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K31 million allocated dismantle arrears Government owes Public Universities

Economy K31 million allocated dismantle arrears Government owes Public Universities

OVER K31 million has been allocated towards the dismantling of arrears Government owes various public universities.

Deputy Education Minister Sydney Mushanga said Government was aware of the huge arrears that it owed public universities and was doing everything to clear them.

Mr Mushanga said in an interview that the allocating funds to universities was to ensure that there was smooth running of the institutions as they provided quality tertiary education.

Government was committed to improving the education sector by providing financial support the institutions needed to run the day to day affairs.

“Government will continue to allocate funds to the education sector in order to dismantle areas owed by various public universities because it attaches great importance,” he said.

Mr Mushanga said this was an indication that there was political will adding that Government attached great importance to the education sector.

Government support towards the education sector would help contribute to national development as education was key.

Mr Mushanga commended various cooperating partners for the unending support they were rendering to the education sector in the country.

The nation valued and cherished the support from cooperating partners which was complementing Government efforts in ensuring that quality education was provided.

“As Government we have and will always remain thankful for the help and support that cooperating partners are rendering to the education sector in the country,” he said

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  1. K31m in arears of what? Is this part of the govt sponsorship through so-called bursary? How can the poor universities operate with such kind of debts remaining undismantled for any period of time? And yet more Unis are being built in each province; with some having two or more. Be serious Boma!

  2. They must also remove those corrupt accounts officials who wanted a kickback to pay arrears to the deserving employees. Some of us failed to claim and left the cash as is because some unscrupulous f.o.o.ls tried to defraud the process. We shall closely follow that process to see how it is administered. It is not so much the unavailability of funds but the internal corruption of how disbursement is managed. It is a sad state of affairs.

  3. K31 million allocated dismantle arrears Government owes Public universities. Please help,i can’t understand.

  4. With due respect to the deputy Minister, I think either the reporter or the Deputy Minister is deliberately misinforming the nation. The Government must come out in the open and state how much they owe the 3 public universities in the none payment of tuition fees for government sponsored students. It is common knowledge that you owe UNZA alone more than 31 million, and equally owe CBU more than 31 million. Universities are facing huge financial challenges caused by lack of understanding and appreciation by Ministers like you. Government fails to pay for its sponsored students, fails to meet the wage bill, and fails to pay retirees, and talks about a meager 31 million as an achievement. what a shame!

  5. what about foreign universities mwe bantu? Twa chula . we are the African laughing stock for none payment of fees for 2 years!

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