lungu should bear in mind that the man who seeks revenge digs two graves. “He that has revenge in his power, and does not use it, is the greater man”

    • This is how M’membe’s hate for authority is going to crush him. He has already dug two graves for himself.M’membe should realise that PF is not like the docile MMD he used to insult day in day out.Once the Kaponyas in PF see that no punitive measures are being taken against him,they will surely dose him with PF known medication which he will never like.M’membe should moderate himself.Things have changed.

  10. Hands off Kabimba, before you see our real colours. RB will never be respected in Zambia, He doesnt deserve our respect as Zambians because of the way lead us in problem after inheriting hard work Mwanawasa

  11. Mmembe has been Mmembe, when he wrote against MMD in favour of PF but now that he writes about the sick EL he is perceived to be a bad. I wish someone would define “foolish” for me.

  12. Appears Mmembe spoke from the gut. That is when caution gets thrown to the wind. That said, I do not believe that there is anything fo.olish when it comes to being examined in a court of law. Even funny things like weeding someone’s garden without permission can land you in court… I suggest the accused allow the due process of the law before they decide whether or not what they are charged with is fo.olish or not.

  13. very arrogant indeed, ati ” its foolish” ?? m’eembe thinks he is bigger than Zambia not only has he insulted the judiciary of this country but he has insulted every Zambian . Very arrogant and pompous indeed ,lets see how you fall Meembe very soon you will be humbled because pride goes before the fall. i have no sympathy for you you deserve the graviest punishment. cant wait to see you rot in jail,

  14. There is no way you can have a mix of interest that LUNGU has brought in this country so as not to allow such things to happen. You may not love others who were once your friend’s enemies and later crucify others who were your friends’friends. you just bring on board a mixed grill and that is what LUNGU has done to this country. It is not a question of LAW this time but it is a question of who is more powerful than the other. The LAW is very perfect, but people handling the LAW have becaome ultraviars. Check this space. M’membe will never fold his tail when he knows things are politically driven. We are all watching and are not blind, and we know exactly what is happening right now.

    • Rasco…..

      The Law is not perfect. We obey because it is agreed upon. Why do you think amendments and repeals are made to the law?? Keep quiet when you do not comprehend a topic. Yes, Mmembe erred.

  15. Those accusing ECL of vengeance on this one are surely missing the point! This is a case of RB being called a criminal before the courts of law declare him to be one. One can say such things in private to some friends over a beer but to write a story in a daily circulating newspaper calling someone a criminal before courts declare him to be one is definitely inviting trouble on oneself. Fred and Wynter did it because of their untouchable status but looks like now they may have to face the music as their DPP is on suspension!!!!

    • Mmembe called Chiluba thief. He was sued. The late Levy investigated Chiluba and found him with cases to answer. When RB became President he quashed all the cases which the “mighty” Courts were handling and declared Chiuba free before he was proved innocent. A few noises were heard but that was it.

      After the break-up of the short-lived marriage of convenience, whatever the late President Sata uttered was praised by the Post but no matter how sensible HH was he was vehemently attacked by the Post and Mr Kabimba. What will happen now that both Kabimba (Rainbow Party) and HH (UPND) will be trying to wrestle political power from ECL (PF)??

  16. When I was ‘little’ at Lusaka Enfants then Lusaka Girls, we used to watch a Children’s Live TV program with a cow character called ‘Zambalina,’ something like that. The kids at home and those lucky to be invited on Live TV, had to encourage Zambalina the cow to come play with us by shouting; “Zambalina…Come Out And Play,”. At that point, an ungainly ‘cow’ would come out (two blokes one at the cow head front and another at the tail end, in those sack like cow costumes).

    Mmembe’s face reminds me of the cowlike Zambalina!! No ……go on…folks you know I am right! Just put an nosering throw that nose….pleeeeaas!

    A vision of the two meeting up for a social…..Kabimba with his Red Lips (add a ‘mental’ hoop earring through his ears), then you’ve got two BANDIT

    • These Bandits need dealing with. I mean the judge has to be favouring them to find them innocent when one half already demonstrated to the court their pompous disregard for authority, let alone for human life.

      There are people who think that Mmembe is being targeted. But in truth Editors of cheap rumour mongering type of Newspapers do from time to time find themselves carpeted in court.

      It’s a thankless profession, …hurting other people’s lives. Remember that film Citizen Kane (Orson Wells ‘ larger than life Newspaper character)? Mmembe is not as large as the real life character (William Randolf Hearst)it was based on, but it’s proof positive that Newspapers that destroy others by contemptuously find themselves in the docks in real life

  17. Membe is an ***** and should be caged immediately and even his post newspaper to be banned in this country.The homo can throw this country on fire.Presido EL get rid of this burger who is always fanning trouble in this country.

  18. This guy is so full of himself and his arrogance is limitless.

    @ Patriot Abroad. Well spotted, Zambolina indeed!

    • Ditto!
      These Bandits need dealing with. I mean the judge has to be favouring them to find them innocent when one half already demonstrated to the court their pompous disregard for authority, let alone for human life.

      There are people who think that Mmembe is being targeted. But in truth Editors of cheap rumour mongering type of Newspapers do from time to time find themselves carpeted in court.

      It’s a thankless profession, …hurting other people’s lives. Remember that film Citizen Kane (Orson Wells’ larger than life Newspaper character)? Mmembe is not as large as the real life character (William Randolf Hearst)it was based on, but it’s proof positive that Newspapers that destroy others contemptuously find themselves in the docks in real life

  19. Every face tells a story. This man is as insipid inside as his face! You just have to be close to him to hear his vainglory and self agrandisement!

  20. We need people like Mmembe . These Patriotic fools need watching and telling off. They don’t understand the simple meaning of truth and honour. They wake up telling lies and go to sleep lying and continue lying in their dreams. God was on our side by showing us a spectacular fall by EL, otherwise we would never have known. We pray that the lord will continue exposing them. heartless people!!

  21. The chickens are coming home to roost. There’s a very fine line between bravery and stupidity. This is a perfect example!

  22. Such kind of arrogance is unacceptable! Suppose such words were uttered by an ordinary citizen; they would be languishing at Chimbokaila today!

  23. What do you do when because you are Mmembe you have committed so many sins against society, and your time is up? Well, when you are finally against the wall, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain including bankruptcy and a lengthy jail term!

    And all those who delight in the behaviour of this Mmembe, please tell us something about how you were brought, just something about your mums and dads.

  24. In other countries reporters comment on cases before courts just outside courts and they are not arrested for commenting on such cases. Why is it a crime in Zambia? I think Meembe is right. Sometimes it takes such bold and courageous acts to challenge and correct wrong status quo’s.
    Long before printing and translating of the bible without permission was a crime punishable by death. Because some people stood up and challenged the status quo, today we have the bible in many languages. Some laws in Zambia are useless and need to be challenged.
    I support Meembe. RB is corrupt.

    • YOU ARE WRONG. Every comment on a matter in court is reported at its own stage. No Journalist in the west calls an accused person a Criminal before the case is concluded in court. When a person faces charges, the media ALWAYS report that so and so has ‘denied the charges.’ This aspect is ALWAYS missing with Mmembe’s Post when it is not his friends in court. Mmembe confuses COMMENTARY with NEWS.


    1. EDGAR.

    E= Empty and Useless President who will soon be

    D= Dying of several sicknesses and his

    G= Grave will also be Embassy Park and

    A= Again Zambia will be morning as they say may the soul of Chagwa Agwa

    R= Rest in peace.

    2. CHAGWA

    C= Chibuku addicted President is said to be

    H= HIV Positive

    A= And has Throat Cancer which will make him go in the

    G= Grave at Embassy Park and the

    W= World and

    A= Africa will conclude that Zambians had voted for a moving

    2. LUNGU

    L= Lusaka and Copperbelt Residents are now regretting having voted for a

    U= Useless and Sick President who is a 100%

    N= None Performer but is busy

    G= Gallivanting like a mad dog

    U= Under the influence of rabies.

  26. Mmembe’s time to dance. there is no DPP to enter a nolle. In fact had it not been for his stupidity to use DPP for his selfishness that that Mutembo thing would still be in office….

  27. Somebody must kill this id10t called Fred M’membe!!!we’re tired of this demon!!!how i wish he behaved this way during late FTJ Chiluba!!!he would be history today!!but days are numbered and oneday majority zambian shall be celebrating Fred M’membe’s downfall!!

    • It appears you were a small boy then to remember how Mmembe & FTJ hated each other especially when the later wanted to start pushing for a his third term in power. Mmembe is a fearless man! Mmembe is a big blessing to this country. You hate him cos you are a PF carder as for us who want o hold our government accountable. KK, FTJ and RB have tried to pin Mmembe but failed; so what make you think E L, the weak and most unpopular president this country has ever had, can do it.

  28. Why such an uproar? The comments were not directed at the judge or the court but the course. Inasmuch as that goes against court decorum, it is clear that Banda has a case to answer. And how did this case get picked up so fast. Do all cases get dealt with, with such haste in Zambia?

    • @42 Matafwali. The back ground of this case is very clear. Mmembe and Kabimba published an article that concluded that RB was guilty and a thief. This was while case was in court. So as citizen RB felt his case may be influenced by such comments. I don’t anything wrong in someone complaining that their rights have been fringed on. Yes RB may have committed something, but that best left to the process to prove it.

    • @42 Matafwali. The back ground of this case is very clear. Mmembe and Kabimba published an article that concluded that RB was guilty and a thief. This was while case was in court. So as citizen RB felt his case may be influenced by such comments. I don’t anything wrong in someone complaining that their rights have been fringed on. Yes RB may have committed something, but thats best left to the process to prove it.

  29. Mmembe a hero? Then it has to be true that some Zambians have cockroaches in their brains, aka cockroach tumour!

  30. Mmembe did not champion any democracy OR transparency in any government. Fred was cutting deals with Mwanawasa, Michael Sata for his own homosexual selfish appetite. Those who refused to cut deals with him,he used the Post newspaper to call them names. Mmembe once called Michael Sata leadership from the garbage bin. When it was becoming clear that the people of Zambia were will to try out Sata. Fred Mmembe started calling Michael Sata a saviour of some sort. He became Michael. Rupiah Banda refused to cancel Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito’s nkongole to Development Bank of Zambia, that were Fred Mmembe’s hatred for Rupiah Banda comes from. RB refused to cancel Fred Mmembe’s many debts to public institutions thats when Banda became a bad man to Mmembe.

  31. Its about time membe was put in his place! If the sangwapo witches are the source of his arrogance fika fumuka one day!!! watch the space.

  32. Mmembe will not stop being arrogant.
    When Mmembe is engaged his business flourishes. So his past paper sales rose. He is a businessman. It is business for him to drag him to court.
    He is making brilliant headlines that will boost sales.
    He is clever enough to provoke people to boost his news sales.
    Wake up bakaponya! Mmembe is working. This is an income generating venture. He will continue his provocations.
    Threaten him with party cadres. Mmembe will put his tell between his legs. That is what he feared from late King Cobra.

  33. if I hear that this man has desturbed peace in this country. i will deal with you. hold him and take himto his place before it too late.

  34. Pamenso kwati lufyono lwabwa ka I.d.I.o.t aka. Membe this, Membe that, whats wrong with this fool kanshi? toothless LAZ where are you?

  35. Ati Ba M’membe!!!, this rude boy must be taught to behave. There is no way you can disrespect the institutions of our country and expect to get away with it. If the devil has really entered this boy he must be told sooner than later that the time has come to cast the demons away. “It is time up Get out in the name of Jesus”.

  36. Imbwa iyi nefimina Mumona ! Atase. He needs to blow his dirty nostrils ! Lock them up and throw away the keys.

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