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Rainbow party to unveil its manifesto, constitution and regalia next month

General News Rainbow party to unveil its manifesto, constitution and regalia next month

 Robert Chikwelete (R)
Robert Chikwelete (R)

THE opposition Rainbow party will unveil its manifesto, constitution and regalia next month, national mobilization coordinator Robert Chikwelete has said.

Mr Chikwelete said the party was scheduled to hold its national congress in May, this year, in which it would unveil its strategies and that party members should enhance mobilization skills.

He was speaking in Choma during the Southern Province party consultative meeting attended by members drawn from various districts in the province.

“We would like to make use of the knowledge and skills available in our country as we restore the dignity of our homeland and its people,” he said.

Mr Chikwelete said the party would engage all Zambians in the development process of the country adding that it would embrace all the 73 ethnic groupings.

He called on members to remain disciplined and focus on strengthening the party structures through its symbolism of the 10 stars on the Rainbow Party logo and its motto ‘United We can’.

He said that party leaders should live exemplary lives and exhibit good character and integrity to the people.

Mr Chikwelete said the party was about transformation of the country and called for unity and peace among different political players countrywide.

At the same occasion, about 30 party members from the opposition United National Development Party (UPND) and the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) defected to Rainbow Party.

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t think Rainbow Party will EVER get more than 300,000 votes – with or without the Post….

    Awe mwe….


  2. We in kitwe will look at ur manifesto and may try u in 2026 maybe,bt 4 now we hav the best president ever.and please remind your friends in the opposition that come next year.we will kolopa you people hard this time

    • I can bet my heart and I swear to tell the truth,for now in Zambia we only have two parties- UPND(in coming govt) and PF(out going govt). And you are either for UPND or PF.the same applies in football-you are either for king Messi or prince CR7.

  3. You only know to woo people orally only to turn into ‘untouchables ‘ once you get the leading mantle. Party manifesto is no longer honoured.

  4. Whatever! It is a democratic country and even clowns have a right to form parties and aspire to rule us. Wynter Kabimba represents the worst traits of PF. This is the guy who wholeheartedly backed Zambia’s worst President and stuck with the PF till he was unceremoniously, fired. Yet he now thinks he is the alternative to the PF.

  5. Who in his right frame of mind can associate himself with the cartels who are the plunderers of the nation’s resources and tax payers money. This party is indeed a ‘BID’ brought in dead. They are their own decampaigners. Hahaha its laughable indeed Kikikikiki wansekesha mune.

  6. It’s interesting to see that theives are regrouping under the umbrella of the rainbow party. Can we know all those members please. We want to know the people who have been behind diverting tax payers money.

  7. At the forthcoming Rainbow convention all positions are open ti democratic choice. But if anyone challenges and beats red lips Kabimba, that will be the end of Rainbow right iwe Robert Nkongole?
    What I am saying is that this is another me alone party, sole presidential democratic candidate. Me and me only as President of Rainbow, controlled by cartel which is now on its death bed. Outlived by our beloved Presidential choice Edgar Chagwa Lungu…wina azalila!

  8. Lungu is busy sorting these criminals…kabimba is the most hated fooool in zed..even disowned by his own father…

  9. But knowing the cartel, there will be stage managed presidential candidates, including perhaps the former first lady and others, who will withdraw their candidature conveniently at the last moment in a show of “party unity and solidarity”. Why withdraw the muppets you may ask? Well cartel knows that the so called muppets may just pull a fast one on the much loathed, obnoxious and unelectable Kabimba. The cartel is not that foolish you know, but not that clever either as we now know.

  10. I can’t see any sane comment from all what bloggers have posted on this topic.everyone seems to be swimming in the dimentia of hate speeches all the time & leaves so much to be desired.most of the opinions being put out luck serious thought & sounds so pathetic.I can’t imagine one can seat on a desk top all day just waiting on who to pounce on.ladies & gentlemen, we can do greater than this.let’s not just emit the rottenness of thoughts that goes with the way we cast our ballots.in life,reaping what one had sown gets inevitable.we’re sorely responsible for everything our country is going through because of whom we entrusted power with.so,let’s not get frustrations towards the innocent bloggers.word up.

  11. Kawamba winter maize is already dead.
    The best he can do is to support his cousin or brother in neganega baboons region instead of thinking of the impossible.
    This Kawamba is the most hated politician in Zambia currently.
    Why because of cartel mentality,
    Mmembe as controlling monkey and the imbwa galu finished Scott are dead. It is over. No more heart attack threats from these gang of imbwas.

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