FOR two years they have shared the same stage as backing vocalists for artiste, Pompi, but now, Seya and Abi Mali have grown into fully fledged singers.
The two singers, who recently formed the musical duo called Flow1ne, are excited about their new project and the growth it represents.
Speaking to the Weekend Mail in an interview, Seya and Abi shared that they are now signed to the Atmosphere label and are looking forward to the direction their music would take.
“The idea to sing together was mutual,” Seya explained. “I had the idea and Abi had the idea, so when we discussed it, we discovered we were thinking the same.”
As Flow1ne, Seya and Abi Mali are being managed by Pompi and their music will mostly have a pop influence with a fusion of afro and contemporary music.
The duo have since worked on conceptualising songs that they plan to record for their project, but could not state precisely when they would release an album even though that is certainly in the offing.
Both artistes have been singing for a considerably long time prior to being Pompi’s back-up singers.
“I have been singing for as long as I can remember,” Abi Mali shared. “I was singing at home maybe since the age of four or five and my mother sings as well.”
Abi had always considered singing away from being a back-up vocalist, but said there is a process to be experienced before one gets to where God has intended.
Seya and Abi Mali are also music ministers at Miracle Life Family Church (MLFC) in Lusaka.
The two feature in Pompi’s song, Zoz are Zoz, which is taken off his current album, Broken English.
They have also backed Pompi on several stages, including last year during the first ever Stanbic Mist


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