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Police warned against unnecessary road blocks

General News Police warned against unnecessary road blocks

A traffic policeman attending to a motorist at a roadblock
A traffic policeman attending to a motorist at a roadblock

Government says unnecessary road blocks mounted by police officers across the country should be stopped.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Gerry Chanda said unnecessary road blocks have negative implications on the part of the police service and the government.

Col Chanda however noted that security road blocks are necessary but warned police officers not to conduct themselves in a manner that infringes on the rights of motorists’ movement.

The Deputy Minister was speaking in Choma yesterday when he addressed police officers in the district.

Col. Chanda noted that the trend was very common in Lusaka, Copperbelt and Central provinces and advised police officers in Southern province to do away with such practices if the trend was also being practiced in the area.

He also gave the police officers across the country a one month ultimatum of which to ensure that all the police stations are kept clean by removing all the vehicles that have been packed at the stations.

Col. Chanda ordered that police officers should find owners of the vehicles that have over stayed at the police stations without fail to avoid painting a bad picture about the police stations.

He said it was even important to engage the media if necessary in order to trace owners of the vehicles that have over stayed at the police stations or auction such vehicles.

Chanda said government was committed to ensuring that police officers operate in a conducive environment that can give them morale to work efficiently.

He added that so far government had already paid for three helicopters to be used by the police service.

The Deputy Minister said the helicopters will come in police colours and that government had put all the arrangements to train the police officers that are going to be manning the planes.

Col. Chanda commended the police officers in the district for their hard work in making sure that crime rates are reduced.

Earlier,Southern Province Commissioner of Police Mary Chikwanda told the Minister when he paid a courtesy call at her office that the province was fairing very well in terms of reducing crime levels.

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  1. Tell them to stop forcing us to buy sil.ly triangles that will only scratch our clean cars and those stu.pid stickers that they claim reflect better than factory-fitted safety stickers! Zambia is not only dirty, it is BACKWARD!!!

    • I hate to admit, but for once I agree with a PF minister. The police mount roadblocks on Great East Road at peak hours, causing unnecessary traffic jams. Thank you Hon.Mwila.

    • Whilst I agree with Hon. Minister, I am also puzzled why he cannot order Police to comply with his instructions.

      After all, it is his ministry or he is looking for “people support” because he is not in control of his ministry?

    • They should stop, even the rubbish stickers that they insist on, just to make their money.. Note that even license disks on the Wind screen are a hazard and dangerous, They disrupt visibility . There are better ways we can have this done.

  2. I am convinced that sometimes a group of police officers just put up road blocks to make a bit of money. These road blocks are there for about an hour and the the officers disappear. The police should ask themselves this question. Have road blocks improved the driving in this country? The answer is no they haven’t because they aren’t effective.

  3. Road blocks are necessary but they have to be set up for specific purposes, e.g. moderating speed, intercepting potential criminals.

    1. The Law enforcement agencies need to develop a crime map and identify strategic areas to establish permanent checkpoints.
    2. The rest of the areas must be patrolled.
    3. Speed waves must be allowed to float within specific speed zones depending on traffic patterns.
    4. Checking for driver’s license at all roadblocks is a must
    5. Unlicensed drivers must be locked in a holding facility for 48 hours. Vehicles must be picked up from the check point by licensed friend or relative.
    6. Impounded vehicles must be towed by a certified tow company and stored at owner’s cost.
    7. If a license is confiscated, it should be referenced at time of…

    • If a well organized plan of action was developed, there should be enough police to prevent crime. In the event that police officers violated the rules of the game, I suggest instituting a sting operation. Put me in charge; that will be the end of police misconduct.

  4. Minister, I hope you fully understand what you have started by TRYING to stop unnecessary road blocks. It is like trying to stop coccaine trafficking in Mexico! Am afraid this thing has been left for too long and has gone viral or cancerous. It has permeated through rank and file maybe right to the high command. Who does not know what happens at each and every road block? Who does not know that bribes from road blocks are shared by senior officers? Who does not know that every traffic officer live well beyond his means and that roadblocks are used as their ATMs? Who does not know that most pirate taxis are owned by police offficers and never get impounded? Minister get yourself a bullet proof jacket, do not eat or drink any think unless prepared by your own spouse or children. Don’t get…

  5. Last time the minister ordered IG Libongani to remove these roadblocks instead we saw an increase. Are these ministers really incharge of this ministry, why is it that Both Libongani and her subordinates just brush aside such orders? Let a responsible Govt be voted in to clean this mess.

  6. These police officers are very sturbon I don’t think they will ad hear to these directives,its their corrupt means of having of having cash on daily basis. I have never seen a poor traffic officer,they have built mansions through these corrupt means.

  7. Its a known fact the police officers are not there coz they are concerned…its only becoz they want to fill their pockets…when there is serious congestion for example on lumumba road…they won’t b seen controlling the chaos…inspite of knowing the situation….when the roads are clear n empty they come to create unnecessary traffic…..they jus want to b seen working….dats it….but they do it for their personal pocket money….have any motorists seen a policemen carrying a ticket book..or a receipt book..????

  8. Dad kulibe vakudya lelo, ndalama munanipasa zinasila. Ok why didn’t you tell me yesterday? Give me an hour nipase chisote. An hour later after mounting the roadblock, here is one thousand Kwacha. Muggleswick vakudya. Next time mwaniuza musanga. That is the purpose of road block, it is used as an MTM

  9. I stay in Namibia every holiday I drive to Zambia home. You will not believe the harassment we receive at the hands of these policemen/ women, road block. The conversation will go like this; good morning Sir, how far what are you carring,sir, do you have insurance, mind you they do not even look at the papers what they do is peep through in the car. Next Bwanji to ma change Boss. Or Njala boss., if you do not give them anything they will find faults with your car, reflectors have faded, the car is dirty, the code for the licence is wrong, please park on the side, because you have been driving for days, you do not want to engage with these Hungary men all you do is give him R200, and you win your freedom

  10. I wish they could send memo to all police stations to that effect and also give us the motorists some kind basis to refuse an officer from forcefully getting into your car or grabbing your keys. In countries like South Africa your traffic offenses are tied to your road tax renewal not this nonsense we have here where they expect you to pay three and then like money is just picked from trees

  11. The notorious police officers are those ones that stand at the downtown traffic lights . Some are from castle police station and central police. They have no receipt books whatsoever they just stand there to see who they can harass for money and if you say you don’t have they make drive to central where they intimidate you into leaving your car and keys so that you can go and look for money

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