Chief Government spokesperson, Joseph Katema,
Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Dr Joseph Katema

Government says it is concerned that mining companies in Solwezi have continued to allow non-Zambians to perform human resources functions which Zambians can equally do.

Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Dr Joseph Katema says government is saddened that Zambian human resource managers are being used as scapegoats by same companies and has since directed mining firms in the district to stop the practice as it is against government labour policies.

Dr Katema was speaking in Solwezi today when he officiated at this year’s Labour Day celebrations who theme is ‘promoting national economic growth through job creation, free collective bargaining and respect for worker’s rights’.

The minister also directed contractors contracted by the mining companies must give workers employment contracts approved by the department of labour to avoid industrial disputes after termination of employment.

Dr Katema said the current situation where employees are working without contracts is unacceptable and must come to an end immediately.

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions deputy secretary general Misheck Nyambose said police should stop the planned arrests of workers who participated in the protests at Lumwana mine recently because it was an industrial matter.

Mr. Nyambose said industrial matters should be resolved amicably through dialogue and not intimidation.

And Federation of Free trade Unions of Zambia representative Ackim Mweemba said the labour movement will continue engaging government and other employers to ensure that workers are on permanent and pensionable employment.

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    • @Twapenga

      Please don’t buy that crap, it’s the same “concerned” government that keep issuing them with work visas.


  1. Agree with Bongo. Cancel the visas or fine the mines and they will stop the practice. Don’t just talk talk


  2. Government is mainly to blame,there the one issuing work permits to these expats whose jobs can still be performed by Zambian,just look at Kalumbila they employed a human resource optimising from Ghana by the name of kwakwa & the man he really troubled Zambians ,i was deported by the migration depart after the brave Zambians protested that was last year.


  3. I can also make those empty statements of “govt is concerned and saddened” and direct the companies to follow labour laws. After labour day, life continues as normal.



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